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5501 Headquarters Drive, Plano, Texas, United States, 75024

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I keep getting nasty disrespectful messages from the store manager located at XXXXX Rosecrans Ave Ste *, Norwalk, CA XXXXX. His name is Angel! He harass me by calling me names, I have his personal phone number, he leaves nasty messages. This guy is extremely rude and disrespectful! I've never experienced this type of disrespect in my life! I've called corporate multiple times, no one has called me back. It's getting to where this is becoming a personal problem! Please someone help me please!!

Working with Acceptance Now has been the worst experience. Im sure that they have been committing some form of fraud. They had me agree to one price but has been charging me extra on the back end. Everything I try to call to speak with someone...Nothing. Still waiting for someone to give me a call back. I'm done trying, I'll have someone else investigate this.

I purchase furniture on 02/08/20 from Value City Furniture through ACCEPTANCE NOW. The agreement plan that I agree to pay off the balance within 120 days. The contract that was given to me reflected a balance of $757.25 that would end 06/07/20 FOR 120 DAYS AGREEMENT PLAN. The balance included the merchandise of $689.98 + $67.27 (which is liability insurance that I had cancelled the following day) equaling to $757.25. I agreed to make weekly payment of every other week. to pay off the balance. At the ended of the 120 day grace period. This is the following payments agreement:02/19/20 $116.74 02/19/20 $ 76.88 03/07/20 $ 76.88 03/19/20 $ 76.88 04/02/20 $ 76.88 04/10/20 $ 76.88 05/10/20 $ 76.8805/28/20 $ 76.8806/11/20 $ 76.88Total: $745.78 IT STARTED WITH $757.25 - $67.27 = $689.98BUT I PAID 745.78, AND NOW THEIR SAYING THAT I OWE AN ADDTIONAL $600 BECAUSE I DID COME IN AND MAKE THE FINAL PAYMENT. THAT WASN'T THE AGREEMENT BECAUSE I HAD SET THE PAYMENTS UP TO NOT GO BACK INTO THE STORE. THEREFORE, THEIR REQUESTING ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS BE MADE, ALSO IF I DON'T CONTINUE MAKING THE ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS MY ACCOUNT IS GOING INTO COLLECTION ALSO WAGE ASSIGNMENT. I'V TRIED TO EMAIL (***@ACCEPTANCENOW.COM) THERE MAIN CORPORATE OFFICE, MADE DOZEN OF CALLS (XXX)XXX-XXXX, (XXX)XXX-XXXX OR (XXX)XXX-XXXX WHICH I'V WAITING ON THE PHONE LINE UP TO 45 MINUTES WITH ON ONE ANSWERING THE PHONE. THE CALLS I AM NOW RECEIVING IS REQUESTING ADDITIONAL PAYMENT WIHICH I DON'T SEE BECUASE I MADE ALL MY PAYMENTS ON TIME. I DO FEEL THAT OWE ME $55.80 FOR OVER PAYMENT.
Product_Or_Service: TV STAND

Desired Outcome


I went to the above stated business and I picked out two items one of which is a t.v, 75" Philips brand. I specifically told the sales person that I did not want the one that is shown on the floor and she said that it will come new in a box. On the date of the delivery, the driver was 3hrs late arriving. Before he removed the tv off the truck I told him that that wasnt the tv I wanted and he stated this is the one off the sales floor because that was all they had in stock and that he didnt have the remote. After I let him delivery the tv I went into the office to get the remote and the man there that came to assist me said he was having trouble finding it. He then came back with two remotes and handed me one. I brought the issue up of the tv not being new and the sales person "scott" insisted that it was a new tv. On a later date I had to call the store because the tv went into some kind of programming screen, then later on in the same day there was crackling sounds coming from the tv. Scott came to the house and looked at it and said he didnt know what was going on and he would have to call a tech. He later called back and said that the tv is fine but the brand new 4k firestick is bad and makes the tv flip out. He went on to tell me that he could switch the tv out but later said there wasnt a tv for me and if they come and get this tv I have now that it will be 6 months before I am able to purchase any items from them and that this tv will be reported on my credit as a repo. I then proceeded to ask Scott for the GM of that office phone number and he said he wasnt going to supply me with that information.

