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[redacted] N [redacted],
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You enrolled into document preparation services, with a company other than USSLS. The service contract was assigned to us and any misinformation on...

the front end is unbeknownst to us. Our system was being updated with the most recent PSLF paperwork and unfortunately, you received an expired document which the DOE should have still accepted. Our goal is to ensure client satisfaction and according to our money back guarantee, we will refund any money that has been paid. You should see the refund within 24-48 hours. 
USSLS has helped over
30,000 people with their student loan document preparation and the ownership
sits on the board of the Association For Student Loan Relief, helping lead the
industry with standards of practice and consumer service guidelines.
USSLS Compliance

[redacted], We apologize for your misunderstanding. We have reviewed your file and have also listened to the phone call and the compliance call where you were made aware of the document preparation services we provide as well as the fees. The documents were processed and mailed to the client on 6/2/15. We have completed all contracted obligations and the documents were indeed prepared and mailed to the client for self submission. According to the National Student Loan Database your loans were consolidated on 8/8/15. Fed loans should have processed this into a revised pay as you earn repayment plan, their failure to do so is not the responsibility of USSLH. However, our customer service support will be more than happy to assist you in making sure that Fed Loans processes the paperwork and that they have a revised monthly payment. USSLH does NOT work for the Federal Student Loan Servicers. We are a third party private document preparation company working directly under behalf of the consumers to identify and prepare the necessary documents. Therefore, no refund will be issued as all of the contracted services were rendered and we are willing to help fix Fed Loans error. USSLH has helped over 30,000 people with their student loan document preparation and the ownership sits on the board of the Association for Student Loan Relief, helping lead the industry with standards of practice and consumer service guidelines. Sincerely, USSLH Compliance Department

I was contacted by this company last year after reading about them on Facebook. They went through the qualifying questions on my student loan debt and what my circumstances were at the time. They were able to put me in a program that gave me financial relief the first year. When it came time to recertify Michelle Rose who was handling my account from the beginning was able to get me into a different plan based on my increase in income. I have been very satisfied with the service and professionalism that I have experienced with US Student Loan Services.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I hope for future customers that this business takes as much effort through the whole process of their services as they appeared to do from the beginning. (More efforts in communication will stop further issues in the future such as these.) I have contacted Fed Loans on my own behalf to start processing my income based payments, and do not need any services from this company. I simply would like the money that was charged to my credit card (unauthorized charges) returned and would consider this matter resolved.  I will wait for your business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint closed. Thank you for your time regarding this matter.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

Hi [redacted],
We have reviewed the recorded conversation you had with our representative.  During that call he clearly stated that prior to attempting to consolidate your private loans you should be sure your federal loans are in the best position.  Thus, strengthening...

your financial profile and decrease your monthly obligation to your federal debt.  Our representative explained clearly that after your federal consolidation was taken care of, we would then forward you a partner we work with who can evaluate your private loans to see if you qualify.  Our representative was very clear in his statement that we do not work with private debt and that our part was working to identify which program(s) you qualify for and then completing the necessary steps to qualify you into that federal program.  Upon review of this complaint we have completed our obligation to the agreement and based on evaluating the phone call USSLS was not misleading.  We value our brand and the experience of our clients and will refund your service fee, to ensure satisfaction.  This will be mailed in the form of a check to the address we have on file.  
Please confirm this is the correct address:
Thank You
USSLS Management
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

We apologize for the miscommunication, a refund has already been initiated. You should receive a check in the mail in the next 3-5 business days. We hope that you are placed in a program that best fits your needs today and in the future. 
USSLS Compliance Department
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

I have yet to receive a refund for this claim.  Can you provide a status update!  It's been over a month since the case was closed.  Thank you!

