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Revice Denim

Calabasas, Calabasas, California, United States, 91302

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Ordered 2 pairs of jeans and received a confirmation number but they have not shipped out and no delivery is scheduled. I sent 3 emails no reply.
I ordered 2 pairs of jeans as a Christmas gift. I have a confirmation number and the money has been charged to my card. The confirmation email doesn't list an estimated ship date. I have sent 3 emails to the company hoping they can give me an idea as to when the jeans will be shipped so I can have something to give my daughter for Christmas. I have not received any communication from them at all since my purchase was confirmed and paid for.

Desired Outcome

I would like the jeans delivered by Christmas! At the very least a ship date and tracking number to confirm that the items are indeed on their way.

Revice Denim Response


We can provide you with a shipping confirmation after you provide your order #! We are very busy during the holiday season and we greatly apologize for any delay.

We will fix this for you!

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They haven't provided the information I asked for. Order #XXXXX has not been fulfilled. I have left three emails of my own and a Facebook message with the order number all have been ignored. The order number is now in this form as well.

I placed an order on 12/06/17 with Revice Demin and as like with others they to immediately withdrew my money from my checking account. From their website it's understood you'll receive a tracking number when your product is shipped. I became nervous when I still hadn't received a tracking number and nothing delivered. So I emailed Revice Demin twice and I also called and left a detailed voice mail. I still haven't received any correspondence and it's now 12/20. I guess so much for that Christmas gift. Won't be ordering from them ever again.

Revice Denim Response

Hello ***,

We apologize for this inconvenience. However, one of your items is on preorder and we were planning on shipping your order in full. We apologize for this mishap, and want to help make this right for you.

Customer Response

Not true.. No where on your website did it state that I was ordering a "preorder" item. For one simple fact that the items I ordered was supposed to be a Christmas gift. Well like I said I will never order from your company again. So thank you for you lie and the glich on my christmas.

Revice Denim Response

Hi*** So sorry.

The East Cal tee is indeed a preorder item, and we aim to ship orders in full since we cover the shipping costs :)

I apologize for this delay. We can assure you did not lie to you. We make custom items at Revice Denim and to ensure quality we make items in very small batches. This is not a fast fashion company, as we do take our time with the creation of pieces.

We hope you understand this!

Customer Response • Jan 09, 2018

I ordered three items on 12/06. Only one was a pre-order item therefore you should have shipped me the two items you had in stock. If the shipping cost was an issue for your company I would have paid the extra money. But you choose to hold on to all and it's now 01/10/18 and I still haven't received the items I ordered as part of my daughter's Christmas gifts.

Revice Denim Response • Jan 10, 2018

So sorry ***! See tracking here: ***


Purchased 11/03/17.Confirm email recvd,payment withdrawn.Sent email 11/17 inquiring where were response 11/ pants as of 12/9
Purchased pants online 11/3/17.confirmation email received and payment withdrawn from bank account. 11/17/17 sent email requesting ship date. no response until 11/21/17 stating that they would ship that week and an email and tracking number would be coming. Sent another email 11/28/17 requesting a ship date. As of yesterday 12/9/17, no pants have been received.

Desired Outcome

I would prefer to receive the pants but without a response from the company by wednesday dec. 13th I will need to call my credit card company to ask for a refund. I would like to see the company receive some type of public reprimand

Absolutely no response when trying to get an issue resolved. Rude and inept customer service, Shady practices, deleting curating negative comments on their social media of people dealing with the same issue in order to deceive people into believing they are a reputable brand.

I ordered two pairs of jeans on November 5. The money was immediately taken from my bank, but no tracking number ever arrived. The pants have still not arrived and I have emailed and called the company and left messages. No one answers and there is no returned call.

I am really upset, I am nineteen years old and I saved two paychecks from my part time job to order these and I am being treated like I don't matter.
Can someone help me.

