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Tactical Traps

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Tactical Traps Reviews (214)

• Feb 21, 2021

Don't buy the whiskey barrel
I have had similar experience as others - the lock is inconsistent - not something you want in an emergency! Mine is over year old so no refund - never even got to hang it - would not open which you need to have completed in order to hang this P.O.S. I kept getting frustrated and would leave it alone, go back to it a few months later and experience the same...finally just threw it in the trash today.

• Feb 05, 2021

don't buy, poor customer sevice
Received my shelf with a paper inside stating my magnet will follow in a separate box.
Time pasted and I contacted them and the response was appropriate, "Sorry, your missing your part, give me your address and we will send it"
Followed up a couple of weeks later and got a form to return the whole thing in it's original box and packing. That went out in the trash over a month ago.
All they have to do is send me a magnet. As of this date still not resolved.
May have to do charge back through the Credit card company and file complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
don't buy, poor customer sevice

• Jan 28, 2021

Piece of crap
Ordered this shelf and on arrival found it to be damaged. The hinge screws were stripped out and required to be repaired. Sent an email requesting a return. I never received a replay. Having checked the BBB and other websites I find that it is a waist of time to screw around asking these people to back up their product. I received a score of emails from them asking me to buy more products and use a $50 gift card. Thanks, but no thanks I just don't need the aggravation.

• Jan 13, 2021

Do not buy
It may look nice, have a nice concept, but WILL NOT OPEN WHEN YOU NEED IT! After contacting customer service, they told me just to but a wedge and open it. Great! Thanks. Ill be sure to tell home invaders that.

• Jan 10, 2021

Shelf trap
Just got it and mounted it on the wall with no problem. Opens ok and closes ok seems to be pretty good right now. So far I'm happy

• Nov 28, 2020

Very Disappointed with this purchase.
Received shelf could NOT get it to open the first time. I had to take the screws out of the back to open only to find plug with wire to battery pack was unplugged. After plugging it in and installing fresh batteries closed shelf to test, it would NOT open again. I took it apart a second time only to find the plug had pulled out again. I can't say I would trust it to open when needed in an emergency situation. As for now I'm hoping for a refund. Save your $$$ definitely not a quality product.

• Nov 14, 2020

Will it open when you need it?
The shelf looks great and worked well, at first. When I opened the shelf to add my new pistol, I couldn't close the shelf. It closed but would not lock. Finally got it closed and locked, but the "shelf open" alarm continued to go off. I tried to open the shelf but it was locked shut with the "shelf open" alarm sounding, NOW WHAT?! I finally pried open the shelf--without damage. The issue is I can not use this shelf because I don't know if it will open if/when I need it! On a side note. I was able to pry open the shelf without damage; how safe are these shelves?

• Oct 27, 2020

Terrible quality control and customer service.
Do Not Buy! Giant ripoff. Damaged unit. Can't get a replacement sent out. Takes days for an email from customer service to reply. Vague information from Liz. No one answers the customer service line. Wish I could give zero stars.

• Oct 08, 2020

Tactical Traps-Do not Purchase
Purchased a shelf. The lock failed and I was told to purchase a blowup item to break apart the shelf from the lock. Had to force open the shelf with a screwdriver. The lock was broken. They gave a credit to purchase another shelf. The credit was half of purchase price. DO NOT PURCHASE. Their customer service and response is not appropriate.

• Oct 08, 2020


• Sep 10, 2020

The batteries are dead so how do I open the shelf?

• Dec 27, 2020

Read the instructions you received. They tell you how to get it open if your batteries are dead!

• Sep 01, 2020


• Aug 08, 2020

Sealion Watch
I ordered and received my Sealion Watch prior, Invoice # 177239. I received the watch prior, however in the first week of use the minute hand dislodged. I have called and left messages prior. I was looking to receive a replacement watch and I will return the defective one if you could supply me an address. I can be reached at my cell 631-445-8179 or my email, [email protected] . Thank you.

Myles Quinn

• Aug 01, 2020

Horrible Customer Service
I received the Flag trap as a retirement gift. It looks great and is solid. I began having issues with the lock when I programmed a key fob and extra cards. I get nothing but canned emails from them telling me to keep resetting things (doesn't work). I tried calling the number on the site and it is a 3rd party service that just answers phones.I asked to speak to a manager and that was denied. I then asked to have tech support call me so that we could work out my problem. I have received 3 emails over the last 7 days telling me that I will be receiving a call shortly but that has yet to happen.

