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Precision Door Service

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This matter has been resolved with customer and his representative, Rene J***, and signed off on (see Exhibit B/ signed J***) (see Exhibit C/ signed ***) Neither of the two products that were the subject of this complaint were on the original signed invoice (Exhibit A/ signed
***) The light sensor he/she wanted is not a feature on the operator he chose. We had no way of knowing *** used a product in his bedroom we were to fix? We have installed both products at our expense We have refunded $for various items the customer/representative wanted to remove or renegotiate after the fact. Rene J*** emerged after Mr*** originally negotiated the transaction, as his representative. It has made it very difficult to tell who we are dealing with at timesPrecision did not charge ***’s credit card illegally, or without his permission. The job we agreed upon (Exhibit A) was indeed completed 100% the day we did the install work We have worked directly to get the perceived “incomplete items” done sinceIt took us four visits to address and program the items that were not included with the products Mr*** purchased including his broken product (purchased elsewhere). We are happy write this off to miscommunication and move onThe forgery charge is an outrageous claim that can’t be substantiated We would like proof or a retraction of this criminal allegation forthwith. The claims of abusing the disabled and forgery were not required to get our attention to this matter, and way out of line

INCOMPETENT SERVICE PEOPLE trying to diagnose a common problem with garage door opener's electronics and trying to sell you different parts: service technicians coming catimes to fix a self-reversing garage door (when it closes and reaches the bottom, it opens for no reason)After a new electronic board for $was installed, I was told that any erratic behavior of the door would be resolvedAfter month of using the garage door sporadically (it was winter time), the garage door exhibits the same old problemNow I was told to exchange also another electronic board to fix another item in the "possible scenario of many things that can go wrong": with other words, buy another part in the hope that this will fix the overall issueAfter this DISSERVICE I opted to get a refund for misdiagnosing the problem and have a different service, hopefully better people, take care of it
Do yourself a favor: don't get ripped-off by "Precision" Garage Door Service of Long Island, there is no "precision" to be expected!!

In response to Mr***’s complaint #***, I have attached his signed invoiceHere, you will see on page 2, the customer signed locations approving the work to be done and the cost of the workYou will also find a 5th signature stating he was satisfied with the workOn page 3, you will
find recommendations based off the safety inspection test found on page You will find that several items failed the safety inspection causing his door to not operate safely or as it is designedAt bare minimum, the spring and cable had to be replaced for the garage door to operate as he wanted it toThe technician recommended other work to the door he felt needed to be doneMr*** refused the other offers and selected for us to do the bare minimum workBack on page of the invoice, you will find the parts listed out for the work that needed to be doneYou will also see we did not charge any labor, service fees, and trip charges to the invoice as Precision Door Service does not add these to the prices listedThe price also included a warrantyMr*** than researched what he felt the part alone costsAt this point and time, we feel the customer is upset over the pricing after the fact as he signed multiple times, before and after the work, accepting the technician’s recommendations while refusing to have his garage door completely servicedHis claims of being pressured “to obtain services outside of the scope of the service call” are unfoundedHe had an opportunity to refuse service, of which he did refuse part ofOn the second lined initialed by Mr***, it clearly states “I wish to have partial service performed at this time.” So, he was allowed the opportunity to refuse all servicesWe respectfully refuse Mr***’s claims of “service issues.” However, we are willing to offer Mr*** a good faith refund to assist in finding a resolution to his concernsI am offering over a 15% discount off the bill and will send Mr*** $

On March 11th, we were asked to provide a bid for a replacement garage door at the *** residenceWe were happy that they chose us to provide their replacement doorThey paid us in full and we were able to install their replacement door two weeks laterDuring the installation we noticed
there was some visible cosmetic damage to the top panelWe informed the customer that it would not affect the operation of the door and that we would order a replacement panel and return and replace the damaged panelWe returned two weeks later to reinstall the replacement panelAfter removal from the packaging we again noticed some minor cosmetic damage on the replacement panel but not on the outside of the doorWe showed the customer the panel and provided options of again replacing the panel or providing an additional discount of $on the doorThe customer agreed to the discount and we agreed to send him a refund check in the amount of $We submitted the refund request to our corporate office the next day When we were informed by the that MR*** felt that he did not receive the high level of customer service that he deserved we reached out to them to see how we did not meet their expectationsWe spoke with Mrs*** and she stated that they had received the check and that everything was fine nowIn order to make sure that we did our best to make thing right, we went ahead and ordered a replacement panel and will be replacing it for them with the hope that they would believe how truly sorry we are that we failed to meet their expectations. Sincerely,Kevin S*President