Placed an order with the company, they charged me but never sent me the product. It's been 1month and they will not reply to my emails.
Ordered a pair of jeans on Nov 1st with a pre-order ship date of Nov 18th. I got a confirmation email and was charged for the product. On Nov 22 asking when my order would be shipped, no response. Sent another email asking about my order on Nov 28th, still no response. Now one month later I have still not heard back from them and my jeans have still not shipped.

Desired Outcome

I would either like the company to refund me my money, or ship me the product in a reasonable time!

Revice Denim Response

Hello ***,

I apologize deeply for any lack of communication you may be receiving on our end. This upsets us as a company as we want to provide you with the best service.

As for your jeans, this is a high demand preorder item. We are receiving these in the warehouse by end of week and will be shipping them out to you then. If you'd prefer a refund however this is surely an option.

Please let me know ASAP.

All the best.

I ordered the yin yang crops from revice denim in mid october, and was told that it was a pre order but that it would only take a week and a half to ship them. Two and a half weeks later, no shipping confirmation and no news from them either. I emailed and recieved a response that theyd get shipped the next week! Another week and a half passed *** still nothing so I emailed again and got a similar response, very friendly but not very productive. At this point my credit card had long been charged and I had no news of the jeans. I emailed them again when their expected date passed and explained my frustration and they responded that "they understood and could guarantee theyd be shipped tomorrow". It was at this point that they made a public announcement apologising for the delay of this model but not offering any sympathy or reimbursement. It took them another week and a half and they finally shipped them. The trip that I had ordered the jeans for had long passed. It took roughly a week and a half to arrive, with an additional customs fee! The jeans fir okay but the wash isnt as bright as it appears in the pictures. Revice Denim is an absolute disappointment, do not waste your money on a company who is too greedy and has terrible customer service. I had to practically beg for updates on my jeans that were a month and a half late, and the responses I got were incredibly apologetic but had no action behind them. I also noticed that Revice deletes all negative comments or questions on all their social media pages and review websites, which is also very disappointing. If you dont want your customers to see what your service is like, maybe you should improve it. Do not say things (like shipment dates) to customers unless you can follow through. I understand that sometimes it is difficult to deal with demand and suppliers but a month and a half is truly unacceptable. I did not feel my business was valued and will not be spending my money with this company ever again.

Paid for denim in MAY. 6 months later items are still not here or ones they did send are not what I ordered.
I ordered 4 pairs of denim in May and although I knew they were on pre-order it did have a 4-5 week lead time. 3 months later I received TWO of the 4 pairs. One of them was wrong and I contacted the company. They sent me an email "hun you'll get them soon..." I was super patent and just let it go. The 3rd pair arrived a few weeks later and they were the wrong size. It is now 6 months later, I have not received the items I paid for and received wrong items.

I need a return label emailed me and a guarantee of a refund, NOT a store credit. I have no desire to wait another 6+ months to never get something I paid for.

Clearly they have issues as they do not even allow commenting on Social Media because people are blowing them up about not getting their items they paid for.

Desired Outcome

I need a pre-paid label to be emailed to me and to receive a FULL refund for the entire $350 order.

I placed an order for two pairs of jeans. It took four months to receive my order and they sent an incorrect item and refused to send my correct order
I purchased two pairs of jeans on 5/20/2017, Order #7834. Revice sent emails 5/26, 5/30, 6/6, and 6/12 saying my order would be on its way soon. Since then, I had to email *** back and forth 47 times. In these emails, they repeatedly lied and gave me made up dates of when my order would be shipped and then would stop responding for long periods of time. Here is just a small sampling of those email exchanges:

