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I found a hole in my wall and saw termites coming out of itI called Terminex to get rid of themThey told me they were carpenter ants and charged me $up front for their servicesThey never sent me a receipt for thisLater, I saw that the bugs had not gone away, so I called Terminex againThey told me this time that I had been right, that my house had termites and not carpenter antsThey were going to charge me another $to treat my house for termitesI called another pest company and got it done for far cheaper ($350)I feel cheated out of my original $763, and I am upset that they expected me to pay again for their diagnostic mistake

I am a customer of Alterra Pest control for more than few months nowAt the time of signing up the service, I have been given a phone number of XXX-XXX-XXXX to report any pest activity at my placeI have been trying to reach them by calling this number for last weeks and keep getting a voicemailAll my attempts to talk to a real person are unsuccessfulAt this point, the service I have enrolled to and paying for is useless
Product_Or_Service: Pest Control

Unsatisfactory service from installation to cancellation
Customer # ***Beginning April 24th, I used Terminix' website to schedule an "inspection" for Thursday, April 26thAs I came home around 4:30pm, Tues, April 24th, I noticed a Terminix vehcile in my drivewayMy wife allowed him to "inspect"As I walked up to the technician, Dustin L***, he said he was avail to inspect todayI felt rushed to sign a contractHe offed me discount but did not go into detail on our current termite problemHe seemed too concerned w/ a service agreement instead of talking termitesWe agreed to an installation dte of Thur, Apr 26thInstallation was not done on Apr 26thInstead, I received an automated text msg on Sat, Apr 28th, notifying me that a technician was on his way to my residence for installationOur family was out of town during installation, I did not receive a COURTESY phone call from the tech stating he would go ahead and install w/me being presentWe came home to seeing

Horrible customer service and unaccountable for Work they DID NOT DO! I paid nearly $2,An independent inspector reported that he saw no signs of work being done to remove Bats from my atticHe saw no evidence that the home was sealed on the outside to prevent the invasion of BatsTerminix is doing NOTHING and have not shown up after scheduling a dates
The local manager in SE Michigan ( DAN) was rude and dismissive and not accepting their responsibilitiesThis is dishonest act and unprofessionalThe new quote for removal in $
So, I will have paid over $5k due their poor or no serviceThis is before any potential repairsDan's response to me was" your plan expired on May 31st ( weeks ago), so you are out of luck"The plan included them doing the workSo I'm confused how the plan is even relevant? They contracted with a company that is no longer in business and even admitted they had issues and they would take care of my issue, which now "Dan and the SE Michigan branch" is not honoringI'm now getting the call center run round and no on have any answers or accountabilityThey don't seem to care about ruining someone home and not meeting the expectations and term of "Service Master"Shame on them!
PS, I have terminated all other services with themI cannot continue to pay this organization for additional services

Keep getting both calls and statements that we owe $for *** that we cancelled in early April
Received bill 4/30/and was told by Maurice J*** that the bill would be taken care ofHave received additional bills and calls were made each timeThis last time, 8/17/18, I was told there is no balance on billYet what prompted my call was a call to me from Terminix minutes priorI then called the corporate office and was told that Maurice J*** zeroed out the account, however, no one can explain the phone calls I am receivingas of today My account number is ***

On feb,9, I had a termine inspection done & pd for the instant report, I didn't get it the tech was not prepard to give it to me, he said I would have it the next morning, I did not get it, my closing was that day & I could not close on my new home I got an email from *** on sat he said I would have in in my email monday, didn't happeni spoke with *** (manager) he promissed it would be in my email monday at am, didn't happen, I just talk with another manger at ***, he said he would email right now... Didn't happen, I have a new closing for tomorrowi paid for this instant report I did not get, I have missed so far one closingi want my report, and I want a refund for an "instant report" I have made this complant on b. B. Band I have made a complant with the terminex corporate officethis should have never gotten this farmy next call will be to my attorneyover the last days I have been in contact with many employees of terminex, I have been lied

I can see and fully understand why they have negative reviews They are the most unorganized company I have ever done business with in my life Seriously, you can't even call the local Omaha office as it just "automatically" gets transferred to the national numberThen you call that number and the gal says "Oh I can't help you I will have the local office call you"They should rename their company and call it "Unorganized Pest Control Company" That would fit them much better

Scheduled with Terminix for initial treatment/consultation at my residence for a Saturday morningReceived confirmation with the consumer selected date and my schedule was augmented to accommodate this serviceThe service window came and went and I had heard nothing fromTerminixI contacted customer service and was informed the "regional office" had arbitrarily rescheduled the appointment without my consultation or agreementThey offered a later date but have no confidence that they provide a service for consumers, but all about their convenience and profitHighly disappointed and intend to spread the word about their lack of customer care!!

I have had numerous problems with this office fulfilling the service agreement that I contracted with them
Signed contract 7/9/ I basically had to beg for the company to make their technician come out to service my apartment On numerous occasions the technician did not show up When I called the manager at the Gettysburg branch he asked" what am I supposed to do about him not coming" I had to call the corporate office to have them force the technician to come out and service my apartment That was in August This was the last time they came to service my apartment When I called to have it serviced later they said my contract was expired and refused to help me

After being bitten by a brown recluse spider...called Terminix to inspect houseLori Blackwelder came and said she found them in the atticShe said "you will need our treatment to get rid of them" She
was very positive that Terminix would take care of problem She also said I had "roof rats" and they
would need to install barrier metal strips around my whole house to solve this problem, the total price was $6,she said, and then I would be "safe" from these serious problemsI believed her
signing for service and paying $2,on October 3, and paid $2,on Oct 16thThe installers of roof rat barriers messed up my leaf guards, had to pay $to get them repairedThe spiders were still coming out in my house (bathroom linen closet, my shoes, closets, behind drapes, don't know
how many we found)Started calling in November about this with no successStill had them in February
and they sent men to dust baseboards, still had more spiders, they sprayed at

