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I am sorry for the confusionYou are absolutely right that you should not have been charged the service feeWe will send you a check for the amount requested plus tax and we will be taking that up with the technician as there seems to be some confusion when customers are offered office couponsOur office coupon is $for springs installed plus taxWe don't recommend these particular products to customers since they are not a long term solution and will cost you more money in the long runWe do not expect our customers to have enough industry knowledge to make an educated decision on which way is best to fix their garage doorHowever, we do carry these sub standard parts because other companies will offer them and some customers decide this is what they still want after we show them the difference between these and the better springs that will provide a long term solutionIn fact, there are even cheaper options to repair a broken garage door spring like clamping it, but doing things the cheapest is usually never the best optionThe garage door industry is mostly unregulated and companies can use whatever products they like, usually resulting in poor products at the customers expenseWe believe in educating our customers so they can make the best decision that suites their needsThis is the equivalent of going to an auto mechanic because one of the wheels on your car is making a grinding noiseUsing brake dust cleaner or replacing a single brake pad will most likely solve this problem, but the mechanic will tell you that you need brakes and rotorsThis is because you need brakes and rotors and lack the industry experience to make the proper decision on your ownBe on the lookout for you check in the mailIt was a pleasure doing business with you

This dispute has been resolved per the attached work order A brand new craftsman garage door opener was installed to correct the problem Customer has verbally accepted solution pls see attached workorder

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 16, 2016/06/09) */ To Whom It Concerns: On June 2, I found that I had an unresolved complaint (case #XXXXXXXX) on my record that I would like to resolve with the Revdex.comOnce it was called to my attention I contacted the customer ( [redacted] ), discussed it with him and made arrangement to get the materials needed and rectify the issueOn Tuesday June 7, I personally went to Mr [redacted] 's home to respond to the issueI rectified the situation on his door and hopefully with himHe contacted me at the time that he had the problem and frankly I don't know how it slipped through the cracksHopefully this salvaged our relationship and I requested that he contact me personally if he has an issue with his door as I want him to know that what he experience in this situation is not truly who we are Don [redacted] , President Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (2000, 18, 2016/06/10) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) Yes, Don did take care of business and I'm convinced that I honestly slipped through the cracks, so to speakand as the owner of his business, it was good to see him work with the tools to resolve my issues and did the task to my complete satisfactionThanks Don, [redacted]

Mr [redacted] called in to schedule service on his garage door on July 24thDuring this phone call, he asked about spring pricesHe was told correctly that there are many sizes of doors in the area requiring different spring sizes and an exact price could not be determined until we evaluated the door to determine which size it would require to properly balance the door, however the typical industry standard spring ranged between 88-Our technician arrived on the same day to the appointment After he evaluated the door, it was explained to Mr [redacted] that his door is an extremely heavy door and that the typical industry standard spring would not balance the door The price was quoted to install the correct springs for his door Our technician explained that he could install the standard springs but it would require of them to support the weight of his doorUpon receiving the quote, he stated that he wanted to call around and see if he could get a better price During this time, he left our technician in his garage for over a half hour while he shopped around for other prices He then returned and paid the service fee of and our technician left.On July 27th, our office received an email from him regarding not being happy with paying the service fee Our office immediately called him and received no answer Next, we sent him an email asking for him to give us a call so we could discuss the issue and give him a full refundThe email also stated that since he paid by credit card, we would need to refund his card and that we do not save any credit card information He responded that he would have his wife call and we are now waiting on her call so we can issue a refund.The fact that Mr [redacted] 's has an extremely heavy door that requires a special spring size makes this an unfortunate situation As explained to him over the phone, there is not anyway to give an exact price without knowing exactly what it will take to do the job properly I understand that he may have been confused and will refund him so our visit is no cost to him, even though most of what is stated by Mr [redacted] is not really exactly correctAll of our calls are recorded and I did go back and listen to the conversation that he had with our office I can provide if necessary

