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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: As I stated clearly, we are not receiving the 40% savings nor do I have any documentation, and I have my contract, that shows I would only accept this for a year termI did not anywhere state I didn't agree to a 40% savings, rather I didn't agree to is your 23% savings based against my calculations of 19.3% from the CPS bills You did not state in depth how you came upon your calculations; you sent me an email with the numbers and I had not informed you what I calculated at that point due to not agreeing to the proposed resolution It's hard enough to get in touch with you or anyone at GEE and for you to state otherwise is dishonorable We have clear records of many attempts for communication and I had already sent in those CPS bills twice before but it was always the same response, the person I sent them to either no longer works there or they are unable to be retreived Thank you for sending the document [redacted] wrote on as it clearly shows a 40% savings based on doing what he recommended and which we indeed did do In conclusion, I have no documentation for a year term period and if you had there would be no reason for you not to send it here Simply stating GEE made changes to this language does not change that I do not have any documentation stating I accepted a year term I do not accept the resolution you have presented because, again, the savings does not add up to the 40% monthly I am out a lot of money while a neighbor I referred you to is now getting panels installed for just over $17,which do not include her rebates Your company, GEE, should do what it takes to remain in good standing with prior customers I continue to wait and be hopeful that will happen Regards, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute.I could not get the attached files to send to; therefore, I have sent the invoices directly to [redacted] Regards, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute June 18, 2015, we signed a contract with Global Efficient energies to have solar panels installed on our antebellum homeIn August, the panels were installed, but they failed inspectionAfter numerous unanswered calls, ignored voicemails, unanswered e-mails, and being shuffled from one person to another when I was actually able to get in touch with a personthe electrical work was finally redone in early Yeta bill for over $27,was coming in every single month for products that were not functioningAfter the panels were installed correctly, they were never TURNED onGEE always pointed the finger at Entergy saying they were not filling the work order, yetafter talking to many people at Entergy, it was determined that the work order was not put in until after a very irate call to a "representative of GEE" from myself in JANUARY It is now March 23, and my panels are NOT connectedGEE and all of it's representatives have also not returned any means of communication from myself since January though I've left numerous voicemails and emails with various persons in both Texas and LouisianaAlsothe paperwork given to me BY GEE representatives to "file my taxes" has the incorrect date on itA date that is later than the agreement and with the tax deduction being vastly smallerI also have NO notarized legal paper that is needed to file the paperwork with the stateI CANNOT file my taxes! I have spent an absurd amount of time calling, e-mailing, and actually talking to people who know nothing at GEETime that has cost me vast amounts of moneyOver the course of the past months, I have contacted no less than people in states by no less than means of communication, to resolve my issue and as of yet, it is not resolved and GEE doesn't seem to want to resolve the issue with me.TranslateDesired Resolution / OutcomeDesired Resolution:RefundselectDesired Outcome:At his point, I do not want the panelsI do not want anything to do with this unethical business and I want everything removed, repaired, and I need to be recompensated for the damages to my property incurred on the shoddy installation, my lost time and revenue, and the bill I'm receiving monthly for a product that is NOT WORKING voidedMost of all, I need contact with a competent person who is able to resolve this issue! Regards, [redacted]

Ms [redacted] , I definitely understand your concernsGEE will do what we can to ensure you are receiving the reduction mentioned to youOur internal process is that we must obtain months prior to installations kWh statements (electric bill) so we can record the usage per each monthThese are to be submitted by the 15th of the following month after signing your contractThen, each month after the installation for months you are to submit you kWh statements so we can sufficiently monitor the dataWe ask to analyze a full months so we can compare month/month and season/seasonTo our knowledge and experience this is the best way to sufficiently monitor your usageIf you would, please submit to me via e-mail your kWh usage statements from May of - Current so I can put the data togetherOnce reviewed if I see there is a savings issue we will then request our electrician to perform a system check for youI will also send this to you via e-mailLet me know if you have any questions in regards I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below On 8-24-15, I received a KwH usage chart from [redacted] that was incorrect; I corrected it on 8-24-and returned it to her the same day WITH the latest electric billShe mentioned she would "see what she could do." As of this day 8-24-GLOBAL IS NOW UP TO DATE WITH ALL ELECTRIC BILLS FROM AND I hadn't heard back the rest of the week until today (days later)Today [redacted] sent an email asking if I have received my latest electric billI replied promptly explaining that the next bill is not generated until mid-month September She replied and mentioned that she would like to send somebody out to "make sure everything is functioning properly, and she cannot do the analysis until January 2016." I'm uncertain what analysis she is talking aboutI replied to her inquiring an explanation of the analysis in January? I also told her: I was under the assumption that (after waiting days) she was going to get back with me this week and offer several options at this point (as mentioned on a previous email)I'm a little blown away how long this process takesRegardless of the analysis [redacted] would like to schedule January 2016, we will continue NOT TO BENEFIT from our underperforming solar panelsJanuary is a long time; I have concerns that it is not a priority for Global to resolve this issue as quick as possibleI am uncertain what the analysis is going to show GLOBAL that electric bills aren’t already PROVING?!? We are in September and with the information from at least 7-months of electric bills DEFINITELY SHOWS THAT WE ARE A CUSTOMER WITH VERY LIMITED SAVINGS INCLUDING A VERY HIGH MONTHLY LOAN TO COVER SOLAR PANELS THAT ARE NOT SAVING 60-75% DEDUCTION FROM MY ELECTRIC BILL AS GUARANTEED BY GLOBALAt this point Global continues to disappoint me proving how little they care about their customers; I feel as if my case if definitely not a priority, because I only hear from them at the time the day response is required by the Revdex.comJanuary means no resolutions for another months? Regards, [redacted]

