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Terrible excuse for customer service. They actively choose to not answer/not respond to emails while I experience a large issue with my order and when I called them I spoke to a "manager" named [redacted]no last name or employee number) about this who was the most rude and condescending "manager" that you probably wouldn't even have the chance of running into at a fast food joint. He tells me there is no complaint section so I cannot even file a complaint, he lambasted me that I am asking the same question multiple times yet failed to realize that is because I am not receiving any answer to it. He admitted it was his decision to actively ignore my email and upon asking several times to speak with someone higher up and Lodge a formal complaint, like any company out there has the means to do, he told me that I have no need to speak with anyone higher up and they will not answer my question and they actually hung up the phone on me. One of the largest auto parts online speak to customers like they are crap and deny information and ignore pretty much over $20. That shows you rock auto is all about "next please! How will you like to pay for that?"

Excellent. Fast ship, good communication when needed. I have purchased from them multiple times and will again.

Quick shipping. Products as described in online catalog.

Review: I purchased a Catalytic Converter on 2/24/14 for a 1999 Audi A6. The Catalytic Converter stopped working approximately a months later. The engine light would come back on and off. So about a month changing the catalytic I had problem with it. The reason I know it was the Catalytic is because I took it to the Audi dealer and a local shop. Both of them told me that I had to get a new Catalytic.

Than I called RockAuto, to see what the warranty was on this part. They told me it was 25,000 miles for external shell, pipes, flanges, flex couplings. At the time I was barely driving that car and it was also only 5 months. I know that I did not drive more than 25,000 miles. After I described her what happened to the Catalytic she told me to send it back in and it will be covered in warranty. So than I bought another Catalytic because they were suppose to refund me my money. So that Catalytic I bought on 7/14/14. It has been over 5 months and I have not had a problem.

About a week later RockAuto called me and said it could not be covered under the warranty. So they shipped the bad catalytic converter back to me. I asked them why it was not being covered; they had told me my engine was causing the catalytic to overheat. But if that was the problem why would the other catalytic converter not get overheated. Since I have gotten the replacement the check engine light has not been on.

The person that I was talking to was not really helping me out, so I told her I wanted to talk to the manager. She told me she was the manager. So I told her that I spend about $15 to ship to them and bought a brand new catalytic also. If I would have known that I was not going to get my refund I would have never spend that much money again.

Overall she was not very helpful and not very understanding. Looked like she could care less if I was unhappy. Did not really resolve the issue and told me she could not do anything for me.

First Catalytic Converter Order # [redacted]

Order Date: 2/24/2014

Order Total: 269.13

Second Catalytic Converter order # [redacted]

Order Date: 7/14/2014

Order Total: 246.90Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for the Catalytic Converter that I bought because it was supposed to be covered under warranty.

I purchased it for $246.90



When this customer reported a problem with his converter, we

explained that with the information he provided (that it was throwing

a code) we could not guarantee it would be covered under the

manufacture's warranty. We explained that typically catalytic

converters are only covered if there is a structural problem. If it

failed due to another problem in the vehicle, it wouldn't be covered

by warranty.

The customer ordered a new converter,

then contacted us for warranty return instructions for the old one.

He said that he replaced the oxygen sensors and the converter. We

reminded him that if it wasn't the converter that failed but was

something else in the vehicle that caused the problems with the

converter, he would not be refunded for the returned part. The

customer returned the converter, and the manufacturer determined it

was not a faulty converter but rather that it had overheated from the

engine. We informed the customer that since the converter was not

faulty we could not refund for it and returned it to him at his


Parts can quickly or slowly

deteriorate with overheating, so it is likely the new converter will

eventually fail as well if nothing else was replaced. The customer

told us that he replaced the oxygen sensors. If the replaced sensors

were responsible for the first converter's failure (a common

problem), then the new converter should function without problem with

new oxygen sensors installed. Since the converter we sent the

customer was not a defective part, no refund will be issued.



Review: I ordered a hose for my air conditioner that matches the description on RockAuto and when it arrived it was not the correct unit and now they are trying to charge me for the return of the item this is the fourth time from Rock Auto that I have gotten the wrong product the return policy is so complicated it's such a pain I didn't even try to return the other items when I order from RockAuto it seems like these items are used damaged returns one of the wrong brakes as I got had a dealership return tag from a dealer in Indiana I am not happy with the product that I'm getting from Rock Auto and I feel I should not be responsible for any of the cost of the wrong productsDesired Settlement: Send a shipping label with a full refund



We are sorry for the frustration with Mr. [redacted]’ order. The hose he purchased was listed incorrectly as fitting Diesel engines. We have corrected the catalog and emailed him return instructions with a pre-paid shipping label (attached). Mr. [redacted]’ refund will be issued once he returns the part.We're sorry to hear there may have been other problems with past orders. This is the first we've heard of any other issues, but if they aren’t usable parts he can report the problem and set up returns on our Order Status and Returns link:

I recieved a better part than the one I ordered. A very positive experience with this company.

