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New Meadows Abatement, Inc.

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2015/10/14) */
I am the new *** of *** *** *** ***I would like the opportunity to work with the homeowner to resolve their concernsI can be reached at ***
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (4200, 15, 2015/11/02)
This complaint has not been closed, it is still pending and there has not been any resolution
Final Business Response /* (4000, 17, 2015/11/09) */
Oakwood has reimbursed the homeowner for the installation of the garage doorIt has been determined that the grade has been altered by the homeowner therefore Oakwood will take no actionPlease see the attached -
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***
A couple of things still bother me. First of all, we were NOT on an extended vacation as *** *** stated. We were gone for days and emailed him during the time that we were gone with NO response. Secondly, it has been weeks since we have gotten back and the shower is still NOT fixed. And, Oakwood Homes knew about the problem days prior to our return and did not bother to respond to emails sent during the time that we were gone. weeks is a ridiculously long time to attempt to get this issue resolved (and it is still NOT resolved). *** *** stood in my house and told us how he was over his head with warranty complaints and that other people had bigger problems than we do. He cannot write an email with any logic to what he is writing. He says he will get back to you later in the day and NEVER does He is a disgrace to Oakwood Homes and should never be in touch with the homeowners
*** ***

Thank you for your concern,An Oakwood representative met with Mr*** to walk his list of items noted below, A Service order was issued for *** *** as well as bighorn gutter, both service requests were dated for completion the last week of April, *** was out
but could not replicate the sound( 5th attempt since 1/7/with no results due to being unable to hear or find source) *** *** gutter stated they never received the Service order, so it was resent and we will follow up until completed, in regards to the other concerns, The warranty claim was denied originallyRe: caulking of windows is home maintenancethey were sealed originally but have not been maintainedareas H-O pointed out where drywall corner bead (bullnose) has started to pop was not documented in the first year so would be Time BarredThe items deemed (no Action) were sent to the Home owner in an emailWith an explanation

Oakwood is aware of the homeowners concernsOakwood, the homeowner and the homeowner's realtor have been in communication to set a schedule to address the homeowners concerns

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: Oakwood hasn't come and completed any of the work yetThey have emailed me to schedule some of the issues July
7thOnce they come and actually complete all the issues to our satisfaction as their customer, then I'll agree it's completed, but they haven't come yet
*** ***

Oakwood Homes is in the process of refunding all deposits received from this home buyer

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 10, 2015/09/08) */
Oakwood Homes is in the process of researching the homeowners concernsWe have communicated this to her via email
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 12, 2015/09/10) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the
Oakwood is in the process of researching our concerns since this complaint was filedOnce resolved, we will update this complaint
Thank you
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 16, 2015/09/28) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
While the architectural concern appears to be moving forward, the flooring has not been addressedWe will provide an update once all matters have been resolved
Thank you
Final Business Response /* (4000, 18, 2015/10/13) */
I have been in contact with *** *** recently with plans to remedy the pillar issueI have not seen the floor and would like the opportunity to review the flooring concernThe homeowner has my email and can contact me at any time to set up an appointment

The homeowner has recieved the indepented report on thier flooring. The oakwood Representative is reaching out today to set a time to go over the inspection report that the homeowner had an independent inspector do. He will set resolution for any concerns that fall under our customer care. all other ittems the representative will give best recomendations for maintenance

Mr*** was left a voice mail on 8/16/17 @ 8:AM by *** ***, *** *** *** *** for *** *** *** She would like to meet Mr*** at the house to go over some options

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2015/11/17) */
*** *** of Oakwood Homes is working with Mr*** to resolve the concern with the furnaceWe will have our HVAC company review the issue and determine the appropriate course of action and if a deficiency or performance issue with the
furnace is present, we will resolve this matter and repair as necessaryThank you

Please note that Oakwood Homes LLC will fulfill any commitments made to the homeowner in writing from any Oakwood associate If these items have been agreed to by Oakwood, we will complete all of these items in a timely a manner as possible We appreciate the frustration this has caused the homeowner and apologize for any unnecessary frustration we have caused We have added additional staffing to this neighborhood in the hopes of getting through all of the open items as quickly as possible Thank you ***rey ***

Oakwood's Trade Partner, Regional Building Manager and Customer Care Liaison will be
walking this pod to see what needs to be done to the correct the concerns with the gradeThis will be corrected but will take some time as Oakwood Homes wants to ensure that this is corrected properlyThis is not considered a plumbing issue but a drainage concern and will be addressed accordingly

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: Work is not completedAgain, painters were sent out before texture was finished so now texture has to come back and then painters have to come back againThis is an endless cycle of ineptitude.Cabinet that was damaged during install was replaced, leaving a line on the wall where the old cabinet wasInstead of fixing, the painters just painted over the texture line and this is now another item that now needs to be fixed.Holes in the metal beams in the back patio area are still not fixed after we have been promised it will be fixed within two days twice now over the last months.Front door windows are still not fixedSiding is still not fixedWe have been here since April and it looks like we just moved in because we have had to move out of our house for a week each time so you guys can fix your construction shortfallsNot acceptable
*** ***

Oakwood Homes has been in contact with the homeownerAll material that is needed to correct all issues indicated on the 3rd party inspectors report was ordered on 4/18/Homeowner has been made aware of thisOnce we have an ETA from the flooring company Oakwood will schedule repairs directly with the homeowner

Thank you for your concern.After researching this concern the following was determined. This home closed on 12-19-and no sewer pipe concerns were noted in the first yearsA repair was made in may of for a nail in a kitchen drain pipe which is ABS piping and black in colorA
warranty representative visited the home on 1-9-and determined that the homeowner had hired an outside contractor to scope and repair a blockage in the sewer pipeA copy of that trade video scope was received and inspected by the original trade partnerIn the video it was determined that the obstruction noted was actually in the home and appeared to be a white piece of pipe, The outside trade had removed a toilet to perform the scopeit was also noted that their scanning footage was not reset as they were scanning out to the middle of the street in front of the home so their measurements were offan additional scan was performed by Five star plumbing on 3-22-and no blockage or debris was found and the system was and functioning properly, there was no damage to the pipean explanation was given by the professional that performed the scan that the original scan could have had a readingAt this point all work was completed and no repair was neededUnfortunately This concern is also past the warranty period under the Limited warranty and Oakwood homes does not reimburse for outside inspections performed without our consentAttached is the sewer scan link for the inspection performed by Oakwood homes.,

Oakwood has completed all work except for touch up of the paint which has been scheduled for completion with the homeowner

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because Oakwood Homes has made no attempt to address the issue regarding the irrigation water main leak (bad connection between irrigation main and backflow preventer)I have
made a multitude of attempts to get in contact with *** ***, as well as other members of the Oakwood Customer Care department, and have not had any of my calls or emails addressedOakwood Homes' failure to address this problem continues to delay all landscaping work at my home, which is required to be completed soon in order for me to get my landscaping deposit out of escrowThe issue is covered under warranty, and would take a likely take a professional a matter of minutes to repairNevertheless, my wife and I have been trying for over two months to have this addressed, with not so much as a phone call response
*** ***

Oakwood Representatives have been reaching out to the homeowner to schedule to complete work. the last email was sent from the field rep to the homeowner on 8/at 9:AM

Complaint: *** I am am the one submitting all the warranty requests because I am the one that works at home and is here all dayPlease send all requests to me*** *** ** ***
*** ***

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