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Best prices I have found--cheaper than available locally. So far always the right part, excellent packaging, usually arrives faster than expected! Highly recommend

Used Rock Auto quite a bit over the past month for numerous replacement parts for my 2005 Trailblazer. Finding the parts, ordering the parts, and receiving the parts was exceptionally easy. Kudos to Rock Auto, and I'll be back.

Review: I purchased a part through this website and paid more for overnight shipping. My part came and my father attempted to install it for me. He's an experienced and trustworthy mechanic for the family. He installed the part and then he noticed it did not fit correctly. We called customer service for Rock Auto and they told us to ship the part back and they will send us a replacement. My father packed everything back into the box in its original condition and we shipped it off immediately. We really need this job done ASAP. So I called Rock Auto and requested they send me a replacement part ASAP because of my expedited shipping. I was told that as soon as they received a notification from Fedex that the part had shipped, they would send my new part. I was lied to because they had to receive their part and inspect it first. I was first told that they checked all of the parts in the warehouse and a reshipment was not going to solve the problem so they gladly offered me a refund. I accepted. Upon receipt of the part, they sent me an email telling me that the part they received, which was four separate pieces, was not usable for another customer. They claimed that the kit was returned with a broken slave cylinder and that the rest of the parts except one were not in a usable condition so they offered me a $35 refund. The other option was to send the part back to me, but at my OWN expense. I told them that was unacceptable because I paid for overnight shipping. They said since the original part arrived on time, I do not get a refund for the shipping. We called on multiple occasions to explain that we did not dismember the part because we put them back the way we found them. They told us they would investigate what may have happened with the shipping. At this point they keep saying the same thing that we have two options the $35 refund and the part being shipped back to me at MY expense. They even sent me a picture from the manufacturer with a slave cylinder clearly dismembered and I did NOT pack it that way. They are crooks and have no regard to customer satisfaction.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund. I spent close to $300 for the parts and shipping. Now I am being accused of ruining the part which I did not do. They won't even send the "broken" part back to me with the expedited shipping I had paid for. I just need to get my car fixed. I am a traveling CNA and my job is very hard to do without my vehicle. I trusted Rock Auto to solve the problem and they have made it worse.



This customer

ordered a clutch kit on 9/2/15 and chose next business day express

shipping. As promised we shipped the kit on 9/3 and it was delivered

on the next business day, 9/4. The customer paid for and received the

outbound shipping service she paid for.

The customer

reported a fitment difference (but never reported anything about it

being disassembled upon being received), so we provided a prepaid

return label to send the part back at no cost to the customer for

reshipment, thinking that there may have been a manufacturing error.

We had the warehouse check stock and found that all remaining stock

matched the measurements the customer reported receiving, so we

explained to the customer we'd need to inspect the return to try to

determine whether reshipment would be of any help prior to reshipping

it. Upon receipt of the returned product, it was carefully inspected

and found to be within specifications. This indicated the correct

product was shipped and that reshipping the same product would not

fix the customer's fitment difference.


we'd refund the customer for the returned item, but as evidenced by

the photos shared with the customer, the slave cylinder had been

disassembled prior to return. The springs were out and it had

clearly been taken apart. There was no damage to any of the packaging

to indicate damage by the carrier. As our Help

page explains, RockAuto will not accept returns of parts that have

been installed or modified.

We offered a $35 refund for any

salvageable parts or to ship the kit back to the customer at their

expense since the carrier needs payment for their service and

RockAuto was not responsible for the returned, disassembled part that

couldn't be resold. The customer chose to have it returned to her,

and as an additional courtesy we covered the outbound shipping back

to the customer.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


this company is a very good company to use. I have been dealing with them for over a year and there staff are very professional. there pricing is 1/3 of what we pay in Canada I have stopped supporting our local parts stores for this reason.

Very helpful and easy to understand.

used a few times, parts sometimes are delivered before shipping notice is sent, not a bad problem if you get in habit of checking for delivery everyday.

Happy with all 30 purchases.

Very pleased with this Company.


Service great thanks

Great on-line company. Have no fears of being burned. Live outside USA. Don't get hosed on shipping charges. Cannot say that for a lot of clicks to order.

I have used Rock Auto several times, and have always received excellent service. They have always delivered on time, and have provided great service.. I would recommend them to anyone looking for auto parts

Review: I ordered several parts from RockAuto in order to repair some damage to my car. My ticket number is 101337869, and my order number is 39318377. Upon arrival some of my parts I noticed the parts were poorly packaged, with no filler within the open boxes. I had inspected the parts as best as I could without fully unpacking the boxes, and removing everything from their packaging, and all looked to be in good shape. So I signed for receipt. Once I began unpacking my purchase, and removing all parts from the packaging I discovered that a crucial part had a huge crack in it. It managed to mate up perfectly, so at a passing glance it is not noticeable, however it rendered the part useless. I contacted RockAuto the very next day about the damaged part to get started on having a replacement sent out. This was on 12/05/15. I took photo's of the packaging, the damaged part, and even took the damaged part to a body shop and had it declared unserviceable. I sent all this information to RockAuto customer service. I have contacted these folks constantly through the past 4 months, and the last bit of real information I got was that the company could not replace the part, and if I needed that part that I would have to order it again, and that the shipper would decide if I received any refund at all.Desired Settlement: I received a part that through no fault of my own I cannot use from RockAuto. The desired result from this action is I would like the company to either send me a new part at their cost, or refund my complete cost for this part including shipping. The fact that they told me I would have to purchase another part, is outrageous to me especially when it was through the negligence of their selected freight company, or themselves that I received a broken part that was completely unserviceable.



