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The sale person, [redacted] was greatI was able to purchase my new furniture without any troubleHowever, the delivery experience today was horribleThe delivery guys were trying every trick in the book to get out of bringing my couch to my 4th floor apartmentFirst, they tried to pull off saying that it's a corporate policy to not deliver furniture to anything above floorsThen they came back and said, "Well, this just isn't an easy job." They went so far as to take my kitchen table and chairs back downstairs to put it back in the truck, to which I followed them and told them they were stealing from meI had to speak with their manager to get them to bring my furniture (that I'd already paid for) up to my apartmentIf you want an easy job, than get a job doing something elseKeep in mind that I've purchased my share of furniture over the years, and have been through a few long distance moves, including having professional movers delivering couches, washer/dryers, etc., and never had such a bad experience getting furniture or appliances deliveredNeedless to say, I called the store today and cancelled the second part of my orderI will not tolerate such treatment from their delivery people again

My husband and I purchased a bedroom set and set of living room tables on March 5th from the Rooms to Go store in Kissimmee, FloridaWe were told the tables and the mirror for our bedroom set were on backorder and they could only schedule deliveriesTherefore the bedroom set was delivered on March 19th and the Mirror was scheduled for delivery on May 31stThe tables were supposed to be scheduled for pick up in Lakeland (40minutes each way from my home) for March 28thWhen I called on March 28th, yes, I had to call to verify before heading out there that the tables were there as this was a long driveWhen I called, I found out that one of the tables was on backorder until late AprilI then stated I would call right back as I wanted to let my husband knowWhen I called back minutes later I was told that now two of the tables were on backorder until May 18thThis was very upsetting as no one called to inform meI was told by customer service the store should have informed me, but of course when I called the store they said the warehouse should have calledCustomer service told me that the store may be able to apply free shipping as apparently the original sales agent in Kissimmee, Royan, forgot to lock in the March 28th pick up date for the tablesWhen I spoke to several people and after several phone calls, the store manager, Jason, stated he could not do free shipping and that the tables would not be ready until middle of MayHe stated I could come in and sign and pay for shipping and possibly get the $back store credit and he verified that it seemed as though the original agent never locked in the pick up dateI also saw that if the tables were ordered online I could get them next week, however when I told the Kissimmee store this they stated that once I paid online I would see the tables were backordered! That is robbery and insanity that you have to pay for furniture thinking it is available only to find out after the fact you won't get it for weeks or in my case months!

I recently moved across country and was in need of some furnitureI stopped at the local Rooms To Go and had a really good experience with the salesmanAll together I left after purchasing about pieces for $5,Unfortunately, my experience with Rooms To Go went downhill from there To avoid a lengthy wait for a weekend delivery, I took a half-day off of work for the deliveryWhen the delivery showed up the drivers showed me one of the pieces, still on the truck, that was visually damaged when someone in the warehouse cut a large hole in the boxWhy they would even load a damaged piece onto the truck is beyond meWhen the drivers started to put a table together, it was damaged even more than the otherFollowing the delivery a representative called me to ask if I was all set with the deliveryWhy wouldn't they talk with the drivers before calling me to know there was a problem? I explained the issues I had and the representative was not very helpfulHer tone clearly suggested hat she thought I was the one who did the damageShe then told me the pieces could be replaced, but provided a delivery date a month outThe fact that I needed to wait another month for their mistake was unbelievableI went back into the store to speak with my salesman and he got the delivery down to two weeks; still a little long for my liking Two days before the second delivery I had a work emergency and had to fly out of townI called to reschedule the delivery and they told me it couldn't be changed within hours and the truck was already packedThere was no way to get the pieces off the truckA couple hours later I found out there was a slight chance that I could change my flight to get back into town for the deliveryI called the customer center once again to see if they could still deliver the itemsSomehow in the couple of hours that passed the items that "could in no way be taken off the truck" were now off the truck and unavailable for deliveryI'm now waiting another month for the deliveryAll of this because their warehouse people cut inexplicably cut a large hole in a box, allowing the piece to be damaged, and then decided it was alright to send that piece out for delivery Needless to say, I would definitely think twice about buying furniture with Rooms To Go again