It's now almost DecemberI have bills for solar panels, interest grows every month, and no one will return my calls OR actually transfer me to someone with any position to rectify the situation Regards, [redacted] have been in touch with [redacted] I left a return message on her voice-mail on the 11thI haven't heard from her We have played a few games of hit or miss Also, I have been waiting for an email from Ms [redacted] stating this agreement I just searched my email I have not received an official copy on company letterhead with the agreement between Enerbank and Global Efficient Energy to refund me

Thank you again for your quick response to our letterI did in fact, speak to Mr [redacted] on Wednesday of last week and it was at that time that he told me he had a pressing matter that he had to attend toand would get back to me as quickly as possibleIt was a day or so before that, when he and we did not have a mutual agreementWe have been very patient with our complaintsWe have been trying now since thebeginning of the new year to get these issues resolvedConsidering this all started 09/14/2014, I would say that we have been very patient indeedWe look forward to speaking to someone, anyone, that will be willing to discuss our proposal on Wednesday, February 10,

I have sent emails that go unanswered, even when I ask multiple times if anyone has gotten themnot until I make a fuss does someone answer and usually just to tell me that someone else was supposed to respondi have also left voicemails that go unresponded to, in particular from [redacted] Finally, once I submitted this complaint, I received an actual response that was more than one sentence long and wasnt just a deferral of responsibilityi look forward to the proposed resolution

GEE's representive that asked me to contact him has treated me extremely rude in the past and I have full reason to believe that he will do the same againHe told me if he wanted to hear talk like I was speaking he would go back to his ex-wifeI choose not to submit myself to his anger and rudenessI have submitted my desires in the report and Gee should respond to me by email how they intend on making things rightSpeaking on the phone to GEE has proven hopeless and incredibly frustratingThe lawyer that wants to talk to me has no intention of resolving the matterHis goal is to only intimidate me and delay the matter even longerGEE has already delayed an extremely long time and I have not received any calls or emails of concern from the people I have worked with in the past regarding this report Only this last email that says to contact him at my earliest convience If GEE has anything of value to offer, then put it in writing and submit itYour words on the phone are lies

To make an attempt in good faith to resolve this matter without further delay, Global would like to offer to cover 50% of your claim We hope you consider this offer in good faith to resolving these matters

I've copied below the recent email correspondence between Mrs [redacted] and [redacted] your energy auditor over the last hours From the below conversation please note we have not been provided any usage or data for your home Per the email one of our service representatives will be in contact with you within hours to discuss your concerns and game plan to resolve your concerns We appreciate your willingness to work with us toward a common goal***, I sincerely apologize about the misunderstanding, but I always mention I can help you get your previous energy bills via your utility provider's website if you're unable toWe have no way of obtaining that information as everything is under your name However, we want to be able to assist you on this matterI will get with our service department and have someone get in contact with you ***