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) In this matter I would like to get this faulty tv replaced and have no negative markings on my credit report from them in this matter and I will continue to follow my payment contracts as I have been doing for the past 5 yrs and being in good standing. I understand but am not in agreement with the fact that I will not have any buying privileges with them due to the tv switch and would hope that that isnt going to be the case because i feel that would be retaliation on me. Scott should be fired.

I am Federal Law Enforcement Officer, who is also serving in the US NAVY reserves. I sold my house in Florida and relocated to the DC area in 2019. My wife and I visited BOB's Furniture to get some new couches for our apartment. We selected our new furniture and decided on a payment option. The sales associate gave us some finance options instead of paying cash. One of the options were Acceptance Now. The Acceptance Now rep came over and showed us their payment option. They told us we are qualified for twice the amount of the couch and ask whether we wanted to get something else. We denied the request and proceed with the process. Throughout the process, all the documents were shown and explained on an IPAD by the rep. My payments were schedule to be about $83 bi-weekly and to my knowledge and understanding, full payment could be made at any time without a penalty. After about 3 months of payments I paid a large sum of $500. In March without keeping track of all my payments, I checked account balance online and it showed about $900, so I decided to pay it in full. After about a month, I contact Acceptance Now to in regards to my account getting closed out. I was informed by the rep that my balance still stood at about $900. I informed the rep that I recently made a $900 payment. The replied saying she was able to see that but only 40 percent of that amount and all my payments goes towards my account. At this point I was in shock. I asked her to please repeat her statement. She stated the same information. I informed the rep that this information is foreign to me and it does not make sense. I asked the rep what was the price of the furniture I purchased and she stated about $1500. I then asked the rep, what is the total amount I have paid so far? She replied abut $2000. So I asked, "so how do I still owe $900, if I already paid more than I was suppose to'" The rep stated my contract was for $3000. I ask the what is she talking about? Why would I purchase a couch for double the amount of the cost
Product_Or_Service: Couch
Order_Number: XXXXXXXX
Account_Number: RNTXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I would like my account to be closed out. I do not intended on making any more payments on the account.

I am beyond words with this company. I have never seen such poor customer service. We purchased a bed through our local Bobs just prior to the COVID 19 shutdown. We also purchased the payment protection. We have tried for the past month to find out how to get the payment protection to go into force. We have sent numerous emails and sat on hold for over 20 hours and have not gotten a response to any of these methods. I am receiving emails from a no reply email stating that my payment is past due and it will reflect negativity on my credit report.
Account_Number: RQXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) Contact by the business to resolve the issue with payment protection and no adverse effect to my credit report.

Our income comes from my wife's job at the United States Postal Service. She was put on quarantine for the corona Virus for two weeks and we didn't have any money that pay period. Rockland rent a center kept harassing us about where their payment was and I explained that we didn't have it due to the virus, and asked if they could just put that payment on the end, he was quick to say no we don't do that anymore, and they slapped us with a late fee, right after my wife broke her knee and we had the same issue we ran into. I had a bad experience fairly recently with that rent a center which led to being told I would be dealing with a guy instead of Megan for now on. They haven't stuck to that at all. I would also like to add that we had things we were paying for over a year on and sent back, but instead of being credited on that stuff for the account I still have existing they sent me two coupons that I could either use to start something new or give to someone else to start a new account. My problem is, that they weren't willing to work with us when we needed it and just slapped us with more charges, also, I was going to pay off the account with taxes but right around tax time they jacked the price up to about double what it was saying the 6 month same as cash thing was up, right before I was about to pay it. Third, I think it's extremely unfair that the money I had in all these other things can't go to what I still have (which would more than pay it off) but can go to starting a new account or a friend account. Also, we referred my wife''s mom to rent-a-center and was supposed to get a 100 dollar credit that we never received as well.

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I would like our credit that we received in coupons for something new witch totaled in over two grand, to be credited to our current account. I think that is reasonably fair in our situation and how we have been treated.

If I could leave no stars I would...
Rent-A-Center Headquarters
Attn: Legal/Complaints
*** Headquarters Dr.

