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Been buying parts from Rock Auto for over a year now and would never buy parts anywhere else. I tell all my friends about them. Their customer service is excellent with any errors corrected swiftly and hassle free. I have only had one error which was corrected quickly with no issues. Its a pleasure to work with this company and their great prices and quality

I ordered 4 automobile oil filters from rockauto.I received the filters in a timely fashion,but one of the filters had been removed and I was sent a rather dirty empty box that use to have a filter in it they deliberately sent 3 for the price of 4.Sleazy practices.

Review: I purchased a radiator fan control module for my wife's 2001 Volkswagen New Beetle 1.8T. This module controls two things-- the radiator fans, and the AC compressor clutch. After installation, the radiator fans did NOT work (although the AC did.) No other problems appeared on the first day.

On the second day, while driving to work, the car started smoking and making a terrible smell. When I tried to shut it off, the ignition would not switch off and the engine "dieseled" for a bit before it would stop. The ignition was shorted. The radiator fans were running and smoke was pouring out from under the battery. I got down on the ground in my work clothes and pried the harness plugs off the new fan control module, which was blazing hot. I burned my hand in the process, have a big blister on the back of my hand where a smoldering drop of molten plastic fell on me. The ignition and radiator fans then turned off. Now I have no radiator fans OR AC.

I pulled the module out again this morning. The module shorted out internally and burned itself up, melting out all of its own circuit board solder. Unfortunately, it also burned up the car's wiring harness in the process. The main power plug was completely melted. The car is not driveable due to the risk of overheating without radiator fans. The wiring harness is ruined due to RockAuto's defective product.

On 9/3/2014, I called RockAuto customer service and spoke with Joshua. Joshua said he could not offer any solutions to repair the extensive damage done to my car, that he could only offer a refund or exchange on the module itself. I told him this is unacceptable-- what good does either of those do me when a part THEY sold me ruined my car? I can't even install a new module after the one they sent destroyed the wiring harness. He said he was sorry, and blamed the manufacturer's policy rather than RockAuto. I asked to speak with a manager, and Joshua said "you're speaking to one, and so there's no need to escalate." Oh really?

The part in question was:

ÜRO PARTS Part # 1J0919506K HVAC Auxiliary Fan Control Unit

14-Pin, 2 Connectors on Each Unit, 1 Large Connector with 4 Small Pins and Small Connector with 14 PinsDesired Settlement: RockAuto should pay to have a mechanic replace the wiring harness in my car, as well as provide a new module of a different brand to ensure this does not happen again. At the very least, they need to provide a new wiring harness and module.

I have been a RockAuto customer since 2009. I have recommended them to MANY people, as recently as two days ago, just before their defective product damaged my car and RockAuto told me what to go do with myself. This is so disappointing and frustrating, there are no words. SHAME on them.



As our Policies

page explains, like other retailers of branded products, RockAuto

does not offer any product warranty of our own--we honor the warranty

provided by the manufacturer of the product. Warranties offer only

replacement of the defective part with another part: no cash refunds

and no reimbursement of labor costs, shipping costs or other

expenses. This particular manufacturer (ÜRO) does not consider labor

claims, so we offered either a part replacement or refund. Per the

customer's request have refunded him for this part.



Love this company. Their shipping is great and their prices are insane. I have bought parts from here at half the cost I can get them through the garage that I work for. Their prices show me exactly how much profit the local auto parts stores are making. I will continue to use them and recommend them to anybody who will listen.

I have ordered from RockAuto four times now, and one of the times they even refunded me for a part that was broken during shipping. They provide brand name parts as well as non-brand name parts. I am very satisfied with RockAuto, and will continue to order from them! :)

Review: I purchased a part from this company. When I arrived it was opened not wants but twice. It had multiple labels of previous customers opening it and returning it. It did not fit my vehicle. And I assume it did not fit multiple other vehicles. I returned it with a tracking number and did not receive money back to my account. Also on their website they want you to include your Vin number year make and model and engine type. With all this you should not be able to order the wrong part. However since then I have a part in my hands at this moment that is for a Jeep Rubicon. Even the customer service department confirmed that. I do not own a Jeep Rubicon my Vin number does not match the Jeep Rubicon. The issue with this company relies solely on The lack of computer readiness to order The correct part using a Vin number make and model and engine type .. They need to upgrade their website and use better formats which makes things easier to purchase parts. Also I returned a fuel pump that turned out bad. I did not want to purchase the same fuel pump. However they insisted that I purchased the same fuel pump under warranty. The problem with that is that fuel pump is located inside of the fuel tank which takes hours to Service Did not want to make the same mistake twice. However they insisted that this was the only way. These are three separate issues which could have been resolved by better customer service and a better website..Desired Settlement: I would simply like to return two of the items without paying for shipping and get my money refunded for those two items And I would like to have the refund for the part that shows delivered However they cannot find this part that shows delivered. It was $155 And it was a Mopar oxygen sensor. They asked for a tracking number which I threw away after I found that it was arrived at their location with their return number labeled!!! I had a return number label in the package as well as tracking number. I did not keep the receipt because I tracked it online and threw the receipt away after I found that it was arrived ....




customer references three separate orders.


