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This company has horrible customer service practicesThe $1,power recliner I purchased quit working so I called for serviceTook several days for them to call back to schedule a technicianNow I am waiting on a part that may fix the problemSo far it is over two weeks and no resultsI requested a call from someone besides their phone agent and that has not happened eitherThey just don't careIf nothing happens soon I guess I will have to escalate my concerns to get action

Failed to deliver product on date promisedThis happened twice
Ordered dining table and chairs on 12-23-
Initial delivery, the delivery team failed to bring the hardware to assembleWaited weeks for re-orderOn morning of delivery was called and told delivery was cancelledNo explaination

Four month nightmare just to purchase expensive bedroom furniture
I don't usually warn people away from a company and I have never filed a complaint before, however, please avoid buying anything from Morris/ Ashley furniture stores unless you want to experience a complete nightmare!!!
I ordered a beautiful new bedroom set in the beginning of October They told me they could deliver some parts like the bed now and others later I agreed and purchased the furniture with their credit card as it was year same as cash A few days later the sales guy calls and says they don't have any of the parts so we will have to wait Keep in mind my mattress is on the floor now in anticipation of the new furniture Okay no big deal so we wait
The first delivery day comes and the delivery guys call me on to the truck to show me the furniture and ask if I ordered a floor model as this set is really beat up I did not order a floor model so it should not be beat up There were large

Middle piece of my sectional fabric/color does not match the rest of the furniture
Furniture ordered on 3-24- Furniture delivered X-and the middle piece of the sectional doesn't match the rest of the furniture Delivery escalated the concern to corporateCorporate called a few hours later and was little helpThey did ask me to take pictures of the furniture as well as the tags on the furniture and send to them I compliedI also stopped in and saw the manager *** *** on May He was only able to tell me that I would hear something back the after Memorial Day I heard crickets Therefore, I called *** the afternoon of May and was told he would contact me back He did not call me back and was on his days off Wed and Thurs that week
On Friday June 3rd I went to the store and spoke with a different managerI can't recall his name This manager told me "we are at the mercy of the manufacturer" I told him that wasn't acceptableAgain, I walk

Purchased an end table in November that was scratchedThe company has yet to reconcile the matter with me
Purchased end table in November Leg was scratchedDay I picked it up I tried to return it due to the defectWas told had to contact customer serviceContacted themThey said they needed a serial number from underneath the tableGave them all the numbers from under the tableNone were serial numbersThen they called me and asked me to take a pictureGot a call from a customer service repand I tried to call her back twiceNo responseBottom line, like anything else I received defective merchandiseAttempted to return it and they wouldn't it backAs far as I am concerned this is a bad business practice and horrible customer service

Purchased new furniture and have nothing but problems, parts breaking and continuing to break, waiting months for someone to come look at it, etc
Purchased sofa and love seat 10/13/Delivered 10/23/approx months later parts broke, took them months to send someone to fix it, has not been completely fixed, still remains difficult to let the root rest up and downThe newest problem we tried to resolve since January 2016, a board on the sofa has broken and we must leave it again a wall or it will fall backwards.took months to be looked at, months waiting for partsReceived a call today that the parts were in, but now it's $to have them put them onWe overpaid for this junkI'd rather have my money refundedThis set won't last another year even if we gt this problem fixedIt is very poorly made and I don't have 3k to blow every years on furniture (which im still payig on this set) When I call the company they always say they will talk to their manager and call back

My experience with this store has been absolutely horribleI ordered a Captains Bed for my 10yr old before Christmas and was told the bed would be delivered December 22nd which was ThursdayOn the day the bed was supposed to be delivered I received a phone call from Morris that day cancelling the delivery The delivery was then pushed back to Tuesday December 27thOn the 27th the delivery guys showed up and was not given all the pieces to the bedThey showed me exactly what was on the order from the store(Not their fault)The warehouse was notified by the delivery guys and they said they would take care of itI did not receive a call from customer serviceI called them back the next day and was told they are aware and a manager was going to call me backThe weekend came still no callI called again after the New Year spoke with a young lady at the store who stated she would have a manager to call me backNo callI finally gave up and requested they refund me and come get what was left out my house not once but twiceThe items were supposed to be picked up Saturday January 14th and it's still at my houseI received no call from Morris stating they were not coming however I received delivery confirmations I guess for the pick up
Another issue the insurance they offer you with the purchase of furnitureYes I bought a couch from here tooMy cushions were damaged by some staples that were in the back of the couch that were hidden and tore the cushionsThey had some guy come out to the house he took a few pictures of the cushions and leftThat was also before ChristmasI finally received a call from Morris on Sunday January 15th stating they were just sending me cushion covers not three replacement cushionsSo I guess having this Insurance is pointless if they are not going to replace damaged ItemsI'm done with this storeI am closing my account I would not refer a friend, family member or a enemy to this storeIt's been a BIG HEADACHE(Don't waste your money)