Below is our response to this complaint First, we’d like to apologize to the customer as this experience didn’t seem to go as we like them to Although we do take a “customer is always right” attitude, we need to be able to defend our version of events and to operate as a business This experience has not been pleasant for us and I would hope the customer recognizes their part in this As of yet, they say we failed in every aspect of this job and lied and treated them poorly I respond to each point made by the customer in an attempt to address the totality of the customer’s complaint Our response follows the [redacted] after the customer statement.My husband ordered a door and when specifically asked if we could change the color after we discussed as a couple, the sales associate said yes, a simple phone call was all they needed to do [redacted] The salesman was correct Our salesman also told the customer that we would need to confirm any changes via email or letterWe do this to protect both parties from instances like this.When my mother called later that night, [redacted] told her on a recorded line that she could get a new color no problemThey even joked about the poor taste husbands have with design [redacted] Actually, our records show that the conversation was centered on a garage door opener The customer claimed that our salesman offered an opener at a price substantially below our promotional price We tried working with her on pricing, but she kept insisting on the lower price Finally, we agreed to a lower price which they agreed to It is our policy that we do not process change orders without a signed statement (we accept emails confirming the changes as well) We do not have an email address for this customer so no emails could be sent to them We also cannot find any emails from them [redacted] remembers the conversation and her notes support our versionWell the door arrived, in the wrong colorWhen a call was placed to try to remedy it, [redacted] flat out lied and said she never spoke to meI asked her and her manager to pull the callThey refused to, even though the consistently announce calls are recordedThat is not our recollection [redacted] has spoken to both customers (husband/wife) and the daughter about this situation multiple times At the day of install, *** [redacted] (the general manager) did speak to the customer (mother) and provided two options: 1) to not install the doors and reorder in the color they want (this would be subject to a cancellation/restocking fee given that the originally ordered color was a custom color and is non-returnable) and 2) install the door and then the customer could paint it the color they wanted We told them that we did not paint doors and that they could either do it themselves or get a painter We also told them that painting the door would be the least expensive option for them The customer told us to go ahead and install the door and that they would take care of the color later We told them that our options narrow after the door is installed Once installed the door cannot be sold as new – it loses approximately 1/of its value It’s our policy/practice to work with customers when things like this happen They now want hundreds of dollars for a re-stocking fee [redacted] As the estimate states all cancellations are subject to a 30% restocking fee The doors were not refundable (we couldn’t return them) Just for the record, a 30% restocking fee would only cover about 70% of the price we paid for the doors.I am very upset to be called a liar [redacted] We have never called the customer a liar In fact, it was them who stated that [redacted] was lying It’s very difficult to have two versions of an event that are very different without one party feeling that the other is calling them a liar We are extremely sorry if in defending our position the customer felt we were questing their integrity We felt the customer questioned our integrity as well.Between myself and my daughter, we called times to speak to the owners, [redacted] and ***, and they have not acknowledged our calls or concernsNo one has pulled the phone call, and they refuse to do the right thing [redacted] First, the owners have been traveling and unavailable The company is well represented by the general manager – who is fully authorized to make decisions on behalf of the company when the owners are not available Ron, [redacted] and Tom (another customer service member) all reached out to the customer several times in an attempt to discuss and resolve the situation Most of our outbound calls went unanswered and did not allow us to leave a message (it didn’t seem that they had an answering machine)The customer’s position that this is all our fault (which would mean that the salesman, [redacted] and Ron all failed to follow multiple practices and policies) while the customer is 100% correct That’s never the real story Lastly, our phone recording system only has two incoming calls from this customer – that usually happens when the customer calls from a different number then what they provided us Without knowing which phone numbers belong to which client we cannot readily identify which call belongs to which client One captured call (from the daughter) is very rude and has several curse words Clearly, she was frustrated but that is no excuse to treat customer service staff the way they were treated Last point regarding our conversations with the customers, the husband told Ron that he should watch out and that if they didn’t get what they wanted we’d regret it.Lastly, we have tried to do the right thing Unfortunately, this customer wants us to take 100% blame and replace the doors they chose, had install and signed for stating that the work was satisfactory I should ask, what is the right thing for the customer to do?In an effort to try to resolve this in a fair and equitable way we have the two following offers 1) refund $(which should cover about 50% of a painter’s time to paint the doors) or 2) install the new doors in the color they want for $1,(total) In return we would expect that the customer would modify their reviews to state that the company worked with them and brought this situation to a satisfactory conclusion

Desired Settlement: Complete job and find out who in this company would have forged my initials on the contract which is illegal The job is now complete by anyone's assessment Mr [redacted] has everything he asked for whether it was included in the original contract or not I attached the original contract, and other documents clearly signed by both [redacted] and J [redacted] evidencing the job complete (Exhibit B,C)Exhibit A,B and C bear the signatures of both [redacted] and his rep??? The claim of forgery is once again unsubstantiated See Exhibits with signatures There is no forgeryWe have addressed Mr***’s desired settlement, and have given him a refund of over $and a 829LM monitor and an motion sensing keypad NOT on his original invoice We regret that [redacted] is insulted and will not recommend us Please close this matter as resolved for free that were not on his original invoice (Exhibit A)) We are truly sorry [redacted] is insulted and will not refer us Please mark this matter resolved