June 2015 the customer purchased an O2 sensor. In August 2015

(outside our 30 day return window) he reported that he returned this

O2 sensor without ever getting authorization for his return or

reporting any problem with the part. He is unable to provide a return

tracking number for the return, and our return location never

received the O2 sensor back. If the part is ever received back we'll

refund for it, but without a return or any proof (tracking) that it

was actually sent back to us no refund will be issued.


January 2015 the customer purchased a u-joint on order 28494152

which our online catalog specifies fits Rubicons. In September 2015

he reported it didn't fit and that he does not have a Rubicon. To

clarify: nowhere on our site do we ask for a VIN number to be

entered. All parts are looked up using a vehicle's year, make, model,

and engine size, then relevant details are listed in each part

listing so that customers can order appropriately. We're not sure why

he waited 8 months to report a problem or why he ordered a part that

is specified for a vehicle he does not have. We accept returns within

30 days, as our Help

page explains. Since the order is well past our return window and was

misordered, we unfortunately can not accept a return for this

customer's order.


November 2014 the customer purchased a fuel pump on order 27141230.

In August 2015 he reported it stopped working. Our Warranties

page explains that like other retailers of branded products, RockAuto

does not offer any product warranty of our own--we honor the warranty

provided by the manufacturer of the product. Warranties offer only

replacement of the defective part with another part: no cash refunds

and no reimbursement of labor costs, shipping costs or other

expenses. The customer returned the old pump and had a new pump

shipped to him under warranty. No refund is available for this fuel

pump under warranty.



Review: Rock Auto, [redacted] sent me a returned/defective [redacted] catalytic converter (cat) which was supposed to be a brand new unit. ??Isn't that illegal? ??

The dingbats at Rock Auto then proceeded to leave the original owners return authorization card inside the "cat" box that they sent to me with the used/defective "cat". How much more proof does one need that they are selling returned and defective parts?

It cost my daughter several days of turmoil and four times the money to have a local garage do an emergency repair when their "returned-defective" part broke apart inside which then shut the engine down after 3 months of use. Two mechanics in two different garages in two different cities, indicated that the original cat-owner must have overheated the cat probably due to engine problems which will cause the material to prematurely fail.

Do you know what the Rock Auto Customer Service Supervisor had the audacity to say: you need to contact [redacted] and prove it was defective.

I basically told him hey, stupid you are missing the point; DON'T SEND OUT USED AND DEFECTIVE PARTS AS NEW PARTS.??

I am complaining and reporting how this company is sending returned-defective parts out as NEW to unknowing customers. ??

The killer consumer part is that the emergency repair is costing me full retail pricing for the replacement catalytic converter plus additional labor to remove/install thereby costing me 3 1/2 times the price of the original purchase.

??PS: I am not normally an automotive-complainer this being my first in 60 years. I even gave them the name and return number of the person who had sent the converter back to them one week earlier saying they didn't really need it anymore - SURE !

So Rock Auto Customer Service is of ZERO help and they don't want to hear ANYTHING. Funny how they can take back a Cat with a ding in it with discoloration on the outside and send it out as new but refuse to do anything when their used part causes a complete car shutdown for my daughter.

[redacted] attached is the letter that I sent to Rock Auto via their online feedback which they promptly rejected [redacted]

Can you let me know what legal recourse I have beyond perhaps getting my Catalytic Converter money back. That cost me ~ $152 while the emergency repair and converter removal and replacement costs me $516.

[redacted] FORMAL COMPLAINT AGAINST ROCK AUTO OF MADISON FOR SELLING USED/DEFECTIVE PARTS AS NEW PARTSDesired Settlement: If provided an email I will send my letter I submitted online to Rock Auto which they promptly dismissed. The part I purchased was an entire exhaust system made by [redacted]. One of the two catalytic converters they sent me was a PROVEN RETURNED UNIT sent back to them and they then sent it out to me as a new unit. That one catalytic converter cost me $152 but It cost me $516 for emergency repair when the part failed and stranded my daughter 60 miles from home. At a minimum I would desire to have them refund the cost of the repair needed for my car ($516) out of the original cost of my exhaust system purchase from Rock Auto ($721). This is a practice that should not be allowed and until they are made to pay the price OTHERS can experience the same frustration and expense because of their greed to maximize their profits.




