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I will say their response is fast and our install guy was greatThe had our garage door spring that broke installed before we even got a call back from the other repair companiesWhat I did not like is that the cost of their parts after talking to similar companies To replace two springs other companies were $for the pairPrecision Door was $each and still charged a $install chargeAt the time I did agree to their prices because I was impressed with their response time and did not know what other companies chargedThat is when I found out I over paid $200, Ouch!
I tried to leave a review on their website and when I was asked if I would refer them and selected no, the survey was overHowever, if you selected yes, then you were able to rate them, so the reviews on their website are not true

Thanks for your responseI am sorry to say that the response from the Business did not describe what happened correctly."In response, Mike R***, was sent to inspect the work performed and find a resolution." Mike has never seen the work, he called the next day after the everything has been fixed already."He told Mike our warranty should apply to parts that he had purchased elsewhere" I never said thatI said that the part broke because the door was Wobbly due to the incorrect installation"At this point, no mention was made regarding substandard work on the conversion of the parts we replaced." That is absolutely not trueMike called after I got it fixed and I mentioned to him the sub-standard workCopies of all comms available."The customer then contacted a competitor" The door was fixed on the first day (1/9/17)Mike called the next day (1/10/17) after the door was fixed“… so clearly the spacing of the drums from bearing is exaggerated in his claim”The fact is there was a large gap and that made the door wobblyIn addition, the op-plate was attached on only one side to the opening arm which contributed to the wobbling (Pic available).“The Wayne Dalton operator attachment bracket is designed to be installed in the center of the top support strut of the door” Wayne Dalton’s iDrive did not have any plates at the center of the doorIt has a different mechanismThe plate was brought by the Business technicianIn fact, he left us without a functioning door for a couple of days as he did not have it in his truck when he did the installation In addition to adequate compensation for inconveniences, the business should pay for the FULL expense I incurred for fixing the door as it did fail because of the improper installationThe bottom line is that the installed system they put was wobbly and this was what caused a new carriage that should live for decades to break within a couple of months

Sir - I am extremely sorry about your experience In my company's eye customer is always right Having said that , I will have my Field manager contact you by Friday the latest His name is *** *** @ *** I will like to resolve to your satisfaction .- *** ***

To Whom It May Concern, Mr*** states that the original estimate was $1700, and he agreed to have our tech "fix it”. You will find the attached estimate does not show an estimate for $1700. We show two items on the estimate (attached)The "Good" column shows a replacement operator
at a total cost of including taxThe “Better” adds a “Silver Lifetime Overhaul” which includes a group of and labor INCLUDING a lifetime warranty. There is a standard methodology to estimating and explaining charges to customers employed at Precision to preclude any misunderstanding. After accepting the recommendation and price, which Mr*** stipulates to in his complaint letter, he was asked to sign that he "fully understands the explanation and the total price given to me,and is satisfied with the work”. Mr*** states the $coupon is a "fabricated deduction." This coupon is available to our customers via our websiteWe have no record of a letter being delivered to us, or any other type of communication from this customerThis service was provided on 2/23/and this complaint was not sent until 12/30/2015. We log all incoming calls and file all letters receivedThe invoice was delivered to the customer via email on 2/23/2015, the day the service was completed. All of our technicians are trained specifically on the use of the tablet that requires them to afford the customer options and written disclosure of all charges PRIOR to beginning work. It also specifically asks the customer to confirm their understanding and agreement to all charges and work done by signing their consentMr***’s claims are not substantiated

I have requested a FULL refund plus TAX on 10/29/2014 and yet to see it, very reluctant to call this matter closed as the merchant has had months to return my money or contact me and showed no effort
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

On March 11th, 2016 we were asked to provide a bid for a replacement garage door at the [redacted] residence. We were happy that they chose us to provide their replacement door. They paid us in full and we were able to install their replacement door two weeks later. During the installation we noticed...