OK, I have read some of the reviews of this business "Room To Go"I have had a recent experience with the 'on-line' ordering folksInitially I ordered the Cindy Crawford Hillside dinette set counter high! -4legged table w/ chairs, and the matching curio cabinetI was leery to order this 'site-unseen', but pulled the trigger anywayI live and ordered this from my home in be delivered to my newly acquired condo in SarasotaMy family was there for the delivery, I was notIt was all delivered on far The set was there week before I got there for a day visit...When I woke up the 2nd day, I noticed a cracked leg on side of the table Since I was only going to be there more days I called Customer service..explaining the misfortune of the 'cracked leg'I asked 'Jody' from Internet Customer Service that I'd like her to really ask herself WHY she was a CService repShe followed through in a huge way, getting the parts guy's to UPS overnight a new legIt arrived the day before I flew home, so I was able to replace it in timeJody went out of her way for me and I couldn't have been happier! Jody? You ROCK ladyThx so much for doing above and beyondI thought I'd have to pull teeth, but you really came throughThank youI'm a very satisfied customerNo BS

I purchased simple pieces of furniture; a mirror and end tables Getting it delivered was not only a nightmare; but their customer service was the absolute worst experience!!! First, they sent the furniture to an old address more than miles away I caught their mistake BEFORE the delivery dateI called and spoke to people AND emailed the customer service department to correct it BEFORE my scheduled delivery date NOT ONE person corrected it and I was forced to change the delivery date When I spoke to a store manager, there was no apology and no offer to try to do something to get the delivery to the right address; but instead this manager tried to chastise ME, saying I must have given them the wrong address; despite the fact the receipt handed to me before I left the store had the correct, current address!!! NOT ONE PERSON accepted responsibility for their mistake and made absolutely NO attempt to accommodate my time, calling, emailing and taking time off work waiting for them to correct their error! Instead I was told I would have to wait another entire week to accommodate THEIR schedule Rooms To Go delivery fees are EXTENSIVE! They did not even offer to refund the delivery fee After I had to make calls and the email; I asked for a refund of the delivery fee via email No response! I had to make yet ANOTHER phone call and after another confusing conversation about why they still had not corrected my address, they agree to refund the delivery fee but ONLY if I called back AGAIN - after the delivery One might think that after all this, a customer service person might have contacted the delivery person and said something like; "hey, we really messed up with this one, could you please make it a priority" But no, instead I waited all afternoon only to get a call that they would be an HOUR LATE; after PM I had an appointment that evening and had to threaten them that if they did not show up I was going to cancel the entire order and I wanted a refund Amazingly, they arrived only minutes passed the HOUR window of time they insist you wait! Then I had to make yet another painful call to make sure I was refunded the delivery fee I was promised; which they told me could take up to DAYS!!! How does this company have an A+ rating with a 93% negative response from consumers???

This is the worst purchase i've ever made! I ordered my furniture Feb 6th and requested delivery for Wed feb 10th which my salesman promised I will have my furnitureCome to find out the so called 3rd party company don't even deliver on WedSo cancelled my order and went to another location hoping to get a salesman that knows what hes talking about and deserve my commission Tues Feb 9th I reordered my furniture at a different location and was told delivery was available on sat 7am-11amI excepted the time frame to stay home all day and to never receive my furnitureIts now Feb 15th and still have no deliverySpoke with a manager from my purchase location..and now i'm possibly waiting til Feb 19th or the following week for one couch!!...This will be the first and last time I purchase from this place!

