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We have completely resolved this complaint and given the customer the $credit they requestedI have personally communicated with the wife Nancy, whom was the actual customerPlease let me know if there is anything else you need from me

The customer contacted us months after our initial service saying his opener failed The original technician was not available, so another technician was sent After inspection, he informed the customer the failed item was not covered under our warranty as he had purchased the opener from another companyThe technician explained to him that we will stand behind the warranty on parts provided by our company The technician gave an estimate to replace the belt rail on his opener with a professional grade rail that would be warrantied He refused the service and asked to speak with a manager In response, Mike R [redacted] , a field supervisor, was sent to inspect the work performed and find a resolutionHe told Mike our warranty should apply to parts that he had purchased elsewhere At this point, no mention was made regarding substandard work on the conversion of the parts we replaced The customer then contacted a competitor to compare pricing to repair his opener The competitor informed him the work provided by our technician was not correctIn the attached photos provided by the customer you will see the drums themselves are approximately 3” wide, so clearly the spacing of the drums from bearing is exaggerated in his claim In regards to the “OP plate” attached to his door, he states the competitor claimed it was installed in the wrong location The Wayne Dalton operator attachment bracket is designed to be installed in the center of the top support strut of the door It has pre-punched holes so there is no confusion as to where to locate the bracket Had it been installed incorrectly, it would have been impossible to connect the door to his openerWe are willing and desirous to resolve this disputeThe components placed on his door, and the workmanship in doing so is correct I am not able to defend against competitor opinion In show of good faith, we offering a discount of $in compensation for his frustration I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11155806, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, Dan Kenny I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below My door was broke before they painted my house If he wants to put in a new opener and pay for it that is fine However the painters are not responsible for the problem Again if he wants to put in a new opener at his expense then tell him to contact me or you and do so Thank you Regards, [redacted]

I spoke with Mr [redacted] on December regarding the complaint We apparently did not inform the customer that she was getting the higher quality springs at a higher priceMy technician did explain the total price to her and acquired her signature to do the work But I reduced the price because I didn't feel that the situation was handled the way in should have Mr [redacted] was agreeable with the solution, I re-invoiced him with a lowered amount, and since he had stopped the payment he said he would send a new check.Our intent is to always do the best job we can for our customers and at the best value We do that is practical to have 100% satisfied customers

Our quotation is very clear and fair as printed on each invoice All quotations are clearly printed and presented to the customer for review and initial and signature The entire transaction was conducted and signed by MR [redacted] ; Mrs [redacted] was not present, and did not participate in any phase of the transaction or negotiation Please refer to the invoice and receipt attached where Mr [redacted] initialed and signed his agreement to the work and that he fully understands the explanation and the total priceThere was no escalating of the bill after the fact Mr [redacted] signed the receipt that clearly showed an itemized listing of all charges including the labor In addition to the operator, Mr [redacted] agreed to have his springs replaced with lifetime warranty because the cause of his operator failure was a heavy door with bad springs (see attached safety inspection and signed estimate/invoice) In short the bill was not deceptive in any way, and did not “escalate” from $to $ Since Mrs [redacted] was not involved in the transaction she is not qualified to make this claimWe know of no garage door that costs $anywhere in the industry and fail to see the relevance of this remarkLastly please refer to the complaint that [redacted] sent in Monday immediately after her quick same day service which has absolutely no reference to any “unclear and unfair practices at all”, but simply aversion to the price since she later shopped around and found a cheaper price for an opener MINUS INSTALLATION COSTSThis is not a customer service issue at all This is clearly a case of [redacted] , who was not involved in the transaction, wanting discount and using the as a threat to that end We would respectfully request that remove this complaintAs a gesture of good faith we are willing to waive the labor charges of $