there was some visible cosmetic damage to the top panel. We informed the customer that it would not affect the operation of the door and that we would order a replacement panel and return and replace the damaged panel. We returned two weeks later to reinstall the replacement panel. After removal from the packaging we again noticed some minor cosmetic damage on the replacement panel but not on the outside of the door. We showed the customer the panel and provided options of again replacing the panel or providing an additional discount of $150.00 on the door. The customer agreed to the discount and we agreed to send him a refund check in the amount of $150.00. We submitted the refund request to our corporate office the next day. When we were informed by the that MR. [redacted] felt that he did not receive the high level of customer service that he deserved we reached out to them to see how we did not meet their expectations. We spoke with Mrs. [redacted] and she stated that they had received the check and that everything was fine now. In order to make sure that we did our best to make thing right, we went ahead and ordered a replacement panel and will be replacing it for them with the hope that they would believe how truly sorry we are that we failed to meet their expectations.  Sincerely,Kevin S[redacted]President

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/08/18) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted]
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
In reference to Ms. [redacted] response, the door that was purchased was a special order door due to the fact that it was 7'3" tall...

which is not standard, we contacted her as soon as we found out (which was 7/2) from our supplier that it would take 2-3 weeks for delivery, she agreed as she stated. We then left 6 messages for at the following numbers XXX-XXX-XXXX and XXX-XXX-XXXX, starting on 7/21 which is when we received the door. She finally contacted us back on 8/14 to schedule, I told her to contact her Rep [redacted] to schedule since he had the door on his truck ready to put up. She then contacted us back on 8/15 to cancel. No wear does it say on the agreement that "There is a specific time frame that the door should come in". Since it is a special order our supplier will charge us a $350 stocking charge which is why that is what she will be charged.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2014/08/18) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
First and foremost I NEVER called to schedule an install. The young lady whom I'm assuming is the receptionist as well as [redacted] the manager repeatedly glossed over my complaint about how long I had waited as well as the fact that I had to call them. [redacted] informed me from the beginning that I could cancel if I chose to due to the fact that the original date given to me of when the door would be in & installed was cancelled. At NO POINT was I initially told three weeks. If it wasn't my choice to cancel my sales person should not have told me so. He also texted me about it being okay that I chose to cancel. I still have the text message. I am not the one in error. Based off what [redacted] is saying his employee misinformed me. Therefore I am not at fault. As also stated I only received one message two weeks from July 2nd. That was when [redacted] stated it would be another week or so. Six weeks had passed [redacted] I finally called them. There were no voicemails left for me aside from the one [redacted] left. If alleged they tried contacting me and received no reply over six weeks time why not exhaust all measures to reach me? If they were able to email me my appointment they could have emails me about the status of the door if it being a "special order" was such a big deal. They could have sent a letter by mail as well. Simply put the company neglected to keep in contact with me regarding this matter and now wants to bill me a restocking fee because of their unprofessionalism. I wont stand for it. I read the invoice line by line and no where does it state anything about a restocking fee. I am more than willing to submit it for review.
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2014/08/21) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Point blank period I was NEVER informed of a restocking fee. This is something that should have been notated on my invoice if this was a stipulation. It was not. I was dissatisfied with the extensive waiting period which was much longer than I originally agreed to. I agreed to an initial two weeks & then one more week after [redacted] called. I was totally dissatisfied with the way my concerns were glossed over when I reached out to them almost 6 weeks later. I declined their services then and still do to this day....PERIOD. I no longer want anything to do with Precision Garage Doors. They are unprofessional and I don't appreciate charges trying to be forced upon me due to their failure to keep in touch with me.
Please provide a copy of the consumer's signed contract for our review.
That copy may be attached to your next response or faxed to XXX-XXX-XXXX
Assistant Manager -Home Services & Northern Illinois
Final Business Response /* (4000, 17, 2014/09/11) */
Attorney said to not do anything, customer has been deleted from the system

I have not received any contact from the business to my phone nor my wife's phone, email or any...

other communication.  I am obviously disappointed in the company's handling of this situation.  Furthermore, upon closer inspection of my attached invoice, the invoice lists the back-up battery.  The battery is not installed and I was told by the technician on site that the battery is an additional upgrade and was told the same over the phone when trying to resolve this complaint initially with the company.  That adds to my original complaint - I now was not supplied with the parts listed on the invoice and they asked me to pay additional fees to what is clearly listed on the invoice. Thank you, [redacted]

After talking with my technicians and looking at the GPS (in
their vehicle) it does seem that they over charged you.  Our hourly rate is $80, but they were only
there for 48 minutes.  When figuring the
hourly charge they assumed that since there were two guys that they should...