I am at awe on how Room to Go Sale Reps treated me as a customer I visited the Room To Go in Raleigh, NC on Glenwood Rd, on September 26th @ about 1:30ish pm I had been going up there several times throughout that prior week looking for furniture for my new home However, I went after work which means I had on my business attireI had no problem with Sale Reps coming up to me asking me if I needed any help or let them know if I found something I like etc On Sunday, September 27th, I was dressed down and not one person out of the Sale Rep I waked passed asks me if I needed help or anything I was so disappointed because I was ready to purchase the furniture that day, since I had closed on my house on the 22nd of September If this is policy of Room To Go to train their sale reps to only reach out to certain type of people, then I will never shop at any of the room to goI have never been treated with that type of non-respect and will not start now Room To Go Shame on you Shopper's be aware of how you are being treated; remember it is your money please let not support negative type of behavior in any store

On Jan11, I purchased a furniture package that included a recliner sectional, w/ consoles, t.vstand, and a 50' LED Sharp T.V Paid in full! I had to wait days after delivery to get the t.v No problem; I waited Delivery was made, but the delivery men were in such a hurry that they didn't put the sectional together properly My boyfriend had to do it when he came home from work Second, the t.vconsole was severely damaged from the moment the delivery man took it out of the crate He assured me that I would get a replacement in 3-days Feeling unsure of his word I called customer service a few days later They had no record of the console being delivered damaged Good thing I called The customer service employee told me that a replacement would be sent out, and that I would get a call in a few days giving me the delivery date After waiting another week a repairman shows up at my door Where was the replacement stand as promised???? He immediately said that the damages were too bad for repair, and that I needed a replacement Well, that's what I thought they were going to do in the first place After all, they are the ones that delivered it already damaged So now it's days later, and I am still waiting for a call from Rooms to Go to tell me what's going on My next issue is the t.v When I bought the furniture deal the salesman told me that after days from date of delivery my Best Buy card would be activated and I can go pick up the t.v So days later I call Rooms to Go to make sure my card is activated, like the salesman told me to do I spoke to an employee there and she assured me that the card was activated I go to Best Buy to pick up my t.vand found out my card was not activated They didn't know why I spoke to a manager at Rooms to Go on the phone to find out why She didn't even know, but told me that I couldn't get my t.vthat day I was very upset, and annoyed by this time I told her that this was unacceptable I wanted the phone number to their headquarters, and later found out the number she gave me was to their customer service, instead I felt betrayed Customer Service had me on hold for nearly minutes before my call was answered I was on the phone with the representative for what seemed like forever, and she had me on hold Finally, she came back and told me that the reason why the card didn't get activated was because the day before was a holiday I was beyond angry, but I managed to stay calm Needless to say, I didn't get the t.vthat day The next day my card was activated, and I went back to Best Buy Now, they didn't have the stock, and they had to order it Or, I could drive miles one way to the nearest Best Buy, and pick it up there I could no longer wait! I ended up going miles one day to get the t.v I am so frustrated with Rooms to Go that I will not do business with them again I still don't have my t.vconsole, and I will probably have to call them myself to find out what is going on

