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• Jan 14, 2022

Unable to contact RockAuto via their website or phone for warranty replacement
I am unable to contact RockAuto for a warranty replacement for an NGK ignition coil. They do not provide a phone contact nor to do they provide a general contact email or contact form on their website if their order return webpage does not allow one to return the part. This is totally unacceptable. I contacted NGK directly and they said I have to go through RockAuto for the warranty replacement.

• Sep 19, 2021

HAVE bought parts a few times for my 2003 Volvo S80 T6 Full front struts and a timing belt kit. Have replaced most of the front end on my car. Ordered Control arms from You guys They got here Really fast I was impressed. Proceeded to have them professionally installed. Along with new tires and an alignment. Cost me around $800 Picked up the car and within 2 hrs of having the car back the brand new Uro Control arm on the drivers side snapped (Front connection) From a light tap on the brakes. This sent my tire into my fender bending and damaging it tore out my CV joints Damaged my door and who knows what else. So what are you going to do to make this right? Your parts pretty much wrote off my car.


They botched a return
They sent me a kit that was torn open, missing a crucial part. I went online and had it sent back. They actually charged ME for the postage to return an item that they screwed up on. Now there is no way to get hold of them. their dumass bot closed the case and I can do nothing. They are toooooo cheap to answer their phone. Stay away. There are NO humans to contact. I ordered 2 kits. Only one had both parts. Both OEM wrappers were torn and damaged at both ends.
They botched a return

Big Rip
I believe you intentionally sell damaged or defective parts that you buy dirt cheap from manufactures and that regardless - no warrantties. You always blame consumers. Thanks for reminding me of exploitation of the masses.

I have an old, 1991 D250 Dodge Diesel 4X4, that I wanted to restore. I started to accumulate the parts I would need from Rock Auto. The parts were purchased in lots, when I could afford them. After accumulating the necessary parts and the needed funds to pay for the work by a qualified mechanic, we started the restoration. At this point I had invested several years and quite an amount of money. My mechanic found that none of the body parts, purchased from Rock Auto were an exact fit. Both doors required the drilling out of the spot welds on the window channel structures, and then re-welding in proper placement, in order for the windows to roll up and down. The upper door hinge mount on the passenger door had to be rebuilt. Both front fenders were also a poor fit that required body work. The real problem came with the new hood. It fit well on the drivers side but rose above the fender a full inch on the passenger side and was a half inch short from grill to cowl. (quite likely due to the upward curve) There is no visible damage to this part and the cardboard packaging shows no damage. It is simply, poorly built. Rock Auto is claiming a 90 day limitation on their warranty. That would be understandable on a transmission or engine part since most repairs are completed in that time frame. This was not a repair of a mechanical breakdown. I will not ever repeat my error of buying parts from a company that first, sells such crappy body parts and second, has such a ridiculous and unbending return policy. If Rock Auto were a local company, we would already have a scheduled court date.

I ordered from this rockauto site brakes, rotors which made noise and scratched the new rotor. The same day put on. Spark plugs that were not functioning.They sell cheap parts which don't last you anything but a day. I complained about it sent pictures still no refund. While the customers are the ones keeping their business up we don't get proper parts nor customer service. We have to re pay a mechanic to take the damaged part off and replace while Rockauto sells cheap parts taking our money.

Review: Regarding order number [redacted] (ticket #[redacted]. I attempted to return a part without the original box. Unfortunately, the original box was disposed of before we attempted to install it. Rock Auto denied the return due to the fact the original packaging was not set back with the part. Their explanation was based on the fact that they the packaging in order to restock. HOWEVER, I returned a pair of shocks this summer on a warranty issue. Again, the return instructions were exactly the same: THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING MUST BE SENT WITH THE RETURN. After talking with a customer service rep and explaining the boxes for the shocks were disposed of, the CSR told me not worry and just return. I received a full credit. My complaint is that the return instructions are EXACTLY the same for warranty and non-warranty items. If the original packaging is needed for non-warranty and NOT needed for warranty items, why isn't this distinction specifically stated in the return policies? The consumer does not have this information. I just expected a full refund this time based on my previous experience returning the shocks to Rock Auto. Again, my complaint is that their return policy is not being consistently followed in my case. If the original packaging is specifically required for all returns, why did I get a return for my shocks without the packaging? I will continue to use Rock Auto if they just provide store credit!Desired Settlement: Either a full refund to my credit card or I would accept store credit. Also, they need to clarify their return policies so consumers are aware of a consistent policy.



I apologize for the frustration Mr. [redacted] has experienced. However, as our Help page explains, we do require the original, unmarked manufacturer’s packaging for returns. We were able to make an exception on his previous return and allow the warranty return without a box, but are unable to make an exception now. Mr. [redacted] may contact us directly to make arrangements to have the part returned to him, at his shipping expense.