Mr. [redacted] ordered 6 body parts that were shipped via truck freight, due to their size and weight. Delivery of a truck freight shipment is a more formal, and legally binding, process than delivery of a small package (which FedEx or USPS may leave in a mailbox or a front porch). Truck freight shipments are delivered by appointment and require the recipient’s signature. Because that signature represents a transfer of responsibility from the carrier to the customer, our order confirmation (attached) for these shipments warns, “all parts should be unwrapped and inspected before signing for the delivery.” A similar message appears on the Bill of Lading sent with the shipment.When he signed for the shipment, Mr. [redacted] released the carrier from liability for any damage. When he notified us the next day that the bumper cover support had been damaged, we explained that we can assist him in filing a claim with the carrier, but claims take up to 120 days to process and may be denied at the carrier's discretion (per attached regulation).Mr. [redacted] sent us photos of the damage as well as an estimate for repair, and we filed a claim in December on his behalf. We are sorry it took so long for the carrier to process the claim, but they told us at the beginning of March that they would pay $64.79 for the damaged bumper cover support (the purchase cost of the part). We passed that refund on to Mr. [redacted] on March 2, 2016. We cannot ship a new part to him on his old order, but he can place a new order at his convenience.

good prices, great service.

Rock Auto offers 2 Business Day shipping at a substantial cost. I paid for that service and it is still going to take 4 days to get to me. I need the parts I ordered and that is why I paid extra to get them faster. As with all online companies, they take your money out of the bank as quick as possible but take their time getting you what you ordered.

One of the better online parts houses out there. I have ordered from them several times and always found what I was looking for with a better than average selection of parts with great prices. I have not had to deal with customer services with any of my orders. So I cannot comment, parts always arrived on time (or earlier) and was exactly as I ordered. As with all online purchases you need to know what you need.

Absolutely love this place. Everything is good quality and alot cheaper than auto parts stores. Eventhough it takes a bit for shipping, it is well worth the savings. I just wish they had a chain of stores that I could physically go to...well actually no I don't, I wouln't have any money left because I would be tempted to buy a bunch of things I don't need.

Very easy and customer friendly website, lots of brands of parts

A customer service phone # would be helpful!

In the past two years I have purchased a variety of parts for multiple vehicles. Every transaction has exceeded expectations in both quality and processing.

Review: My experience with this company is appalling , I ordered a fuel pump from there site that was listed to fit my car when I went to install it , it did'nt fit , So I called and spoke to [redacted] Told him my problem sent him pictures he agreed it was different then what was listed and ordered to fit my car , I even asked him if he could check the warehouse to see if the other pumps listed for my car would work , He got back to me and said no they would'nt and he would send an email with return shipping label for me to return the item ,Which was a lie because the airtex item they listed for my car did fit . I ended up going to advance auto to look at it , it was correct one so I bought it , Now I got my refund from paypal and Rock auto didnt refund my shipping cost , I called and spoke to [redacted] she told me it wasnt there mistake therefore they wont refund that to me even tho she saw the pics and agreed they were different I said your website told me it would fit , she replied WE DON'T GUARANTY THE PARTS WE SELL TO FIT YOUR CAR THAT OUR WEBSITE IS ONLY TO GUIDE YOU . I HAVE NEVER HEARD SUCH A THING , There site even asked for engine code vin , she assured me she was the voice of Rock auto and that there was no further action to be taken on my part .All I wanted was to be reimbursed the shipping cost Due to there website error , In there eyes it's ok I lost almost 7 dollars for there mistake,to me that doesnt show ANY customer service resolution . I would also like to let Future customers know what I was told .So they may reconsider before they buy from them . Because after this, Everyone I know WONT use them. All I was looking for was my $ 6.92 in shipping charges reimbursed to me due to the web site recomending me the incorrect part. I feel taken advantage of , mislead , and lied toDesired Settlement: Re imbursement of my shipping charges for there website error, and an apology for the lack of customer service I recieved



The ends of the fuel

pumps for this customer's 1976 Vega come in different styles.

Regardless of how the ends look, they should fit as long as the

customer uses the appropriate included grommet that fits the base of

the fuel tank sending unit on the vehicle. Although the end of his

old pump looks different than what he ordered, we confirmed the part

he ordered should fit his vehicle. What he received matched the photo

in our listing, so we sent what he ordered. We're not sure why the

customer couldn't use this pump, but we're confident our listing is


Considering the

customer's inability to use the part despite our correct listing,

when the customer asked whether other brands we offered would fit we

explained we couldn't confirm they would. Since we shipped what he

ordered and our catalog is correct but he could not use the part, we

offered to cover one way shipping as a courtesy to the customer and

provide a part cost refund. The customer returned the part at our

expense using a prepaid shipping label we provided and we refunded

him accordingly. No further refund will be issued for a part that was

correctly listed and received.

Our website does not

ask for an engine code or VIN information for this part, so we're not

sure what the customer is referring to.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

First off I'd like to say I made a mistake . Rock auto website doesn't not ask for a vin number after re checking there site , that was from another companys website . I apolgise for that

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