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Stanley Warranty

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Dear,Stanley will issue another check for [redacted] for the pro-rated amount of $This check will require a signature from Bhavesh VedawalaRespectfully Resolutions department

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I was not under a contract with them for an early terminationI cancelled due to their inability to fulfill the contract as a warranty companyThey denied all claims without ever sending a contractor to investigateI was told a refund of the would be sent to meThis never happenedSo once again they failed to hold up their end of any agreement Regards, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I dont think they have solved the issue with this responds I have tried contacted them they need to contact me to resolve this issue with a refund of service they should have paid I have been waiting for seven months for a responds for the oldest issue ...thank you Regards, [redacted] ***

Dear, Customer never entered a work order and never asked for any claimsStanley is standing by the original response customer is no longer active and is not able to claim any type of refund months after it expiredThank You resolutions department

Dear, [redacted] purchased a Silver plan and paid annually on 04/15/We gave Lisa days to read review and understand her terms and conditions and on 05/15/ she opted to keep her Stanley home warrantyAll home warranty policies are set up for auto renewal just to secure our customer from laps of coveragePlease view attached [redacted] 's terms and conditions Also to add before any renewal is done by Stanley we send out the notification days before the renewal just to give customers time to think about if they will continue or notIn the event we receive in writing from any of our customers before the day period that they do not want to renew we would cancel the renewal and issue a full refundFor the customers like [redacted] who cancelled after the day period they were subjected to A $cancellation fee as per terms and conditionsPlease view attached notification email for the renewal on [redacted] 's home Stanley respectfully ask's the NJ to close out this complaint since Stanley followed there terms and conditions and has refunded [redacted] ON 04/22/for the amount of $as per terms and conditions.Respectfully Resolutions Department

Dear,This complaint has been already resolved for [redacted] Stanley cancelled his account as he requested and issued his pro-rated refund back into his credit card.Transaction ID: [redacted] Payment Method: [redacted] Amount: USD (104.50)Customer Name: [redacted] Author: [redacted] on 02-10-14:38:Respectfully Resolutions Department

Dear,This is a duplicate complaint for the same customer and its the same complaintRespectfully remove this complaint

Dear,Jennifer & James Lannes new they were in the wrong and accepted that they were wrong and Stanley only followed there terms and conditionsOn 01/16/Jennifer Lannes paid her past due balance of $and cancelled her accountStanley only follows there terms and conditionsStanley respectfully request this complaint be closed since we have already resolved this issue and closed this accountRespectfully resolutions Department

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I would like to hear the recordings myself, because I absolutely did not call back and say that we wanted to purchase only one yearI said that my husband did not want to purchase any, and to please not run the payment [redacted] then even replied how my husband would regret that decision because the price was so lowThe next morning, I received an email from Stanley about my warranty that I had not purchased, so I called once again to make sure he had not run my payment, to which he replied that the email had been sent out prior to me calling to say that my husband did not want to purchase, and not to worry because he was not running the payment Regards, [redacted] ***

Dear,Stanley will remove [redacted] from collections and also void out the balance do on her accountStanley will make an exceptions for [redacted] since this was not answered on a timely fashionStanley respectfully hopes [redacted] is satisfied by this resolution and dismisses this complaintRespectfully Resolutions department I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me but I would like to know what about my refrigerator they said they will come and bring the original part so it will be fixed correctly and they never came back from bills appliance place to repair it I have a problem with the draw door inside it cant close its still out since the repair men was there the first time and said he got the wrong part its just temporary fix can they please come an get the right part to install as they told me they will after I called them so many times and they said they will call bills appliance company and get them to fix it right thank you

Dear, [redacted] entered a claim for his Amana Kitchen Refrigerator on 05/04/2015, he stated there was ice build up and it would leak on the floorStanley informed [redacted] this is a non covered item and he insisted that Stanley send out a tech to diagnose the issue which we didTech stated there was a clog and a leak causing the water that leaked out to turn into iceStanley informed [redacted] this is a non covered claim and he is more then welcome to use the vendor that was in his home for repairs and he would have to pay him directlyWe explained once again to [redacted] our policy only covers electrical and mechanical failures, clogs and leaks are not covered[redacted] stated he would call back later and speak with service and when he did call he stated he wanted to cancel his policyStanley explained if he would cancel his account he would have to pay the termination feeStanley waived the termination fee and just charged him $for the month of May's payment he agreed and we cancelled his account.Stanley respectfully ask's the NJ to close this complaint since we have already accommodated this customer.Respectfully Resolutions Department

Dear,Customer purchase our Bronze Annual Plan on 4/12/for $280.00.Customer placed several service calls and was serviced and had the oven and dishwasher repaired.Stanley has paid out claims to vendors on this customer policy.Customer had days to read, understand, and cancel the policy risk free and decided to keep it.Thank You for Contacting the Stanley Resolutions Team

Dear, [redacted] purchase a Gold Plan monthly contract for year on 02-21-We gave [redacted] days to read review and understand her terms and conditions and on 03-23-she decided to keep her new policy.On 07-24- [redacted] entered a claim for her Clothes washer brand name MaytagShe stated in the description (Water leaks from front when clothes are in spin cycle) Stanley customer service reached out and explained to [redacted] as per her terms and conditions we only cover electrical and mechanical failuresThe problem [redacted] was having was a leak and again we explained as per her terms and conditions leaks are not covered[redacted] lashed out and stated if we do not repair her clothes washer she wants her account cancelledOne of Stanley's cancellations managers spoke to [redacted] and explained if in the event she had her mind set on cancelling her account it would be cancelled as per terms and conditionsWhich means she would have to pay the early termination fee[redacted] stated she would think about it and call Stanley back thats the last time we have heard from her [redacted] he now over days past due and her account was sent to collections for the past due balance totaling $329.97.Stanley respectfully ask the NJ to close this complaint since all Stanley did was follow there terms and conditions

Dear, [redacted] is more then welcome to enter the claim againHe now states its not a serous leak we will send a plumber to take a look at itRespectfully Resolutions Department

Dear,This is a duplicate complaint form [redacted] Stanley ask's the NJ to remove this duplicate complaint Thank you Resolutions Department

Stanley has reviewed all the recorded converstaion with [redacted] We don’t show any request to cancel the account or him ever speaking to anyone about cancelling his accountStanley found a recording were [redacted] asked to cancel his appointment with the service manWhen Stanley reached out to the service man and explained that Mr [redacted] no longer needed the service they felt upset that we were cancelling an appointment that was already scheaudled and asighned to a service techSince [redacted] cancelled the appointment [redacted] garage services stated that is a bad start and they would no longer work with us because of the appointment being cancelled by [redacted] If [redacted] would like to cancel his account he would have to do one of two thingsSend an email requesting his account be cancelled or Fax a cancel letter to [redacted] Stanley will cancel his account as per terms and conditions minus cancellation fee's and usage for the months its been active

Dear, [redacted] paid his cancellation fee on 01/and cancelled his accountNo further action is neededRespectfully Resolutions

I certainly do reject the response from the Stanley Company as it is filled with lies and accusations I made contact with them almost a year ago and this is all that they can say I was not behind on my account with them All my service calls were rejected with frivolous excuses You tried to make contact with them with no response and now they want to place my account in collection on my credit report, I beg their pardon As was on my complaints that was filed last year I still would like to be compensated for my losses and a return of all fees that was paid to their company

Dear,There is nothing to resolve in this complaint [redacted] has disputed his original charge made for his premiumDispute Date 03-27-2015Charge Back Amount $385.00Charge Back Reference # [redacted] Bank Discover Respectfully Resolutions Department

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