In January I purchased approximately $12,in furniture for my rental home in Panama City Beach Fl The saleswoman was lovely and very helpful The furniture was delivered and installed A living room set and bedrooms including bunk beds One of the bunk beds had a defective guard rail that was cracked and broken The installer said he would have the company contact me to arrange to have a new guard rail installed I received a call from customer service and thought this was the call to arrange service I gave them information thinking they would contact my manager as I had left for my residence in MN My manager called me a few weeks later wondering if I had arranged to have the problem fixed I told her that I thought I had done so but that I would call Rooms To Go to determine what the problem might be There were multiple calls to customer service and finally I a service call was arranged The day of service my manager said that the delivery driver showed up with the wrong part I never received a call from RTG to arrange another service date Instead I had to go through the process of contacting them, remain on hold and then repeat my story in order to arrange a third service date The date was set and I was told I would get a one hour service call I was in town and planned to drive to the house which is a minute drive or 1/hours round trip When I called at 10:30am to find out when the delivery was made I learned that the delivery could come at any time between 7am and 10pm This was the first time I had ever been told about the 7am-10pm delivery time After asking if they could narrow the time frame I was told that most likely the delivery would be after the delivery driverâ s 1-4pm deliveries were made I had some tasks to do in Panama City and went to the house thinking that perhaps the driver would call when I was at the house I waited till after 5:30pm and there was no call At just after 8:30pm I received a call from the driver who apologized profusely saying that his partner called in sick and he had been making deliveries all day on his own I told him that I was years old and that I would not be making a hour drive at that time of night, particularly as it was spring break and the beach traffic was in full gear It is bumper to bumper at that time of night I contacted the store the next day and after a lengthy process I was told that it would take one week to get a replacement part, that there was no separate customer service process and that all deliveries went through the same processWhen I asked the store manager if he would take back the furniture as defective furniture he noted that he would but that it was against store policy It was at that point that I learned that RTG has a no return policy I was aghast that a defective piece of furniture would be considered an item that could not be returned, merely replaced I was told that this is stated on the back of the purchase documents In summary, I am years old and an educated professional In all of my adult years I have never experienced such poor customer service Everyone makes mistakes It is not whether you make a mistake it is what you do when it happens RTG made a mistake and I was more than willing to be reasonable about their fixing the problem However, their poor customer service is the worst I have ever encountered and it seems to be a system that the company does not really care about fixing Every employee I spoke with quietly acknowledged that what I experienced is a wide spread problem within the company They all seemed ashamed, knowing that this is not the way to treat people The problem should be priority one for RTG They are clearly using celebrity endorsements to secure new business that will expand and increase their sales and profits Were that they would reinvest some of the money into keeping their customers happy I WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM ROOMS TO GO AGAIN Further I will make it my mission to ensure that others are made aware of their practices and policies so that they can shop with the competitors of RTG

First I want to point out it took almost three months to receive my reclinerIt was originally supposed to be delivered February 29th which was much too long considering when we ordered it (January 2)We almost changed out minds at the beginning of February because my mother-in-law who lives with us suffered a blood clot from sitting in camping chairsSince it was too late and the CS rep didn't bother calling back my wife who had called to cancel if they couldn't deliver sooner, we decided to wait it outOne week before delivery time (which I was really excited about) we received a call from RTG to let me know my chair, which was actually ready before the couch when we ordered it, would now not be delivered until, March 22, I knew ranting and raving wouldn't help and I wrote RTG to explain my frustration and had not heard back from them for over a weekDistraught, we waited, until I finally heard back in a sterile email which wanted some information I decided to blow off because it was far too late after such a long wait in the first place When we received the couch, the delivery people had to take it apart because it was too heavy for the guy who was in training which is likely the reason the back-rest became loose and we had to call a repair person and the coffee table was damagedIt was going to take a few weeks before they could send anyone to repair eitherReally unacceptableBTW, the repair is noticeable; the repairman really did a poor job Now a new complaint: The delivery people delivered my chair while I was at workMy mother-in-law had to receive the chairEvidently it didn't work at the time of delivery but the delivery guy lied to my mother-in-law and told her when the adapter light turned green, it would workWell, it doesn't workIn fact, there is no sign of any power going to the chair from the adapter with the green lightEither their delivery guy was a mn or he was too lazy to make the correctionEither way, it was all I could do not to cuss out the CS rep, who I called to request, yet, another repair for a product that, after three months, of waiting, doesn't work These guys have a serious problem standing by your products and respecting their customersThere is no way I should have to wait another two weeks to have the recliner repairedI will do all I can to divert people from shopping in that storeI may not do much damage to their reputation, but that kind of arrogance will do it's own damageSprint, Verizon, and many other organizations had to go through the same wacall to find out the cash cow won't keep coming in if they don't take care of it Freaking, I can't stress this enough! Stay away from Rooms To Go at all costsHeck! Buy used if you have toEven Ikea has better products and customer serviceDon't be fooled; it looks nice, but it's just a high priced piece of [redacted] and if you decide to roll the dice and buy your furniture there and it turns out to be broken, good luck getting a competent repair person to come fix it