charged you for 1.5 hours (2 x 45 minutes = 1.5 hours or $120).  This is how we charge for commercial work,
which the lead technician primarily does. 
I can tell you that $99 for a service fee is fairly standard for larger companies
(in fact many of our competitors charge $119 to $135).  The inspection that the technicians conducted
did say that you needed new springs and rollers.  Without replacing the springs you do run the
risk of damaging the opener (especially the gears that you just replaced).  You opted not to fix them.  The fact that the opener did work for a while
indicates that the gears were in fact working when they left your house.Although we do conduct an inspection, many times it is
impossible to accurately detect exactly what is wrong.  At times it’s a “let’s try this” especially
when it involves a motor (which has electronics and circuit boards).  Our first try is always the cheapest.  Most companies come in and start replacing
parts right away; many times trying to get the owner to replace an opener that
could be fixed with an adjustment to the limit and/or force setting.  We are willing to refund you the $120 labor charge (despite
the fact that the door was working when we left).  If you want we are more than willing to apply
that $120 towards the purchase of new springs – we will gladly replace the
springs for the $120 (normally springs cost between $200 to $250 including the
service fee, parts & labor).We have a wonderful reputation (as indicated by our A+
rating).  I wish you would have tried
emailing us (or calling) if you felt you were wronged.  Using the internet as a means of
communications seems a bit heavy handed.

Good afternoon,   I have just received this complaint. I would like to first start off and say I strive to take care of all customer issues. We at Precision Door service carry an A plus customer service was not aware of this customer not happy. all customers have the right to refuse...

service and go with another company. I would be glad to be in contact with the customer. We stand behind our workman ship, warranty, and relationships with customers.  Please be looking forward to my phone call.

[redacted],I hope all is well. My apologies if there was a disconnect, I did in fact offer you a full refund before you hung up on me. Shortly after speaking with you I discovered we had hired a new painter and even called you back to offer that we paint the door and refund $45 dollars for your...

inconvenience. If you have yet to paint the door I will happily schedule our new painter out to your home or refund the entire amount. Please let me know which direction you would like to take and I will expedite either one. Thank you.[redacted]

We have spoken with the manufacturer on this matter. They have assured us the panels are ordered and will be delivered to us 10/26/2016. We are working very closely with the manufacturer to ensure the panels are not miscut again. We have spoken with Mr[redacted] at great length in regards to this...

matter as well. So far he is pleased with the communication he is receiving. As long as the replacement panel is installed this week without further complications, this matter will be resolved. We will be able to update this once the panels are installed.

I am extremely sorry to hear about your health situation . After the initial service was performed , you had your garage door painted. When the paint dried , the garage door got stuck with the trim,. panels got stuck and the door became heavy by one Gallon , the paint you put on. In short the...

painters made your door to stick and made it heavier. Your opener which is fairly old is not able to do the job. We also worked on your Garage door only and not the Opener . Please ask your painters for the Damages . We did not cause any damage to your opener . I am sorry about your situation. My best offer is to install an Opener at my cost . Thanks

One of the torsion springs broke on our garage door, after calling around I spoke with the [redacted], the manager. She gave me a quote for replacing both, giving me a killer deal and also including a 3 year warranty on the springs. She advised they were even available that afternoon to come out to fix our garage door. I ended up having them schedule for the next afternoon, but the technician, [redacted], that came out was fabulous, he stated he'd personally been working on garage doors for 20 years, 15 years with this company. The experience showed! Very pleasant to work with, will definitely be my company of choice going forward.