I appreciate you speaking with me after this issue was
brought to my attentionI would like to start again with an apology for any
miscommunicationWe have no intention to mislead our customers in our
advertisements. All springs that we carry are a higher cycle than what is
becoming the
industry standard. We currently offer two different types of
springs. The spring you purchased is our lower cost spring; however it is
still a high quality spring with a high cycle lifeOur other spring far
exceeds the industry standard on cycle life and I believe this was the spring
the technician was referencingThere are many factors that affect the life of
a spring; weight of door, type of wire, size, coating, and handling of
materialOur company policy is that we inform the customer of any issues or
potential problems that we see. The reasoning behind this is that we want
to be very diligent and ensure that before we leave any problems have been
addressed Most homeowners do not maintain their garage door. A
majority of people that experience problems wait until the door is completely
broke until they decide to call for service. Many times this will cause
additional issues than the broken part. Again I apologize if you felt
this was a sales tactic. In our conversation, we discussed the metal tab
on the strut catching. I understand your thoughts on this; however I
believe that we both agreed that this would not have been intentional.
Obviously, if someone were to do this intentionally, it would be very obvious
There would be two options if this happened. You would either call us
back and we would send another technician out and he would have discovered this
issue. The other option would be, you would have called another company
and they would have discovered this as well. In both instances, if our
employee did this intentionally, he would be terminated immediately
We service approximately 10,garage doors per year in
this area. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, and we take our reputation very
seriousWe are members to many of associations such as and also the major
internet review sites. Although I can appreciate your comments and our
discussion, what is described is not a reflection of our companyThere was
obviously some miscommunication and things could have been handled better on
your job. As with anyone that is not satisfied with our service, you
received a full refund for all of the work that we performed and the offer for
us to come out free of charge and address any other issues that you may be
experiencing with your door or opener still stands. We will be reviewing
this information with all of our employees to ensure that our communication is
better in the future

Mr***,Thank you for your feedbackYou state you attempted to contact our company 'multiple' times I only see one call in the past days and that was to set up a service appointmentIn any case, please find our contact details below for faster serviceIn regards to your concern, your
door is under warrantyI cannot, however, warranty damage that was caused by your employee forcing the door closed and causing damageHad your employee called us when the issue arose, we would have happily been there and assisted with closing the door and repairing any issues or defects of our productThe young woman who contacted us to schedule the service appointment stated the door had been making noise for some time, but no one called us to investigate these concerns before there was a failureI can assure you we would have been there the same day these issues were first found and addressed themBe that as it may, you are our customer and we do want to help you so give us a call and I'll put together some special pricing for youI look forward to hearing from you.Best Regards,***

From the initial phone call to actual repair, all of the personnel we dealt with from Amy, who took our first call to Danny who evaluated the problem, Brian the primary repair technician to John and a new apprentice, Mike were all extremely professional, polite, punctualAnd to top it off, did an outstanding job replacing the cables on our two garage doorsPrecision Door provides world class customer service!