I recently purchased living room furniture from Rooms to Go in Knoxville ,TnWhen we walked in the door ,Sarah, the sales associate, greeted usAfter talking for a few minutes she let us look around the store at our leisure but was there for questions when we needed herEverything she told us about our purchase and delivery was exactly as she said it would beThe delivery was punctual and the delivery men were pleasant and efficientI love my new furnitureWe paid extra for a protectant so hopefully when there is a spill I won't be disappointed with that either

Triple horrible experienceThis is the absolute Worst Furniture Store everI order on- line after I was told that the items I selected were on back orderI paid by credit card the full price plus a delivery fees and some other trumped up fees (later found out that online stores are not even associated with the Local Stores) The price advertised was different and cost more(one of those hidden deceiving advertising that they do) The On-line store offered express shippingAfter order I found out that they do not give you a window of timeDelivery is from a.min the morning until 10:p.mI Stayed at my new home all day waitingAt 5, I had an emergency at my old condo which is miles away and needed to leaveOn my way, back they called to say they we at my new homeI asked that they wait since I was just three miles away and it would take less than minutes to get thereWhen I got to my home the delivery truck was pulling out of my streetI called customer service back and told them that I was home and the truck had just left to please have them come backShe called the driver and he told her he would not come backThey were taking the furniture back to the warehouseCustomer Service told me I would have to wait two business days to call and reschedule the deliveryI called in two days and was told the items could not be delivered and were on back orderThe items would be in on December 28thRemember, I paid in full for the furnitureI asked how could the items be on back order if they were taken back to the warehouseCS then said the items that went to the warehouse were not acceptable in not in good shapeThen I was told they would check and see it the items could be delivered they would get back with meThe next day they did not callI had to call them again and got another storyAt this point I asked that my money be refundedTo my shock, I was told it would take to days to get a refundBut, they had no problem charging my card right-awaythis is my second bad experience and I should have never given them a second chance
So, buyers bewareThis is not a customer service oriented storeI am now finding out from friends that their furniture is cheap, and not of good quality, when something happens to it they give excuses to prevent making things rightThey are greedy, and deceptive, an organization that lack customer serviceI plan to blast them on Facebook and everywhere I can on social mediaand by the way this was happening on 11-16-and they have not refunded by moneyBetter business is my next stop

NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH ROOMS TO GO! I ordered over $4k worth of furniture from them at least weeks in advance before my move in dayI waited ALL DAY but the drivers did not show up until 8pmIT ONLY GOT WORSE FROM THERE
My TV console, coffee table, and end table are all DAMAGEDI ordered a full size bed room set for my son and the bed had a DEFECT and they couldn't even put it all togetherI tried asking the delivery guy what was wrong with it, but he couldn't explain it to me because he could barely speak EnglishI called customer service the next day, and they stated that they can't replace my order until weeks from nowI went to my son's room the next day to arrange some boxes and STEPPED ON A SCREW! The person who attempted to put the bed together left screw all over the floorMy son has to suffer and sleep on the floor because of the incompetence of the people that work for this companyCustomer service didn't care about the inconvenience that they causedI called the local store and received no help or consolation from anyoneThe managers don't careTHIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS AFTER THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY
Local store manager hung up on me, and the customer service representatives and managers hung on me as wellI was not raising my voice or yelling but I was frustrated with all the issues and the lack of help from anyoneI posted a comment on their Facebook account and got a reply to reach out to them through email, which I didSomeone called me and offered absolutely no solutionReceived a call from their "customer service"She was as rude and as unapologetic as everyone else that I spoke withI did not raised my voice or even yellI simply stated my frustration and how ridiculous the situation wasThis person had no solution to offer and simply repeated the same excusesThey said if I can't wait then I can just cancel my orderin the endthis customer service person HUNG UP ON MEYou people are a JOKE!
I am absolutely disgusted by this company and will not EVER recommend them to anyone

