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The balance was cleared off of the account and the membership was archivedThe member can rejoin at any Planet Fitness if she wants to without having to pay any portion of the previous balance

We have reviewed Mr [redacted] 's accountWe do not have a cancellation on fileAccording to his agreement, he must send a certified letter when sending a letterDoes he have a copy of the certified letter? We have cancelled the membership, but there are no refunds for unused services

I had spoken with [redacted] back in June about this issue and explained to him that we did not have anything showing that a cancellation had taken placeWe do have a cancellation form from his cancellation in June and he has not been billed since that cancellation dateIn the members agreement it clearly states that “if you claim your monthly dues were not stopped when you told Planet Fitness, you must have written proof or Planet Fitness will not reimburse you for any deductions which you claim should not have been deducted.” Now [redacted] has made the claim that our staff did not provide him with any paperwork, but I hear that all the time when a member is looking for a refund for time they did not use the gymThis is why we have the section in the agreement to cover thisWhen a cancellation is done, it is done through the computer and shows up in about five different areasThere was nothing showing as far as a cancellation for [redacted] We also give every member a copy of the cancellation form and email them a copy just like we did when [redacted] cancelled in JuneI need to go by what I can prove, and that is also what is stated in the agreementI believe that everything was done correctly on our end, and once [redacted] had cancelled out his membership in June he was not billed any longer

From: Date: Thu, Aug 6, at 11:AMSubject: RE: Complaint ID [redacted] To: [redacted] < [redacted]> In response to Complaint [redacted] : As a Planet Fitness black card member, you are allowed to bring one guest per day That guest will get general gym access and the ability to workout for free with you! A black card member's guest can be the same person every day for days or it can be a different guest each dayThis is explained at the time of sifor a new black card member It is also on page of the membership agreement We also provide each new black card member with a PF Black Card Benefits sheets at time of sito reiterate their benefits as a black card member and for future referenceI attached the documents for referenceUnfortunately, we are not going to discount her membership, as this is the policy that is enforced nationwide Thank you!

Hello, At this time we will not be refunding any fees as prior statedThe customer's membership was billed to the terms of the membership she signed up for and the agreement states that annual fees are not refunded I have also provided the with the pertinent documents, agreements and notifications to confirm the date of the membership cancellations Best Regards, [redacted]

Hello, Mr [redacted] called and spoke with our Assistant Manager concerning a $chargeWe informed Mr [redacted] that the charge was his annual fee that is billed once a yearThis fee was charged for his wife’s membership as well We make every effort to be transparent with our customers around our membership rates, annual fees, and cancelation policies Our employees review in detail the methods of cancelation as written in our membership agreements before the prospect joins our facility The member receives a copy of these policies and procedures once they are reviewed Sincerely, Planet Fitness New Mexico Management

Tell LJS FITNESS, INC DBA PLANET FITNESSN Bristol StreetSanta Ana, CA [redacted] Revdex.comViewridge Ave #200San Diego, CA 92123-March 29, RE: [redacted] A [redacted] [redacted] Dear Ms [redacted] , Planet fitness memberships are designed for easy siand cancellations We thoroughly explain the membership terms and conditions of the membership, to include the cancellation process for each and every member that joins our club Members then receive an email confirmation of such details for their records Our cancellation procedure requires one of the following in order to cancel their membership: 1) Member must send a certified letter to our location requesting the membership be canceled Upon receipt of the certified letter, the membership will be canceled using receipt date2) Member may also come into the club and cancel in person When the member comes in person, they are required to fill out a cancellation form and sign the form At that time the membership is canceled in the system Ms [redacted] to the best of knowledge did not come into the club to cancel Had she come into the club in person, she would have been required to fill out a cancellation form We have no record of such a cancellation form for Ms [redacted] When Ms [redacted] called the club, she stated that she had sent a certified letter to cancel her membership Upon our investigation, we verified that her membership at that time was still active and verified that we had not received a certified letter At that point, she stated that she would send a copy of the certified receipt, for her convenience we told her she could email this document to usWe never received a copy of the certified receipt, only a copy of the cancellation letter We then touched base with Ms [redacted] asking where our copy of the certified receipt was, Ms [redacted] ’s admitted at that point that the letter was not sent certified, as our cancellation process requires, and perhaps it may be lost in the mail At that point, we apologized and explained to her that her membership was transferable to locations in the New Orleans area where she had moved and perhaps she would like to continue her membership use there in New Orleans We again informed her that we would require a certified letter or for her to come in person and fill out a cancellation form to cancel her membership Upon receipt of the certified letter, we would cancel her membership using the date of receipt as the cancel date We did finally receive a certified letter from Ms [redacted] on March 17, Ms [redacted] ’s membership was canceled on the day we received the letter March 17, Since Ms [redacted] did not follow the required cancellation procedure, we feel we do not owe her any type of refund I have included copies of email conversations and a copy of our membership agreement, highlighting the cancellation procedure Please feel free to contact us, should you require any further information Sincerely, [redacted] General ManagerPlanet Fitnessus why here

