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Review: I purchased a pair of MotorCraft Rotors and pads on Apr. 23rd and installed a few days later. During that time and until recently as of late August to now as it has got worse with each passing day as I feel vibrations in the steering wheel when I apply the brakes at a high rate of speed. I drive 80 miles a day via the hwy. Now I went to a ACE mechanic to check the brakes out and they stated all components are working fine but the rotors are definitely bad. There is no need to machine them when it ill probably come right back. This is when I decided to reach out to RockAuto. I have been given the textbook answer as to why my warranty request does not qualify, despite the information I have provided them. All I am asking for since they have warranty for the parts they sell is to provide me a new set for the money I spent. There is nothing on there site that would prevent them from sending me new rotors. I have been in contact with RockAuto about this issue and all I received back were technical responses which I would agree with if they fit my situation. I would not be writing to you if this were the case. Just so you, I also ordered my back brakes from them as well even during this process thinking they would not have an issue with sending me replacements.Desired Settlement: To have the company honor their warranty instead of not satisfying a valued customer.




customer purchased rotors in April. In September, he reported that

“Since I put these roto[r]s on back in April, as of this

month they have become warp[ed].”

Our Warranties

page explains that like other retailers of branded products, RockAuto

does not offer any product warranty of our own--we honor the warranty

provided by the manufacturer of the product. We explained that while

Motorcraft offers a 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty on their products,

that warranty covers defects in workmanship or material but not

“warping.” We went on to explain that the problem he described

(“warping”), otherwise known as disc thickness variation (DTV),

is caused by other problems in the system such as excessive runout

after installation, overheating, or faulty calipers, but it is not

caused by defects in the rotors themselves (and is thus not covered

under the manufacturer's warranty). DTV can be remedied by having the

rotors machined by a shop or replaced entirely. We did recommend

inspecting the calipers first to ensure they were not the cause of

the issue, and we're glad to hear the customer found the calipers

were not the problem. Since the manufacturer's warranty does not

cover the problem the customer is describing, no warranty replacement

is available.



I already informed the business there was nothing wrong with my brake components, yet there claim is still my brake components are the problem. So they need to provide me a better response is ce they cannot really tell me if these rotors are defective.,

I have found RockAuto an excellent company to do business with.....Among other things, their delivery service is excellent also....I highly recommend them for all your auto parts needs

Best prices I found online. Easy ordering process.


Having used Rockauto several time they have never failed to impress me.

Good prices, great service.

great price and fast shipping plus I can get parts here that I can't get locally.

First order came quickly and the price was great! Core refund handled swiftly! Thanks for such professional service! Look forward to ordering again and again. Will tell everyone interested in purchasing auto parts about "Rock Auto"!

My experience with rockauto has always been a satisfactory one,I have nothing but praise for this company.

Customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with in 30 years as a mechanic. 2 different labeled quick struts were sent to me and after contacting Mark in customer service early on a Friday and was told it would be taken care of the same day. I call back by 4 pm and he had left for the day. Then was told by Jen, I would have to wait til Monday to take care of my problem. Then told on Monday to take pictures again and email them in to Rock auto and they would contact the manufacturer. Well, that took several days.....meanwhile my mother doesn't have anything to drive for a week. It was finally rectified, but took way too long. Low prices are good but that should go hand in hand with customer service. I will never use Rock auto unless I have weeks to do a project. Not for time sensitive repairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the price of auto parts doubling in the auto parts stores its nice to be able to buy good reliable parts for my cars and truck at a reasonable price. And know that they are going to fit the first time..Thanks rockauto

Review: I purchased an item through the website in which the item did not fit. I returned the item at my cost and ask for a full refund. I was refused. I disputed a partial charge amount for shipping through my credit card company in which I stated my claim. The credit card company agreed that I was not in the wrong. The business was charged back. I presumed the issue was resolved at this point until I tried to make another purchase. The business attempted to charge my card, but did not finalize the process. I received an email and note on my account to call. After speaking with a representative, they stated I owe them a balance of roughly twenty dollars. I do not feel that I owe the business any money.Desired Settlement: I believe my account should not incur a balance due to any chargebacks that have occurred. I should not have to owe the business any money.



Mr. [redacted] bought brake rotors, and later returned them. The warehouse that received the return found the rotors been installed, and finish of these rotors was chipped off. We mention in our return policy that we can't accept returns of parts that have been installed, and we let him know that we wouldn't be able to refund. He charged us back - which left us with rotors which we cannot resell, and without payment from him. If he would like do business with us again, we're happy to sell him more parts. But we think it is reasonable to first ask him to repay the amount that we lost due to his actions the last time we did business with him.



Quality Parts with Ultra Fast Shipping ! I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

I like the prices. compared to Auto Zone, Advance Auto, and NAPA it beats them all and it good quality parts.
I did have a problem with shipping, they use a third party to ship some parts causing a delay but they made up for it by having the other party ship it direct to me.

Rock Auto has absolutely terrible service. They sent a confirmation email that 2 items had shipped. Only one item shipped, costing me a second appointment fee with a trimmer. It was a several hour process for them to even admit that one part shipped, and more than one call was required to find this status. Finally, they admitted the part would not be available until next week. I'm stuck paying the second appointment fee regardless at this point. They never even offered an apology. They are definitely the bottom feeders of the parts industry. Here's a hint: Pay a little more and buy from a company with experience in CUSTOMER SERVICE!

We received our order in a timely manner and when we had to return a part because we didnt need it was an easy return.

I've been a Rockauto customer for years. They're pricing and service can't be beat.

Summer of 2013 I ordered a set of front and rear struts for my car, I received the parts without the hardware, eventually Rock Auto did send the replacement units with the hardware however this delayed my repairs for approx. one month.

This is a poor example of product quality control.

January 2014 I ordered an O2 sensor and a Delco EGR valve. What I received was the correct O2 sensor that I ordered however the EGR valve was not a Delco unit, it was an another brand (looking like a Standard Motor parts unit) .

The numbers on the product were laser etched on the part and did not match the Delco part number I ordered,the box was a plain white box with Delco decals

Delco parts have their part numbers stamped into the product, the box is white, red and blue with the part number printed on the box.

I called Rock Auto to attempt to resolve this issue, after speaking to 3 or 4 customer reps. (one of them even hung up on me) they except one of them tried to tell me that it was a Delco part without even knowing what the part looked like.

The more intelligent one (Lina) asked me to e-mail her a photo of the part which I did, they still tried to tell me that it was a Delco part. I advised her that the part number that was on the part that they sent me decodes as a Delco wiper motor for a 1984-85 Eldorado proving that it was not a Delco part.

I had asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that there are no supervisors (what a joke this is)upon reading other reviews other customers have also been fed this line to them. I asked them if they could provide me with the company's CEO's e-mail address which they did.

I sent an e-mail to him but have not heard back and don't think that I ever will.

I was astonished that they behave in this matter, this again is very, very poor quality control and lack of positive customer service.

All I wanted was to have the difference in the price of the items refunded (25.00) , no one was able or willing to do this which I was very surprised.

I called my credit card company for their help, I explained the situation, they misunderstood what I wanted which again surprised me, they thought that I did not receive the items (boy oh boy).

Upon explaining it again to my credit card company they now understood my problem. They refunded me the difference as a goodwill gesture which I was not really happy with but I accepted this resolution. I was disappointed with this as this lets Rock Auto off the hook.



I have bought various auto parts over the last several years, and RockAuto has always had the best prices and great customer service. I have never had a problem.

Best parts supply I have found on or off the web

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