To Whom This May Concern:

I am a former client of Rent-A-Center in Waukegan, Illinois. I am reaching out as I am uncertain as to whether or not you are familiar with the foul practices that have taken place at this particular location. Yesterday I was assaulted and pressed charges against Nikkea M. of your Waukegan, Illinois location.

Due to the current pandemic and having contracted COVID-19 I have had a series of events leading up to the charges of harassment and ultimately the assault with a deadly weapon by Nikkea M. I will list them in chronological order so that you may understand the severity of the situation in its entirety!

March 24, 2020
- I contacted Rent-A-Center Waukegan to add my credit card to my file as due to the banking institutions closing and preparing for the new pandemic, I had been on home confinement due to the Stay At Home Order issued by the governor of Illinois.
March 25, 2020
- I got results back that both my daughter and I contracted COVID-19 from my doctor's office.
- My daughter and I were placed on a 14 day isolation from everyone.
- Nikkea from Rent-A-Center called to request payment and I informed her that I completed the link she sent me to complete my payment info and informed her I was ill and would rectify the situation as soon as I could as I was uncertain where the glitch was. I reminded her that I have been a customer for over 2 years and purchased well over $5,000 worth of items and always paid 90 days same as cash and have not been late on a payment. Nikkea did not care that I was ill, nor that I was a great customer of Rent-A-Center. She told me that if I did not come in that day with payment she would come get the items herself. I pleaded for her to work with me but she was rude and hung up the phone when I requested to speak with her manager.
April 2020 (first week - Do not recall the exact date)
- Nikkea and another Rent-A-Center employee come to my house and bang at the door early in the AM. She stated to my 16-year-old daughter, "Oh so Ms. doesn't want to pay we will come in and get our stuff" and barges her way through my doorway nearly knocking over my ILL 16-year-old daughter. I walk down the stairs to confront her and tell her to leave my house as my daughter and I have COVID-19. At this point I was fearful for my safety and called the police as she would not leave. I asked her to leave one last time and she refused as she kept her foot in my doorway and stated she would sit there until the police got there. Upon the arrival of the Lake County Sheriff's Department she is irate and the officers tell her to leave my property and advise her that next time she will be arrested as Rent-A-Center is not an "essential" business and there is a Stay At Home order in place. The police allowed me to make a complaint as I had this whole incident on camera as I have cameras inside and outside my home.
- The next morning, I wake up and both tires on the right hand side of my car are slashed however due to the placement of my car (facing the neighbor side), my cameras did not capture the perpetrator. I bought my house last year in a very safe and quiet neighborhood, no issues whatsoever until this comes about so I could only assume that it was related to the event that happened the day prior.

April - June 2020
- Nikkea is calling my phone 7-8 times a day with threats, name calling and insults.
- I informed Nikkea that when we were allowed to leave the house again I'd be happy to drop off the appliances. She stated "no... we will come get them but you still have to pay". I then told her that the police told her previously not to come on my property and I would have my brother drop them off. She states that she is the Credit Manager and she decides how this is handled, not I.
- I then told her that I would see her in court as this was not a battle I was wanting to go through with her and I had recently gotten over a death in the family. She stated that she hoped it was my mother who died because someone needed to suffer for me being their child. I was in complete and utter awe that someone would say something so cruel to a person!
June 23, 2020
- Nikkea comes to my firm and says, "oh so you didn't think I'd pop up on ya huh?" - I asked her to leave as did one of the attorneys in my office. She refused to leave even when the attorney asked her to do so... The attorney then threatened to call the police on her if she did not oblige as she was now trespassing!

- I called David *** (Store Manager) at Rent-A-Center Waukegan and explained to him the severity of what was going on and how this is beyond harassment. He then stated that this is totally normal and that I need to pay or return the products. I told him it was no problem and agreed to return the washer/dryer without delay.