Thank you for expressing your concern with your current serviced provided by USSLS.  In reviewing your file we have discovered the following:
1. Your loans were not consolidated as stated in your consumer complaint.  View the attached screenshot...

of your loan profile and you'll see you have 16 trade lines of credit on your loan profile.  They were serviced by two separate companies, however, they have not been fully consolidated.
We reviewed the call with our representative and discovered the purpose behind the consolidation documents being prepared putting you into an IBR program, it was to remove the default and bring you current on the default loans.  
We apologize for the confusion.  USSLS takes pride in full disclosure.  Our client agreement states that we're a third party working today and in the future on the behalf of our clients to identify the best programs for their current needs and then completing the necessary documentation to achieve that result.  In addition, our compliance call and Quality Control call further identify the process and disclosures.
Per our money back guarantee if you're not satisfied we will refund the money paid for the services rendered.  It's important you fully understand that to date, you have NOT consolidated your loans and you have loans in default, failure to take care of this may result  in wage garnishment and tax garnishment, in addition, to further damage to  your credit report.
USSLS has helped over 18,000 with their student loan relief program document preparation and sits on the board of the Association For Student Loan Relief, helping lead the industry with standards of practice and consumer service guidelines.  Your refund should process within 48 hours.
thank you

Tuve una excelente experiencia con la compañia.
Muy placentetera y recomendable la comunicacion, el servicio y el pofesionalismo como trabajaron conmigo. Estoy muy agradecida

USSLS services have been more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure you understand your loans, the payment plans, and the options you have to save. They are committed to you personally, will handle the federal government phone calls that make you wait 47 minutes for someone who can't even answer your questions, and file the complicated paperwork accurately. They know what many don't, and will tell you what many won't. They have been nothing but professional, courteous, and pleasant to deal with.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved. I will keep you posted.

Thank you for expressing your concern.  We take all complaints and accusations of misinformation to the consumer very seriously.  After review of this complaint and of your file we have found that all disclosures were properly addressed during your free consultation...

and during your client on boarding.  In addition, all work was fully rendered within three days from your enrollment and the completed package was delivered to your residence within 7 days, see attached usps confirmation.  The package had simple instructions, sign where notated, included proof of income (if required), place signed documents back into the pre-addressed envelope and send to the new service provider.
We have attached the necessary documents to this response to confirm the false allegations made towards our company were not warranted.
1. Your completed signed agreement.  
Page one, Paragraph one - we are not the government, we're providing these services for a fee and our service is document preparation.
Page four - stand alone disclosure page, outlining you may choose to do these services on your own and payment to USSLS is not going towards balance of loan
Page six - monthly client advantage program explanation of services and ongoing benefits, including all yearly re-qualifications and support needs.
Page nine - a summary of the benefits of the client advantage program
2. We've attached our third party compliance call, which restates all the items listed in the disclosures our representatives gave you and that in the signed agreement.  This call is you stating you understand all these items and this has been explained to you.
3. Confirmation of delivery of our services within 7 days of enrollment, prior to ever charging the document preparation fee.  After this service was rendered, the signing and mailing of that packet to the new service provider is something you're responsible for and out of our control. 
USSLS has successfully assisted over 20,000 people identify and prepare the documents for qualified federal student loan programs.  We have further given over 250,000 free consultations helping consumers know their options, regardless of their enrollment with our services.  We take pride in proper disclosure and consumer awareness.  After review of this file, USSLS fully rendered all services in a manner that was efficient and complete.  In addition, USSLS did everything in our power to ensure you had full disclosure and understanding of our services., It is our request that this false allegation of misleading and failing to educate the consumer be REMOVED from our profile.  We cannot control false allegations, we can only control the processes we put in place to ensure all consumers are protected and aware of the service our company is providing.
Out of good faith to the consumer we will refund the service fee rendered and request that these false allegations be removed based upon the overwhelming proof that we did indeed inform the consumer of all and what was accused of us was not accurate.
Thank you
USSLS Compliance Department

I have been paying on my loan for over a year now and when I moved they completely stopped taking payments and now I can't find them to save my life. I NOW am receiving bills from Great Lakes. All of the phone numbers and names of people who have helped, none of them work. I can't dial thru to anyone.
Can you please post a phone number to call for help, anyone? Thanks!

Working with USSLH has been wonderful! Every time I call the people are patient, kind and understanding of grumpy, impatient me! I always walk away with my questions answered, a positive outcome and people who understand the process so well it doesn't matter what I don't know - I end up satisfied.

I would recommend them to any and everyone!