I called this specific company because my garage door would open, but it would not closeI pull the yellow pages out and noticed Precisions Ad that stated that they fix any garage door system, all major brandsThey also covered all of Dodge and Jefferson countyThey arrived the next morning, and told me they were doing a safety check on the garage door, which the problem had to do with the openerDuring their safety check they said that nearly everything was poor quality and it wasn't the best product that was out thereThey talked about replacing the garage door and the openerAt that time this raised red flags to me because they hadn't even tried to open or close the garage doorThen they found their was a splice in the wiring from the opener to the safety sensorsThey stated that the splice was not done correctlyThey replaced that, and came in with their tablet and proceeded to state what the billing was forThey said I would receive a billing statement within 3-days, but I needed to make the payment that daySo I wrote them a personal check for the amount that they said was dueThey talked more about replacing the garage door which was never the problemAfter they left I went to the garage to put the car back in, the door opened but it wouldn't not close, and that was the problem I contacted them aboutThen I called the company at (920)245-3309, I was asked if I wanted the technician to come back and I said no because I thought I was being targetedI'm a widowed senior and I hear about scams all the time and I felt that this is what that wasInstead of them fixing the problem it seemed to me that they wanted me to purchase the entire garage door/ opening mechanismI then called the bank and cancelled my check because they didn't fix the original problemI did have a call later that was from a lady who identified herself as a supervisor, at that point I didn't want anyone from that company to come backI told her that I would have to discuss this with my family to see what I needed to doMy son in the law came that afternoon and noticed that the safety sensors were not alignedWithin minutes or less he adjusted the sensors and it's been working perfectly ever sinceAn issue like this they should have been able to detect in no time with all their experience with garage doors and openersI cannot emphasize enough the feeling that I received from the technician that he was only interested in selling me a new productAt this time I have yet to receive the copy of my billing statement, so I am unable to attach that

We have reached a resolution with this customerWe have sent her a good faith refund to resolve this issueI have attached a copy of the email where she accepted the offer

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/06/04) */ Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX Contact Email: [redacted] In reference to Mr [redacted] compliantI have exchanged numerous emails with him explaining his concernWe did do repairs to his door that were recommended by his landlord, not what we suggested to do to get the door operating correctly and safelyThe landlord wanted minimal done, the door needs to be replaced which Mr [redacted] agreed toWe then went back out Tuesday because Mr [redacted] said the door was not working correctly, after another inspection was done it was determined by the tech that the year old Stanley operator is not working correctly, which again Mr [redacted] agreed withMr [redacted] then scheduled another call for Wednesday for us to come out because the door was not working, it was again stated by us that it was the operator that is not working which the landlord does not want to spend the money to fix itThe door does go up and down manually with the original band aid that was done that the land lord wanted, not what we suggestedMr [redacted] then cancelled the call on WednesdayI told him we would come back out and do stand by our work and warranty he was givenHe did not want us to come back outWe would be happy to go back out to replace the year old [redacted] operator, due to the fact that they are out of business and can not get parts for them

We serviced this door due to the fact it would not open as expained on the incomming phone call dated 7/10/at 2:10PMOur technician found unresponsive and broken rollers which we replacedAt the time of service, it was explained that the strain on opening a problematic garage door can cause damage to the operatorThis was verbalized and also stated on the signed invoice (see attached)A follow up call was made by [redacted] offering a reduced price chain drive operator installed, but that was refused
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does satisfy my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint #***I understand that by choosing to accept the business response that my complaint will be closed as resolved. It is sad that it took a complaint to the to get answers from a company. If there were better communications skills by the customer service representative and I had been given the information about the existing door core being broken this problem would not have occurred. I look forward to having the door repaired when a service vehicle will be in my area
*** ***

In response to Mr***, we still stand by our invoice which Mr*** singed both before and after the service was completed agreeing to the payment of $2,As a gesture of goodwill we are offering Mr*** a refund of $ At this time, we would like to extend this offer to Mr*** to reduce the overall price back down to the price of $1,Mr***'s originally asked for in his complaint. We attempted to reach Mr*** but were unsuccessful in our attempts. To conclude, we are agreeing to meet Mr***'s demands in the interest of hereby resolving this complaint