We record all of our calls for quality purposesI was very alarmed to read this complaint so I immediately pulled the recording for this callOur answering system said "Thank you for calling Precision Door" two times, then our song stating our name "Precision Door" played, followed by a customer
service rep who answered the phone "Precision Door"You can simply call our number and the same thing will happen as we pick up the phones the same every timeAt no time during the conversation were the words "*** Overhead Door" said and I have access to the recording to prove thisI would assume the customer doesn't know how google works and stumbled upon our web page and called us instead of who they wanted. Upon inspection of the garage door system, the battery backup was missing from the customers garage door opener and her remotes and keypads were not linked to her motorWe recommended we install a battery and program the remotesShe also requested an additional remote that we provided. We then got a call from this customer the next day accusing us of not installing the battery and misrepresenting ourselvesI immediately checked the recording to discredit the customer and decided to simply giver her a check for the amount she wanted to diffuse the situation and end the relationship with the customer as I did not feel it was not worth the trouble. As for her "code"There is no "code"I don't think the customer understands how her product worksAnyone with access to the motor unit and the users manual or knowledge of garage door operators can program the remotes and keypadsI suggest she reads the manual

This company suggested to my wife when I was out of town that we needed a complete overhaul of our garage door, when the problem was a faulty opener.They charged $dollars for this serviceThe recommendation would have cost us $and additional when it did not work $to replace the faulty opener

had issues with my garage not closing properly I *** a repair service and precision Garage doorcompany came up I called and scheduled an appointment They came by and could not confirm the issue The recommend I replace the motor I agreedThey can two days later and put up the motor, but out the old rod and old chain back on leaving extension cords hanging They said they had to cut the rod for the new motor, but come back within two days I had two appointments set no call no show both appointmentsI called and asked to speak to a manager, but they said it's after hours This was at 430pm, the website says they are open until 7pmI still have a partially installed motor with hanging extension cords

First let me offer my apology, the paperwork got filed and not processed. When we received the second phone call in early February we found our error and a check was issued on February 5th. If you haven't received it you should receive it any time now. Again I am sorry for the
delay and thank you for bringing this to our attention
*** ***
Precision Door Service

Update on Claim ID ***. Manager, Bill Gfrom Precision Door contacted me Monday, Sept11. He came out first thing this morning, Sept14, and replaced the “eyes” on the door trackI am to monitor and see if this clears up the problem of my intermittent door closure issue. I
feel confident I should know by the end of this weekend if this fix solves my original problem. If it does not, he said he would install a new opener unit. No charges for any of this follow up service per Bill Gthe manager at Precision Door. When I feel the issue has been solved/fixed and completed, I will make a final report to for this claim. Thank you for your kind services. *** ***

I had a tech come out to my house to install a garage door, his name was *** ***He was early for the appointment which I appreciated, he installed it quickly did the cheeks on it to make sure it worked correctlyHe was polite and funny he was also really good with my kids that kept asking him questions a he workedHe is a great worked and I recommended him to my neighbor who also had his services done by ***You will be a successful company and go far in the business if you have more workers like himThank you for your services!

We maintain that this entire situation could have been avoided at a cost of less than $250.00. It is impossible to ascertain the damages, if any, claimed by Mr*** from the unsupported and poorly described issues being set forth in his claim. There has been no evidence of any kind produced in this complaintIn the interest of keeping good customer relations, we are willing to offer Mr*** a $good faith refund. We simply see no reason to take his representations seriously based upon the exaggeration on the one verifiable fact (drum placement), and the inexplicable failure to produce any evidence to support his claimsThe $we are offering is what we would have charged him to replace the poorly designed multi piece operator rail with a one-piece rail, which would have fixed his problem in the first place. The rail is the portion of the operator which connects the door to the operator head with a belt. The lower quality operator Mr*** had us install comes in a box which requires the rail to be divided into sections which snap together to form the 7-ftlong unit. The result is that the sectional rail vibrates and moves (a motion that could be described as “wobbling”). The rail our technician suggested Mr*** purchase when his trolley broke prior to this entire dispute is a solid one piece Rail. Had he purchased the rail from us his issues would have been resolved, and he already has a full warranty on his door hardware from us. His haste to call an unnamed third party, and hold us responsible for the failure of an operator we did not sell him is what caused him to incur whatever (yet to be disclosed by Mr***) costs and inconvenience he seeking repayment forBased upon the fact that Mr*** has never substantiated his claims for the cost of correcting the failure of the operator he purchased from a third party we would ask him to accept our generous offer. We would request that Dismiss the claim