Hi Mrs [redacted] , I sincerely apologize that you have been unable to reach anyone in the Houston officeI have sent out a notification to my team to contact you to schedule a service call for your products to be inspected and verify they are working properlyAdditionally I have requested that your energy provider switch over be completed ASAPI have requested all of the above to take place within the next hoursI will follow up each day to ensure this is being doneThank you for your patience I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below.Despite a promise that the Austin office would contact us within 24-hours of the complaint's receipt, we have heard NOTHING from themI attempted to contact [redacted] by e-mail as well, and have not received a replyWe are now three and a half business days removed from GEE's receipt of the complaint and, aside from vague promises posted here, have made no progress--or indeed, had any communication regarding--actually solving our problemGiven the time limits imposed by the system, I have no choice but to reject GEE's essentially non-existent response Regards, [redacted] MESSAGE FROM BUSINESS:For the complaint filed for [redacted] , we have agreed to replace the ducts as [redacted] has requestedMaterials are being purchased this week and the work will be performed next week [redacted] has been made aware.Thank you - [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I did not agree to terms of the loan I have asked and emailed the representative the price of the fans, and asked for an invoice of the amount This has neither been provided or the price determined I have no problems paying for fans if I know how much was the total I will not pay for anything under terms for a loan, I DID NOT AGREE with in the quality control call on 10/18/or the original contract call (WHICH STILL HAS NOT BEEN PROVIDED AS REQUESTED SINCE IT IS THE CONTRACT CALL THAT IS IN DISPUTE) To continue to suggests that I agree to the terms of a loan, is not that I am misunderstanding, but is the company's willful disregard of admitting that the loan they supplies is at issue I do realize I cannot be the only customer with this complaint, and maybe the do not want to seem culpable in such a financing scheme My conditions for paying for the fans:An invoice for the fans and laborThe agreed upon terms of the loan if needed to pay for said fans and labor due to unknown costThe return of the total charged amount plus any interest charged to GreenSky the creditor I will not enter into another agreement with this company without spelling out the exact terms of payment and cost in writing I WILL NOT use the loan by GreenSky which is the foundation of this dispute.I did try to resolve this issue with [redacted] via email She wanted to make sure it was all documented by Revdex.comFor that reason, I include the email messages:10/21: Me:Friday, October 21, 12:PMYou have not responded Have you received the $8250? I have already paid for fans Why are you asking me to pay again?Please send the invoice of the cost you charged for the fansI have the charge saying that GEE has charged me.Please clarify your position on this matter Do you say I owe you more or that you have returned the to the lender and now I owe you for the fans?You have my contact information Please let me know [redacted] October 21, 2016, at 12:PM, We have responded to your complaint and they are currently reviewing our responseWe are going to keep all communication limited to only that way it’s all properly documentedYou should receive our response soon if you haven’t already and can list any questions you have on thereThank you for your timeMe: Oct 21, at 1:PMSo you say in your response for me to contact you now you saying not to contact you? [redacted] : Oct 21, at 1:PMNoIn no way am I saying to not contact me or anyone in this companyI am saying to contact me through only so we can have everything documented properlyI have tried to make good on paying for the fans, but again, what every customer would expect, an invoice for the work performed has not only not be provided, but actually withheld If Global Efficient Energy can come to an agreement with the said terms, I will accept that offer Regards, [redacted]

Your response that you have an assurance in place regarding the savings is not reassuring An apology that that the assurance payout was not described in such detail reflects a deceitful sales practice The sales representative confirmed that my Electric service provider would allow electricity to be sent back into the grid, that is one of the initial reasons I changed to the current electric service provider At no time has the reduced cost in energy been attributed to the solar panels rather it was attributed to my conservation of energy usage There have been no signs of solar energy being used to offset my energy cost through my Electric service provider As of December 3rd your company now has months of electricity billing statements that reflect no solar energy credits or savings reduced my energy costs I will await a response that hopefully addresses these issues

Ms [redacted] :I understand that you have began having discussions with the company's Operations Executive, and those discussions have been amicable and productiveYou forwarded your bills, which included some adjusted invoicesThose invoices enable us how to determine any savings shortfalls you may have experienced to dateI also understand that in light of the physical characteristics of your home, one of the remedies proposed to you is not something that is possibleWith that in mind, I anticipate a timely resolution to your concernsThank you for being so pleasantWe truly look forward to resolving your complaint