On June 6, I signed up for pest control service with Alterra Pest Control and has the first treatment done on 6/10/for the initial reduced fee of $ I was told there would be quarterly treatment after that for $but if I saw evidence of ants or spiders before the quarter was over to call them and they would return to retreat the houseThey came for the first quarterly treatment on 7/9/but since I wasn't home then I had to have them return on 7/22/to retreat the crawl space under the house that was locked at the time of the visit After this visit I was still seeing ants and spider webs so I had them return again on 8/15/and still had pest problems so they came back again on 8/29/ After this visit I STILL saw spider webs in the house and on our back deck which is on the second floor of the house, and was still seeing ants in the bathroom I decided then to cancel the service as it obviously was not effective and I couldn't afford to keep arranging to b

I signed up for monthly termite contract for $and a one time bug spray for $ They charged my credit card for $
I have called *** numerous times and corporate office in *** been given run around and told numerous times the resolution dept would have to call me back, which they have not done I have their advertisement which states if you are dissatisfied you can cancel within days for a full refund I called and cancelled and requested they send me confirmation of my cancellation and they said they would sent Which they have not I contacted my credit card coTo resolve this also I have documented all my calls in detail They never should have charged my credit card for $974.70, the amount should have been $for the termite pkg and $for the bug spraying

We have been using Alterra Pest control in Cincinnati Oh since May of last year We specifically called them for the mice we have in our attic They come every quarter and throw a few pellets in the attic and set traps in the garage attic, but the mice are still having a field day in our atticWe here them on a nightly basis I have recently started having them come every week to check the traps, but they will not put any more tabs in the inside house attic Terminix has recently bought them out and came to do a free home evaluation and said they Alterra is not doing much to get rid of the mice they should be doing more, but Terminix will not honor the contract we have, so that is upsetting too This entire year that we have been paying for them to get rid of our problem has been a big waste of money and they will not allow us to end our contract without charging a very big fee, so we are stuck until May Terminix did give us an estimate on how much they will charge us to get

Claiming to get rid of bedbugs within months and not continuing to rid the condo unit
In September Terminix was hired to rid unit of bedbugs The service man came once a week for octand nov In December there was no more nesting but "residue" was seen in areas The technician stated that unless I saw a few bugs or a cluster I should not be concerned "RESIDUE" turned into a hidden cluster by April When called to continue treatment the manager and the inspector Mr.Hill stated that my case was closed in December and now was too late to "continue"I would have to pay another $1,for a month treatment Also their mattress bag cover separated at the seam The inspector stated the cluster was near the seam not in the opening Now I do not know if my mattress is considered "covered & impervious to infestation" I cannot sleep comfortably at night and have a nervous condition that continues to fester since I have to sleep on this issu

I have requested a refund of my down payment 1,dollars because I was supposed to be set up with financing and failure to do so and resolve this
On 3-7-Tate Smith came and did a termite inspection and quoted me a price of $2,372.Tate discussed financing as an option.Tate entered my information and told me I qualified and explained based on my down payment that would be what my monthly payment would be.I asked him if I paid $1,down what my monthly payment would be.Tate informed me it would be $a monthI called Tate back that evening and told him I wanted to go ahead do the financing and pay the $1,down.Tate said he could put me on the schedule for 3-10-but neededmy signature and that he would sign it for me we agreed and then we discussed when I would give him the down payment.Tate said he would meet after work on 3-8-16.3-8-I called Tate after work and he said he was unable to meet meI called him again to try and set up a time and he told me to just give t

There has not been any follor completion of a service call that started on March 1oth
On March 10th called that I had active terminate activity and damageOn March 14th they verified I had terminate activity and damage On March 28th I was notified that someone would come to my house on April 7th to handle my issues On April 7th a technician did come out, but it was to do an annual terminate inspection instead of treatment and repairs The tech told me that he would email the local office to have someone contact me to get this issue resolveAs of date April 10th, no one has contacted me

I have requested a home evaluation since February and no representative has showed up or call to give my requestThis is bad business
If this is a company that supply customer needs I feel they should do just suchThere is no reason why I should be calling this company or times just to request a show of serviceThe appointments are set, but no one shows upI call to complain just for someone to tell me they are checking on it and that I will receive a return phone call that I never receive

This business is bulls#$1t. I was not happy with the service...asked for my refund and they said sure, give it 3-5 days to show up. Never showed .I called again and they said the Branch Manager had not approved and that you couldn't cancel "just because" and that they would need to send a service person out to verify the problem still existed.
I'm tired of the run around. I'm going to take it as far as I can go to make them honor their "money-back"gaurantee

Called for mole removal told would not harm pets and cost 1500.00 but if signed up for pest control then only cost 500.00 paid it called numerous times for mole removal appointment finally came and said the dogs could not be around bait cancelled service ask for refund many many calls later and nothing but run around and still not refund. Terminix sucks,,,,,,

Trying to get multiple quotes from various termite and pest control companies to determine best deal...... I would hate to have to walk around my house with every single company to do their own "Free" inspection to then tell me what it will cost me. 3 other local companies were very helpful over the phone and gave me a ball park figure. TERMINIX stated they could NOT give me a quote and then kept saying stuff to tell me how important it was that they send their own guys out to inspect the property and how the cost can vary quite a bit based on their findings BUT still not quote. The customer service was rude and poor. I have both my square footage and my linear footage, but they still said they could not give me a quote.

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