I would not hesitate to contact USSLS if you need help with student loan consolidation. Their staff is knowledgeable, personable and extremely helpful. I am saving 80% on my monthly payments since signing up. You will not regret your choice to make a simple phone call. There is a one time enrollment fee, that is sizeable, but at an 80% savings on monthly payments that was not a deterrent. The enrollment fee can also be broken up into payments. Also, I found out while talking to the representative that the company is Christian based and even gives their first fruits back to the local church.

Review: I spoke with a representative from USSLS at the beginning of November 2014 regarding consolidating student loan debt. The representative explained the options I qualified for and quoted me $599 for the processing service. I agreed and was charged $599. I then contacted the representative with doubts a few days later. At this point the representative grew terse and condescending, and reacted to my hesitation flippantly. Desperate to consolidate my debt, I allowed myself to be convinced to stick with the consolidation process. The representative told me I would receive the paperwork within three business days. This was on November 4th 2014.

Now, it is mid-December and I have received nothing. I attempted to contact the representative in early December but she failed to return my phone calls. So, frustrated and disenfranchised with the service I have received-- or, truly NOT recieved, I submitted a request through the USSLS portal to cancel my consolidation on December 15th 2014. A different representative responded via email to tell me my request was processed, but when I inquired as to the status of my refund she said there would be no refund because according to their records I had recwives the consolidation paperwork. I requested that she escalate my complaint to a supervisor, which she did. Her supervisor authorized a 50% refund which is unsatisfactory. I have not received the paid-for service from this company, and have been ridiculed and ignored by multiple representatives.Desired Settlement: I request a check refund in the full amount paid, $599.



We have reviewed your complaint and tracked your file. You enrolled with USSLS on 10/30 a Thursday, Friday we needed to gather more information (10/31) and by the following begin to process your file. Your completed packet was mailed via USPS Priority Mail and tracked as a completed delivery on 11/7. USSLS has fully completed it's work and in addition refunded your fee 50%.

Review: I was contacted by USSLS under the pretext of being my government student loan server Nelnet. I have been making payments to Nelnet for several years and have recently fallen behind. So when I was contacted by USSLS (thinking they were Nelnet) and proceeded to offer me a way to consolidate all of my government loans and I would never have to make another payment, I was very interested. I live soley on social security, live in subsidized housing and have nothing of worth. The promise of never having to make another payment to my student loans was wonderful news. Never once did USSLS correct me when I referred to them as Nelnet who is an official server of government student loans. The requested an initial payment of $50 which I paid via my Visa Card thinking this money was going toward my loan payment for the month of June which I owed. I was then told that I would have to pay $500 and that would it. So I agreed, again thinking this is why I would no longer be making anymore payments. I told them that I could not pay that much at one time so they set me up to pay $250 on the 3rd of July and the 3rd of August as this is when my social security check is deposited. A few days later I received a letter from a new student loan server company. I was curious why Nelnet was transfering me to another server. I called this company and questioned them about what was happening and if they were receiving the $550. They said no and had no knowledge of why I was sending this money. So I called USSLS and they proceeded to tell me that they were not a server they were just a company that for a fee puts me in touch with a new server for a "fee". I got quite upset to think I was going to have to pay someone to do something that I could have done for myself, but as I said I was under the impression they were Nelnet. I went to my bank and told them about my plight and they suggested that I cancel my Visa in order to hopefully stop this what I now call a "legal scam". If they would have been honest with me about who they really were I would never have used their service. I was only given 3 days to decide if I wanted to go through with this proposal so until I realized what was happening it was well past the 3 days and even too late for their 10 days to only lose half of the money. I am guilty of not scruitinizing their paperwork more thouroughly, but I did call them and say I did not want to go through with the consolidation and they said it was too late. So I don't know what will happen since I cancelled my Visa and they will not be able to access my account, but I feel they took advanatage of an elder citizen who lives on nearly nothing. There is more, but I don't want to write a book.Desired Settlement: I just want to be let out of this "legal scam" without being hasseled by them. They may keep the $50 I sent. That should cover the cost of the paper and ink that they used to fax my paperwork to another server. They really did not do anything to deserve $550 especially with me believing this money was going to repay some of my loans.



We have investigated this claim against USSLS and found the following areas of inconsistency with this customer complaint:

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