My daughter won a drawing for a free reclinerShe entered the drawing at the
Grand Opening of the new Rooms to Go store in Baton Rouge on Seigen Lane She
received a call from Jody, the General Manager announcing her win and telling
her to look for a packet in the mail regarding the process to receive her chair
After some time of not receiving the packet, she called the store to inquire
She called several times, asking for JodyHe was never available to take her
callShe left several messagesHe never returned her call
At one of the calls, she explained what she was calling about and a female store
employee told her she would get the packet sent(At one time I thought this was
Jody, but my daughter told me that she was never able to get Jody on the phone
and that it was a different employee who said a packet would be sent.)
Still after a long time of not receiving the information, my daughter was going
to give up and let it goThis is when I got involved because I know some people
take advantage of young or less-assertive people
My daughter and I want to the store Saturday, Jan 21st at am to talk to Jody
I asked in the office to speak with a manager (not knowing that Jody is the GM)
The employee at the window asked me if he could helpI explained the situation
and was told that Jody handles thatWe were told that Jody had gone to the bank
and would return in about minutesI said I would wait because I wanted to do
some shopping anyway
About minutes later I inquired at the office window about Jody's returnHe
was not backI asked the employee to contact him to see when he would return to
the store so that I could decide to either wait or come backThe employee
walked away to make the call and returned telling me that Jody would be another
15-minutes At this point I asked to speak with a manager
The person I was speaking with told me that he is a managerHe had not
identified himself as such before this point I told him again what we were
there for and he said that Jody is the General Manager, and his boss, and he
can't tell his boss what to do I was really getting agitated at his lack of
I asked who Jody's boss is and was told I would have to call the 1-customer
service number
A asked for the Manager's name that I had been speaking toHe told one of the
staff behind the office window to give me his cardI told him I didn't need a
card I just needed his nameHe said "my card has my name on it." (I was angry
by this point and cursed which I should not have.) From the business card I
learned that I had been speaking with Assistant Mgr Demarco Hutchinson
A asked Demarco to call Jody again and find out his estimated return timeBy
this time, we had been in the store for minutesI also asked for the
customer service numberAnother employee behind the window gave the number
for customer serviceDemarco told me he texted Jody and got no response and
knew not when he would be at the store
I sat at a desk nearby and started to call the customer service numberWhile on
hold, Jody approached meI introduced myself and my daughter and explained the
frustration we were havingJody said he had not heard of our problem before and
had never received any messages to call my daughter backIn addition to the
frustration with the lack of return calls I explained my frustration with
Demarco and the fact that he seemed quite unconcerned and didn't even identify
himself as a managerJody told me that all store managers wear tiesHow would
I know their dress code! This made me even more angryJody also seemed
unconcerned"I told him that nobody there seemed to give ***." I know this
was not the best word to use but by this time my blood was boilingInstead of
him acknowledging my frustration and saying that he was sorry that we were
having this problem and that he would get right on it, he simply said
"language"And then told me "that is your opinion." Well, my opinion that no
one cares should be important to a general manager
I have spent a career in customer service and have never been pushed as far and
angered so much as I was with this experienceEverything escalated from the
beginning because no one seemed to care I even told Jody that while waiting
for him I had found a piece of furniture that I liked bu that I would never
purchase form Rooms to GoHe wasn't phased A simple "I'm so sorry that this
happenedI will take care of this right away." would have solved everything
He did finally say that he would call Janice at the corporate office on Monday
(today) and follow up on the packet I had to ask (which he should have
offered) him to contact my daughter when he did this and give her a status
updateAs of now, she has not heard from him, If I were he, I would have been
on the phone with Janice first thing this morning and contacting the custome