- As I am leaving the firm I notice a Rent-A-Center truck following me CLOSELY almost hitting me multiple times. It then pulled on the side of me and it was Nikkea stating she was following me home to get what was hers. I immediately contacted Waukegan Police Department as I asked them to meet me at Rent-A-Center as I was not going to let her follow me home as she was very unpredictable in what she is capable of. Waukegan PD stated there were squads in route to me and to try not to engage with her but possibly speak with the manager to see if we could rectify the issue. Nikkea returned to the building just moments before me as she was driving recklessly and carelessly almost running me off the road twice. I walk into the Rent-A-Center and ask to speak with the manager - At this point she has a pair of scissors in her hand and on the phone with someone stating, "I should stab this *** because she's in my building I will definitely get away with it". As I walk up to the desk she throws a pen/pencil holder full of pens/pencils at me and tells me to "get the *** out". I told her I will stay outside until the police arrive. She then threw the scissors at my back (as I am walking out the door) striking me in my arm. Luckily, the police officer pulls up right in time and sees this. He asks her to calm down or he will have to detain her as she was irate and very aggressive. I was asked if I'd like to press charges against Nikkea and I stated I would as she physically tried to harm me.

Nikkea has been charged with assault and the pictures of damages have been obtained by Waukegan PD. I called the general manager, David *** and informed him of the situation and his response was that I should have just did what Nikkea asked. I was DUMBFOUNDED!
For months I have been harassed with 7-8 calls A DAY and now assaulted by a Rent-A-Center employee. I have retained adequate counsel and will press charges to the fullest extent of the law against Nikkea M. My brother returned the washer/dryer to cease all communication with their office.

I will advise that Rent-A-Center will soon be receiving a demand letter regarding damages and pain/suffering during this unfortunate situation. No person deserves what Nikkea did to me and I pray that this incident is taken seriously, and that the organization follows the results of these serious charges.

We look forward to a response to these incidents in hopes that we can rectify this amicably.

I have 2 main complaints actually. One for the customer service I've received and 1 for product issues. First of all I was looking to purchase a lapto
2 issues cust. Servc. And product. I was looking to purchase a laptop and all the ones they had in the store were nasty (dirty/not clean) on top of that I had to wait while they tried to factory reset the laptop. I was not made aware the first one I got had a bad network adapter so I returned it the second time same issue nasty (dirty/unclean) products and I had to wait while they tried to factory reset it. I was told to leave the store and go straight home not to close the lip cuz it was still resetting yet the battery died before I made it home. The laptop would not run for longer than 5-10 mins if not plugged into a power outlet. The battery was bad. I contacted them over and over about the situation and was told they didn't have another one was also told it must be something I was doing and I'd have to call back and talk to some guy named Tim. Everytime I called Tim was not there so I gave up during this time I was still charged regularly even though I could not use the device properly. It also would not connect to WiFi of any kind no wireless internet would connect I hat to use either a USB or Ethernet to get internet. Which was a problem. I contacted them about the issue and went up there they didn't have another laptop that was decent the ones they had were missing parts or cables power cords etc. So I decided to keep the one I had. I wanted to set up automatic payments I was told they could help me with that and I have them my card info. My check did not hit when it was supposed to so I was late on the next payment they called my work and told my boss that I owed then money and they were coming to get the laptop. I called them 2 days later when I found out and apologized about the tardiness and agreed to pay the late fee I once again had to give them my card number this time over the phone which I didn't like the man said he'd remove the laTe fee since I wanted to pay ahead and move my payment date to Monday instead of Friday yet when I checked my statement he did not do that I was charged the late fee plus a fee to change dates. Next week I received another call saying I was late on my payment. I was under the impression I was enrolled in auto pay but noni wasn't so they charged me another late fee and I spoke to someone again who said they would out me on auto pay to give them my card info so I did then now 2 weeks later after I've been sick with a virus I get all these harassing and rude voicemails and calls from them with threats of taking action against me. They should not do that after telling me they were putting me on auto pay and not doing it. I want to know why they were wanting my card number and info and what they were doing with it if they weren't billing me correctly and why I'm being threatened. Now I don't feel comfortable even taking the laptop up there. Not after the way they have spoken to me im afraid. They sound really scary and im scared to go there. What should I do?