Review: Ordered a fuel pump offline from Rock Auto and it ended being the wrong one. They never had any part on their site for me to put in my vin to see if it is the right part. They are refusing to take care of the shipping charges to send this part back.Desired Settlement: Total cost for shipping part to me and cost for sending them their part back along with the cost of the part needs to be refunded.




our online

tutorial on our FAQ page explains, customers using our site

search parts under their vehicle's year, make, model, and engine

size, then select parts based on the descriptions in our listings to

ensure proper fitment. This customer disregarded the detail in our

part listing which specifies that this fuel pump is for vehicles with

“Engine VIN J.” The customer is unwilling to look

at his VIN information, so we can accept his return within 30 days

but, as our Policies

page explains, shipping charges are not refundable unless the return

is due to our mistake.

The sight is easy to use well set up.I found what I was looking for easily you had every thing I needed at a affordable price

Review: I purchased all new Power Stop rotors, calibers, and brake pads from I attempted to install the products and ran into issues in nearly every part of it. I managed to get the car to the mechanics shop around the corner from me only for them to tell me that the product I was sold was "junk". (it should be noted that they advised me to go buy the product from Advanced Auto, which I did, and at no point tried to sell me their products). The calibers I purchased had to be machined in order to fit properly and even then they did not fit 100% correct. Three of the four calibers were either frozen or the piston rods were not allowing proper movement for the connection to the pads.

I decided at this point to return everything given the low quality of the products and purchase new. Mind you, at this point I had spent over $300 in labor trying to get the Power Stop products to work properly on my car. This cost would have never been incurred if I had been sold quality products.

I took all the Power Stop products off and installed new products purchased from Advanced Auto. All of their products worked 100% out of the box and bolted on with no need for adjusting of any kind.

The problem is that Rockauto, after selling inferior parts, does not want to pay for shipping to have those parts returned. I spoke with [redacted] at Rockauto who was very nice and sent me a postage paid return for the calipers only and then told me that in no uncertain terms they would not pay for the return of products that "might" not have been defective. As far as I am concerned when it comes to brakes I want them to work without a flaw, these are 100% responsible for life or death on the roads and highways that I drive every day. If three out of four parts of a product are failing out of the box, I will not give the rest of their products the chance to prove faulty.Desired Settlement: I expect for Rockauto to pay for the shipping to return all of their merchandise.



This customer purchased 4 calipers and

a Rotor and Brake Pad Kit. When he reported the calipers were

problematic, we provided return instructions and offered to cover all

shipping costs for the bad parts. He did not report any specific

problems with the Rotor and Brake Pad Kit. As our Policies

page explains, shipping charges are not refundable unless the return

is due to our mistake. If he decides he doesn't want the kit, we

don't mind taking it back but he is responsible for the shipping cost

of the kit.



Review: I ORDERED A PART FROM ROCK AUTO THIS MORNING THE CATALOG SAID IT WOULD FIT MY CAR. THIS EVENING I LOOKED AT THE CAR AND THERE IS NO WAY IT WILL FIT MY CAR. I CALLED ROCK A FEW MINUTES AGO AND THEY SAID IT WAS ALREADY SHIPPED AND I WOULD HAVE TO PAY RETURN SHIPPING.Desired Settlement: Since rock auto's catalog said it would fit my car and its not even close to fitting my car, I think they should pay return shipping



We list more than one catalytic


for the 1981 Subaru GL in our

online catalog, which includes

footnotes and

photos to help customers choose the correct one. Mr. Robinette


Beck/Arnley part # 1205004, which is listed for the two wheel drive,


wagon version of this model. He used the information in our

catalog to

determine that this part won't fit his car, but only after he


his order and we had shipped it. He can return the part for a refund according to our return

policy, but we don't cover the return shipping costs if he


picked the wrong part.



100% recommended

Rock Auto is an easy company to work with. Their prices and selection are very competitive. My only complaint would be long out of stock times on some components.

Rock Auto's prices are great! The site is very user friendly and the 'hearts' they use on the different parts/prices that show which parts are the most popular are very helpful.

Very affordable, parts were delivered as stated. We will definitely order from them again.

Wow! From the time I placed the order, about 4:oo P.M., I had the order in my hands. THAT is service! Thank you! I'm 82, and this is the best service I've seen in quite some time. Well done.

Great prices and good customer service. Thank you!

Ordered alternator, had problems and 2 year battery worn down.

After going to Napa discovered RockAuto did not identify part correctly (mid-year difference of 10 amps!). Contacted hidden phone # for customer service found on Google (not found on RockAuto). cust. rep eventually agreed to refund both shipping charges and alternator price.

Did not follow thru despite having all info to make good.

Good place to find hard to locate parts for older vehicles at reasonable prices.

great web site easy to find parts you need fast and the correct parts for your car.
great customer service when needed.
more than fair price's

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