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I am a paying member of NOOM and have had NOTHING but problems with your system. Who can I get help from?

It is extremely frustrating

At first it would not let renew for 12 months using my email account because it says someone else was using it

Then I signed up with another email account, filled out the online info, then tried to log in, then it tells me my email address does not exist!

I am having a poor experience with your system. Is there an actual person I can talk to on this?

If I cannot get a live person I dont want to deal with NOOM ever again and will call my bank to block charges.


• Jul 27, 2020

Damn Mad
This company is the biggest scam I've ever been a part of. They charge you full fees even after you've canceled, as they said you could before your trial membership has ended. Then you can't get in touch with anyone per phone or on line to express concerns. I'm frustrated and angry and ready to have criminal charges drawn up. The whole program is a hoax and totally way to "steal" from unsuspecting people.

Charlene, we are so sorry for any frustration you have had! Our Support Team would love to make this right for you. May you reach out to us at [email protected] so we can help right away?

• Jul 12, 2020

I had NOOM on my phone and gave it a try, last year. I did not like it. I removed the app. Three days ago, I reinstalled the app. I couldn't remember my password so I put in my e-mail, I received over 6 e-mails, telling me the same st. I never received an e-mail to help me reinstall a new password. Now I go on line and I think all is cool. I give them my credit card, I go to sign in and NOTHING! I call the 800 # ALL I get is a DAMN robot who gives me NO information for my use or a real person to talk with. I am so VERY PISSED OFF. They had better not have charged my credit card.

So sorry that you did not have the best experience with Noom, Lynda! We would love to know what went wrong here. Do you mind reaching out to us with your Noom account email at [email protected] regarding this? Thanks!

• Jul 07, 2020

I was charged twice by noom of £109 X2 in a matter of 5 days. Then since I subscribe Noom I noticed numerous companies taking money from my credit card every month names of companies are,,,uribesuminc and these companies have the same website the only difference are the names and the contact number doesn’t work. Looks a scam! I have reported it to the police and they will be looking into this matter now.

I tried to contact noom but I could not get hold of somebody to talk to. This appears to be a scam.

Anybody with the same experience?

So sorry that you did not have the best experience with Noom! We would love to know what went wrong here. Do you mind reaching out to us with your Noom account email at [email protected] regarding this? Thanks!

• May 25, 2020

JUst another SCAM...
It sounded interesting, although quite vague what the program actually consisted of. First they wanted your name and credit card before they could tell you what was going on so they could get your $10. Okay, let's do it ...afterwards their blurb I decided not for me and cancelled my membership. The next month was charged $99 and no cancellation after I figured it was done. Spent hours researching and never could find any way to contact these people. Then...the next month they took out over $200 and so now I am good and mad. No customer service, no phone, mail address, or email where I can talk to someone. I am so happy they are getting sued and would like to join in this class action suit. Please someone contact me regarding this. [email protected]

• Apr 23, 2020

The worst
they just charged me $140.00 from my debit card without my authorization …. they didn't send me an email or any notification ….they don't have a line for customer service where I can call them to ask for an explanation ….this is the worst fraud in the world ! I wish I could go to authorities ….don't even download the app or put your debit card for nothing they are criminals ….I feel like a stupid ! I don't put zero star because I cant ….

I give you a double zero

I got a charge on my master card of 129.00 plan47p9928005952981 ny I did not order any thing and have not received any thing please refund the above amount to my master card there is not a phone number to contact you

0 stars. I would give them negative if I could. I had same experience as so many others. I could NOT use any of the service because it is all via cell phone. I am taking care of my parents (96 and 93) during the COVID outbreak and they have no cell service where they live. Couldn't figure out how to cancel without a phone and illnesses got in the way. The next I heard was at 3:00 a.m. this morning that $99 was being charged. I never used it and never heard from Noom via any emails about an upcoming charge. I will be challenging this charge through PayPal, where the money was taken,.

• Mar 12, 2020

DON'T join this plan. They ripped me off for $99! Impossible to contact anyone to speak to. This is obviously on purpose. I'm disputing the charges, but they are standing firm on their charge. I signed up for the trial ($10). I never used it not knowing that at the end of the trial they would automatically charge my account the $99. AND they still think they deserve that full amount even though I used zero of their services!