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/02/04) */ ***, Good afternoon, You are correct if any calls come in before 1pm and we are not able to get to them that day, we will waive the serviceWith that being said, I did pull the call log from Feb and your call came in at 1:I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (2000, 13, 2014/02/27) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) Thank you for honoring your guarantee and issuing the $refund to my credit cardI'll be following up with my credit card to make sure everything goes smoothly Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 11, 2014/02/26) */ Again, the work order states that the call originated an inputted at 1:03pmWhich is logged electronically via original phone call, as submittedI am not sure where the time frame difference is via your info and the computersThere will be a credit put through for $

***,I hope all is wellMy apologies if there was a disconnect, I did in fact offer you a full refund before you hung up on meShortly after speaking with you I discovered we had hired a new painter and even called you back to offer that we paint the door and refund $dollars for your inconvenienceIf you have yet to paint the door I will happily schedule our new painter out to your home or refund the entire amountPlease let me know which direction you would like to take and I will expedite either oneThank you[redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

Precision is apparently one of the few garage door repair companies that offer 24/serviceThat and the fact they are a member and on Angie's List convinced me to try them on a Sunday when our garage door would not open I actually spoke to a real person when I called and who said someone would be at my house within hoursNot only was a repairman here on time but he called firstHe was professional, courteous, explained our options and did what appears to be an excellent jobWe did not compare prices because of the timing but we are very pleased to have a working and professionally serviced garage door

We record all of our calls for quality purposesI was very alarmed to read this complaint so I immediately pulled the recording for this callOur answering system said "Thank you for calling Precision Door" two times, then our song stating our name "Precision Door" played, followed by a customer service rep who answered the phone "Precision Door"You can simply call our number and the same thing will happen as we pick up the phones the same every timeAt no time during the conversation were the words " [redacted] Overhead Door" said and I have access to the recording to prove thisI would assume the customer doesn't know how google works and stumbled upon our web page and called us instead of who they wanted Upon inspection of the garage door system, the battery backup was missing from the customers garage door opener and her remotes and keypads were not linked to her motorWe recommended we install a battery and program the remotesShe also requested an additional remote that we provided We then got a call from this customer the next day accusing us of not installing the battery and misrepresenting ourselvesI immediately checked the recording to discredit the customer and decided to simply giver her a check for the amount she wanted to diffuse the situation and end the relationship with the customer as I did not feel it was not worth the trouble As for her "code"There is no "code"I don't think the customer understands how her product worksAnyone with access to the motor unit and the users manual or knowledge of garage door operators can program the remotes and keypadsI suggest she reads the manual

Thank you so much for reaching out to me regarding thisI did speak with [redacted] on 2/I had offered to refund the labor charged and only charge her for the parts we installedAt that time, she said that was unacceptable and would be filing a complaint through the Revdex.comShe then called me back the next day and said she accepted my offer and considered the matter resolvedAs far as I know, at this time, the matter is resolved.Please let me know if you need anything furtherThanks again,Brian

Complaint# [redacted] [redacted] ***Our technician charged a customer $for a service call The customer was dissatisfied as to the length of time the repair took as new parts were not needed.I spoke with the customer directly and the customer agreed to accept a partial refund as a resolution This matter has been resolved to the customers satisfaction The customer has also stated that he would be more than happy to speak with you directly regarding the matter in order to complete the resolution if necessary Please accept this email as our response to this matter and record it accordingly Please contact me if you have any questions Thank youMichael AR [redacted] Customer Service ManagerPrecision Door Service

Mr***,In order to come to a resolution, I am sending our master installer out to your location with our field manager to inspect the damageYou will need to be present so please call to schedule the best time for youRegards, [redacted]

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/05/29) */ Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX Contact Email: [redacted] In reference to Ms [redacted] claim, I have attached the following: the call from when she called, her invoice, and our rebuild package sheet On her invoice the breakdown is as follows: High cycle powder coated springs $385.00, Reinforcement bracket $35.00(center style was pulling away from the door is why this is used), Service fee $65,00, Military discount -$25.00, energy/fuel surcharge $totaling $The springs were $not $as stated in the claim We have never put high cycle springs up for $150.00, I looked thru our computer/scheduling database and we have only done other call on Juniper Trail in Highland, IN it was 3/11/for a door estimate You will notice that when you listen to the recording when she called back to check the price of the springs she was quoted $to $PER SPRING based on the size and weight of her door NOT total The reason she was quoted the rebuild package price of $is because there is lifetime warranty on all parts usedWe offer this to every customer we go toWhen part on a garage door move they all moveCreating the same amount of cycles per moving pieceAs, noted in the pt inspection the following parts failed: springs, rollers, cables, end bearing plates and center bearing plate, creating an unsafe doorWe specifically have this checklist on our order forms so we can show the customer the problems and note them All Precision Door locations are individually owned and operated and in the 20/episode it was not our location it was in Phoenix, AZ WE NEVER WOULD DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANYONE EVER! Resolution is to re-issue the check for $plus a $fee for cancellation which our bank charges