sorry if this part was damaged or appeared to have been used when it

was received. Had the customer reported this before installation,

we'd have offered a refund or replacement part. However, damage

was not reported until after the part was installed on the customer's

vehicle, 4 months after the part was delivered. The problems the

customer describes are often caused by problems elsewhere in the



our Warranties

page states, even if this were a warranty issue the

only option per the manufacturer's warranty would be reshipment of a

replacement part. No refunds or reimbursement of shipping, labor, or

other costs will be provided.


explaining the situation to the customer multiple times, no further

progress was being made so we chose not to respond to the customer's

latest email.




presence of the return slip does not necessarily indicate this was a

used part or that the warehouse did not examine a returned part, only

that the warehouse mistakenly allowed a return slip to be included in

the new shipment.


to an email from the customer (see excerpt below), damage was noticed

by the garage before installation. The customer chose not to

report damage to us until several months after installation.

Again, had he reported the damage prior to installation we would have

offered a return or replacement since it would be clear the damage

was not caused by his vehicle.


of the items were installed on 18 March 14 by a local, full service

garage that noted a

pre-installation dent in one of the catalytic converters and a

slightly off color appearance but

nothing appeared to be loose inside the unit at the time so “MY

ROCK AUTO SUPPLIED PARTS” were installed by [redacted]"



I have purchased multiple parts from Rock Auto....100% impressed with their service and shipping times!!!..I live in Canada and can parts with in 5 business days or less....Incredible company...will only buy my car parts thru Rock Auto!

Great selection of parts and fast delivery.

I live in Canada. All I needed from RockAuto was an Oil Drain Plug for 2011 Chevy Cruze. The [redacted] thing here at the dealership costs almost $30...........FOR A DRAIN PLUG!!! Found it on RockAuto for $10, so decided to order it. After shipping and dollar exchange, it came to around $20. Good deal. But they don't offer the customer the method of shipping this on the customer's account. (ie. Fedex) So I pay $10 to have a $10 part shipped to Ontario. Order date was Nov 17th, 2015. I received an email telling me that I should receive this order on Dec 3rd, 2015. What? Long story short, I finally got this part on Dec 9th, almost a week after it was due and a full 3 plus weeks after the order was placed. The order was filled from Ohio, which, in that 3 weeks I could have walked there and got it. It arrived in a huge box with bubble wrap taking up most of the box. Geezus, what was wrong with throwing a drain plug into an envelope and mailing the [redacted] thing via USPS. I would have had it in at least a week and total cost of shipping would have been a buck and a half, not $10. This whole deal has soured me on RockAuto and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!

I have been happy with the service I have received from Rock Auto.

Good Business, great value

Web site very easy to use. Prices very competitive. Have used them in past always good parts.

RockAuto always has great prices, fast shipping, and good products. Prefer them over brick and mortar stores!

What can I say. Price was lower than I could find locally and came in a timely manner. Just finished installing the parts and they work perfectly. Will use this company again in the future!

great service, quality parts and great prices

Review: I ordered a A/C heater blower motor for my car and I was sent a blower motor with three holes instead of five, yet they advertised a five hole blower motor, if they had told me that three hole would fit the five hole mount I would not have wasted their and my time I talked to three different people and none of then seemed to know what I was talking about, one person indicated that I did not know what I was talking about. I bought a blower motor from a parts store and paid twice as much for it, It cost me over two hundred. but they did tell me that the three hole was made to fit my car. that Rock Auto did not do! I hope my next experience with Rock Auto is much better than it was this. If not I will go some where else.



When this customer

ordered a blower motor for his vehicle, the photo we had on our

catalog showed a product with five bolt holes. When the customer

notified us the motor he received had only three bolt holes, we

investigated and found the photo we listed required an update. We

updated this photo in our catalog to reflect the motor we sell. We

also offered the customer a return for a full refund, since he did

not receive what was advertised.

At the time our

representative initially spoke with the customer, we were not aware

that both the three and five bolt designs would work for this

customer's vehicle. Upon further investigation of this listing, we

confirmed with our manufacturer that both designs would in fact work

for the customer's vehicle, so we communicated this information to

the customer. Since the customer had already returned the product to

us, we provided a full refund for the order and informed him he could

either place another order for the product if he wished to source it

from RockAuto or purchase it locally if he preferred.

We apologize for

any unintended rudeness from our representatives and for any

inconvenience that resulted from not having more information about

the product at the time the customer initially called us. The

customer has been refunded in full for this order.

I have had four transactions with Rock Auto in the past twelve months and all were easy, quick and straight-forward. What more could one ask?

Good variety of quality parts. Very fast international shipping from USA to Canada and prices were better than local retailers despite shipping costs. Thank you!

I have ordered from Rockauto on several occasions and find that they ship quickly, provide a good variety of parts, and their prices are extremely competitive. A friend recommended rockauto to us, and we are now recommending them to others.

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