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Absolutely wonderful way to by automobile parts. I recommend checking out their site before going to the dealership and throwing your money away.

I was very surprized to see the part I needed for my Mercades Benz, and I was even happier when I saw the price and I realized just how much I could save by having my son put it on my car. I am still looking for rain visors for the front doors. I don't even know if anyone makes them for my car. I will keep looking.
Ihaverecommended RockAuto to all of my friends, and I will continue to do so.
I thank you for your help.
Repectfully, [redacted]

Review: I ordered wiper blades from Rock Auto on March 11 2015 for a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro. My order number was [redacted]. A 1995 Camaro has a special style of wiper blade so that is why I ordered them offline. It has a Reverse J-Hook Wiper arm that was only present on the 1993-1995 Camaros. I ordered 4 wiper blades for $6.04 with shipping coming to $10.70. My total for the order was $16.74. I received the wiper blades a few days later and to my surprise they did not fit. I work at Autozone and I would have bought the wiper blades there but we do not carry them. I install wiper blades on customer's cars as part of my job so this is not operator error. I filed a complaint, #[redacted], and gave them picture evidence as to why the wiper blades do not fit. Their only comment was that they had sold them for similar vehicles before. They had not even commented on the picture evidence provided. They said that they would refund the wiper blades but not the shipping. The shipping in this instance was more than the wiper blades so I requested that they refund me for both and pay for return shipping. They replied that they could not do that in this case with no explanation as to why. I then sent them a sentence straight from their website that reads, " Shipping charges are not refundable unless the return is due to our mistake." This was their mistake and they rudely sent back, "There has been no "mistake" on our end." Putting mistake in quotation marks is spiteful and unprofessional. I sent them back an email saying that I would be contacting the and they did not respond. They also switch costumer service service representatives throughout the case from Corey to Will so I was not even dealing with the same person throughout the ordeal. They have given me no proof that they do in fact fit however I have provided concrete evidence that they do not fit. They have not removed the product from their website for this vehicle so someone else will likely have the same problem.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund, an apology, and for the product to no longer be offered for a 1993-1995 Chevrolet Camaro. Their costumer service was very poor at delivering quality service over a $16.70 order.



We're sorry this return wasn't handled

appropriately. We tried contacting the customer by phone to discuss

details further, but were unable to reach him. Regardless,

considering the fitment issues he experienced and the likelihood that

necessary adapters were not included with his wiper we have refunded

him in full for the order as requested (without requiring return).

great to work with easy to follow through catalog

Review: I had bought 2 rear struts from Rockauto when I got them I had paid someone to put them in after driving to and from work the seal to the 1 strut broke and started leaking oil. I had brought my car over to sts tire and had them look at it [redacted] said that the strut was just a defective part and he told me to call rockauto to get a refund for both struts because when you change one side you have to change both and that they should pay out a labor cost and for my tire that was sliced and the wheel alignment caused by there defective part. My aunt had called rockauto and told them what happened and they said that they pay for labor costs and anything else that went wrong due to their defective part they said they just needed it in writhing and that a superviser will contact her back we waited a couple of days nobody called so we called again fought to get a superviser on the phone. When I spoke to the superviser he said they will only give me a refund for the part and they wont refund any money for labor or any other costs and when I told him about the person that said they will refund money back he said I dont know who told you that but they are wrong and shouldn't be working here. The supervisor at rock auto said that compony that made that part doesn't do labor costs and he told me not to call cause they wont do anything for me. [redacted] is the maker of the parts so I looked it up so I could call them and they don't have any phone number for customer use not even for the corporate office. I don't think I should have to pay for labor a second time or have to pay for a new tire and another wheel alignment for the things that their defective part caused.Desired Settlement: Due to the strut being defective it caused my tire that was 2 weeks old to get sliced and it knocked my wheel alignment out that was just paid to get done.

I would like a refund for the labor cost a new tire and to get the alignment done again.



We are very sorry this customer had

trouble with the struts he purchased. According to our phone records,

the first time he contacted us was on August 12, but the phone record

indicates he hung up before speaking with a representative. On August

20, he called back and spoke to two different representatives,

neither of whom saw any notes in his order regarding a warranty issue

or speaking to another representative. We are uncertain whether he

left a voicemail when he called August 12, but no RockAuto

representative would have told him that RockAuto covers labor costs

due to warranty issues.

