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We placed an order on [redacted] website The order was duplicated and we are being charged twice I have tried all means to contact [redacted] to get this resolved and no one has returned my calls, answered my messages or emails

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: My initial compliant was actually one compliant not three, and it was literally as following: "the grinder I received doesn't work properly as it overheats and smells bad", and because it overheats it smells bad, and that for sure is improper work, and for sure there was no picture or video would be able to prove the mentioned symptoms, then you suggested to ship it back on my expense, and I rejected that as it wouldn't be fair to pay the shipping cost for the defective item I receivedLater, I added the return reason to "function are not as described" per your customer service request, as the wording of my initial reasons didn't satisfied your return policy As your customer service agents are well trained to waste their customers' time, they kept repeating themselvesexactly like your are doing now, until the return period got up, so I opened my first dispute, and every time I chat with them to follow up on it, they dragged me to open new one saying that "currently there is no open dispute for this itemand that they will do their best to solve my problem", and for sure with no case or dispute number, or agent full name, instead they didn't provide such information to prevent customers from owning any reference to use for following up purposeseverything was vaguejust wasting people time Finally, when I used the grinder for the second time "based on the seller recommendation who replied that it is to generate heat", the grinder stopped working, and it didn't work anymore after that, I recorded that as an evidence of Improper Functionality, and I wasted about three hours of chat before someone found a way to to upload the evidence so they can review it through my Google drive, as they don't have the ability to receive videos!! And until now, you still repeating yourselves Sincerely, [redacted]

As mentioned before, I was unable to open a dispute because the ("dispute link") on your website did not work, so please explain how am I supposed to open this dispute if so called dispute link does not work????????? in addition, experience compensation? this was a horrible experience, you really expect me to return and buy from your website again after getting cheated by one of your sellers, and in the manner in which you the ("Customer Service") is handling my complaint? Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely, [redacted]

Dear Customer, With regards to yoru complaint, we checked that your dispute case was closed due to evidence unable to support your claimThe dispute team unable to identify the issue of voice quality and WIFI problem via pictureThe dispute has requested video for this claim but they did not received your responseWe regret to inform you that your claim unabe be supported Your kind understanding is highly appreciated AliExpress Customer Service

Dear customer,Thank you for contacting AliExpressWe have contacted our team about the status of your case and based on their explanation that your disputes were rejected because of the repeated usage of the same evidence pictureHowever, considering the experience you had on AliExpress, we have offered you with US$coupon this time for your next time purchase.Feel free to contact us if you have any questionsRespectfully,AliExpress Customer Service Team

Dear customer, Thank you for your informationIn order to provide an effective communication and solution we will inform the team to contact you via emailYou may provide all the information via email and hope receive a better solution I hope above idea suit you better and we hope that you can close this case with satisfaction resultIf you have any doubt after, you can always reopen the case Thanks, AliExpress Customer Service

Dear customer, We have checked your order status again, as result refund is processingPlease be informed that your refund might takes 3-working days (depend on your local bank regulation) Best Regards, AliExpress Customer Service Team

Worst Service, Worst Website, Worst Sellers EVER! They will only care about your money They will send you the wrong item to get rid of their inferior products Bottomline! Never waste your money on an almost-scam website

NEVER NEVER buy in Eglobal is a company without any responsibility, the mini pc fail and do not accept any responsibility, but not only this seller is irresponsible Aliexpres is even more irresponsible because if you look closely you will not find any way to communicate with them and if after of much insistence sending messages to the seller Aliexpres communicates with you is to tell you that the seller is not responsible and that if you have any other issue that communicates with them but there is no way to contact customer service, never buy anything in Eglobal and Aliexpess those companies are THIEVES THIEVES

Based on the order information on our system, Based on order information the dispute has been closed on your favor and the amount has been refunded to customer since 2017-03-Please contact your respective bank for further informationThanks, AliExpress Customer Service

Dear Customer, We have checked the history of your dispute even your order communicationBased on dispute history, your case was closed because you were failed to send the good on timeAnd based on your order message, on Mei you still following up the $compensation that you and seller agreed onSince we have compensate you accordingly, we are afraid that we cant move forward for this case Your kind cooperation is highly appreciated "Dear Customer, we deeply sorry for the unhappy experiencedAfter careful investigation we saw that you and seller had an agreement to return the productSince the dispute did not escalated, so the dispute team unable to step in to your caseFurther, about $refund that seller promised, our online chat team has filed compensation and delivered to your account since June Please contact yoru respentive bank for further info.AliExpress Customer Service"

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: the payment went through and has cleared my bank The business asks for extremely personal information to "validate" payment after they have already received my funds They are holding my funds for an extended timeline without providing any true reason It seems as if they never had intent to ship the item at all and just wanted to hold my funds There has been no method other than "chat" platform online and when told via the chat that they would email me there has never been a response I have no visibility to my refund at this time.Sincerely, [redacted]

I ordered several clematis rootings from China through AliexpressNot one plant survived after a very lengthy transportation periodNot only that, the package was identified as TOYS, a deceitful misnomer for PLANTS Two other orders of flower bulbs (calla and amaryllis) from China never arrived after days, being detained at Customs The owner kept writing in a ludicrous manner, "Don't worryThe plants are in transit." I received that message more than once even after I expressed my dissatisfaction with the guaranteed serviceThe AliExpress Case Management Team was equally vague and slowThe company offered an unacceptable 1/refundI reported them to the Florida [redacted]

