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Review: I purchased a new AC compressor from When I received it in the mail, I noticed a scraping sound when I turned the pulley by hand. I then called them to explain what the problem was, and that I didn't think it was normal. They called the manufacturer and they said it's perfectly normal for it to do that and to go ahead and install the part. I still didn't feel like it was right but I installed it anyway. After installation I started the car and immediately heard an awful scraping noise, and smelled burnt metal. I called them back to tell them there was definitely a problem and they said they could cover it by the warranty. I explained to them that this was NOT a warranty issue because the product was defective out of the box! They then proceeded to tell me I shouldn't have installed the part if I didn't think something was right, but THEY told me to install it. So now they want me to provide proof of purchase of the other AC components to cover the broken compressor, which I do not have. Although the compressor came out of the box defective and now they are trying to say they won't replace it or refund me when they are the ones that goofed.Desired Settlement: I will send them back this defective part that they obviously didn't check before they sent out. I want a FULL refund on the part for $128. They know they messed up by telling me to install the part, but they don't want to admit it.



Upon purchase of an

A/C Compressor from RockAuto, customers are presented with the

following warranty information and requirements:

GPD Warranty Information



that proper warranty credit is issued if needed, the compressor

installation instructions must be adhered to. All compressors

returned for defect must show proof of purchase of an Orifice

Tube/Expansion Valve, Drier, and Approved A/C System Flush or a Work

Order showing the purchase of these items and that the system was

flushed using approved procedures.

When this customer

called to report a scraping sound when he turned the compressor by

hand, our representative checked with the technicians at the

manufacturer to see if this was indicative of a defective unit. Our

representative was told this did not necessarily indicate a defective

unit, so the customer could install the part. The customer contacted

us a second time after installing the compressor, and reported a

grinding noise and smell of burnt metal. According to the

manufacturer, these symptoms are most often caused by failing to add

oil to the compressor and/or failing to perform an A/C system flush

and replace necessary components. We informed the customer that as

long as he can provide the required documentation showing he

performed a system flush and replaced the required components, we

could assist him through a warranty return for either full refund or

part replacement. The customer informed us he could not provide that

documentation, so this part can not be returned under warranty.



Now that we have been

informed that the A/C was never turned on, we can offer

a return for a full refund. Per


phone conversation with the customer on 7/8/14, we emailed

return instructions and a prepaid return label. Upon receipt of

the returned part, we will issue a full refund for this part to

the customer's PayPal account.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Orders shipped from 4 different locations. All showed up when specified. Savings over local auto parts stores, even with shipping charge, was substantial.

I've never had a problem with any orders. Excellent parts at great prices. This is where I shop.

Review: Order dated 10.31.15

I ordered a fuel pump and the required pump filter/screen to validate

the pump warrantee. The pump was a SPECTRA PREMIUM /

COOLING DEPOT SP1158 Fuel Pump (Weighs close to 1 lb.) and


Fuel Pump Strainer (weighs 3 oz. if that).

The pump came with the hardware parts bag ripped opened

obviously from a previous sale and return. In my inspection of the

fuel pump I found that the reason the pump was obviously returned

was because there was a internal brass washer jammed under the

intake screen that does not belong there making it a unuseable

faulty part. I returned the pump and filter back to Rock Auto and they

refuse to give me full credit for the shipping. They claim the pump

screen was still good and useable. I told them if I do not have a

working pump that I ordered from them then they made the filter

unusable for me by their doing only. Now the big rip off.... I paid for

both items sent together at a total of $6.25. Because they refuse to

admit their responsibility of creating the screen unusable to me and

claim it was my choice not to keep it, They refunded me for the

parts but refuse to refund the total shipping charges I paid for the

non useable fuel pump and required screen.

They pro-rate the shipping like this. They figure out the shipping as if

you ordered the 3oz. screen by itself at a rate of $4.98 and then say

the pump that weighed close to a pound part of the origenal fee

charged to me was only 1.27.

Hello the pump by itself cost the 6.25 and the added screen was

nothing in the original order. How does a 3 oz. item cost more to

ship than a item near a pound? They manipulat the shipping

process in reverse to steal.

This practice is fraudulent to all their customers and possibly illegal!

Final and to the point statement is that Rock Auto sent me a re-sold

unuseable part and because of their own doing made the other part

unuseable to me and worthless but they will not refund my total

shipping charge claiming not responsible.

They owe me 4.98 for shipping charges they refuse to refund due to

their own doing.Desired Settlement: I will only except a outcome of refunding me the rest of the shipping charges of 4.98 that they expect me to pay because they sent me a FAULTY RESOLD PART creating the other part useless to me. Also I want to see the practice of their method in calculating their shipping credit when people order more than one part. I believe this practice is illegal and fraudulent possible a class action case.



