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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Reimbursement was not provided for agreed upon electrical and heating systems problems Regards, [redacted]

Select Home Warranty has processed the customers refund directly to their card, as per the Terms of Agreement, they should see the credit on -business days

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:They have not mentioned when they mailed and through which carrier and neither they provided any tracking number to track itI have not received any check till this date fri 10/11/The check is already days late why was it not send by fedex day shipping or usps priority mail if the select home warranty was so considerateIf I do not receive it by monday 13/11/i would like to take some action on there part Regards, [redacted]

The customer has already been refunded according to the policy termsPlease see section of the terms Cancellation by YouYou may cancel this Agreement within thirty (30) days from the Order Date of this Agreement, as set forth on the schedule page accompanying this AgreementIn the event you cancel within the thirty (30) day period, the You shall be entitled to a full refund if and only if, no service has been provided under the contractAfter the thirtieth day, you may receive a refund pro-rated at the non-discounted annual plan costA $cancellation fee will be charged and any service costs incurred by Select Home Warranty The breakdown is as follows.Used Month @ $per Month = $45; Add Cancellation Fee of $= $; Also Less Claims Paid/Owed of $; Subtracted from original payment of $414.99; Totals a Refund of $

They didn't respond to their terrible customer service that I accused them ofI challenge anyone to call them for place a claimSee how you are treated

The customer requested to cancel after they were not happy with a reimbursement amountWe have offered to waive the $cancellation feeWe have gone above and beyond the policy term for the customer

I am rejecting this response because:I did purchase the coverage for plumbing systemI did not purchase the optional plumbing fixture coverage.Their description in plumbing system is very broad, and they did mention the coverage of leakageThe did list the plumbing fixture in the contract in section There are only three items listed in the list, including facuet filter, shower head and shower armThe description of plumbing fixture is very concise and clear.I am having leakage in two facuetsSince faucets are not listed as plumbing fixture, they have to fix it as part of plumbing sytemThey cannot define something as optional only becasue they think soThey have to follow the contractThey cannot say the descriptions in the contract are meaningless, and they can define anything as optional if they like

The customer received a $reimbursement towards their refrigerator claim on 5/29/Since the customer had originally filed their claim with our office for the refrigerator within the first months of coverage they received the maximum allowance and are capped out for any future refrigerator claimsIn addition, when the customer contacted our office and filed the new refrigerator claim they specifically stated that the issue originally began when they moved into the house in January which is when the policy was paid for.Since the issue began before the policy effective date that claim was deniedDuring the same call the customer proceeded to file a claim for the stoveWhen asked when did the issue begin the customer informed us that the issue began since they moved into the house which again is denied as the issue began prior to receiving paymentAll our calls are recorded for monitor and training purposesWe confirmed this information again today when listening to the recording from June when the customer filed the refrigerator and stove claimThe customers claim for the refrigerator and stove have both been deniedNo additional funds are due at this time

We did already refund the customer according to the policy termsWe have reached out to the customer and have explained thisWe did offer to waive the $cancellation feethe customer hung up on us

The customer initially placed a claim for their washer on 6/24/2015, we took care of that issue and the cusotmer used their day cap at that time, claim resolved.The cusotmer now has an issue with the dryer and we have dispatched an appliance repair company.If the customer cancels their policy they will not be due a full refund

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: my heater still hasn't been repaired, nor has the mounting bracket the contractor has been returned either Regards, [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: That is not what occurred they didn't tell me that at allI have all of their responses in emailsThey told me that I would have to pay for the repairs and that the parts were no longer availableThey didn't agree to any repairs until I contacted your office and I have received no refund even pro-ratedAll of a sudden after your office contacted them they called and stated that the part was in and they would cover the cost of everythingI kept all of the email responsesIf you need them I will forward them

Select Home Warranty sent a technician to the customers’home for the issue with a leak in the ceiling.Our technician found that there was a thread leaking in thepipe, he sealed it with tape as a temporary fixThe technician stated that thesheetrock would have to be removed and there may additional work on the pipesthat would be needed The customer calledthe next day and stated there was not water in the home, the technician stated thathad been there for almost hours the previous day and there is extensive workthat needs to be done.The technician wen back out on 07/02/2015, and stated thatthe pipe is rusted our and the pipes are running through he studs, he would haveto cut through the studs just to get tot the part that is leaking.We advise the customer that we are unable to cover the issueas the cause of the damage is rust, and unfortunately our policy does not coverrusted pipes.See Below:This Agreement doesnot cover any systems or appliances that have had previous repair or thatrequire repair or replacement as a result of improper installation, previousrepair, damage caused by any construction activity, improper wiring, inadequateor lack of capacity, power failures, power surges, overloads, missing parts,failure to properly maintain, failure to properly clean, neglect, misuse,corrosion, rust, sediment and any modification to the system or applianceYouare responsible for providing maintenance and cleaning by a licensed technicianon covered items to ensure continued coverage on such itemsSelect reservesthe right to request prior years (3) maintenance records and/or pictures,without proper maintenance records and pictures the maximum payout on anysystem/appliance is up to $For example: heating and a/c systems requireperiodic cleaning and/ replacement of filters and cleaning of evaporator andcondenser coilsWater heaters require periodic flushingThis policy coversmechanical breakdowns, it does not cover shelves, door handles, doors, hinges,knobs and buttons, door seals, displays, latches, timers, leveling equipment,clogged drains or lines, cosmetic issues, gaskets, leak searches, lights,noise, refrigerants, valves, dispensers, installation, electrical failures.Select Home Warranty hasfilled it contractual obligation in covering the claim, per the Terms ofAgreement

The customer never agreed to the $reimbursementThey refused that offer and requested to cancel their contractNo additional funds are due at this time

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I did call the contractor on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well on Friday before he fi ally responded and each time I called select home warranty they said this is the only contractor for this area and I may have to wait a week or longer if they needed to find another contractor Regards, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: When we purchased the warranty we were informed that no maintenance records would be required in the case we filed a claim on our newly purchased home It also states this on their website under "frequently asked questions" Further, when I spoke to a representative from Select Mortgage on May 26th I was told that the claim was approved and my check would be mailed out the next week It wasn't until I called inquiring about the whereabouts of my refund that Select Home Warranty then told me I needed to provide maintenance records I am still requesting a full refund Warm Regards, [redacted] ***

The policy does have a day wait period before claims can be madewe did speak with the customer and will give a full refund

Please refer to section 6.2.7: 6.2.7.Water HeaterThis Agreement covers all modules, components and parts of the water heater necessary to the functionality of the water heater.(i)Control board (ii) thermostats (iii) gas valves (iv) burner assembly(v) heating elements(vi)pressure switches(vii)thermocouple(viii)ignition module(ix) and igniter Excluded:solar or tankless water heating systems,leaks and pumps.As stated in the warranty leaks are not coveredWhen the customer filed their claim they specifically stated that their water heater is leakingThe policy clearly states that leaks are not a covered itemNo additional funds due at this time

The customer has requested to cancel and Select Home Warranty will issue a check for the refund on Thursday, February

We did speak with the customerwe have waived all cancellation fee in regards to the refund amount

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