I bought Brynn Vanilla Swivel Chairs in November I love the size of the chairs because they fit just perfect into the space I had The same day that afternoon my husband noticed that one side of each chair sat lower to the floor by at least to 1-1/inchesThe chairs were delivered on a Saturday and I had to wait till Monday to scheduled a technician to come and inspect them When he arrived he was very polite and told us both that the company had several complaints about these chairsHe examined and took pictures of both chairs Today Dec 14, I get a call from Corp saying that the technician found no manufactured defect and therefore there was nothing that could be done I wanted to return them and was told it was pass the hours Now, if I had spent a few more $$'s on a warranty, it may be a different story O, wait no it wouldn't cause there is no manufactured defect The blame lies on me, because I did not examine the chairs with a fine tooth comb and magnifying glass and call immediately, to schedule a piand refund I bought a solid wood bedroom set for our son and have not had the 1st problem After this experience I will never buy another stick of furniture from Rooms to Go I will stay with companies I know and have many pieces of theirs, Broyhill, LazyBoy and Flexsteel The old saying that says, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, well I got what I paid for and extremely disappointed and very unhappy with my choice PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU EXAMINE YOUR PURCHASES WHEN THEY ARRIVE AND IF YOU SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THEM RETURN IT DON'T WAIT I guess I am just too picky of a person I want things in our home to look good I will be having a furniture maker to take a look at them after the 1st of the year From our conversation he thinks he can fix them for meHe will h have to remove the swivel and put feet on them, which I did not want a stationary chairs We are both senior citizens and my husband is a disable veteran and live on limited amount of moneyWhen we by furniture we try to buy a good product so it will last us Please check your items

Like most experiences I have read, I have had the worst nightmare possible with Rooms to GoJuly I went into the store and ordered a beautiful red leather reclining sofa, red leather glider and two end tablesI was given a Delivery Date of Sept On Aug I received a text message that my furniture would be delivered on scheduleHowever, on the same day I received a phone call that said my reclining glider (chair) and tables were in but my sofa would not be in until Sept I asked if they could hold the chair and end tables and deliver all items at one time so I would not have to take several days off work and was told yes, all items would be delivered on the 16th of SeptOn Sept 14th I received a text saying my furniture would be delivered on the 16th but shortly after that I received a phone call that said the sofa was in but the glider would not be in until October 25thI was very upset because I had been told it was in and would be originally delivered on the 16th of Sept with the sofa and tablesWhen I called and spoke with the manager they were entirely nonchalant by the whole matterAll they would say is that's the delivery date; no one could or would explain why the glider was no longer availableOn the 16th of Sept I sat home anxiously awaiting my sofa and tables as I had agreed to wait for the glider - hesitantlyWhen the deliverymen arrived they informed me they had a Brown Sleeper Sofa - I had ordered a Red Leather Reclining Sofa, to top it off they asked if I wanted itWhy would I accept something that I had not orderedSomeone from the warehouse called the same evening and said I had declined the end tablesWell we did not talk about end tables, I told them I did not want a Brown Sleeper Sofa in place of my orderThe following day I called to set a date to have it redelivered and was told it would not be available until October 21stHow could that be it should have been in the warehouse; it should have been delivered instead of a brown sofa, or did Rooms To Go think I was so stupid I would accept the brown sleeper and wait for my Red Leather GliderWhen I called the store to complain I was transferred to someone who claimed to be from the corporate office, but only explaination was that they do not hold merchandise, again it was or should have been in the warehouse, they sent the wrong itemWhen I inquired again about my chair I was told they don't hold items, sorry first come first delivered, The chair was paid for, I had put a $deposit down, more than the chair and tables togetherYou can get yur items piece by piece and waste several days off work, nothing else they could doHowever they had no problem accepting my $down paymentNeedless to say I could not get anyone to assist me in getting my items any sooner than Oct 25th so I cancelled the orderI would have had to miss several more days from work and sit home all day for them to MAYBE deliver the right sofa one day and MAYBE deliver the glider anotherBy then the tables would probably not be availableThis is the absolute worst customer service I have ever experiencedAnd to top it off you can't get a name of anyone in the corporate office to send a letter of complaint toI would never suggest anyone buy anything from themThe store policies need to be reviewed and changed or the store needs to close downI would rather buy elsewhere and pay more than deal with the horrific frustration I had dealing with Rooms To Go

