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Revice Denim

Calabasas, Calabasas, California, United States, 91302

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• Sep 16, 2023

Where is my package
I ordered a pair of the Amelia Pant in Oakland on August 19th and it is now one month later on September 16th and I still haven't received a shipping notification. I got the email stating my pants will be shipped soon on the 29th of August which was still over 2 weeks ago. I have contacted the request help on the website twice now and it's been a week since the first time and I still haven't heard back. It says that they will get back to me in 48-72 hours and now it has been double the max time with no response back. There was nothing on the website saying it was preorder so I do not understand why my pants haven't even shipped yet. Where are my pants and when will they be shipped ?

• Aug 21, 2023

Charged on Credit Card but Never Received Items
Submitted in order on July 10, 2023 12th with Revice Demin. Received 1 item of 3 ordered. Submitted support request following up on 8/11/2023 for missing items. No response. Submitted second request on 8/18/2023 and still no response. My credit card was charged but 2 of the 3 items have not been received after 41 days.


I've placed hundreds of online orders over the years, and have NEVER dealt with such a horrible company! My daughter ordered a pair of jeans which we received, but she needed to exchange them for a different size and they completely ignored my emails. I emailed them three times asking for help, and they didn't respond once. They didn't have a phone number to call (this was a couple of years ago), so I had no recourse but to finally just donate the jeans and hope that karma catches up to them someday!


Order Jeans Elsewhere
Don’t waste your money. I ordered 3 pairs of pants two came in at a decent time however i’m still waiting on a pair and it’s been almost 3 months. i’ve reached out for them only to say there’s no refund and it was a preorder item. i’m aware it was a preorder item that would “ship it 2-3 weeks”. not 3 months.. Meanwhile I only got to wear one of the pairs of pants once before it ripped at the seam. They are cute but that goes to show the quality. They agreed to send me a replacement pair but now I have to wait even longer because they said that’s also a preorder item.. i’m lucky if I finally get my pants by Christmas time… ugh.


I order a pair of jeans (seen on instagram ad) should of known better, It's been over a month and all I keep getting is an email about how tedious the process is and blah blah. If the jeans aren't in stock and have to be manually made please provide those details on the site upon purchasing. It doesn't and here I'am weeks down the road out my money and still no jeans. It's more the let down and reading everyone else experiencing the same and they do not to improve their process. (I had to leave a start to leave a review but they get zero stars)


horrible HORRIBLE! do not order girls whatever you do. This place is a total scam. Jeans never got delivered, they will not reply to my emails and its been over a month. Contacting my bank and speaking with a lawyer because it seems like there are a lot of people this is happening too. Please message me on insta if you wish to partake in this lawsuit @tayontherox


Do not order anything from this company. It is going on 45 days since my initial order and I have not received the item. When I reach out to customer service they are slow to respond and quite snarky with their responses. They told me to be patient. I think 45 days is patient enough. The company does not offer refunds only store credit for a product never received. I've reported them on both FB and IG. If you've had a similar experience, I suggest you do the same. It's a complete scam.


I had the worst experience ever with Revice Denim. To begin with, the jeans I ordered took two months to arrive which in itself is ridiculous. When they came they didn't fit me properly at the thigh so I decided to exchange them for one size larger. I waited a 3-4weeks to contact the company about the return which I never received confirmation on thinking it might've been delayed do to COVID. I've now sent at least five messages to the company the first of which I asked for the missing order and eventually a full refund. I have received no response whatsoever since my first message which was sent over 2 weeks ago (they say that they answer within 72 hours) which is completely absurd and reflective of their lacking values. Revice has the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Their idea of solving a problem is disregarding it. They don't care about anything but your money. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy from them!!!


Like many other reviews, this company is absolute TRASH. I ordered a pair of $75 jeans almost 3 months ago and I have not received them nor have I heard anything about my order. I emailed the company MULTIPLE times and have received one email saying "they were in the third stage of making and since they are made in California it takes time and we will email you when they are shipped out" which is just complete BS and is an email basically everyone receives. I have also DM their instagram and never received an answer. The simplest way to put all of this is to RUN away from this website. You will only be getting your hopes up to be let down and then have your money be thrown down the drain. Too bad zero stars is not a real thing because that what this scamming company deserves.

Feeling ignored by Revice? Me freaking too. Lets bring down this TERRIBLE company! File complaints on Facebook (ie rate them poorly) so that they can no longer advertise on Facebook/Instagram. It's the best way to stop them from taking customers money then never sending out products, ignoring ALL emails and taking months to ship out items. I've been waiting a month and a half for a product and they have ignored every single one of my emails!! Leave bad reviews on trustpilot, google and Facebook y'all!!

Everyone!! File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission! This company NEVER responds to emails after months passing *** never receiving a product. Such a scam.


