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Thank you for your concernsI am going to look into this more and come up with some resolution

We will call the debt back from Swift you will no longer owe this debtI do show that our billing company did make several attempts to contact you via phone, its possible the number originally provided was no longer your current numberIt does also show that letters were mailed out but this
address could have changed as wellThe account will be updated and you should receive no further calls.Thanks,

I apologize for the way our staff treated youWas this at our Riverton location? Do you know the name or what the person looked like that was speaking to you in this fashion? We want to make sure this is addressed cause this is not toleratedTypically when we have sales or inrollment fees are
waived, once the special is over we no longer offer that specialWe would love to keep you as a member and be apart of your fitness goals! I will add your fiancé to your account at the $rate, however we are unable to waive the rate guarantee fee for her portionPlease let me know how you would like to proceed Thanks,

The agreement does indicate that there is an annual fee and gives a date of when the fee is chargedHowever I do show the agreement has been cancelled the days were waived and $cancel fee as a courtesy based off the concerns you did haveAt this point we did come up with some type of
resolution, the fee was an owing payment

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: They have deceptive practicesThis month to month gym should’ve stopped charged on the very first month they didn’t receive paymentTo continue on charging me and allowing me to go the gym without notifying me that they are having issues collecting payment, is the definition of wrongful practicesMonth to month is simpleI pay for a month, I’m allowed serviceI don’t pay, I’m not allowed
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: Reviewing my financial records there was no charges from then gold's gym to my valid billing information at the end of the first contract cycle. The lack of charge at the end of the original contract constitutes a lapse in service. Gold's Gym reserves the right to terminate service at any time for any reason without notification, and failure of charge represents an activation of those rights. The next record of an attempted charge has been provided by the collection agency as March 2015, a two year gap in service. To institute service again you need a confirmed response from the client, which your service department nor the collection agency can provide. Again I suggest this is an accounting error on Gold's gym, now Vasa Fitness's part and once again request that a Letter of Dismissal based on accounting error be provided
*** ***

Thank you for reaching out to us, I do show you emailed us to cancel 9/13/16, the cancel survey was finished 9/13/However since there is a 30-day notice to cancel you were prompted after the survery to process your $cancellation fee and the last payment of Since this was
not processed we replied back to you 9/13/stating this was not finished, then also replied back again to your question 9/22/letting you know what needed to be done to finish the cancellationWe are happy to process this for you but the $cancellation fee and the last payment of $does need to be paid

After reading through the concerns we would like to process the cancelled for your personal trainingThere may have been a misunderstanding between the two regulations of each agreement based off what is stated in the original complaintWe do value you as a member and would love to be apart to
your successes

We will process the cancellation and write off the last payment owingThe sessions that have been paid for are still available to use the remaining credits of
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me only on the term that I receive by mail and email that VASA has terminated the personal training contract and that it is now void and that there will be no attempt to collect payment I would also like to receive by mail and email that Paramount Acceptance Correspondence (VASA billing) will not attempt to collect any further payment for the personal training and that they also understand that the contract is void.
*** ***

After reviewing the agreement, we do show the more the calls were made to the same contact number provided with this complaintOur employees are instructed to not give out much information for the privacy of our membersWe are willing to give you the time back to you have paid for but did not
use which is monthsThanks

Thank you for your feedback, we do show some of the information provided at the point of sale matches the contact information send with your complaintWe are happy to adjust off the past due and process a cancellation of the agreement due to lack of usagePlease let us know if you have any
further questions

After reviewing the transactions *** was correct that you would not be billed againThe accounts were cancelled as of 5/22/2015. The member called on 4/22/the day the account was drafted. The cancel policy states a 30-day cancelIn order for the billing of April 22, not
to have drafted the accounts would have to cancel prior to March 22, 2015. The monthly draft pre-pays the next 30-days. The annual fees were due and one of those were refunded which is money returned that was owed via a promissory note. The cancel process was followed and access to the clubs available until 5/22/2015. There is no refund required as the email from *** was follow up that no further billing would be charged.thank you

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: The response from the company is a question for me, which I have no way of answering through the website I only have the option toaccept it or reject it Is there some other form of communication I can have between me and the company?
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: my statement to my trainer via text and in person clearly stated my intent to cancelOn September 1st I asked him to make sure my payment in September was the last payment of the I agreed toHow is that not intent to cancel? You also called him and he told you I intended to cancelYou can't keep my money just because my text wasn't exactly what you thought it should beAlso, your company has failed to respond to my messages which is very poor customer service and why I took actionAnd the fact that you had to refund me for November also proves your company is not taking the steps it should be to provide quality customer service
*** ***

Mr*** ***, Looking over the personal training agreementI do see where you have spoken to our office multiple times in regards to the personal trainingI see that you had sent us the email confirming the cancellation of sessions, which as told to you on 5/31/this was your
scheduled sessions with the trainer being canceled not the contract being canceledYou signed up for a month contract that only could have been canceled early of making all the contractual payments by providing proof of move by relocating more than miles of all VASA location or transferring the remainder of the contract to someone else both involving a $fee. When you processed the charge backs with your bank this put you in delinquency for the remainder of your contractOur billing company has been attempting to resolve this balance since the point of becoming delinquentWe would be happy to resolve this matter for you in house, but you will need to pay the final owing contractual payment of $Please let me know if you have any questions

Please supply your membership number and barcode numberthank youl

As a resolve we are will the waive the $return feeThe total past due amount to be paid will be $***We can give you call and update this over the phone.Thanks

Thank you for reaching out to us, I do apologize you have not received your cancellation notification this was emailed to you 8/15/to email ***I have also attached a copy of the confirmation in the responseIf the email above is correct it is possible it ended up in your
junk email

We will process a cancellation for your personal training agreement effective 7/20/The two monthly payment drafted of $will be refunded back to your visa card ending in ***Thank you so much for your feedback we are always looking for ways to improve out member experience and educate our staff Please let us know if you have any further questions

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