It is my official stance that we did not cause the damageHowever, since we touched the door we must assume some liability even though they refused to recognize the damage as preexistingTherefore I will offer to replace the two door sections at our cost of $We will match the color to the best of our ability but we will not provide paint servicesRegards,***Precision Door Service###-###-####

I have no proof of what was or was not shown or told to me regarding the estimate for repair of my garage door operatorI do reject any assertions that I was given the opportunity to view any written estimates of repairI was thereI further stand by my statement that the repair technician told me the estimated cost of repair was $My complaint is not resolvedI regret not researching Precision Door prior to employing themHad I done that and seen complaints in three years and known of the Dateline NBC program on Precision Door, I would have distanced myself from them

This customer isn't explaining the situation very well His daughter had run into his door and bent the bottom two sections and the door would not open or close The rails (track uprights) were fine, but the door itself had been creased and was no longer structurally soundWe explained that we could "bend back" the sections, but the sections would no longer be safe We bent-back the sections (as best we could and good enough to allow the door to operate) so the door could operate and the daughter agreed to purchase replacement sections We did not in any way pressure her to buy replacement sectionsin fact we told her that if she wanted to she could leave the door as is -- just know that the sections have been compromised and it would eventually need to be replaced.The daughter wrote us a check for the deposit for the sections – this was clearly identified on the receipt we gave her We ordered the sections the day after the initial visit The initial visit was 10/14/ On 10/27/the customer called us to say he wanted to cancel the order We informed him that it was too late (that we typically have about days whereby we can cancel orders with our vendors) The customer was upset He has called and spoken to us at least times He unfortunately was not hearing what he wanted to hear so kept calling and wanted to cancel the order Eventually we had to tell him that there was nothing we could do.Although we try very hard, we do not do everything perfectly However, this situation is one where the customer decided he didn't want something that was special ordered on his behalf and authorized by an adult at his home We do regret that we could not cancel the order, but again it was days since the initial visit that he called to cancel Our vendor would not allow us to return the part.We are happy to install the sections we ordered for this customer have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I was not having other issues with the door All I wanted was maintenance AGAIN, I specifically told the technician NOT to close the door the entire way if it would cause damage to the door In fact, I told him that more than once I was surprised when he closed it all the way to the bottom after I had asked him not to harm the door The technician was not honest with his employer; in fact, he TOLD ME he might have caused the crease himself when he closed the door If the settings were too high (which I actually suspect the Precision technician did, not the person who worked on the door two years ago), the door had functioned just fine for TWO YEARS without buckling until Precision's technician forced the door closed and caused it to buckle This is horrible customer service, when you choose to believe an employee who is trying to avoid responsibility for damaging a customer's property Perhaps he was too busy trying to entertain his son who had come to work with him, rather than paying attention to his job I should not have allowed the technician to be alone while he worked on the door, I will certainly never allow any workman to perform any work on my home unattended again I do not accept this denial of responsibility when there was no damage to the door prior to Precision's work As I said, the door had no problems other than noisiness and the fact that it stopped short of the bottom for two years, until Precision forced the door to close and caused the damage To accuse the customer of lying, while accepting the technician's dishonest report, is appalling I am a fraud investigator and will be seeking redress through other channels since you choose to deny your employee's damage to my property.Regards, [redacted]

This is not true I paid for certain things to be done and this company did not follow though with the original contractThis customer service representative Michael came out to try to resolve these issuesThis company gave me a refund after the Michael told me that Josh the initial person who acme to give me estimate over charged me by $for the garage door devise and charged me for another warrenty besideds the three year warrenty that came with the garage door devise by $That is why ireceived a refundYES this company did forge my initials on a invoice to say job complete with no remarksMichael justified that by saying that's the only way to close a job out on the systemMichael made promises that he could not keep due to the fact he sais is upper management would not allow himThe most disappointing this of all is that Michael also asked me to retract my statement with the Revdex.comIn other words he wanted me to LIEI felt insulted that any one would ask me to do this I would NOT refer nor use Precision door company

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Description: Garage Door Repair, Garage Doors & Openers, All Other Specialty Trade Contractors (NAICS: 238990)

Address: Serving North Central Texas, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75201


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