Like many others here, I'm about to share an overwhelmingly negative experience I had with Revice Denim that has been ongoing for the past 3 months. I ordered my jeans at the end of March, and the website said they were a pre-order (they were supposed to ship April 6). At the time, I had never read any of the negative reviewsI just saw the jeans on an influencer and decided to try. (Mistake.) Weeks pass *** and my jeans weren't shipped. They did, however, send me little "update" emails on my jeans, saying "they'll be shipped soon" and saying they were apparently in the "third stage" of the denim process. A month after I ordered, these emails stopped, I began to get suspicious and started reading the reviews. Obviously, I was shocked, and thought I had just been scammed. I reached out to customer service politely asking when I can expect them to be shipped, trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Ani responded in just under a week, saying to expect them to ship within one to two weeks. Of course, nothing happened. I called their location only to be sent to voicemail. I emailed customer service again after 3 weeks, asking for a refund (seeing as they never shipped!). It's been over two weeks and still nothing. So, I decided to dispute the charge with my credit card company. At this point, I didn't care about the jeans, I just cared about getting my money back. It's been about a week since I disputed the charge with my company...and even though I hadn't heard anything from Revice, the jeans showed up on my doorstep this morning. I didn't get a shipping notification at all or a response from customer service. They must have decided to ship it ONLY AFTER hearing back from my credit card companyinsane!

To speak on the quality, the jeans, very surprisingly, fit me great. They weren't too small, like a number of other reviews mentioned, but were true to size. I'm also very short (5'0, ordered my normal size, a 26), and the jeans weren't that long on me. It's not like they're the best jeans in the worldthe quality is average, and I've had jeans from other companies fit me better. The free t-shirt I also received with the order had a big stain on the back. I decided to keep the jeans because there's no point in going through the hassle of a return (only to receive store credit!). However, I would not recommend anyone shop from this company. Most people don't receive their jeans at all, or wait months for them to arrive with no warning whatsoever when they DO get shipped; some are luckier and get their jeans right after ordering. I, however, am convinced that my jeans were only shipped because I disputed the charge with my credit card company. I don't think I would have gotten my jeans at all otherwise. Plus, either way, it's been 3 months since I ordered, which is WAY too long to be waiting for your purchase anyway. I, and many others, have also noticed that the company deletes all negative comments on their Instagram page and doesn't respond to DMs. I wouldn't waste your time, money, or peace of mind with this company. The jeans aren't worth it.

Absolutely ridiculous. I ordered 2 pair of their most "popular" shorts over 3 months ago. After emailing multiple times and DMing in instagram, I finally got a response around month two saying half of my worded would be here shortly. 1 pair of $80 shorts arrived are way to small (not true to size, I mean). Since then it's been 7 weeks and still no second half of my order or a response from the company. Save your money and time. Not worth it at all.

Horrible. I can't contact them through email I keep geting a message back saying it won't go through for whatever reason but they can email me everyday for ads. I ordered a pair of shorts in the beginning of June it's now the end of the month. WHERE ARE THEY? I wish I would of read the reviews before I purchased. It seems that they arrive 2-3 months later. If that's the case summer will be OVER by the time I get them. Contacting my bank.

DO NOT ORDER... I ordered a pair of jeans a month ago and things started feeling fishy when I began receiving updates on what process of being made my jeans were in. I have now proactively sent them two emails asking about my order and plan to send them two a day until I get a reply. I am a teenager and this is my first time ever buying something off of an online website, I am frustrated by how easily all of us were tricked. I feel very passionately *** this and want to work endlessly so it doesn't happen to anyone else. I plan to contact Instagram support team with evidence from these forums as well as their deleted comments on all of their posts and their spiking in followers (went from 120k one day to 250k the next) in an effort to have their account removed/investigated. I do not expect to get the jeans I ordered at the end of this debacle but if I do I will update my post and tell the rest of my story.

Revice received my exchange in May 4 and it is now June 13 and I have not received my new pair. I have emailed them approximately 15 times and have gotten1 response asking if I wanted my money back. I just want my new jeans. I have heard nothing else......

I ordered a top 6 months ago and every time I emailed them asking for an update I got a "1-2 more weeks". I emailed them again a few days ago asking for a refund since I was obviously not getting my order and they replied saying they've been closed for the last two months. To which I asked why have I been told "1-2 more weeks" on several occasions while they were supposedly closed, but never told they were closed. They're telling me I can exchange the item or give me store credit. But why would I want that when their items clearly never get shipped! I just want my refund.

I ordered two pairs of jeans from Revice Denim in December. I exchanged them for different sizes, but I was only ever sent one pair. It's now May.
I purchased two pairs of jeans from Revice Denim December 24, 2019. I then started a return request January 8, 2020. I received one pair of my jeans in February, but the other pair never arrived. I have tried to contact customer service multiple times with no response and because these jeans are quite expensive and times are tough right now, $70 means a lot. My order number was XXXXXX.

Desired Outcome

I would like for the jeans to be shipped ASAP to a new address because I'm moving at the end of June and they take forever to ship. If not possible I'd like a refund that is not store credit because I will never be ordering from Revice again.

an order I placed through Revice company's website on February 10, 2020 was never delivered and customer support has been unavailable.
I received the confirmation email for my order the day of February 10, 2020. However, my package was never shipped to me. I have reached out to Revice customer support multiple times requesting a refund with no response back. My order number is XXXXXX

Desired Outcome

I would like a full refund

Never received my exchange after 3 months of waiting. No one will get back to me from customer service

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