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Tactical Traps

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stars I am extremely happy with my tactical shelvesI bought both sizes of shelves and I think each one is the perfect size Fit and finish is excellent They are exactly as advertised and nice looking furniture addition to my houseI highly recommend these shelves to everyoneThank youBob

I was vary pleased with the Tactical Trap and very happy how it look in my home, you would not even know what it is unless you knewI would recommend this to any gun enthusiasts who would like a safe place to conceal your tools and have access in the event of an emergency

I ordered a shelf from Tactical Traps on June 26th. I have received 3 emails saying they were shipping the product. This is always followed by " oh, sorry we did not ship it yesterday. At this point, I am tired of dealing with them and would just like my money back.

I placed separate orders on 6/19/The order stated that that product would be delivered with in 8-Business daysAfter a month of waiting, it took me complaining on their Facebook page for them to send the first of the two ordersI have tried to call the phone number that they have listed, but no matter what option within the automated menu, it tells you to send them an emailI have emailed them but they have yet to respondIt has been over two (2) weeks and still no responseAt this point I want to return the shelf that has been delivered, and a full refund of what I have purchasedUnfortunately I have been unsuccessful at getting in contact with them and there is no return label in the box

Still getting the beeps with the cards, but the shelves won’t open. Any ideas?
Guns can’t protect us if we can’t get to them when needed!

Company is a joke They sent me a inch shelf with a activated battery latching mechanism The unit was stored unopened for months (Christmas Present) and it started to beep When the box was opened, the batteries are dying and the shelf will not open so that you can change the battery Functionally unusable I called to return it and their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is a complete joke No refund, and I have to pay shipping to have it "repaired" Their answer was to use a break in tool (buy your own) to burst it open and then replace the battery and the busted parts What kind of crazy design is that? What if the latching battery died with a gun inside Bust open the shelf with a loaded hot gun insidewhat a crazy design When questioned by email, all I get is a "send it back and I'll fix it" I don't want it fixed after this charade I just want a refund like they say in the ad I am ZERO percent pleased with the product I'm still trying but until I get a refund, the best rating would be a one

Extremely impressed by the quality of the shelfThe lines are perfect and when it is closed, it is impossible to see that the shelf can be opened in two It also comes with a user guide Very good workThanks a lot

Good company to work withProduct was like they said it would beWould recommend

RATING - [redacted] + Five star-Plus rating!! I have ordered different Tactical Traps products Large shelf, small shelf, and thin blue line Shelves are beautiful!! They are well-made and give my family the peace of mind that should something happen, they have easy access to their guns Easy to install This is a piece of furniture and not a large, clunky gun safe – but also does its job Would and have highly recommended this product

This company used to purchase their product from Tactical Walls and would remove that company's logos and replace with their own. When confronted by the company they decided to replicate the designs of Tactical Walls... even designing a similar logo and color scheme, and selling the product as their original design. When they fall through on customer expectations people often times contact Tactical Walls for correction and help mainly because the names and ads are so similar. They have yet to produce any original design.

Changed batteries tested, worked fine for two days then started making constant Beeping noise for another day until I cut open. Tested batteries and they were still good. Will replace with manual operating system. Should have read the reviews Better.

my trap will not open batts are dead I guess how do I open? email [email protected]

Bought the coat rack shelf. It was shipped very promptly. Followed the directions included for set up and checking to make sure all cards and accessories were included and functioned. Comes with 3 RFID cards, a wrist band and a key fob. All RFID cards worked but the wrist band and key fob did not. Contacted Tactical Traps via email. They responded in good time. Discussed several options. I followed directions and a video on how to reprogram the items. Easy process. With the lock removed from shelf all items now open lock. After I reinstalled lock found key fob was sporatic and wrist band still doesn't work. No clue why but in reality I don't have a need for those items so installed rack on wall. It looks and works great. In fact it works so well I am thinking I need some shelves now. By the way, Tactical Traps offered to do what ever it took to get all my accessories working but it was my choice to go forward without the wrist band and fob.

I like the shelf but battery went down and did not beep. I need to know how to open it without destroying it.HELP

• Aug 16, 2020

Same problem. Did you find a solution?