Worst experience. I went online one day and discarded the whole thing as a scam. Low and behold they charged my credit card for $129 without any permissions. There must be some imbedded approval of ongoing charges. This is a SCAM. We must shut them down. Tell me where to sign up for a CLASS ACTION...

I am a lawyer and have never seen such a fraud on consumers.

Wish they had a Zero.I cancelled my subscription within the trial period by cancelling my subscription in my ITunes acct. I have tried to reach out by Facebook page, Facebook Messenger, Email, & no answer.They took money out of my credit card this morning of over $170.00. Noom sucks & is very unprofessional. I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR I WILL FILE A COMPLAINT WITH BBB & THE OHIO ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE!

• Feb 04, 2020

Wish I could rate noom a 0. Big, fat, waste of money. I would rather pay someone to call me twice a day and nag me. Applied to the 10 days for $10.00 trial, after 10 days they would give you an opportunity to stay with them if you would choose too. From the start I knew it was not for me, but I decided to wait until they contacted me to see if I would like to continue the program. Guess what no contact, they just take your money and run. Watch out everyone, they are a slippery company!

The special offer for January must have gone into spam. I never saw it until I was charged $99 for the first two months. So I was NOT aware that I had even purchased something. Now, trying to cancel has been equally difficult. I wish that they would answer the phone.

It wasn't for me, but they gave me a refund when I asked. Sounds like a lot of people on here aren't too bright and probably wonder why everything in life is so hard to figure out...

• May 26, 2020

Hundreds of people can't all be demented...
In the beginning of their campaign there was no possible way to stop them taking money out of our accounts. No phone numbers, no customer service, and no addresses to contact them. NADA, nothing. So save your snarky comments for an issue you know something about. Hundreds of people can't all be demented...just check out the complaints.

• Jan 05, 2020

Dear [redacted] ***, Thank you for notifying us of thisWe've reviewed your correspondence with our Support Team and confirmed a refund was issued to your account on June ***, Is there anything else we can help you with? Let us knowVery best, The Noom Team

I thought I was paying $1 to see what a trial diet plan would look like, NOT signing up for this app. I was shocked when I saw a charge for $159 on my credit card! I actually had to download the app and go into it to send a message to a "concierge" to cancel my account. I cannot find an email or a phone number to contact the business in person, which my credit card company has asked me to do so that I may refute this charge. I have seen many complaints on the BBB against the company for this exact thing. This type of scam is unacceptable and below-the-belt. I will be disputing the charge with my credit card company and lodging a complaint with BBB. If your "weight loss program" works so well you would not have to resort to such underhanded measures to scam potential clientele.

I hate to even give them one star, that's how bad this company is, but this review MAKES you give them at least a one! SCAM, SCAM, SCAM! BEWARE! NO CANCEL tab, NO PHONE, NO LIVE HELP! Signs you up WITHOUT telling you, you're signed up! To make matters worse, they inform you it'll cost you $129. every 4 mths! And the ONLY way you can cancel is by downloading some app & telling 'your team leader' you want to cancel! I have NO cellphone to download any app to, nor does it tell you upfront that ALL info comes thru your phone! Thankfully I went thru Paypal, so I can trust they'll help me out of this scam mess!

They are disgusting. IO cancelled my service and just found out they want to deduct $129 from my debit card on 4/9/20. This is not going to happen as I am going to my bank and get them to help me put a stop to it now. Just terrible to get hooked into something. I cancelled during the trial period and they still deducted money from my account so I have scammed out of $129. I am thinking about reporting them to my state Consumer Protection Bureau. This should not be happening.

• Dec 27, 2019

Dear [redacted] , Thank you for submitting your complaintWe're really sorry to hear that you had such a difficult time cancelling your subscriptionIt looks like you contacted us over the weekend which is why you experienced a response delayPlease note that our Support Team is available Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PMWe see that one of our Support Agents has already been in touch -- it looks like she issued a refund and canceled the subscription, so you should be all set! Thanks so much for trying Noom and have a great rest of your week! The Noom Team

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