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Dear, On 3/2/15, *** *** filed a complaint with your office against Web.comIn this complaint, *** requests that the account be cancelled and a full refund be issued in the amount of $59.95.A member of the *** *** reviewed this claim on 3/2/On this same day, we have
cancelled the account in *** ***'s name and we have also issued a full refund in the amount of $on 3/2/The refund was fully processed and complete on 3/4/***'s financial institution, however, may take 7-business days to make the funds available in their bank accountWe recommend that *** contact their financial institution to confirm that the funds have been returned by a result of meeting this customer's request to satisfaction, we respectfully request that you consider this matter closed. Best regards,*** *** *** ***

Dear, We have received the complaint for *** ***, complaint # ***.We have reviewed the customer's billing issueAfter a thorough review, we have determined that the client agreed to the terms of service and created a page website which was live on the
web for the duration of the accountThe client neglected to phone in and affirmatively terminate her accountThe client has been offered a refund in the amount of $131.80, as a customer service gesture, for months of serviceThere are no records of the client phoning in before 6/30/with an attempt to terminate the accountA full refund is not due to the client.Thank you,*** *** ***

We have received the complaint for *** ***, complaint # *** Please know that we take customer dissatisfaction very seriouslyAs a result, we have reviewed this matter thoroughly with several team members to better understand these issues and respond appropriatelyWe apologize for
the customers experience and have made direct contact with the client to cancel their services and refund the client $Thank You, *** ***

I suggest that you leave this open until they investigate my original complaint that they purchase domain names from customer searches and later make them bid on them or buy them from only them at their price

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: this matter is not closed, I ask the to investigate moreI never agreed to any terms and conditions
*** ***

Dear,*** *** filed a complaint stating issues with having her website published.I am showing that her site is published and the issues have been resolved.Thank you*** *** ***

*** *** rejected the response in regards to his original complaint He initially filed a complaint due to difficulties with unwanted charges and had requested a refund and cancellation
A member of the *** *** *** reached out to Mr***, left him a voice message, and sent a follow up email to confirm the requested refund could not be processed as the Customer had already disputed the charge via his financial institutionWe have accepted the charge back in lieu of the refund and have deleted the products ordered so no further charges will be made Contact information for our office has been provided and we ask that Mr*** contact us directly regarding additional concerns related to this matter

We have received the complaint for *** ***, complaint # *** Please know that we take customer dissatisfaction very seriouslyAs a result, we have reviewed this matter thoroughly with several team members to better understand these issues and respond appropriatelyWe apologize for
the customers experience and can confirm that a refund has been processed for the client for $
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution will be satisfactory to me. However, after I was told by the company that nothing further was owed, I received a second past due notice of $from the company. I forwarded it to the lady handling the complaint and she said she is looking into it. So this is accepted assuming that they resolve that issue and no further billing notices are received
*** ***

Ms*** rejected our previous responses and opened a new
complaint citing her issues had gone unresolved. Her initial request
included a compensation request for free services from *** ***
I had already been working with Ms*** via email
telephone. I enlisted the assistance of our technical support team to
help manage Ms***'s email at no charge to her. I have explained to
Harrine *** that filtering spam on a server level without filtering
legitimate emails is very difficult. Since we have customers from all
over the world, filtering all emails from .RU for example (which sends a lot of
spam) would not be good for our customers who receive legitimate emails from
that extension. Our technical support team recommends local software,
like Norton that can scan emails as they are Popped to programs like Outlook
and many other resolutions for filtering spam that is more customized to each
person’s type of emails.
I have offered to refund Ms***'s last invoice in the
amount of $and cancel services if she remains dissatisfied with our
email/hosting services.
We ask that Ms*** contact us directly for further
assistance with this matter or acceptance of our offer.*** *** *** ***
*** ***, a service
*** *** *** *** *** *** * *** ** ***

Dear,We're unable to comply with this request due to ICANN regulationsThe client will be unable to transfer it to a new registrar until days after it's registrationThis domain was registered on March 13, so the customer will be able to complete the transfer in the middle of May.We're happy to allow this client to manage his domain until that point, and facilitate transfer once regulations allow.*** *** *** *** ***, a service*** *** *** *** * *** ** ***

Dear,We have received the complaint for *** ***, complaint # ***.After a thorough review of the account, we have found that the client is not due a full refundThe client agreed to the terms of service and did not notify us of cancellation until June 30, Due to the sensitive nature regarding the client's health and as a customer service gesture, we have offered a refund in the amount of $209.40. Thank you,*** *** ***

Dear,I am beyond thrilled with the immediate help I received from the Revdex.comI am truly (almost) speechlessAnd the fact that the business is accepting the resolution I was hoping for is wonderfulThank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me resolve this.*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