Our warranty policy


states, “Like other retailers of branded products, RockAuto does

not offer any product warranty of our own--we honor the warranty

provided by the manufacturer of the product. If you have a problem

with a part during the warranty period, please contact us and we will

arrange a return and replacement of the same part. … Warranties

offer only replacement of the defective part with another part: no

cash refunds and no reimbursement of labor costs, shipping costs or

other expenses.”

The manufacturer of the strut this

customer purchased does not consider labor claims when warranty

issues are reported. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience he

experienced, but we are unable to refund labor costs, per our

warranty policy. Because this customer was within our 30-day return

policy when he experienced trouble with the struts, we allowed him to

return both for a full refund, rather than needing to replace the

struts with the same parts under warranty. We set up a return for this customer to

ship back both struts, and we issued him a full refund for the part

cost of the struts and the original shipping cost he paid, for a

total refund of $103.78. This refund was issued back to the

MasterCard used to purchase the order on September 9, 2013.



Excellent service, fast shipping, and very cost effective source for parts. The part I received was also well packaged and in excellent condition. These guys really made my repair a pleasant one.

I have placed several orders through Rock Auto, and have gotten the BEST prices available, and probably the fastest service and shipment available. So far. so good. I am a Rock Auto customer until further notice!!

Awesome service really fast shipping!!!!!!!!!!!

I am Very Happy with Rock Auto. I ordered Part(s) from Rock Auto that Not only were they 3 Times Cheaper, but Also Arrived the Next Day (without Expedited Shipping in AZ).!

Review: I purchased a fuel pump from this company, and after weeks of being given the run around for why it hadn't arrived, I finally received my pump. I ordered an ACDELCO brand, and they sent a bosch. When I called they claimed it was the same thing. I reluctantly kept the pump and installed it myself as I am a mechanic in the Airforce. I began noticing my truck having issues with the pump so I called back as it was under warranty, and they told me I would have to purchase another pump, and then they would potentially refund my money if they decided it was defective. We purchased another pump and began to pull apart my truck when I noticed that the second pump was broken. I called back very frustrated, and they told me they would send a return label and send me a new pump and go through the process all over again. I asked if they would overnight it since this was an ongoing issue, and they refused. I asked to speak to a manager and they told me that it wouldn't make a difference as it was policy, and then they refused to transfer me to a supervisor. I have contacted their vice president of customer service, and I hope to get this resolved, but as of now, I am completely disappointed in the service, and quality of product. I will NEVER do business with them again.Desired Settlement: I would like a phone call, and at this point just want return labels for both pumps and a full refund.



We are not sure what the customer is

referring to regarding weeks of waiting for delivery, since all pumps

were delivered within 3 business days or less of when they were

ordered and shipped.

As we have explained to the customer

and as our Help

page explains, manufacturers sometimes buy parts from other

companies to save the cost of tooling and/or to supplement inventory

between production runs. They sometimes sell the same parts under

different brands. As a retailer, we have no control over those

decisions. If the part received is in Company A's box, we bought it

from A, we paid A's price for it, it meets A's specifications and it

is covered by A's warranty. The ACDelco part he ordered is the

ACDelco part he received, it carries the ACDelco warranty, and

ACDelco chose to source that part from Bosch.

When the customer's first pump (ordered

in August 2014) failed under warranty in March 2015, we offered for

him to return it for reshipment of a new pump or to purchase the same

part number, then return the old pump for a refund on the new order.

The customer chose the second option. As our Policies

page explains, we reminded the customer that like other retailers

of rebranded parts, we don't offer a warranty of our own – we honor

the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the product. As long as

the manufacturer determines the part failed under normal use, they

would receive a part-for-part replacement.

When the customer reported a problem

with the second pump upon receiving it, we offered to provide him

with a prepaid return label and either reship the pump (so he could

proceed with the warranty procedure) or we could refund him in full

for the second order if he preferred to abandon the warranty

replacement. Manufacturers' warranties do not cover any shipping

costs, so we explained while we could not overnight the new part for

free, we could reship the part at the original rate the customer

chose: FedEx Ground. Alternatively, he could pay the difference to

expedite the shipment. The customer spoke to multiple representatives

here who explained it is not our or the manufacturer's policy to

expedite shipments for free. Unlike some companies with tiered

structures of authority, RockAuto has a flat structure in which all

representatives are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the


The customer has used the prepaid

return label we emailed him to return the 2nd pump for

reshipment. He proceeded through the manufacturer's warranty

replacement process and has a return label for sending back the old

pump for a refund on the new order.