I have been buying from Rock Auto for several years. I maintain 6 cars in the family. I have always gotten the best prices and the best quality from Rock. I have had good results from customer service. No disappointments at all.

I think RockAuto is a good reliable vendor of auto parts. I have some minor problems with the website. I had to enter my credit card info twice. Perhaps my error, but that means something was not clear about the procedure. Also, once my order was compleated I was unsure how to log out. Eventually I clicked on back to the RockAuto catalog and signed out. It was not an obvious path at least not for me.

Great company. Ordered a part and was it was at my home in three days. Exact part I needed and in perfect working condition. Swapped right out with my malfunctioning part and works wonderfully. Great company.

Lowest prices I have seen and great service. Fast shipping and delivery. So far I have never received the wrong part or a part that will not work. All parts I have ordered are of the highest quality and fit perfectly in my vehicles. This company is a pleasure to do business with. I am glad I found them.

Easy to navigate website. Great prices. Fast shipping. Great job rockauto

RockAuto has the lowest prices and best service of any online auto parts warehouse that I have found. It's always the first place I look, and after scouring the web for better deals, it's usually the place that I end up buying from. I haven't been let down yet!

Great Prices, compared to other sites I Visited..

Review: well I contacted rockauto about an ac kit that I bought for my 2002 chevy sub the kit has an ac comp / drier o ring and an expansion vale. the chevy did't come with an a/c comp and was told by the guy I bought it from he did't have time to put a new one in .some I got a better price .he also said that the flush was done .with that I bought the kit had put everything put on .not more then two min had gone by ac wasd getting very cold and then the comp started to make alot of noise so I shut it down .I know alot about autoparts I am a store manager of carquest and have been doing this for 35 years .but putting on an ac comp two min later .I don't think so .and if that's how they do biz .the lady at their customer service desk need to get I bit more traning .very bad customer service..sofar i've spent alittle over $'s not the money .it's about a part.when people buy from us we take care of them I will spend my money somewhere else thanksDesired Settlement: all I need is a Replacement. if not oh well there not the only game in town



The manufacturer warranty terms for

the A/C compressor

kit Mr. [redacted] purchased require proof of an A/C

system flush. All compressor warranties, to our knowledge,

contain this requirement because even a tiny amount of debris in

an A/C system can quickly damage a new compressor. A system

left open for a period of time (as Mr. [redacted]' apparently was

since the compressor was missing when he purchased the vehicle)

is particularly likely to be contaminated. If Mr. [redacted] provides a

receipt from an A/C repair shop or other evidence showing the

system was flushed immediately prior to the installation of the

compressor he purchased, we are willing to arrange a

return and replacement as explained in our warranty


But if he relied on verbal assurances by the previous owner that

the system was clean and did not get it flushed, the compressor

is not covered under manufacturer's

warranty and replacement would require purchasing another




Recommended to me by my brother; so far have had nothing but good experiences with Rock Auto. Well-organized website, easy ordering process, email communication after order is placed and then after shipped. Shipment well packed, always the right part.

Be weary of the line that says " payment will be charged when item ships". I placed an order, my card was charged instantly, recieved an email shortly stating that the part was out of stock. Okay understandable, However my card was already charged, no order was ever completed or shipped. But I still have to wait 3-5 business days for my refund when no transaction ever was complete? Also not being able to speak to a customer representative over the phone makes this process very frustrating.

I have found my new online store. I buy a lot of a specific part (cylinder sleeves) and they have them at the best price that I have found and super fast shipping!!!!

Review: The company has refused to refund shipping on a order that was canceled and never shipped.Desired Settlement: Refund the shipping cost.



The customer canceled one of

several parts from his order. Canceling one part did not change the

shipping cost for the remaining items, so no shipping refund is due.

Review: I returned 2 wheel caps for my truck they did not fit. this was 2 months ago they refuse to give me a refund.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund instead of the run around I have gotten for 2 months.




the return instructions the customer used to return these products,

we state:


you've shipped the package, please enter the tracking number on our

Order Status page (

you are unable to enter the tracking number online, please contact us

with your tracking number for assistance.”


customer did not enter return tracking information online, nor did he

contact us about entering return tracking information, and when asked

for it he is unable to provide it. The return location never received

these parts back. Without valid tracking information, we have no idea

where these parts are (still with the customer, lost by the carrier,

sent to the wrong location, etc.). Since we can not refund for

something we never received back, no refund is due.



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