We have contacted this customer and resolved this issue.  We do not officially, ever have a sanctioned situation where the customer has to pay our company, and pay our technician on the side.  That is tantamount to stealing from the company.  We appreciate our customer bringing this...

to our attention.  Honesty and being above board with our customers are part of integrity that we cherish and we will never knowingly allow it to exist.  We have refunded the money paid to the company, in full.  And the technician is no longer with our company.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 16, 2016/06/09) */
To Whom It Concerns:
On June 2, 2016 I found that I had an unresolved complaint (case #XXXXXXXX) on my record that I would like to resolve with the Once it was called to my attention I contacted the customer ([redacted]), discussed...

it with him and made arrangement to get the materials needed and rectify the issue. On Tuesday June 7, 2016 I personally went to Mr. [redacted]'s home to respond to the issue. I rectified the situation on his door and hopefully with him. He contacted me at the time that he had the problem and frankly I don't know how it slipped through the cracks. Hopefully this salvaged our relationship and I requested that he contact me personally if he has an issue with his door as I want him to know that what he experience in this situation is not truly who we are.
Don [redacted], President
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 18, 2016/06/10) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Yes, Don did take care of business and I'm convinced that I honestly slipped through the cracks, so to speak. and as the owner of his business, it was good to see him work with the tools to resolve my issues and did the task to my complete satisfaction. Thanks Don, [redacted]

We record all of our calls for quality purposes. I was very alarmed to read this complaint so I immediately pulled the recording for this call. Our answering system said "Thank you for calling Precision Door" two times, then our song stating our name "Precision Door" played, followed by a...

customer service rep who answered the phone "Precision Door". You can simply call our number and the same thing will happen as we pick up the phones the same every time. At no time during the conversation were the words "[redacted] Overhead Door" said and I have access to the recording to prove this. I would assume the customer doesn't know how google works and stumbled upon our web page and called us instead of who they wanted.   Upon inspection of the garage door system, the battery backup was missing from the customers garage door opener and her remotes and keypads were not linked to her motor. We recommended we install a battery and program the remotes. She also requested an additional remote that we provided.    We then got a call from this customer the next day accusing us of not installing the battery and misrepresenting ourselves. I immediately checked the recording to discredit the customer and decided to simply giver her a check for the amount she wanted to diffuse the situation and end the relationship with the customer as I did not feel it was not worth the trouble.   As for her "code". There is no "code". I don't think the customer understands how her product works. Anyone with access to the motor unit and the users manual or knowledge of garage door operators can program the remotes and keypads. I suggest she reads the manual.

Mr. [redacted] called in to schedule service on his garage door on July 24th. During this phone call, he asked about spring prices. He was told correctly that there are many sizes of doors in the area requiring different spring sizes and an exact price could not be determined until we evaluated the door...

to determine which size it would require to properly balance the door,  however the typical industry standard spring ranged between 88-148. Our technician arrived on the same day to the appointment.  After he evaluated the door, it was explained to Mr. [redacted] that his door is an extremely heavy door and that the typical industry standard spring would not balance the door.  The price was quoted to install the correct springs for his door.  Our technician explained that he could install the standard springs but it would require 3 of them to support the weight of his door. Upon receiving the quote, he stated that he wanted to call around and see if he could get a better price.  During this time, he left our technician in his garage for over a half hour while he shopped around for other prices.  He then returned and paid the service fee of 49.00 and our technician left.On July 27th, our office received an email from him regarding not being happy with paying the service fee.  Our office immediately called him and received no answer.  Next, we sent him an email asking for him to give us a call so we could discuss the issue and give him a full refund. The email also stated that since he paid by credit card, we would need to refund his card and that we do not save any credit card information.  He responded that he would have his wife call and we are now waiting on her call so we can issue a refund.The fact that Mr. [redacted]'s has an extremely heavy door that requires a special spring size makes this an unfortunate situation.  As explained to him over the phone, there is not anyway to give an exact price without knowing exactly what it will take to do the job properly.  I understand that he may have been confused and will refund him so our visit is no cost to him, even though most of what is stated by Mr. [redacted] is not really exactly correct. All of our calls are recorded and I did go back and listen to the conversation that he had with our office.  I can provide if necessary.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/02/04) */
Good afternoon, You are correct if any calls come in before 1pm and we are not able to get to them that day, we will waive the service. With that being said, I did pull the call log from Feb 1 and your call came in at 1:03. I do...

apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused
Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 13, 2014/02/27) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Thank you for honoring your guarantee and issuing the $65 refund to my credit card. I'll be following up with my credit card to make sure everything goes smoothly.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 11, 2014/02/26) */
Again, the work order states that the call originated an inputted at 1:03pm. Which is logged electronically via original phone call, as submitted. I am not sure where the time frame difference is via your info and the computers. There will be a credit put through for $65.00

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