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Unlike everyone here I actually love the product. I use it everyday and it keeps me motivated and accountable. I was however shocked that they automatically charged me the $159 for 8 month program without asking me.

By the way this is only day three for me. Does anyone know if there is a class action suit going on against this company? If so please provide the name of the law firm/attorney handling the case. If it is put into the reviews I'm sure several people will find it useful.

The phone number to Noom is (347)687-8522 it is a New York number and a waste of time because it is a answering machine that directs you to cancel through a coach and gives you this web address Their address is 229 W. 28th Street, floor 9 Ne York, NY 10001.

I signed up for the 14 days trial for $1 which stated I could cancel at any time before the trial period ended, but must cancel through a coach. I decided to cancel on the first day; only to find that 1. I could cancel through a coach but first I had to enroll in one of the programs at a cost. 2. Can only get a coach after the 14 day trial period ended. If you do not cancel before the trial ends they charge you for 2 months of the program adding up to over $100.00. What a racket! One star should be minus one

My Granddaughter signed up with Noom without my knowledge on my computer. I
saw the initial charge of $1.00 to my account. I have tried to contact Noom but there seems to be no way to contact them. I have followed the directions on their support page but nothing happens. I would like the charge refunded and my Granddaughters account with Noom canceled. The account would be under Mary Verbeke.

Hello, I signed up for the 14 day trial of Noom. However, I had a problem with my phone and couldn't down load the app. The website says the only way to cancel is through the downloaded app. Now a charge of $150 was taken from my bank account by Noom and I have never even tried the product. I really want to get a refund for the amount but I can't find a phone number or any way of contacting anyone at Noom. Please help!

I signed up for the 14 day trial and was charged $149.00 for something I didn't get to use. I was out of town and unable to find out how to cancel before trial end and its not easy to find. I can see why now because of all the complaints showing. none of the numbers I could find would work. when I clicked on links to cancel my card it takes you back to the same page on how to cancel by texting someone that takes forever to answer. I want a complete refund because I can not use a product that is very sneaky and hides things making it almost impossible to cancel in time. I'm still waiting to hear from the little bubble I finally found to get this canceled. Great job at the SCAM!

Good news, if you complain to Noom, they do actually respond and said they will refund my money within 2-3 working days. Will wait and see if they do :-)

I find Noom's antiquated 14 day policy of not refunding the customer's money very poor indeed. I have lost £119 but will make a further complaint to Noom until I get my money back. What they are doing is theft, plain and simple. I certainly wouldn't recommend them to family and friends.

Absolutely a scam. I tried to cancel during my trial and wasn't able. I deleted the app from my phone and now I am charged $99 on the card set up with my Apple ID. (YOU CAN NOT HIT UNSUBSCRIBE ON YOUR PHONE LIKE ALL OTHER APPS I HAD A TRIAL WITH). Now, I can't redownload it to follow their instructions and I can not reach a human. I did have to stay on the phone with Apple for an hour, only to both of our surprise to find out that Noom does not bill through Apple (thus, not being able to cancel by hitting unsubscribe.)

I signed up for the 14 day free trial. The $159 charge appeared on my bank statement today and I have not yet received the item I signed up for. Therefore I want the whole thing cancelled--charging a customer without them having the merchandise is fraudulent. I need my money refunded immediately. Hannah S. Nunn 614-360-2338 ([email protected]). I could not reach you by any of the phone numbers you published--I can see why.

App is SLOW and frustrating to use. Trying to cancel now. From all the responses above, this may be a long and painful process

I just installed the app and casually filled the information.I dont know how they confirmed any subscription whilei never opened this app and they withdrew 500aed from my account sucks its a scem I need a refund.

This site will not allow me access to my account. So it is impossible to cancel this subscrption which I have not been able to use. The phone number can't get me to any representive to help me. Any suggestions as to what to do, please.

I joined Noom on to try it out. I was advised that the plan would be EUR 20 a month which I was happy to and able to deal with if I liked the program. The day after my 14 day trial period ended they took EUR119 from my PayPal account. As I didn't have enough in my bank accou the payment bounced but my PayPal account is now in negative and I owe them that money. I have tried to contact them but they are ignoring me. Here is the email address I have
[email protected] I am sharing this so everyone who has an issue can try to get some sort of an answer. I have lodged a complaint with PayPal and hopefully they can assist me. Hope everyone can get a resolution to their refund problem.

I signed up for a 14 day free trial. Today was the 14th day...we had a death in the family and I completely forgot to cancel before but thought I still could today since it’s still technically the 14th day...woke up this morning to see they changed my account $129 at 5:00 this morning! I should still have been able to cancel today. I have tried contacting them all morning with no response. I want my money refunded to my account. I haven’t even logged in to the app for 10 days because of our family emergency. Someone please needs to contact me and fix this.

I have had the free trial for one day and realised its not for me as the app freezes every time I open it.

Guess what, you need to be in the app to cancel. I cannot for love nor money find a contact email or number to get hold of anyone.

If your refund/cancellation process is as quibble free as you say there should be a easy method of contact outside of the App.

Today is my last day of free trial subsciption I applied cancellation but didnt get my money back please refund ASAP without intimation how you deduct so much amount without our knowledge need reply asap

If I could give you a zero I would. I have not been on Noom in the past few days because it sucks. I needed this paycheck inorder to pay my bills and I see that you have deducted $149 drom my account. Thats total bulls[redacted]. I want my money back. The program sucks and there was no confirmation saying that I will be charged $149. What the hell is $149 for anyway. This app is trash. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!


I signed up for the free trail after seeing an ad on Instagram, they asked for some account details and according to Indian payment norms a two-factor authentication is necessary for any online transaction. I entered the details thinking that they will need authetication before actually charging me. However, on 12th July ( today ) an amount of 7,102.11 INR was deducted from my account without any intimation. This is a large amount and I'd like a full refund processed ASAP. I've tried contacting my coach, emailed them and have been trying to contact support.
Please treat this as SUPER URGENT.


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Address: United States, New York, New York, 229 W 28th St Fl 9, 10001-5915


+1 (347) 687-8522
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