Desired Outcome

I want to return the laptop even after I've had to pay someone to fix the internal problem with the network adapter which is why I could not connect to the internet and WiFi. I no longer want to do business with them. I want them to remove all the fees and charges I owe them and stop harrassing me. They have humiliated me at my work place and made me afraid to even come up there. I should not be charged all of this crap and fees and charges because they kept telling me they were setting me up on auto payments that's the only reason. I kept giving them my card info.

My husband and I got stuff from this location, living room furniture and a laptop. The payment on the laptop got 2 days behind and this location called my husband 25 times in a 24 hour span (I have proof). Yes I understand it's late but do they not understand what's going on in the world around us'!?! I'm 8 months pregnant and my husband got laid off due to COVID but this rent a center looks at it as *** better have my money". That place a mob boss.

Desired Outcome

No further contact by the busi I understand we have stuff from them and we obviously know when the payment is due but quit calling so damn much when it's one to two days past due. And the whole "I cant leave your house until the issue is resolved" you either leave or the cops will be contacted

I've been renting from rent a center off and on for over 32 yrs or so, and the last time I rented off them was 2016-2018 I got a Cabrio whirlpool washer and dryer, I rented from store XXX XX Erie PA XXXXX so since I own the washer and dryer now but while trying to pay them off there was problems going on with them like the washer would F5 E3 a lot and I called the store manager about it and they gave me a hassle so I called their boss Tim which he called someone over to fix it OK I thought the problem was solved when again it comes back a yr later,I called Pinellas over and they said you have a bigger problem from the transmission bearing is corrode and center seal is worn out, now this washer was brand new out the box when I got it in 2017 how is this possible? I've tried to contact the manager at rent a center he won't speak with me I've text Tim he is on Vaca they won't help me at all and I've been loyal to them for 32 yrs to be treated like this really hurts, I'm raising my 5 grandkids and I really need this washer fix or they need to give me a new 1 I paid $3200 for both of them that's a lot for a washer and dryer now they wanna kick me to the curb'?, can you plz help me thank u.

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I would like a heavy duty washer, there is no way that this washer should be dying out already. After all the money I paid I deserve better. I've been a loyal customer for 32 yrs that says a lot.

They gave me a payoff amount of $2570.45 and I end up paying $3,227.80 I want my money back since they lay about the interest rate..
This company is lying regarding their interest rate in their contract. In such a way consumer are extremely overcharge for the product they are buying . Also they make everything so difficult so people can not make payments online so they are forced to pay even higher amount of money for example in my case my contract say I should of only pay $2,570.46 of the early option buyout .. but it end up being $ 3,227.8 .. I have prove of my payments , I have the contract in my hand and everyhing that is necessary to show.. I hope some one look into this becuase they are stealing peoples money.

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) First I would like a billing adjustment ( i want my $700 dollars back).. but also that they straight down their contracts .. also fix their website so people can pay easier since they are using this tactics to make people behind in their payments.. also to get rid of all the hiding fees for future costumer.... if not they better close this business.

Rent-A-Center Response • Jun 18, 2020

Attached, please find Rent-A-Center's response to the complaint. Thank you.

Appalling Customer Service

I bought a pull out couch and a recliner and when it was finally delivered. Which I had to pay a neighbor out of my own pocket to be brought upstairs. The recliner had defects. I contacted the store immediately and was told it would be swapped out. It has now been months, and everytime I called... I was told someone named Louis would get back to me. This was not true. I had to hound them everyday till I finally got him on the phone only to be told that my recliner is no longer available and to order something else. No apologies... No nothing... What kind of business are you guys running. Do you make it a habit of taking peoples money and providing horrible customer service. I am disabled and in a wheelchair. Does that give them the right to treat me like less than a human being? The store I am talking about is in Queens on Steinway and they should be ashamed of themselves.

I am truly saddened and appalled by
the way I have been treated.