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/04/21) */
Contact Name and Title: *** ***
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
In reference to Mr ***'s concern he did not want to spend money or replace his opener, our tech did work on the opener for
approximately an hour which did require a labor chargeAnd, yes we do give credits towards new purchases of doors and operators always have and always will, especially if a customer needs more time to come up with the money
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/04/21) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I understand but the costs were NOT explained to me and the operator told me that the service call was $
I agreed to thatto bill me for $without my knowledge until after services provided is fraudulentagain I am willing to work with you but NOT $
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2015/04/25) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
How was I the consumer to know that?
I only know what I was told by your office and what I was not told before services were performedI was only told after and that contradicted what I was quoted
I will dispute the charge and am contacting the states attorney office on Monday with the report of fraud if we do not resolve this
Final Business Response /* (4000, 14, 2015/04/28) */
In reference to Mr *** response he is correct we do not charge extra for Sundays, as well as the charges he incurredThe call center does not know how much a service call is going to be ever due to the fact that 1, they are not certified technicians, 2, out of times there is more than one problem with the door due tho the fact that when part on a garage door moves they all move creating wear and tear on all parts, and 3, they do not diagnose the problem with the customerWe do credit money spent on repairs if the customer would like to purchase a new door or operator as, I stated in my first responseWe always have and always will credit a customer if they wish to purchase new equipmentMr *** expressed to the tech that he did not want buy a new unit and to try to repair it, which the tech didIf the unit is broken as stated, why not purchase a new one?

My garage door hasn't worked in months and finally I decided to get it fixedI saw an ad on Facebook for Precision Garage Door Service Company and decided to give them a callI was given a list of all the parts that needed to be replaced and then given a quoteIt was more than I had anticipated on spendingThe technician, Tim was greatHe noticed that I was a bit overwhelmed with the quote, so he searched for a coupon online and that brought it down a bitThen I removed one of the items (the keypad) to be serviced to lower the quote even more to a price I could affordTim knew I needed a new keypad and found a used but fairly new one in the truckHe was able to install the used keypad without charging me for a new oneThe garage door, remote and keypad worked beautifullyI can finally use my garage! My experience with this company was a good oneI was very happy with the service, the work and the consideration the technicians have for their customersTim was awesome!! Way to go, Tim!! ????????
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I do not accept Precision Doors response, because it is not the truth They did not come out the first time to fix my door because it wouldn't openIt was opening and closing wonderfully before I had them service the door They came out to service it because it was too loud After they serviced the door with new nylon rollers, is when the garage door started falling down That is when I called them to come back out and fix what they had done *** (technician) came back out, looked at the door again, and said I needed a new opener/motor, and that I had to pay full price, because it was a coincidence that it broke minutes after he serviced the door *** told me to call *** the manager, if I wanted to dispute or get a discount on motor/openerI called ***, the receptionist told me he was not available, and *** NEVER called me back to offer a discount, or to try and resolve this issue That is why I contacted the! Precision Doors response is a flat out lie Last week, since my garage door was still broken, I called another garage door repair company They came out to fix my "broken motor/opener" that Precision Door said I neededThe technician took a look at it and confirmed that the garage opener IS NOT BROKEN at all! He said that someone turned down the motor to a very low setting, so it didn't have enough pull to work properly All he had to do was turn it up a couple of notches, and the door is now working again This information drives to the point even more that Precision Door flat out lied to me and tried to scam me into buying a new opener when mine isn't even broken.I would like for other consumers to beware of this company They are not trustworthy, and I will be telling everyone to stay VERY far away from them
*** ***

Mr***,Thank you for taking the time to review our company on the websiteAs stated by our technician, your operators logic board is failingWe only did the service of new safety sensors and two remotes at your request after informing you that it will in no way fix your intermittent problem
We would be happy to apply the charges to a brand new operator so please call to schedule a service appointment

Precision Door Service came to home to give an estimate of cost to fix garage door, they were given a $for deposit for serviceThere services were no longer needed and now they don't want to return my phone call to get my deposit back

From: S*** ***
Date: Tue, Feb 25, at 6:AM
Subject: Your complaint was assigned ID ***
To: [email protected]
This has been resolved Thank you for your assistance in
this matter

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