From me, 7/5: Hi! I got a tracking number 6/12 but the shipment hasn't been updated since. It just says the pre-shipping label has been created. Do you know when I can expect it to ship? Thank you!
From Revice, 7/6: Hey babe!
Looks like we are still awaiting for the lolita crops ! Your label has been printed but not yet shipped.
They should be arriving to our facility within the next week or so.
We do apologize for the long delay! We promise its worth the wait :)
We appreciate your patience!
From me, 7/15: Hi! Any update on this? It still says pre-shipment. Thank you!
From Revice, 7/17: Hey babe!
Hang tight! These still have not yet shipped.
They are supposed to be arriving to our facility next week.
We really appreciate your patience
From me, 7/20: Have they arrived at the facility yet? I was told they were arriving last week. Can you just send my other item in the meantime? Thank you!
From Revice, 7/26:
Lolita's are on schedule to ship out next Wednesday!
Sorry again! This is the last delay!!
Would you still like me to split your order for ya?
From me, 7/28: Do you know when they should be arriving?
From Revice, 7/28: Next week!
From me, 7/28: I thought we were just waiting on the Lolitas for my order to ship but it sounds like you don't have either pair yet, is that correct? So the Lolitas will ship on Wednesday and then when should I expect the others?
From Revice, 8/2: The Lolita's will ship next week and the crops should ship the following week :)
You will get two trackings numbers
From me, 8/2: Do you know which days they are expected to ship? It keeps getting delayed and it's making me concerned that they will never arrive
From Revice, 8/3: NEXT WEEK 100% :)

Finally, on 9/1, I received two pairs of jeans: one that I had ordered & one that I had not. I emailed them that day to ask how to go about receiving the correct item. They told me to mail back the incorrect item & that they would send the correct item. After being lied to dozens of times, of course, I had no reason to believe they would actually ever send my correct item so I asked them to send the item first and then I would return the incorrect item. I was told to email ***, a supervisor, who I emailed 9/11. She replied on 9/18 and then we exchanged four emails on 9/20. She refused to send the item I ordered until I first sent back the one they mistakenly sent me and didn't respond to my last five emails, sent 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/5, 10/6, and 10/7. I emailed *** 10/6 and 10/7 since Paige stopped replying. On 10/7, Lexie replied with the first informed and thoughtful message I had received from Revice and said:
Hi ***,
First and foremost, I want to apologize for all the trouble you've had to go through - this is completely unacceptable on our end. Words cannot express how sorry I am. I just looked into your order and it's showing both orders were shipped, which is obviously an error on our system's part. Sadly, your previous emails have been deleted and I cannot see what you have and have not received.

You don't have to worry about returning anything, just let me know what you're still waiting to receive and I'll make sure it's shipped out first thing Monday morning. Again, I am sincerely sorry for the troubles and inconvenience.

Looking forward to your response.


I replied to her 10/8 and told her what I had ordered and never received a response from anyone at the company again. I emailed them on 10/12, 10/13, 10/15, and 10/16 and informed them I would be reporting them to the

Desired Outcome

I either want the one pair of jeans that I ordered or a full refund. It's absurd to go through this much trouble over a pair of jeans.

Revice Denim Response

Contact Name and Title: Kiera Coskran
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***
Hello ***,

We deeply apologize for any lack of communication you may have received thus far from Revice Denim. We are working hard to make sure our customers are happy.

We will be applying a refund to your full order tomorrow morning. You will receive a prompt email after. The refund will apply within 3-5 business days.

Again I apologize for this mishap.

All the best.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have not received either an email nor a refund as promised.

They have no processed any refund or exchange or will return any contact of mine at all.
They sent me a pair of pants I spent around $88 on and I am a tall woman and the pants went so far past my feet it looked like I was wearing flippers. So I spent another $12 to UPS them back, asking for a refund or an exchange (specific model and size clearly stated). Weeks later I got an email saying they got it and they were working on it and I have received no refund or exchange since then. They emailed me back once saying they were working on it. That was weeks ago and the last I heard. Now when I try to contact them, I get nothing. The original order was August 9th and it is now October 10th. It can't be that hard to mail a pair of jeans or just refund me.

Desired Outcome

I would like refunded 88.00 for my pants and $12 for my return that never got processed.