Very good prices and fast shipping.

Review: Our company purchased an automotive part from Rock Auto. We paid for the part and received it. We had to return the old part in the same box. They did not tell us we would have to pay for return shipping. Once they received the part, they stated that a wire was cut and we would not get back our core money. I asked them to send a picture of the cut wire. When they sent a picture, the flash washed out the wire and you could not see if the wire was cut or not. They told us they would not send another photo and their decision was final.Desired Settlement: I would like our money back for the core charge.




customer purchased a part with a core charge. As our Policies

page states, shipping charges on cores aren't

refundable. Cores must be complete and rebuildable to receive credit.

When the core return was received, there was a cut wire so the core

was unable to be rebuilt. We sent the attached photo multiple times

upon request, clearly showing the cut wire. We offered multiple times

to send the unrebuildable core back to the customer, but she did not

respond to our requests so the core was disposed of. The customer was

not charged return shipping (we absorbed this cost as a courtesy). No

refund will be issued for this core that can not be rebuilt.



The easiest website to find parts for my car. Navigating their site is a breeze, and their prices are awesome!

Review: Order number [redacted] placed on April 1, 2015 included two of part number [redacted].

The parts received are not the same. Different lengths, different bushing sizes, different thickness, different finish, etc.

I requested replacement and was told no, told they should perform the same, told they can not do anything about it.

The told me that I could pay to return them and also pay the original shipping (refund only for purchase price of part).

I understand their policy if this was somehow my fault but it is entirely their fault.

After exchanging 6 emails with vendor and seeing that they were obviously not going to honor their own return policy I am contacting you, yelp, federal mongul (manufacturer of the parts who I have purchased from for over 50 years), and my trade groups. I hope that you can help.

Thank you.Desired Settlement: First of all I would like an apology from RockAuto for their lousy customer service.

Secondly I would like replacement parts that are the same if they can be sent promptly otherwise I simply want a full refund including original and return shipping.

Thank you.



Our Policies

page states that shipping charges are not refundable unless the

return is due to our mistake. As our Help

page explains, manufacturers

sometimes buy parts from other companies to save the cost of tooling

and/or to supplement inventory between production runs. They

sometimes sell the same parts under different brands. And

they sometimes make minor design changes which do not affect

performance (such

as using a different color of plastic on a PCV valve or different

color paint on a shock absorber). As a retailer, we have no control

over those decisions. If the part you received is in Company A's box,

we bought it from A, we paid A's price for it, it meets A's

specifications and it is covered by A's warranty. If you choose to

return it because you disagree with Company A's aesthetic or

make-versus-buy decisions, shipping is not refundable and, if you

re-order it, you probably will receive the same item (unless Company

A made another design or sourcing change in the meantime).


customer purchased two Moog stabilizer bar links. Moog sources these

parts from different companies, so while they may look slightly

different they will both fit and function and are Moog parts. The

customer is welcome to set up a return for these parts using our

Order Status and Returns link


but since we shipped him the parts he ordered he is responsible for

shipping costs.



I understand that RockAuto has a policy of not refunding shipping charges and not paying for return shipping charges when a problem arises that is not RockAuto's mistake.

However, this problem is RockAuto's mistake so it makes no sense for you to quote me your policy as it only confirms what I already know, that you are trying not to honor your policy.

What I find remarkable about this is that after years of personally and my company buying from you we have not had a problem until now. And the one time I ask for your to fix it you start quoting policy's that are not applicable as some sort of excuse when they only re-affirm the fact that you are not honoring your own stated policy.

This made me look at reviews of RockAuto and boy it sure looks like you have a lot of people that hate you given all the unflattering comments I have read on the web. I will be joining my voice to those comments and sharing this experience with everyone I know. You really suck to fight me about a mistake that you made. You would simply be apologizing for the inconvenience and doing whatever it takes to make it right. Learned my lesson. RockAuto is happy to loose you as a customer over a $5 shipping charge. That is a sure fire way to make sure you go out of business. The sooner the better. At this point there is nothing you can do to make things right. I will call Amex to get a refund or at very least cost you an Amex dispute resolution fee if you fight my complaint. I have been more than patient and have given you multiple opportunities to fix this and you have chosen to not correct your mistake and to both loose a customer and create an active and outspoken person to rant about this experience all over the web. Congratulation on a colossal customer service failure.