Dear,We have reviewed the complaint for *** ***, Complaint # ***.We have reviewed the customer's domain name issueAfter a thorough review, we have determined that the authorization codes for the domain name were never appliedWe do not have any records of the domain name transfer process taking placeThe authorization codes are still active and can be used for transfer at any time If the client is having difficulty transferring the domain name he should contact the new provider for further assistance.Based on the actions taken, we ask that the consider this matter closed.Thank you,*** *** ***

Dear,We have received the complaint for *** ***, complaint #***.We have reviewed the client's concerns and can confirm that the account has already been cancelled and our finance team is processing the refunds totaling $Please note, it may take 7-business
days for the funds to reflect within the client's financial providerWe apologize for any frustration this issue may have caused and wish nothing but the best for the client.Thank you,*** *** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: As of today (1//5/2015) I am NOT able to login to the management interface for either domains which means I cannot verify any changes nor can I enable features to protect the domain registrationsI have not received an explanation from *** ***s/ of how the security breach took place and what personal information was potentially disclosed to the unauthorized parties which gained access to to the management system for both of my domain namesThere is a matter of requirements by in which I faxed and emailed copies of my driver license in order to gain access to my accountsNo explanation has been given as to how that information will be disposed of after the validation process was completedThis is a serious personal liability for me because it opens up a new potential for identity theftI would not have had to send this information in the first place if *** ***s had contacted me prior to making any changes to the domain names by an unauthorized party.I have also seen charges for $and $to my credit card starting on 12/24/which I cannot see the invoice for without access to the domain management interface so I do not know why I am being charged for those amountsI do not recall any changes to my server except setting one domain to private registration in order to protect it from information disclosure via the *** system.Without being able to manage the domains I cannot say I am receiving the services I paid in advance for until the year
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: 1) although the spam is much less, I am still receiving some spam so whether the issue has truly been resolved is yet to be seen not to mention I don't agree with simply filtering the spam into my trash file--I want it to be blocked completely(BTW I, a web amateur, am the one who made the recommendations for how to reduce the spam to the point it is at now; I received no help from the tech team.); 2) I do not yet see the refund mentioned on my account, PLUS I asked for additional credits that have not been accepted to account for the approximately hours of frustrating phone calls from myself and my husband (when I was in tears) with no fewer than customer service reps and supervisors who could not resolve this seemingly simple issue; and 3) the person I was contacted by via phone on 10/22/left an extension that their automated system reported as "invalid" when I tried to call back
All this is to say that no, this issue has not yet been resolved
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:In February 2017, the representative that called me repeatedly assured me that if I paid for web services for the first three months that I would be able to keep the website without having to pay large recurring feesHe never disclosed that the monthly hosting rate would be $So the last sentence of the second paragraph of Mr ***’s response is inaccurate and misleading.I did cancel marketing services in June but understood that the website would remain “live”Indeed it did remain live until late NovemberIf it was intended to be taken down in June, it seems that the website would have been taken down immediately, not put off until November.In December, I noticed that the website had been taken down and had many phone conversations with representativesIn summary, I find the hosting rate of $to be egregious and unreasonableLooking at their own website today, offers hosting services for $6/mo for basic hosting to $10/mo for premium hosting(***) I have attached a screen shot to my response.What I want is a full refund and to take my business elsewhere because I feel like this has been a bait and switch from the beginning, but I would also accept the website being restored at the $10/mo price, even though this is a higher price than most similar competitionI think I am being more than fair in this situation
*** ***

We have reviewed the complaint for *** ***, Complaint#
We have reviewed the customer’s refund request for $
We reviewed retention calls from the customer, one call on August 18,
and another call placed on October 8,
Customer called to cancel the services
on both calls but agreed to keeping the
servicesOn the October 8th call, the *** *** *** provided
the month of October for free and advised the customer to give the services another
month and if he was still not satisfied after the free month then he would need
to call in by November 10, to cancelThe customer did not call in by the
date the *** advised so he was charged for the month of November
We have reached out to the customer via phone and advised
him of our reviewWe have cancelled the customer’s account per his request and
advised him that we will only refund $229.90, which is the last months services
Thank you,
*** ***
*** *** ***

Dear,We have received the complaint for *** ***, complaint #***.We have reviewed the client's domain name concerns and have been able to work with our technicians to release ownership of the name to Ms***Our team has sent all of the information via email so that the client can log in to retain ownership of the domain name and use it how she see fitsWe did not send any of the log in credential information through this channel for security purposes, but all pertinent information was sent to *** as requestedWe apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this issue may have caused and wish nothing but the best for Ms***.Thank you,*** *** ***

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Address: 5335 Gate Pkwy, Wichita, Kansas, United States, 32256-8080


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Anderson Vision Center, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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