Revice Denim Response

Contact Name and Title: Shai Sudry, CEO
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***

The original order was for item "Venus Flares/Eclipse Wash which customer received and returned due to sizing issues. The particular item is a special order and has a policy for exchange or store credit. The customer decided to go with the exchange option and chose a item that was pre-order. This item is "Ying Yang Crops / Tokyo Wash". When the customer chose this option it is understood that it is a pre-order and would be shipped out when it is available. This item will be arriving for shipping next week, the week of October 16th thru 20th. We apologize for the delay, we are a small operation with very quick growth and were unable to answer every email that comes in daily. I hope this brings some clarification to the particular issue.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

I attempted to buy a pair of jeans in august. Never received product or refund when requested. Others are experiencing the same. Lying about shipping.
Order number is #XXXXX and customer service email is *** I placed my original order with Revice Denim on August 17th 2017. I paid $70.40 for one pair of pants and charged it to my Chase credit card ending in 9264. At that time, there was nothing on the website saying this particular product was on "back order" and their policy states that product typically ships out 1-2 business days after the order is placed. After not receiving a shipping confirmation after one week, I emailed the company. They responded that same day by saying that the product was indeed on back order and would ship late the following week. 17 days passed *** still no shipping confirmation so I emailed them again on September 10th requesting a refund. They responded asking if I was sure because the product was going to ship the very next day. I replied saying I was sure and to go through with the refund. 11 days passed *** I never received word from them confirming my refund and the money is not back in my account to this day. I emailed them on September 22nd asking for a refund and explaining the entire ordeal. They said they would process my refund and that it may take up to 8 days to show up in my account. That was two weeks ago and still nothing. I tried googling the company and couldnt find any negative reviews at all, which I though was strange. I then looked on their instagram and saw at least 1-2 girls commenting per picture expressing the same frustration as me, waiting months and never receiving anything even when told they would "ship next week" "ship tomorrow." When I tried commenting my story on a photo, it was deleted. I tried again, and it was deleted again. All I was trying to do was warn girls that the shipping takes a very long time and to not order unless they are willing to wait. I wish I would've known that information from the get go.

Desired Outcome

I would like to receive a refund of $70.40 returned to my credit card ending in 9264.

I ordered a pair of jeans on July 26th, they were a Pre-order item, and it was stated they would ship out in late August. When my jeans did not ship out in late August I contacted customer service and was told they should ship out by the end of the week. Again I waited and did not receive a shipping notification. I email the company again the following week and was told the jeans would not be shipping out until the week of September 11th. I waited and waited and it is now September 26th. I emailed Revice last week and they stated "shipping today". They did not give me a tracking # or any other details. Yesterday I messaged the company on Instagram and they told me my jeans should ship by the end of this week. On Instagram when users leave negative comments about not receiving orders (I have seen a fair amount of stories like mine) the comments are deleted by Revice.

I have contacted the company asking for a refund multiple times. They have replied saying they have given me a refund but no refund has been given.
I contacted the company Revice Denim on July 27, 2017 requesting to cancel an order of jeans I had placed on 6/17/17. Order number #8955. The company email I found was located on their website at, the email is: *** The company replied stating my order was cancelled and asking if I wanted store credit or a refund. I emailed back requesting a refund. I heard nothing back for several days. I asked what happened to the refund on August 1st. They replied on August 2nd stating they have given me the refund. I asked when I should see the money back in my account and they simply said to check back again in an email on August 3rd. I have not seen any changes. I also received an email on August 3rd that stated I would be getting refunded for a seperate order I made, order number #9593, but I did not want a refund as I already received that order. Prior to asking for the refund on order number #8955 I had been inquiring about order number #9593 and had asked about when it was shipping out. I have received that order and do not need any further action for order #9593, yet they sent an email stating I got a refund for that order. However, no changes were made to my account for either refunds the company stated they gave me. I have been emailing revice denim for over a week now for a refund and I keep getting promised a refund, but nothing gets done. This whole situation is a mess and I simply want my order number #8955 cancelled and refunded.

Desired Outcome

I want order number #8955 cancelled and fully refunded.

Revice Denim Response

Customer was refunded for 8955 on August 4th.
Refund for order 9593 was accidentally refunded due to a miscommunication made by both customer and consumer.
8955 was refunded in full to the customer.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I was refunded for my order.

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