Mr. [redacted] reported that the fuel pumps he received were defective, so we provided return instructions and pre-paid return shipping labels. Mr. [redacted] effectively received free return shipping for the fuel pump strainer on both orders by including them in his return box, though there were no problems with these new, unused parts. As our Help page explains, every part we sell may be returned within 30 days for a refund of the part price but shipping charges are not refundable unless the return is due to our mistake. Due to the items shipping together, outbound shipping costs were combined. We included the incremental increase of shipping the pump and strainer together, in the refund, because shipping the faulty fuel pumps was our mistake. The customer choosing to return new, undamaged fuel pump strainers was not, so the cost to ship just the strainer was not included.



This complaint is for order number two as you can tell by the date. Rock Auto is lying and their policy is if you get defected parts they will refund the original shipping cost. If or anyone else goes to their website and put the pump in their shopping cart for the [redacted] zip code you will see the shipping cost charged for that pump. After that you put the pump filter/strainer in the cart and you will see that the shipping DOES NOT GO HIGHTER their fore the proper refund for shipping is the amount paid by me in full. Also as stated how can Rock Auto honestly say that the near 1 pound item cost 1.27 to ship and the 30z. item cost 4.98. Rock Auto is obviously shipping junk parts and in return flipping the coin and gamble the customer will keep the garbage instead of them playing games like this. If I did not have pictures and emailed them to Rock Auto they probably would say the parts were not defected and beat me for shipping both ways. I don't care if Rock Auto wants to claim the filter/screens were not defected and I should eat this bogus FALSE shipping charge. Rock Auto needs to Stand up to the plate and admit that because they sent me 3 faulty pumps in two brands that they themselves created the fact the screen/filters were made useless to me. After being jerked for these 3 DEFECTED ROCK AUTO WANTS ME TO COVER THEIR COST. How many other people does Rock Auto screw on returns saying they are fine or send out pre-sold ,returned, faulty parts like they sent me?

Excellent service, good price, delivery of parcels arrived when they said they would, will use you again.
my only criticism is that some of the photos could be a bit more explicit and larger as that would help when ordering parts for a car & model new to me.

I have been purchasing parts from RockAuto for many years and have yet to find fault with service and or parts. I have recommended RockAuto to many friends and associates , some of them car enthusiasts and collectors of fine vehicles and they all have been very pleased with the service , quality and pricing that RockAuto provides.
RockAutos web site is also very user friendly.
Great company.

They are a very good company, They always have their parts in a format so you know what you are looking at. I'm glad to do business with them.

Their website was so easy to use. We found our part right away & the price couldn't be beat.

Absolutely the best auto parts store around! Fast shipping, great quality parts with great prices. They simply can't be beat.

Great place to order parts, good selection, good prices! I have had great customer service from them! Would recommend to anyone who wants a good price and order experience!

Nach einer Panne in Spanien, hat Rockauto mein Ersatzteil - Kühlerlüftung-Kupplung - für mein Chevrolet 6,5 liter Turbo-Diesel innerhalb von 4 Arbeitstagen zugesandt. Mit Preis, Versandkosten und Abwicklung beim Zoll sowie Anlieferung direkt am Campingplatz bin ich sehr zufrieden. Ich empfehle Rockauto weiter und werde die Firma auch weiterhin in Anspruch nehmen.

Very pleased. All orders were shipped as quickly as stated and no damaged parts or boxes. Every part ordered arrived within the ETA which means RockAuto has a life long customer now. Thanks for saving me cash and building a trustful relationship by doing exactly what your site claims you will do! That's hard to find in this "quantity over quality world of ours" Keep up the Great work!

Always a great price, and the right part. I purchased a transmission, could not be happier. Saved $1000 by using rock auto. I work part time for a very parts house, I still save money using rock auto.

When they charge you shipping, you send the item back and you pay the return shipping they refund you the cost of the item minus the shipping, they just made an quick twenty bucks for nothing.

The wipers were easy to order and they arrived within
four days. They were exactly the part I needed and they installed quickly. The parts were well packed and arrived in perfect condition. I will buy from Rock Auto again.

Do not order from Rock Auto, their ordering system is flawed. The wrong part was shipped and it will cost more to return the item then what the item costs. The practice is if you do not have the part ship something anyway. If shipping is too expensive the person will not return it.

Have ordered many parts from RockAuto and very satisfied with their fast shipping and wide selection of most parts. I only had one problem with a part and got that resolved very quickly. Prices are about half that of local parts stores.

Good parts at a good price delivered on time to your door. Can't beat that. As always when ordering online be sure it's the right thing before placing the order and you should have no problems. I have not had to return a single part ordered so far; out of a half a dozen orders.

I totally love this company for buying auto parts! Huge selection, dirt-cheap prices, fast shipping and they will always do their best to make things right. Never once have I received a wrong item from them unlike other parts stores locally.

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