First, we can appreciate the fact that you feel very bad for how upset we are, that however, does not resolve the issues at hand hereAs you stated in your response “solar panels produce electricity .and your home uses it if installed correctly.” Well, therein lays one of the many issues we have been having with your productsIf the solar panels that Global Energy has installed here in our home are supposed to produce electricity, then we should have observed a decrease in our electricity bill due to the help that “should” have been provided from the panels producing electricity, but instead we have observed an increase in our electricity billThis of course you already know about, because we have already sent you all the bills from our electrical provider Second, we understand that you cannot control what a city inspector does or how they perform their jobYou (Global Energy) can however control what your own employees do or do not do, and how they perform or don’t perform their job related taskThis of course is in regards to the poor customer service experience we have received due to the “miscommunication” or lack thereof between all of the varying customer service representatives and other Global Energy employeesWhen a customer service representative set a scheduled appointment with us in regards to the ongoing issues we have been having, and then explained to us that “she wanted to send a crew out to check the whole system since your warranty covers more than just the panels.”, we expected a full on crew of Global Energy employeesInstead we were greeted by one lone employee who was a Global Energy electrician, and he just happened to be the same Global Energy electrician that had been out to our home previously, of which is the one and same electrician that found that the solar panels had not been turned on When we were told a crew would be coming out to inspect the whole system, we expected a “crew” of Global Energy employeesWe were expecting the “whole system” to be checkedWe were expecting the “solar panels, reflective barrier, solar attic wind turbine vents, the thermal attic tent, and all the work that was performed to complete the Global Energy system by Global Energy employees” to be checkedAs your Global Energy electrician left, we realized that he never checked anything other than the electrical boxHe never got on the roof and checked the solar panels, or went into the attic to check the reflective barrier and solar attic wind turbine vents, or checked the thermal attic tent, or all the work that was performed to complete the Global Energy system by Global Energy employees So, we emailed a representative, who told us we would have to schedule another appointment to have the “whole system” checked and that Global Energy was sorry for the “MISCOMMUNICATION”MiscommunicationI think not! Global Energy said that they would send a “crew” out to check the “whole system” The definition of a crew is “a group of people who work together, (”, meaning more than one personThere was no “MISCOMMUNICATION” to be had, Global Energy did not perform the services they were supposed to perform, and then attempted to play off the problem as it was a “Miscommunication” on our (the customers) part, of which is completely unprofessional and shows a total lack of respect toward any and all customers Third, our HVAC system is maintained through the same company we purchased the entire HVAC system from, and our warranty coverage includes seasonal maintenance, tune ups, clean outs, filter exchanges, and many more relevant items and servicesThe most recent maintenance was performed this past summer, which has allowed our HVAC system to stay up to code and running just as efficient as it was before the installation of any Global Energy productsIn regards to your question concerning the most current HVAC system checkup and if we could provide the with our most current HVAC system maintenance checkup for review Yes we can, once we receive a copy from the companyAlso, since we have a maintenance warranty agreement with the company we purchased the HVAC from, it would be unwise to have anyone else other than them check our HVAC system due to the possibility of voiding our maintenance warranty agreementSo as you can see, it does matter who checks the HVAC system out Fourth, in viewing the other complaints that have been filed against Global Energy through the, there seems to be a trendThe trend seems to be that the products you provide don’t work as advertised, regardless of how many products your customers have installedThat is misrepresentation on Global Energy’s part and outright deceitful We state this, because well we have proof through our bills that we are saving nothing and that the products don’t work, plus the complaints from othersYet, we (the customer) are supposed to just take your (Global Energy’s) word as proof that your products work? Your (Global Energy’s) “word as proof “that your products work, hold no value up against the stack of physical evidence showing that they don’t Last, we have followed Global Energy’s instructions in regards to sending them our electricity bills for them to viewGlobal Energy has offered more panels, but we have refused the offer due to the fact that the two we have don’t work and the many complaints from people on the that there is no savings, no matter how many panels the customer hasWe have persevered through numerous customer service representatives and now managers or CEO’s, explaining in great detail and length the many issues we have with Global Energy’s products and services, having each time to re-explain the entirety of the whole ordeal to each new person The lack of communication on Global Energy’s part is infuriating, and we have never been more dissatisfiedGlobal Energy’s response to our complaint to the is an outright shameful attackWith each complaint Global Energy gives the same or similar scripted response, showing that they really don’t care about their customersGlobal Energy has made no other attempts to contact us besides here on the, since our email to Global Energy’s manager at the beginning of NovemberWe state this because, Global Energy acts like this is the first time they have heard of the issues we have been having, and they (Global Energy) act like we (the customer) have not sent any information to them in regards to the provider bills, when they know we have a certified letter of receipt showing they received the provider bills alreadyWe take great offense to the way in which Global Energy has treated usGlobal Energy is trying to put on a show for the in their attempt to cover up what issues we have been having over the past year with them as a company In conclusion, we are still seeking a full refund of the purchase price of all Global Energy products that were installed, the removal of said products, and the repair of any damage incurred due to the removal of any and all Global Energy productsCertain products once removed would need to be replaced to complete the repair because of the damaged incurredItems such as the attic vent wind turbines would need to be replaced due to the removal of Global Energy productsWe believe that given the degree of frustration and the long-standing issues at hand, it would be a show of good faith from Global Energy to put the customer first and make this situation rightIf Global Energy truly wants to resolve this matter, they would agree to the resolution we are seeking I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

***It is a pleasure getting to speak with you again, I hope you're doing wellI have to say that when you had originally contacted me on 10/11/regarding your concerns I was under the impression that I had adequately explained process to reveal the true amount of savings you've receivedI have been in constant contact with you since and let you know immediately that I was going to do everything I could to resolve the issues as well take the appropriate action to resolve themAs far as I'm aware, I'm still waiting to hear back from you with the final bill to be able to complete the AnalysisUnfortunately, there is not much I can do until then because I need to know the exact amount of savings or lack thereof to have a better idea of what's going on so I can execute the best plan of actionPlease let me know what else I can do in the meantime to better help you as I await the final billI look forward to hearing from youRegards, [redacted]

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