Morris furniture company at *** *** *** *** *** XXXXX left defective, not installed, and not properly positioned furnitures in my room everywhere in different directions even I refused to accept themNobody from the company contacted me after I reported the issuesThe company promised the defective items would be picked up, but they haven't done thatI purchased items on 9/9/They also forgot to deliver items I purchased, kept bringing defective furnitures, and damaged my house wall and stairs rails

The definition of an "eligible" voter for the free furniture promotion was misrepresented by the sales repNo clarification of definition in contract
I was told that if 69% of eligible Ohio voters voted in the Presidential Election, we would receive free furnitureThey (Morris/Ashley) equate that to 6,000,votersThis is misleadingAccording to the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, there are 7,861,registered voters6,000,of 7,861,voters represents 76.33% of votersWhen comparing percentages only, as the 69% advertisement states, I was misledThe difference appears to be what the definition of an "eligible" voter isI asked this question to my sales rep, who stated that 6,000,is an approximate number that equates to 69% of registered voters in OhioNowhere on the contract does it state what an "eligible voter" isSo assuming the sales rep was correct, I moved forward with the sale If I had known that non-registered voters were included in the count,

Damaged furniture was delivered in NovemberIt is now January and we still have not had the issue resolved
November 22,My husband I purchased a complete bedroom set for a pretty pennyThe first delivery was set for 11/27/The headboard was damaged so they offered to send a new oneThe drawers on the dressers and night stands also do not close all the way and they slide back outWe scheduled the new headboard delivery for 12/3/They never showed upI called and they said it would be another week at least before they could get it outI explained that I was waiting for this headboard so that my furniture could be assembled, my mattresses could be delivered, and I could sleep on something other than a couch; so I demanded to speak with a managerI never heard from oneThey finally delivered my headboard that same week after my complaintsI have since requested to speak with numerous managers in which I have never heard from one, about my drawers not working properly

Delivery/repair/customer service issues - wrong chair/and repair issue
I purchased chairs and pillows from Morris furniture After weeks I received chairs that were the wrong style I contacted Morris and started working with *** *** He ordered the correct chairs but never addressed the pillows After another 4-weeks I received the correct chairsAfter weeks weeks we noticed that the arms on the chairs are ripping Emailed *** *** who I originally delt with and never heard anything from him I then emailed the main office and heard back from ***, she sent someone to look at the chairs but I have not heard from her in almost weeks I also spoke with *** *** who said he would work on this 07/12/and have not heard back from him even after I sent him an email stating I was upset

see Attached document***

Morris customer service has lied to me, ignored me, and stalled providing service They have ordered the wrong part to fix my issue times
I filed a warranty claim for a furniture item purchased from Morris in January This claim was approved in March by Morris' warranty company, Guardian Once the claim is approved Morris orders the appropriate part and Guardian sends a service tech for install Guardian sent a tech to my home and identified the issue It involved a simple cord that connects from the power source to the motor that reclines the furniture Morris customer service *** *** initially told me Guardian needed to order the part This is false On April 11, Mays told me that the issue was being taken care of He failed to return emails requesting a status update until May On May he told me he would advise Guardian Morris orders the parts The initial part ordered was wrong For three weeks Morris customer service *** *** ignored me

Morris Home Furnishings conducted a Bait-and-Switch advertising campaign in the Fall of
Their ads stated that if 69% of eligible Ohioans voted in the election, purchasers are eligible for a refund of the purchase price, excluding tax and delivery The fine print then switches the threshold from 69% to 6,000,voters There is no correlation 71.33% voted, but Morris switched the goal to an unachievable-- 6,000,6,000,is over 76% of registered voters--significantly higher than the 69% advertised

We purchased a new sectional and after it was sand the delivery team left, we started to remove the tags and found a number of defectsI returned to the store and met with the Salesperson and the General Manager and they agreed to replace the furnitureDelivery was set for Dec15, but the day before, I was told that corporate is refusing the exchangeSo, they have your money, they deliver furniture with defects and refuse to make a correction
Well, it's only a few thousand dollars, right? As someone who is known to be vocal, I can promise Ashley/Morris that I will do whatever I can to impact their bottom lineThey're a large company, however with the help of blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn (I have 22K+ connections) I can and WILL, share my experience with thousandsGiven that people talk, the number of people that will be made aware will grow, exponentiallyCertainly enough to cause them to lose a few potential customersOh, and since it's under $5000, I can file a small claim with the court and if nothing else, it's another platform that will allow me to make more people aware of their standard business practice of "screw the customer."