Thank you for the feedbackYou purchased an online door service special which includes a lubrication and upgrade of Nylon rollersUpon our arrival, you informed our technician of issues your door was experiencingAt no point in booking the service did you mention the door having other issuesYou
pointed out where the door was binding and asked what could be done and our technician offered to adjust the track out to stop the door from grinding into the concrete stem wallWe also noticed the force settings were well beyond the manufactures specs (9) and adjusted them to a proper setting (3-4)Upon further inspection, our technician noticed a creased section in your door and was thorough enough to point it out to you and make recommendations on replacing themYou also informed our technician that another company was just out there at night and were unable to fix the problemI am not going to point my finger and say they were the ones who turned the force settings up which is known to buckle garage doors instantly, but it was not us

On 6/23/we were asked to come out and look at the customer’s garage door opener with a broken sprocketUpon arrival we inspected the customer’s opener and found a bad gear & sprocketIn advance of doing any work, we provided the customer several optionsWe offered a gear & sprocket
replacement that we could do immediately, replacing the current opener with a like style that would take a few days to return and install, PDS1/2hp Opener that we could install immediately and the PDS3/4hp Opener with upgradeable battery backup and additional light package upgrade that we could install immediately
After further conversation with the customer they chose to replace both of their openers with the PDSciting the length of the warranty and need to have a single remote that would work for both of their garage doorsWe removed and disposed of their old equipment and installed both operators, ran new proper wiring for our openers, tested operation and explained to the customer
The next day the customer called the technician directly and asked him come out and repair a wall button that was not working properlyHe said he would be there in the morningWe did not get that job onto his schedule, he was booked to other customers and we missed the appointment
The customer called back that evening into our Customer Service Center and asked that we call them backThey were upset about their new openers, that we did not use existing wiring, the LED lights were not bright enough and the keypad is ugly. They informed us that our technician had not showed up as promisedThe Customer Service Center forward the message to the local Manger with instructions that we would call them back by noon the next day
The local Manager called the next day and spoke with Michael H***He apologized to the customer for missing the appointmentHe listened to his concerns and attempted to find solutions to his situationHe dispatched a different technician to correct the wiring situation and repair the wall buttonWe offered a lighting upgrade at no charge to the lighting in the PDS openers and they refused saying that it would not make enough differenceWe offered to upgrade the PDS270’s to the PDS370’s with the additional light upgrades at no charge and they refused that saying that it would not make enough differenceWe explained that we always replace the wiring to ensure that the correct gauge of wiring for our openers and that splicing into existing wiring is a primary cause of warranty call backs on opener installationsHe understood but would still like it reroutedWe explained that we only have one style of keypad for those openers but would try to reach out to the manufacturer to see if there were any other options, he stated that they liked the one they hadThe customer decided to wait until they decided what they wanted to do with the openers and we canceled the technician that was dispatched to the customerWe told them we would call them the first of the next week but with the holiday it might not be until after that
On 7/9/we returned to the customer location, carefully removed both openers and associated items per their requestWe processed a full and complete refund to their credit card the same day

***, The battery is installed, if by some mysterious reason there is not one then we will replace it, but our live inventory tracking shows one was leftYou can verify this by looking for a battery icon on the wall buttonOur technician never expressed that it was extra, he may have informed you that they are not warrantied, and replacement batteries are $99, but they are supplied with our part number iterationIn interest of customer satisfaction, we will offer a refund of $for the loose keypad battery cover and scratch on the operator coverThis is only contigent on removal of existing online reviews

We have offered to fix the larger issue at hand by changing out the logic board or replacing the operator at an additional (nominal) costOur tech informed you that the remotes are not going to fix the problem you were experiencing but you insisted that he try anywaySince none of our offers have been accepted, you may bring the remotes to our *** office for a refundThe sensors, however, can not be refunded. Precision Door Service*** ***

