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All My Sons Moving & Storage

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All My Sons Moving & Storage Reviews (1126)

Please call our customer care team at ###-###-####

I have moved several times in last years.had the best quality movers professional and efficientBest move I ever broken Furniture no scratches.I can't say enough about all my son's movers.thank you

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/06/02) */ Please contact our claims department at [redacted] or [email protected] and we will start a claims process for you Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2014/06/04) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) There was no real responseon 6/4/called claims dept of All My Sons and there was NO answerOn 6/4/When to their web site and no forms or information available to file a claim with the company Please proceed with claim Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2014/06/10) */ Thank you for your response, I am sorry you were unable to reach the claims department, I have sent them an email and asked them to reach out to you directly and to get a claims packet to youOnce you have completed the claims packet, your damages will be valuated and an offer will be sent to youThank you for your time Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (3000, 13, 2014/06/11) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Based on company's history, I do not expect to hear from them by your deadline of 6/20/Please know it is not me holding up this response

If you are looking to move you should avoid this company like the plagueThe service and administration in their regional offices is terrible They have lied, hung up phones, and constantly done the opposite of what they have told usI overpaid because they gave me two quoted prices (they can't even give me the right price for their service) so like a decent customer I elected to pay the higher amount thinking the refund would be an easy process (I am not going on weeks of being screwed out of my refund)I was told by the office, and stood beside the driver of the truck as he told him my refund check could be dispatched on the first business day after my deliver (Monday) since I paid with a cashier's checkStill waiting and they have not returned my calls like they promised They understaffed my initial pick up after telling the company we had a heavy object required for moving (movers were requested - sent only on the pickup) On the delivery only people were sentThis forced me to have to unload over a pound object with the crewThis company puts its crew in unsafe conditions and has not a single care in the world for the customer SeriouslyPlease avoid this companyThey have no interest in making anything right

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/07/02) */ we are currently working with the customer Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2015/07/14) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I was contacted on 7/by a representative from All My Sons corporate offices in Dallas, TXHe confirmed the details of my complaint, apologized immensely for the customer service or lack there of I received and asked if I was ok with him investigating further & getting back to meI said of course and haven't heard a word since thenYet another example of how this company does business Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (4200, 13, 2015/07/17) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) Unfortunate that we had to take this path, but we will except the 20% off ($150) offerThank you for your timely responsePlease let me know when I can expect to see the credit Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 15, 2015/07/17) */ I have emailed the customer a settlement form to the email address provided

We have moved many times in our years, and this is the first time we have hired moversWe moved the beginning of January and didn't want to deal with the cold or try to cajole friends to help us in the cold and potential iceVery smooth process with All My Sons! I had quotes from different companies and they were in the middle range, but the gentleman who did the quote also said that he estimates high on the time, so would probably be lessThe four guys were professional, friendly, and hard workingThey listened to where I wanted items placed and didn't try to 'milk the clock' when they knew they would finish sooner than estimatedHighly recommended! The only caveat that I would take issue with is the 3% charge you incur if you use a credit card

All My Sons Moving and Storage was the best moving experience I have ever had [redacted] were very professional and took very good care of our itemsI will recommend them and be using them for future movesThey moved everything within the time estimated in the original quote over the phoneThey took all the stress out of that part of our move and turned it into a very pleasant experience I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint I have not been contacted by the company to come to a resolutionI have mailed you a detailed account of my experience with the company and a copy of my claim for damages to my house and furniture Regards, [redacted] ***

We sent the customer a settlement offer of $on

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I signed the settlement agreement sent to us from All My Sons Moving received on 1-/13/2015, returning the agreement by mail to All My Sons the same day received However, after a week we have still not received the refund check agreed to in the settlement agreement from All My Sons.Sincerely, [redacted]

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 10, 2014/04/17) */ we tried to call the shipper no responsewe can resolve the issue once we here from the shipper Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 12, 2014/04/17) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I have not received any form of communication from All My SonsNo phone calls, no emails, no voice messagesThey have my contact information and I would be ecstatic to hear from themAgain, I would like to make it known that I have received no phone call from All My Sons and their response to my complaint is entirely unacceptable Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 21, 2014/07/01) */ [redacted] Settled complaint with customer with a $refund Consumer Response / [redacted] (2000, 23, 2014/07/01) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) A new branch manager at All My Sons contacted me looking to resolve this matterWe came to an agreement to refund the replacement value of the tools that went missing Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 21, 2014/07/01) */ [redacted] Settled complaint with customer with a $refund Business Response / [redacted] (2000, 23, 2014/07/01) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) A new branch manager at All My Sons contacted me looking to resolve this matterWe came to an agreement to refund the replacement value of the tools that went missing

Please call Shane [redacted] , the gentleman that you spoke to before, he is the Director of Safety and he is in charge of your claimThank you

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/09/08) */ All My Sons Moving & Storage would like to thank you for the opportunity to reply to our customer's complaintIt remains our goal to respond to all customer inquiries in both a timely and professional manner Our customer can contact our claims department via email or telephone in order to file any claimsThe email address is [email protected] phone [redacted] Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2014/09/09) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I have already emailed pictures of the damaged items, etc to the companyThey said they would contact me with a resolutionI do not feel I should have to contact them, I am the customer, they have all of my contact information Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2014/09/09) */ I appreciate and thank my customer for his response, a claims package will be mailed to his address of [redacted] Maple Plain MN once received, complete and return and we will process your claimThank you!