Review: I ordered a left hand and right hand STRUT / COIL SPRING / MOUNT ASSEMBLIES for my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan on order number [redacted]. These assemblies are shown as an exact OEM replacement. However during the repair process, the purchased parts from RockAuto have 2 mounting holes in which one is slotted. The OEM part is not slotted. It was required for me to stop the job and go searching for special cam bolts from a hardware supplier. This took many hours and many calls and driving to various locations. I finally found 2 cam bolts which cost me $50 (paid cash) and was told by the hardware source that these bolts are discontinued. I was very lucky to have found them. When I spoke to RockAuto customer service & explained everything, a manager there told me that they sell cam bolts for these assemblies for $8 and their offer was to reimburse me $8. I told him this was unacceptable as in total this cost me hundreds of dollars ($50 for the bolts, gas, aggravation, plus I hired a mechanic to help me at $75/hr). I expressed my dissatisfaction and asked the situation be elevated. He refused. I then called [redacted] of RockAuto, [redacted]. Over the last several weeks I have left him 2 very detailed messages. He has not replied. I am very disappointed at this entire situation. I feel taken advantage of as what they sold me was NOT a direct replacmeent and what they sold me ended up costing me alot more.Desired Settlement: I want to be reasonable and though I could ask for a full refund of $230, all am I asking for is half or $115. This can be a mailed check or credit back to my credit card.



We are sorry Mr. [redacted] had

trouble finding the camber bolts needed to align the vehicle when

installing new strut assemblies. They are not sold with the struts

but are sold separately. The assemblies he purchased are indeed OEM

replacements. However, when he called our customer service on June

26, we informed him the camber bolts are necessary for the job and

are available for sale on our website, from multiple manufacturers,

between 6 and 14 dollars apiece.

We cannot guarantee that whatever

customers choose to buy from us is all they'll need to fix the car,

nor can we pay customers to buy products at other stores that they

could have bought from us. We do have repair manuals for sale on, but our customer service representatives are not

mechanics and cannot advise customers on which parts they need to

complete a job.

If he wishes to return one of the

struts, provided it is uninstalled and he has the original

manufacturer's part box, we can accept that return and refund him the

$115 refund he requested. Otherwise, without a return, we cannot

issue any sort of refund to Mr. [redacted].



The information Mr.

[redacted] pasted into his response was written by [redacted], the

manufacturer of the strut he purchased. The strut he purchased is

indeed a complete assembly and includes all of the parts listed in

the [redacted] description: strut, coil spring, bearing and strut

mount. Again, it does not include camber bolts, because camber bolts

are not included in any complete strut assemblies in our catalog.

They must be purchased separately to complete a suspension job.

We are uncertain what

Mr. [redacted] desires at this point, but we will not pay him $50

for bolts he did not purchase from our company, nor will we refund

him $115 without the return of a new, unused strut. We believe it is

unreasonable to request a refund for a part he did not purchase from

RockAuto. Similarly unreasonable is his threat of a small claims suit

against us for money he never paid to our company.

If it will resolve his

complaint, our offer still stands to refund him – still money he

did not pay to us – for the difference between the cost of the

camber bolts he purchased, $50, and the average cost of 2

caster/camber cam bolt kits in our catalog, approximately $24, for a

reimbursement of $26 maximum. If he wishes to take advantage of this

reimbursement, he can either respond to via the or email us

directly at: [redacted] at [redacted].



They were supper easy to work with.

Good prices and selection. Quick shipping.

Rockauto has phenomenal selections and prices on small to large parts, reasonable shipping prices, and fast shipping. The same parts and brands offered at as much as half of local prices. We can usually wait 3 days at these savings. We love it.

Mechanics of every skill level have recommended Rock Auto to me. Now, with my first order, I know why.
Finding the parts I need is easy. And even when shipping is added, the price is right.
Their tool which finds products that will ship from as few sites as possible is a plus. It helps to cut down on freight costs.

I love Rockauto.... Better parts and much lower cost. I save a huge amount of time and money than going to local parts store.

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