There are a ton of products like this out there and I would find one with good service and avoid these guys like the plague. The product is fine but just hope you never need help because they will leave you hanging.

• Jul 28, 2020

Wall Mount for Pistol Storage
The method for wall mounting is a joke. They randomly provided 4 slots in the back. These slots are supposed to be supported with screws into a stud hopefully with no means of tightening to wall for support. First time using it with the weight of pistols in it would be the last time. Rubbish
Wall Mount for Pistol Storage

• Jul 26, 2020

Tactical Trap worst product EVER.
My wife ordered The Whiskey Barrel Trap for my birthday. The Barrel itself actually looked good, that is as far as good goes. It got really bad when I tried to mount it. I do have pictures to verify what I am about to write. After I received it, there were no instructions for this barrel model. I called and had to e-mail my problem to them. They did not send the right mounting screws (not long enough), nor were the mounting holes pre-drilled. Also, there was no LED light. They finally sent the right screws and an LED light and told me to drill my own mounting holes. This was not a small undertaking since the piece was over 2.5 inches thick. I finally tried to mount it on the wall. Mounting it flush to the wall, the sliding door jammed up scraping the wall. I re-mounted it using a piece of 3/8 plywood as a shim behind the unit, which prevented it from scrapping the wall. When I tried to open it, I had to reach up to open the door manually. The sliding shelf was being jammed against the mounting board. I had to remove the mounting board, remove the shelf from the sliders and get an electric sander to sand down the sliding shelf. It was not assembled to prevent the shelf from binding against the mounting board. After I got all that done, I did mount it to the wall with the 3/8 plywood shim. It actually works now with all my shimming and sanding. I am very disappointed in the product and the lack of craftsmanship. They must buy these out of the country and re-sell them. After the original contact with "customer service" I knew I was on my own to either make it work or just mount the barrel for decoration. They were not going to do anything to resolve the problems. Again, I did take pictures of all the problems. If anybody needs to see them, I will post them. I would strongly recommend not doing any business with this company.
Tactical Trap worst product EVER.

• Jul 25, 2020

Sealion Watch
My watch was defective after a weeks use. The minute hand broke loose. Looking to return and receive a replacement. Very hard to make contact with anyone. Left a comment on a post on facebook and steered to make contact. Please get back to me.
Myles p. Quinn, [email protected] or 631-445-8179. Thank you

• Jul 24, 2020

Ordered already, [email protected]
Waiting for over a month now for my order. How long does it take.? Am I on a backorder.? I have a bare place on my wall, cleaned out, and ready. I thought 2 weeks was ample time. When can I expect it.? I sure don't want to order more if I can't get my first one. My plan, if I like this one, is to order about 5 more. One more for me and 4 for gifts but my plans are on hold until I receive the first one, install it, and make sure it works to my satisfaction. Can you let me know when to expect my first order.?

• Jul 19, 2020

Good experience
I found the Tactical trap to be very well made. I had some issues with the Bluetooth connecting to the lock the instructions do not say your phone's location had to be active . After customer service told me that it works great. When they sent me the item it was missing the wristband RFID. I contacted support and they mailed it out immediately along with instructions on how to reprogram the lock. The instructions they sent work fine but I need a little help from the YouTube video. Which showed me the lock has a light on it that would indicate whether it was programming properly or not . I remove the lock so I could see the light and it works great. Very happy with the item I received as a gift, very happy with their customer support.

E. Steinbacher.

• Jul 07, 2020

Will not OPEN
Installed shelf. It worked fine. Two weeks later could not get it to open with the AP, card or back up battery. Emailed tactical traps and never got a response. Waited a week in a half. Called them and spoke to secretary and she said some one will email me in a couple of days...we shall see.

• Jun 13, 2020

Battery back up wire
On May 16th, 2020 got an email that some orders, like mine, did not include the battery back up wire and they were to be sending them out. It's been nearly a month, I've sent 4 emails as a reply to the same email and have had NO response. What do I need to do to get the back up wire? Other then that the trap is very nicely constructed and neat in appearance.

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