Desired Outcome

Please give me what I paid for and apologize for the atrocious behavior

This business has been harassing me for months despite repeatedly letting them know they have the wrong person/address.
This particular location several months ago began leaving flyers on my door and sending me mail addressed to *** I have no idea who this person is; I have lived at this address since June 9, 2019. She may have been a prior tenant or may be a tenant elsewhere in this complex. Several times that I received mail addressed to *** I returned it to sender with a note that she does not live at this address and that Rent-A-Center needs to update their information. Additionally, I have had employees on at least 2 occasions come knocking on my door looking for *** I have told these employees that I am not *** and she does not live here. On May 9, 2020, I found a letter taped to my door addressed to *** threatening legal action if I do not return Rent-A-Center's furniture. The letter was signed by the store manager, Laura (no last name included). At that point, May 9, I called the store location and spoke to Laura, telling her that I've been contacted repeatedly despite telling the company every time they have the wrong person, and that if I am contacted again, I will file a complaint with the Her response was, "OK, OK, OK, thanks." Today, June 6, 2020, two men showed up at my apartment with a Rent-A-Center truck, presumably to take the furniture they thought I had. I told them as well that I am not *** she has not lived for at least a year, if ever. The man I spoke to said he would let his manager know. I do not trust that that will make a difference as it hasn't so far. I am tired of being harassed by this business that I have no business with and have never had business with. I have no idea what their process is for updating their information, but I have told them countless times that they have the wrong person and they continue to ignore me.

Desired Outcome

I want them to update their information and remove my address from their business records. I do not want them sending me mail, I do not want them calling me, and I do not want them showing up at my door.

First and foremost I lost the phone last year. I was still paying on it though. I lost my job early this year and fell behind on payments.
The store in LaPlace, La want me to pay late fees totaling $800 for the phone to catch up with the payments. I cannot afford to pay that right now, but I can pay $200 a month. The store has made threats to call the police. I'm not a thief, and I'm willing and able to pay $200 per month on the phone. I just need someone to work with me. Im not trying to get out of paying the bill.

Desired Outcome

I just want someone to allow me to pay 200 per month on the phone.

I had a 6 months contract to payoff this rental agreement. I spoke with the Manager Vivianne Regarding the account and due to Covid I'm unable to go into the store to make a payment. Based on the conversation had this evening the contract date expired 4/6 , and $600 added to the bill. That's outrageous. So I should have taken the risk by going to the store to pay out a balance less than $50 since I could not close out contract over the phone and there's documentation that needs to be signed in person. I told Vivianne that I'm submitting a complaint because that's not taking care of your customer. Now I lose all my money for a Bedroom set. Since I'm complaining I might as well include my complaint regarding the screws for the drawer missing and the fact that was disregarded. Collect the funds and disregard this pandemic we all are experiencing.
Product_Or_Service: Bedroom Set

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I need my balance to be zero. If that cannot be done, I want a refund, Rent a Center could pick up their furniture and I could take my business elsewhere once we are in the clear of this pandemic. I'm alive and not dead yet. False Advertisement and most certainly misleading.

didn't get the correct mattress that we ordered from rent a center
Been paying every 2 weeks in the amount of $126.30 for a mattress that I didn't order and store manager refuses to give us what we ordered

Desired Outcome

Would like a refund of payments that were made towards mattress I didn't order

Bad management of accounting records.
I've been paying since 7/4/2019
In March I requested my 2 contracts to be combined into one. I NEVER received a receipt for large payment and NEVER EVER RECEIVED MY CONTRACT. In April 2020 when payment was due, this company was unreachable. Contracts with Houston's Furniture store were cancelled. I tried many many times in April and May. Now when I look up my contract it shows in store in San Diego California. Hello not my state. Account show high past due. Last week they phoned me. Very rude. Tried to hard ball me. I proceeded to tell them how I reached out. The representative promised a call back on 5/28/2020 still haven't received a call.

I rented some furniture from this business, according to my contract I can relinquish it at any time, but they refuse to pick it up unless I give them more money

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) furniture picked up

Being bothered for a payment , while I have this so called RAC benefits package which states clearly in black and white. If I become unemployed, they will pay for 4 months or 1000 dollars. Why am I being asked to make a payment.I have 5 out of 6 symtoms and they keep calling and coming too my resident and they want my personal information and I cant go anywhere do to this covid 19 and they wont listen to me they keep harrasing meand they where not wearing the face mask when they showed up

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I want my benefits plus to pay for the items and when i return back to work i will continue paying where the benefits plus paid for my rac

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