Ordered a trap, the standard one they advertise all the time. Ignored all their pleas via email for more money to "upgrade" me, as well as the bogus crap they do for other upsell attempts, such as, "Bill said he has enough leftover wood that we could make you a second one and save you some money." How many times can they move, or have the wrong label, and sell their items? My trap finally arrived, and the wood was damaged. Kudos to them for getting me a replacement without any fuss and with very little wait, but that one was also damaged, but at least somewhere that wouldn't be noticeable, so I kept it. And that's when I learned their OTHER scam - up until spring of 2019, NONE of their videos showed how these things keep beeping loudly. They conveniently edited their videos so there was NO NOISE when they were opened. What is the point of having a hidden place for a gun in case someone breaks into your home, if when you get your gun, a piercing alarm starts ringing out, and then repeats until you close the trap? After complaining about THAT, I spent a couple weeks with support with their "instructions" for how to turn off the beep. And of course those instructions did NOT work and their support finally simply stopped talking to me and responding to my communication attempts. This morning I went to open the trap, and it opened, and the alarm went off as usual, so I went to close it and now it won't close. It's not a battery issue, I have the external battery pack option and even with THAT, the lock won't re-open now. So it sits and beeps and will not close again. Run the card over the top it beeps, the lock SOUNDS like it is retracting so the pin will go back in, but it doesn't. I even pulled the batteries out of the trap and replaced with brand new. But the ones I pulled out showed great battery levels too. It simply isn't working now at all.

Total junk.

The product is good quality. Their sales techniques are questionable. I ordered a small trap, and they offered me a bigger and the add said get both for a larger price. Next thing I know they are telling me that I only get one. As I was questioning it on the add on website they charged me for an even bigger one for $265 as well. What the heck. I saw the two charges on my credit card I called to cancel the larger one I didn’t order. While I was talking to them I asked about the second light it showed in a picture. They said that it only came with one but the picture clearly shows two lights. Crapman

I don't get how some people here have good experience with their product. Am I missing something? Is there a reset botton to make it close again? Because neither one of mine close and I've contacted them Numerous times and left comments and not One response!

They do not automatically close. You must manually close them.

AGAIN I tried contacting them at 1-800-651-9171, and have proof on my phone of the times I've called, and the text and Posts on Facebook, which they've YET to respond. Now looking at their website and this I see how many complains there is and what A JOKE FOR A COMPANY AND RIP OFF THEY ARE! It's time we ALL gather together and start a Class Action Suit against them and get our money back. I bought TWO and after installing one, which there was NO INSTRUCTIONS OR HARDWARE INCLUDED WITH EACH ONE!, we notice it would not close, so thinking the first one had some lock malfunctioning we removed it and installed the second one, AND ALOS WILL NOT CLOSE! Either they make up for all our trouble or we will start a Class Action Suit against them and look them up, maybe even pay them a visit?

I order 2 of the tachtical traps, the main one I was excited about as the “patriot 52” but once I received it I tried to install my colt le6820 into it and noticed it would not fit, I researched the “patriot 52” again and found they had very specific, demonstration pictures on how it would fit, they had a “Daniel Defence vp11” and behind it a spare 5.56 magazine with a minimum of one inch in between each of the items along with another inch between the item and the edge, my rifle with stock is exactly 2-3/4” longer than the v-11, the average magazine is 2.5-3” wide, not including the space in between each (approximately 1” front and back as well as in between) but when I received my “tachtical trap” my rifle would not even fit end to end (it over lapped). When I contacted them concerning this they stated that “this picture was of an old model that is no longer in production” I then stated that I believe this is an mid-reprentation of the product I wanted and that I would like a full refund. They the. Told me they “ understand and they would send me the return instructions via email”. It had been over a week and still no email. I feel as though this is a scam and would not recommend this product to anyone who takes the represtation literally, as it was meant to be. This all being after I waited well over a month to receive my product.

We all need to get together and start a class action suit against these people! Again I tried contacting them at 1-800-651-9171, and have proof on my phone of the times i've called, and the text and posts on facebook, which they've yet to respond. Now looking at their website and this I see how many complains there is and what a joke for a company and rip off they are! It's time we all gather together and start a class action suit against them and get our money back. I bought two and after installing one, which there was no instructions or hardware included with each one!, we notice it would not close, so thinking the first one had some lock malfunctioning we removed it and installed the second one, and alos will not close! Either they make up for all our trouble or we will start a class action suit against them and look them up, maybe even pay them a visit?

I pain stakenly tried to follow your instructions of using larger screws to secure the locking mechanism, that was damaged, as I had to use an air bladder to open the shelf when the batteries were dead.  the screws that secure it are threaded in metal shafts. You can not use larger screws.  after try your ideas of repairing the shelf, it is hung on our wall and the shelf opens on its own thus revealing the hidden objects.  I have asked for a replacement or a refund, to no avail.  as stated, this was a christmas present, and the worst present ever!  now its a useless eye sore. What is your company going to do about it?  customer service apparently does not work. Buyer be aware... Do not waste your time nor money...

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