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/02/06) */ thank you for the opportunity to respond to our customers feedbackUnfortunately there were some unforeseen circumstances that occurred during Ms [redacted] 's relocationOur customer selected basic coverage at $per pound per article She did not select additional insurance at an extra cost to herWe have offered her $based on the coverage selected by our customerIn an effort of good faith we will increase this offer to $Thank you again for the opportunity to respond to our customers feedback Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2015/02/09) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Yet again, an insulting offer made by the companyThat doesn't even cover the [redacted] and carpet cleaning, not having anything to do with all of the damage to the furniture When they make you sign for the insurance under duress after they caused nothing but mayhem in the morning, and then told me to sign or they couldn't load And then to turn around and blame the consumer when there is "unforeseen issues" - there was not unforeseen issuesThe parking is the same way everyday in [redacted] the guys refused to load the truck through alley, yet they had no problem parking and leaving the truck there until they loaded up my truck Damaging my furniture is not an unforeseen issue, that's called a PREVENTABLE MISTAKE made by the employeesDamaging my carpet was not an unforeseen issue, that's call a PREVENTABLE MISTAKE from the companyThey didn't even wrap the wood furniture in anything but plastic, I would NEVER do business or recommend this company to another person based on the insulting "offers" they plan to use when they screw up I have no issue with companies making mistakes, it happens all the time in my field, but the difference is we own up to those mistakes and do what is RIGHT for the consumer I still want a larger credit based on the damages, and things I had to pay for on their behalfThe $they have decided to offer does not even cover the total cost of the U-Haul and carpet cleaning, so they obviously aren't taking that into consideration along with the FOUR large pieces of furniture that were damages Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2015/02/09) */ I would like to reach a middle ground with our customer in order to settle and resolveI am happy to increase the offer to $Commonly when someone moves out of an apartment complex the carpets are steamed cleaned, I do not feel this is something our company should pay forAgain, I want to offer good faith and reach a common ground with my customer and offer $

We have addressed all concerns, which is why we offered you a settlement amountI cannot give you a full refund, and you reject what I offer, lets meet in the middle and get this resolved

Thank you for your feedback, I apologize that we did not meet your expectations on your move with usPlease contact our customer care team at ###-###-#### and we will process your damage claim with usThank you, we look forward to working towards a resolution together

I have moved many times, within town and across the united States I have dealt with many movers, and by far this company is the Worse!!!! It began by the promises made by a rep stating two men would be sufficient to move my two bedroom apartment, which I told him was on the third floor, and that I was moving into a three bedroom condo on the seventh floor He told me "No problem"" I was told they would and confirm prior to the move, that did not happen I called at 4:pm the day prior to my move They advised the movers would arrive between 7:- 9: By 10:I become concerned, so I again I called the office [redacted] told they were on there wayBy 11:am I really becoming aggrivated, I called again This [redacted] was not there and the man I spoke to said he was not sure what was happening and he would have [redacted] call me over two more past, still no call, I called again, at that point they said the men where finishing as job and would be to me in an hour or so This absolutely unacceptable, my elevator at my new condo was reserved from 8:- 3:pm By the time the men showed up and walked up the steps and into my apartment, the first thing they said we need three men on this!! One guy mumbled "This is [redacted] "" The began to calling the office and could not get a hold of ***, they were frustrated as well They began working around 12:30, I advised that my elevator reservation was only till 3:pm, the driver, told me "Well, that's not gonna happen." At this I again started calling the office, no one answered, I just kept getting the recording The men complained the whole time, and stated the job they did ahead of mine was the same situation Two bedroom townhouse, going to third floor The men where tired when then get to my move No apologies where ever expressed by any one at All My Sons, and they then would not unload the truck until I made payment!! Reviewing the paperwork they also tried to charge me for tape, which not used, and a fuel surcharge which I was never told about! I have damaged items due to lack of padding, and the movers dropped boxes onto the floor in my new home!!!!! To top of the entire situation the men left cigarette butts, gatorade / monster drink after they left in the parking lot!!!! Do not ever use this company, I have also found out that All My Sons IS NOT family owned and operated!! They are true scam artists!! I have also contact local television stations to investigate their horrible business practices! worst move ever!!!!!!!!!!

I am the director of customer care, [redacted] , I have approved your release and settlementI am positive that you are a fair and reasonable person, I believe we can resolve with a hand shake in good faith and put this behind usI will submit for your check to be processed in the amount of $

Larry, Fernando and Roger did a great jobThey hustled, took very good care of my things and finished quicklyTheybwere also very friendlyI am very happy with my choice I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.] Regards, [redacted] ---I forwarded a rejection to the business response in the above referenced claim, but didn't include what I will require from All my Sons Moving nowPlease make this email part of my record.To All my Sons Moving:Re: complaint ID# [redacted] .I will need the following information sent immediately to continue with my small claimWe will let a magistrate decide if my water charges were due to a "pre-existing" condition in my vacant house.1.) Full legal name of the business entity if incorporated, or sole proprietor name if not.2.) Full name of business owner or statutory agent to be listed as defendant.3.) Complete physical address, no PO box, for delivery of certified mail.4.) Full names of the men who performed my move.Forward this information to the asap[redacted]

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Description: Moving Services - Labor & Materials, Storage Units - Household & Commercial

Address: 2049 E Wassall St, Wichita, Kansas, United States, 67216-2147


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