Awful service Product arrives, quality is bad, I contact seller, and they agree I can return it they then refuse to sign for it when it arrives and it is sent back to me in this whole time they have dragged it out enough for the seller protection and dispute to expire I contact aliexpress, as expired the site wont connect you to a real person their email bounces back as the mailbox if full (probably complaints) I manage to eventually speak to someone on twitter after leaving endless comments twitter agent tells me its basically all my fault for not opening a dispute in time I try to explain when the matter because a dispute the site would not let me they tell me rubbish and apparently I should have somehow looked into the future and saw the seller would do this scam and opened a dispute before its absolutely Ludacris and they lie, on twitter I have even had the agent deny they said anything when I have the reply less than message before, I screenshot it and they still deny saying itIts just totally Ludacris and juvenile and criminal and beyond comprehension how utterly bad and scummy aliexprss is PLEASE SOMEONE SHUT THEM DOWN, OR AT LEAST STOP THEM TRADING IN THE UKMY EMAIL IS GOING TO TRADING STANDARDS ALSO AND RECCMOMEND EVRYONE ELSE DOES THE SAME, THERE HAS TO BE SOME LAW WHICH CAN STOP THEM RIPPING OF UK CUSTOMERS,

I ordered copies of a video game from [redacted] were broken upon arrivalThe seller cannot be reached and/or ignores all attempts to contact [redacted] customer service agents are unhelpful, and appear to be trained to deliberately waste the customer's time with reassuring platitudes, while not putting forth a real effort to resolve complaintsCustomer service agents provide misleading pathways to dispute resolution while protecting their fraudulent sellers

Order ID: [redacted] ,Order ID: [redacted] ,Order ID: [redacted] ,Order ID: [redacted] ,Order ID: [redacted] still has not been receivedNo one has contacted me about the prior complaint [redacted] 2nd request Complaint ID # [redacted] was never resolved I have ordered several seeds to start a gardenMost seeds never started to growI sent pictures to customer service and refund request was deniedI sent appeals and refunds was deniedThe customer service don't know anythingThis company is scamming peopleI ordered some rosemary seeds and as the plant was growing I noticed that is wasn't rosemaryI reached out the the seller and told them that the seed was the wrong plantI haven't heard back from the seller

I ordered a pack from aliexpress a few weeks ago with these items, three gen pens [redacted] refill [redacted] But when the pack arrived I found only gen pens thereI asked them to either send another pack or refundBut there are multiple difficulties They need me to file independent claims for every missing itemsThree claims each takes 10min to complete and return only dollarsThey asked me for CLEAR photo proof with mail tagbut all clear photos when uploaded to their system become blurI think they might be doing this so on purpose have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meAlso, I have a new card and bank account number as my previous card and bank information was compromisedHow can I receive the funds into my new bank accountPlease advise.Sincerely, [redacted]

Hi Team, we have looked onto this issue and as per checked in our system, we have performed compensation $20to replaced the refund as seller promisedThe compensation was created on June 21th Thanks, AliExpress Specialist Team

I bought more than a hundred items through AliExpress, and my experience with individual sellers has been on the whole very positiveAlas, when a problem finally occurred, AliExpress proved it couldn’t be trusted A package didn’t arriveThe seller wasn’t at fault: my local post office lost it; the postal service admitted so in writing, but added it couldn’t reimburse me, only the seller, and that only if the seller filled a claimSo I sent a message to the seller No answerDays passedThen weeksI sent more messages, offering to send any document the seller would need to fill a complaint, starting with a PDF scan of the letter in which the postal service admitted to losing the package Still no answerFinally, as the deadline to open a dispute loomed close, I had no choice but to proceedI received an email from AliExpress requesting that I explain the issue and send them the documents supporting my claimI did so by answering their email There was no indication in the email that I couldn’t simply answer it, and I never received a “this mailbox isn’t monitored” kind of message, but still, being suspicious, I went online and visited the order page with the claim opened to see if there was a way for me to upload the required documents There was noneThere should have been a Respond button, as I discovered later, but the Case Management Team has the option to remove it, thus preventing you from telling them anything, let alone sending them any document(It’s in their FAQLook for “Can I add evidence or respond to my dispute?”) And so, the Case Management Team breezily rejected my claim: “If you did not get your package, we sincerely suggest you to contact with your post office to get official documents […]When handling this case, we hope you can provide valid evidence, whereas there is no response.” They claim there was no response, but remember: they removed the Respond button! So, in essence, they blamed me for not presenting them with the evidence they preventing me from presenting At that point, the seller finally sent me a message — to gloat I tried to contact AliExpress in some other way, but this company allows you to send it neither emails nor messages, and as someone ( [redacted] ***) wrote in his review on Facebook, when you chat with its customer support, you’re fed promises and sweet words, but in the end nothing happens And that’s if you even get to talk to someone: today, I was put on standby for more than FIVE HOURS, until I gave upEach time I pressed the Send button, I got the same “We will handle your inquiry when a service consultant is availablePlease stand by.” As stated in the incipit of this review, I bought more than a hundred items through AliExpress, but not a one since this problem occurredI would advise you never to buy anything expensive through AliExpress

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