I have read and reviewed the complaint from Ms [redacted] regarding her membership with Planet Fitness.Ms [redacted] purchased her Black Card membership online on November 17thAs noted in Ms [redacted] membership agreement the annual membership fee of $will be billed each year of the membership, on or around the first of February to the account on fileThe agreement also states that in order to cancel the billing of the annual fee, the club requires a written notice and cancellation of the membership on or before the 25th of the previous month and is non-refundable.Our records indicate Ms [redacted] did not cancel on time according to her agreement but she was not billed the annual feeLoyal customers are the key to any company's success and it is our hope that Ms [redacted] will utilize our services again in the future

Good Morning We have attempted to get a hold of our member via the phone (times) and an email and we are unable to connect with them At this time we will be canceling the membershipthank you

Good Afternoon,We have reached out to this member directly and are willing to refund his Annual feeAfter hearing this he has decided to remain a member with usThis issue has been resolvedThank you and have a great day

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because I was checked in on Sunday, February 7, and the code on my card is [redacted] Also, I did sign my name onto the tanning sheet for min; bed The next day I contacted Planet Fitness and advised their office to check bed because I had left my [redacted] The representative stated it was not located and I left a message for the managerI then left my residence and went to Planet Fitness directly and spoke to the manager who stated he would recordings and get back to me the following dayNo response was received and I called the Corporate officeI did file a written complaint at Planet Fitness as they allege I did notThey claim their records do not show me being there yet my card entered me in and I signed the tanning log,The manager did not call me back and I called him and he stated he did see me entering the tanning area and then the cleaning people entered around amI advised Planet Fitness if the log is confidential then it should not be on display for all the customers to be able to view it otherwise it's NOT CONFIDENTIAL materialAlso, I want the name of the Regional Manager who responded to this complaint since it was inaccurate and I will be filing a small claims case against Planet Fitness Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and require one minor change to the settlement payment method in order to finalize the deal For your reference, I have outlined my request below.I accept the refund However I do not accept checks I would like the money routed electronically into my checking account If this is acceptable, I will provide my bank routing/account number for the transaction.Please let me know if this is acceptable.I was back to the gym on one final occasion before I read this email I spoke to maintenance tech as I was working out and he was doing an excellent job cleaning up the work out areas The gentleman cleaning the floors is a very nice guy Thanks to the for all there assistance in this matter Regards, [redacted]

Hello, I have attempted to contact Mr [redacted] via phone and email in the past week with no responseIn order for the membership to be cancelled he needs to send in the certificate of death so that we can cancelled the membershipPlease note that when Mr [redacted] signed up for his he authorized Planet Fitness to bill the account until it was cancelledHe has not provided the documentation needed to cancel the accountWe will cancel [redacted] 's account once the death certificate and a cancellation letter is submitted to the memberships home locationThank you,