IH-store review (San Antonio, Texas)...My experience with ROOMS TO GO started off good with the SALES PERSON: ELIEZER VIRUET AROCHHe was very courteous and assuring us that their quality of furniture was excellent and the bonus part from purchasing from them was the DELIVERY SERVICE was in-house and not from a third party so if anything happens they could take of the problemWhat a lie since my living room set has been delivered I have had nothing but an INCREDIBILITY HORRIBLE experienceThe first Charcoal Santee Sleeper SKU#I received had a lousy workmanshipThe frame on the bottom was broken right in the middle of the woodAfter taking another look the foot on the other side of the frame came off very easilyNot from because the screw was worn but it was also broken but the delivery guys said nothing and just set it up from me like thatThen I noticed my Charcoal Slate Cocktail only had ONE SCREW for each legDelivery guys did not bother to screw in both screwsI called customer service and the promise to deliver a new one a MONTH laterTotally unacceptable!! I demanded complaint be escalated for receiving a broken couchIt took about a week to receive the new onesOnce again I was disappoint in one weekMy son who is less than lb sat down and we felt the couch sink and heard a tearThen we notice the bed frame by the arm rest had fallen and tore through the bottom fabricThen also notice all the staples that were not properly inserted into the couch to hold in place the bottom fabricI have not had their furniture for one month and all these problems are accruingASHLEY FURNITURE IS 100% BETTER QUALITY AND DELIVERY SERVICEShould have just return to them because their furniture lasted me years not week like Rooms to Go!!

to delivery time windowNo deliveryNo phone callFinally I had to call customer service to find out where's my orderAfter waiting 15minutes for customer service to answer I was put on hold so they could find out where's my orderI was disconnected...they called back to tell me my order will be late..hmmm then a hour later I get a call to tell me my order is running late hours nowStill waiting RidiculousHalf my day wastedcorperate should take a look what's going on hereToo busy drinking coffee I guessRemember im the customer that keeps your business goingWait I was the customer that was keeping you going

I was a second time buyer at Rooms to go The delivery men did not knock or ring the bell, they just walked into my home Because of this I had to jump up to secure my dog and when I did my cell phone went flying across the room I did not realize that the phone had broken until after the delivery men had left my home Rooms to go did not even want to pay the full amount to fix my phone, they offered me 1/of what I paid for the phone which did not cover the price I would have to pay for a new phone or the amount to fix the phone So I am out quite a bit of money Plus the table wobbled and when the service man came to fix it I pointed out a welt on the top of the table and he said he would have to make a report about that he was not equipped to fix it and that someone would be in touch with me No one has ever been in touch with me I will never shop at Rooms to go again

I ordered a china cabinet from Rooms to goThe day of delivery I dealt with the rudest delivery men and dispatch peopleI had them call and tell me the delivery men were at my door for minutes and no one was home WELL they were at the wrong address and left!!! Called to say they may or may not make it backAfter a very tense conversation with their customer service they said the driver would returnThen my china cabinet comes in and YES it is damagedI told them I didn't want it, I wanted to return it and get my money backI was told they couldn't take it back I had to call customer service and talk to themI did and was told it could not be picked up for weeks ( November 5th) are you kidding me why do I have to have this piece of junk in my house for so longI better get my money back and I will tell anyone who listens to me about the quality of their furniture and how rude you are treated

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