We bought 10,worth of furniture from Morris and some of it is defectiveMorris refuses to replace it
On Jan 16th my wife and I went to Morris furniture store on *** ** in *** ***We purchased furniture totaling a little over 10,Which consisted of a five piece bedroom set,a piece dinette set,piece sectional coach and a box springs and mattress.The furniture arrived at our house on Jan 28thUpon delivery we noticed that the mattress was damagedThe delivery man reported it and a new mattress was brought out and exchanged fir the damaged one on February 9th I don't have an exact date but just a week or two later I noticed the stitching on the foot rest of the left electric recliner was coming unstitchedAlso the right side(if facing) of the console I noticed a hole in the sideI assumed the the handle from the manual recliner had caused the hole but was not sureI called Morris and I was told that they would have someone come out and assess i

The furniture they sell is cheaply made and is not made to last longer than a yearThey do not honor their warranties
I purchased five pieces of furniture from Ashley HomeStore which is the DBA apparently for Morris FurnitureThe pieces I saw in the store were very sturdy and in good repairI purchased a chair and a half power recliner, and pieces of a sectional including two power reclining ends and a mechanical middle pieceI purchased this in as part of the labor day sale and the account is associated with the phone number 614-600-My chair and a half broke within the first two months of owning itIt took over months to get Morris to come out and fix the chairIn the meantime, one of my recliners broke as wellThe service technician said I would need a new reclining mechanism and told me to call in to have Morris order it and he would come put it in when the part arrivedThis is Morris' way of handling businessYou call and make an appointment which is easi

Consumer Neglect
I purchased (1500$) a couch set ( large recliner, small) from Ashley's Furniture in Columbus (Sun Center) on 9/3/16, and it was delivered on 9/6/When one of my recliners (small) were delivered it came completely BROKEN! They did not even make sure the couches were working before they left my houseI called to let them know and they told me it would be another week or two before they would come back outOnce they scheduled me, they changed my appointment time THREE TIMES IN ONE DAY causing me to have to leave and go to work as they were not there in the morning as promisedFast forward a week later and someone FINALLY came to look at my couchHe said THE WHOLE ENTIRE BOTTOM NEEDED REPLACED AND IT WOULD TAKE 2-WEEKS TO GET THE PARTS TO FIX IT! I told them that was completely unacceptable and they needed to replace this ASAP.The manager at Sun Center was semi helpful and said he could replace it for me and take HALF OFF THE COUCH but it wouldn't be until

Broken couch ordered parts months ago
Sales order number#XXXXXXX***
Purchase date 2/06/
Delivered about weeks later
Salesperson *** ***
XXXXXXXXX Coleman leather pwr recl sofa
Received the sofa first day it would pop very loud if we reclinedCalled they came out to adjustFew weeks later same thingThey came back out to adjustIt would still pop we just got used to it After having the furniture for months we realized we were sitting in a holeCalled Morris they came out about weeks later Repair man said your couch is brokenHe said will order new cushions and lift mechanismsHe said no wonder you feel like your sinkingFew weeks later when we started sitting on the other side it felt same wayRepair man came out said that side is broken alsoHe said will order more parts and cushionsCalled few weeks later no one ordered any partsFew weeks after that same thingFinally June guy came back to repair one sideNo cushions and I'm still in a ho

Morris Election Promotion Advertising
Complaint concerns Morris and the advertisement and misleading sales pitch of 69% voter turn out in Ohio for the electionBoth in commercials and on the sales floor they mentioned 69% voter turn outThe 6,000,voter turn out and 69% did not add upTo achieve the 6,000,the true percentage would of needed to be 76%In the store during their sales pitch they continued to reference the 69% and even referenced the Secretary of State website ( *** ) to show that it was possibleThere sales pitch was extremely mis leading and advertising
Morris is now saying it was 'eligible' votersThe promotion started (Oct19) after the deadline to register was over (Oct11)This would mean that the only people eligible to vote ARE the register votersThat number is 7,861, The official numbe

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