In response to the complaint submitted by *** *** ***, we have tried many times to reach this customer by phone and also by going to her home. All have been unsuccessful, she does not answer her phone, and when she does call into our office, she refuses to set up a time where we can
go to her house to help her.In direct response to her statement:We stated on the phone during her initial phone call to us more than once that our after 5pm emergency service call fee is $She was offered a regular time frame between the hours of 8-5pm for the following Thursday w/ the service call fee of $two times during her initial phone call. The customer then asked if she could be booked for the 9-11pm time frame, our representative stated yes & that the emergency service call fee is $79.95, the customer said that’s fine, I want it done tonight. We have this call recorded.Our technicians will not perform any work without customer permission and approval. All of the customer options are reviewed thoroughly w/them before any work is done. This customer approved this work, and did sign/date our work order agreement. Our technician gave her two recommendations based on his safety inspection & evaluation of her current door & garage door opener : 1- replace her garage door opener, or 2- replace her garage door opener & replace door hardware as well (rollers, pulleys, cables & springs.) She CHOSE the second option, to replace the garage door opener & the hardware. She was not forced to do this, and there is no way possible our technician could work in her garage for 1-hours at night w/out her permission.All work was completed that night & the customer paid our technician with a personal check #1093. There was no need to come back to complete work as the customer states. The customer did call back on Sept 07, 08, and w/a complaint about the opener. She was very difficult to book a service time for, and hung up a few times during those conversations, and when called back did not answer the phone. We finally booked a time w/the customer for our technician who did the work to return to help with her complaint on Sept 10.2015. As recorded by the technician, she refused service, told him to leave, and “didn’t know” why he was there.According to NYS law, we did charge sales tax on our service call fee and the hardware repairs. We did not charge her sales tax on the garage door opener which is considered a capital improvement to one’s home. You can see this clearly on attached invoices.The customer did not call us every day as stated. We do have a call log of the times she did call. In the call log, the “worked call history,” is when a service call appointment was actually booked for the customer. The “call history” lists each time a customer calls without a service call bookedYou can see out of the list of calls, there are only service call appt’s booked We tried unsuccessfully to get the customer to set up an appointment time to have the owner of our business go to her home to resolve her situation. She would ask that *** or *** call her back. We would, and she never once answered her phone, always a machine picked up. On all the calls that the customer called in, our customer service representatives who were not *** or *** could not get her to agree to anyone coming to her house.We have also documented the dates that “***” has called and left specific messages regarding setting up a time where we would come out and remove opener, or help her in whatever way she wanted.Phone calls w/message on her machine from ***:09.28/09.29/10.05/10.06/10.12/(&letter sent in mail,)/ 10.19/(2)/ 11.05The customer also stopped payment on her original payment, Check # Next she sent a second check for $(not sure what for,) which we returned to her with a letter requesting that she call us to have us out to help resolve her situation. We stated that the owner of the business, *** *** would go out to her home and resolve the situation to her liking. This letter w/the check was sent on October 13th. We did not get a response to the letter, or acknowledgement of our letter.It is unclear what her desired settlement isThe customer mentions “damaged ceiling from another company” in the Desired Settlement. We do not know what that is.We have reached out in many ways. Currently we have not received payment for the opener or the hardware that we replacedWe did provide emergency service after 5pm, with a certified Technician, and a fully stocked truck to take care of her situation the same night she called It seems that the customer has taken advantage of us. Our technician did not perform any work out of the ordinary that would have caused unusual damage to the inside of her garage.Attached our copies of her original work order agreement from 09.06.2015. Next from when we sent our technician out & the customer refused service. We have also attached a copy of the stop payment notice of her check #from 09.06.2015. We also have attached a copy of the call log. We do have all of her phone calls recorded as well on mp3’s.Thank you for your time & help with this issue.Please advise accordingly,*** ***Precision Door Service, Rochester

We value our customers and all of their feedback We have contacted this customer and come to a mutual remedy

Ricardo C*** was very efficient and thorough when he serviced my overhead garage door this afternoon.He answered my concerns most amiably and with obvious authority.I felt at ease as he explained the process as the job progressed which was duly well completed.thru his diligent work and pleasant demeanor I would certainly reccommend your company as one with high standards and one that places customer satisfaction to the forefront have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Please refer to Complaint ID: ***The company response indicated they would contact me on Tuesday May 26, to settle disputeIt is now May 28, and we have not heard from the companyContact from company to settle dispute as stated by company response.Regards,*** ***

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