Dear [redacted] , I'm emailing on behalf of Planet Fitness in Malvern and a complaint you received from [redacted] As he stated he did want to transfer his membership from our location to the Planet Fitness in South PhillyThe way our transfer process works is that a member would go to the member services page on our website and select the location he wants to transfer from and to but due to recently getting a new website layout the online process has been sporadic and since we have allow members to do a "manual transfer" to locationsThe manual transfer process include the member going into their new location, talking to the staff there who then contacts us and informs us that they are transferringFrom there we cancel their membership and fax the form to the new location so they can sign up the member and waive any initiation feesAs stated by [redacted] , he did go into South Philly to transfer his membership sometime in March While there he signed up and to the best of our knowledge they had waived any initiation feesThe problem occurred because we were not informed of this by [redacted] or the new location causing him to have open memberships that he was being billed fromOn June 2nd, [redacted] called our location and informed me (Scott A [redacted] Assistant GM) that he had been billed from our locationAfter unsuccessfully searching his file for a cancellation form, he informed us of the situation stated aboveHe informed me that he wished to be cancelled at which point Stated the cancelling process which is in our agreement where he initialed that requires a member wishing to cancel to either come into the club in person or to send the club a letter certified mailHe wanted his membership cancelled immediately and was unable to come into the club so given the situation of the double billing and the confusion or lack of communication from the transferring process I did him a favor and asked that he email me his wish to cancel and that his email would count as a certified letter so that I could attach the document to his fileHe was then cancelled in our system on June 3rd, I also discussed with him that we would refund him his money from our location as again a favor even though he did not properly cancel with us or transfer his membershipThat refund was for Months he was billed at both locations, $19.99/month totaling The refund proposal was completed on June 3rd and faxed to our owners on the following Monday, June 8th.As of that conversation on June 3rd, we had helped [redacted] resolve the issue and problems that occurred, both of which [redacted] said he was pleased withI contacted [redacted] after receiving this notice to again confirm and update him on the resolution we had discussed on June 3rdIf you have any further questions or would like to contact me my information is belowThanks for your time.Scott A (Assistant GM)Planet Fitness

In response to the initial complaint filed by [redacted] regarding his membership with Planet Fitness of [redacted] a resolution has been reached as of October 27th [redacted] recently relocated to [redacted] with the intentions of transferring his membership to a location owned by a separate franchise groupTo successfully transfer his membership the membership needs to be in good financial standingDue to miscommunication with the transfer process a payment was missed and the account was in poor standing The management team for Planet Fitness in [redacted] ** waived his balance as a courtesy and cancelled his account [redacted] can now rejoin for any membership type or any Planet Fitness location he chooses [redacted] was pleased with the solution provided to himThe management team acted quickly to provide a solution and to ensure the quality of customer service provided by all associates of Planet FitnessWe look forward to his continued loyalty to our company and hope that this scenario shines a positive light on the values of our ownership group Thank you, Planet Fitness Connecticut Management

If you went into the club and cancelled, you shouldn't have been charged in April billing if the cancellation occured late MarchWe do not accept cancellations over the phone for privacy reasonsIf you have the cancellation document you received please forward it (Scan)We sincerely apologize for the inconvience this may have caused! All the best, Planet Fitness Brooklyn Park

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I was told by planet fitness that they would cancel my membership if the required information was not providedI did not provide the required informationTherefore, my membership is canceledI am not playing bs games with your co Regards, [redacted] ***

Hi ***, We have actually been in constant contact with Mr [redacted] on the issues he is having with his account Mr [redacted] signed up on 4/24/for a month agreement which then went month to month until he cancelledAs a courtesy we put Mr [redacted] on a month freeze over the phone because he moved and stated he was moving and would be back in February (Attached.) When a membership is put on freeze it then extends the contract for the amount of months the freeze was for (months.) Mr [redacted] s contract is now not eligible to cancel until 7/24/ Mr [redacted] states that he sent a letter to cancel, we have no record of his cancellation nor did he send a "certified letter" to insure a receipt of delivery for both partiesIF Mr [redacted] did send a letter in March like he states, then he would have cancelled his membership pre-maturely before his month contract was up, which would have resulted in an early termination fee of $58+tax His agreement states that there are two ways to cancel, either person or by certified mail, which wasn’t done To this day Mr [redacted] is cancelled in our system, but remains to have a balance of $ I have attached a copy of his agreement and also his cheicon that states his balance In order for Mr [redacted] to stay cancelled in good standing, he would have to pay his past due balance We would be more than happy to waive $off of this balance which would take him to $owed Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great day! [redacted] | Planet Fitness [redacted] , ***, ***, [redacted] , ***, [redacted]

We have cancelled this member’s contract and have waived all feesHappy New Year I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and I accept it

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