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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/02/03) */
This member signed up for an month couple's membership, which provided a discounted rate and an additional month for free during sign-up, which made it a month contract ending 1/30/These rates are discounted based on the contracted
time-period an individual agrees to be a member and cannot be broken based simply on insufficient usageHowever, we do have options for someone in this situation, and had explained those options to this member during a phone call in February
When this member had called the club again in June to cancel his membership, we advised him to come in to the club in January to make any changes he would like to makeThe reason he was advised to do so was because his final payment of the contracted membership was set for January 5th 2016, and the contracted portion of his membership would be over 1/30/We do require a day notice for cancellations in all situations, which is why we advised this member to come in to sign that day cancellation form in January so he would not be charged any further dues, as the membership went out of the contracted period and would have gone on to a month to month status on 1/30/
We have since attempted to call this member again to further explain the situation, but have not heard back since leaving a voicemailWe can provide the original membership agreement which clearly states the start and end date of the contracted membership, and all the payments the member agreed to payWe also have the cancellation form this member signed on 1/4/16, which states the final contracted membership dues to process 1/5/
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2016/02/04) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
After speaking with other anytime fitness gyms they state you can cancel earlyWhat part of you received almost from me for free do you not understandI was told my contract was up in JanNot that I needed a day notice before I could cancel so I canceledSeems a little greedy to me
Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 13, 2016/02/26) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I did come in before the 5th of JanSo as a business you are saying that even if someone is going into bankruptcy or lost a job that you simply wont cancel the membership unless they are moving or serious medicalWho do you think you areyour a GYM!!! The last thing I am going to say, and the last time I am going to say itYou are a gym, plain and simple, nothing fancy, you're not made of goldI understand what I signed but obviously money hungry managers wasn't part of thatYou WILL NOT get another dime from me due to paying for a SERVICE that I did not use for months out of my contract due to being told that I COULD NOT CANCELI never complained about the money aspect not even the additional yearly fee you charge for equipment and upkeepAgain, even leases, houses, cars and credit cards have early termination or cancellation feesYou are not the cream of the crop, cant be touched business you think you are
Final Business Response /* (4000, 15, 2016/03/07) */
If you would like a copy of your contract, we would be happy to provide that for you so you can see that the dues from January 5th of which you are refusing to pay would have been the final dues of your contracted periodIt was not an additional fee, and is why we requested you stop in when you did in January to avoid any more duesThe is simply the last payment of your contracted membership, which would have ended January 30th

I apologize for the confusion of information requested to process your medical cancellation. I do not intent to make more stress or confusion, I hope to clarified below and process your request immediately
Your agreement with us gives options of cancellation while still in contract. The first being moving miles outside our club location and the second a physician verified physical disability. The reason we are asking for the physician's physical disability verification is to establish you are prohibited from exercise on a permanent status and not temporarily. Members with temporary disabilities status may be placed on an account freeze for days or longer with a physician note stating the time of temporary disability but the members are still obligated to full fill their contract. In your case, you are asking for a cancellation and write-off your remaining contract which would require a physician verified physical disability. We need confirmation this is not a temporary physical statusI've attached the paperwork in which you acknowledged the above conditions required to cancel an active contract. Your physician's statement of physical disability is more than sufficient to process your medical cancellation as we are not asking for details of you health or to violate any privacy lawsAgain, I apologize for the lengthy process and miscommunication. Your physician may mail or email the note directly to me at this address and I will process immediately. I wish you the best for your future and thank you for your patienceSincerely,
*** ***

This is a response to a complaintID # ***Dear ( The customer signed up for a 13-month membership on 8/9/That means her agreement would expire on 9/9/In her agreement, it states that the customers’ membership will go into a month-to-month state after the
agreement expires unless they provide a 30-day written notice to cancel their membership at the end of their agreementOnce they go into a month-to-month state, their membership dues increase by $5, for the convenience of no longer being in an agreementIf the customer tried to cancel her membership on 4/5/17, she would’ve been told that she couldn’t cancel because she was still in an agreement at that timeThe Club Manager at Anytime Fitness could’ve had her sign the cancellation form and informed the customer that she wouldn’t be cancelled until the end of her agreement, which is 9/9/Or she could’ve done a buyout for the remaining portion of her membership at that timeSince she was still in an agreement until 9/9/17, she had her regular monthly payment of $come outSince she went into a month-to-month state after her agreement, due to no cancellation form being filled out to cancel her membership, her month dues in September 2017, was $The customer called Anytime Fitness on 9/8/and was very upset because she was still being charged, when she thought she had cancelled her membershipI informed her that we don’t have a cancellation form filled out for herShe argued, saying that she did fill out a cancellation formI checked the notes on her account, and she didn’t have any notes mentioning that she wanted to cancel or filled out the cancellation formI checked all the membership cancellation forms that have been scanned into the computer, and couldn’t find one for herI checked all emails regarding cancelling memberships, and couldn’t find one for herI talked to the Personal Training Director at Anytime Fitness, and he said that she cancelled her personal training sessions on 4/5/She was still in an agreement with personal training too, but she did a 50% buyout to cancel her personal training portionI checked her visit history, and the last time she scanned into the facility was on 4/5/The customer probably thought that by cancelling her personal training, that it would also cancel her membership but they are two separate servicesI informed the customer of this and she continued to argue that she was told she wouldn’t have payments come out anymoreI’m assuming she thought that she wouldn’t have payments for both services taken out anymore, when in fact, it was just personal training that wouldn’t be taken out anymore because she signed a cancellation form for personal training but not for her membershipI told the customer that since we don’t have a cancellation form for her, she is and still we charged until she signs a cancellation form for her membershipShe demanded a refundI explained that since she didn’t sign a cancellation form for her membership, we wouldn’t be able to refund herShe didn’t like my response, swore at me, and hung up the phoneShe ended up going to a different Anytime Fitness location in Fargo, ND to sign the cancellation formThey emailed it to me and I cancelled her membershipI waived the 30-day cancellation policy because of the delicate situation, that way she wouldn’t have another payment come outHer expiration date is 10/7/and won’t have any more payments taken outIf the customer thought this problem began in May 2017, when she noticed the payment being taken from her bank account, she should’ve come forward in May or the several months following to rectify the situation or ask for clarificationBelow is the customers written agreementI blocked off sections of her agreement because it contained banking information, social security number, etc Thank you, Sarah *** Anytime Fitness, Club Manager

I signed a contract with Anytime Fitness for a specific service they offered and they no longer fully offer that service
I joined Anytime Fitness in April of expecting to attend their classes offered days a weekI signed a contract without being made aware that they offer a month-to-month membershipmonths into my year contract the classes were drastically reduced and only offered at times that weren't compatible with my schedule; I was no longer able to use my membership with the intent I had purchased it forBecause they no longer offer those services in the same capacity, I feel that my contract should no longer be held to the same termsSince that time I have tried to end my contract without success and have continued paying the monthly duesThe only way to get out of the contract at this time is to pay $I feel that I have more than fulfilled my end of the contract considering what I signed up for is no longer offered

Tell us why hereOn February 3rd Member above came into the office to cancel her membership; on this day the Manager of the gym was on vacation out of the country and the employee who was filling in at the time was told to write down names of people who came into cancel because she was not
trained in canceling membersOur Company policy is that we require days written notice to cancelI had called above member on the day I returned, February 10th and left her a messageThe message informed her that I would email her our company’s cancellation paper work for her to sign and return via email; also that since we do require days written notice we do have to take her last payment that lands within those daysAfter a few minutes she returned the phone call stating that my temp in the office said she did not think that she would be charged anymore and if she was she thinks it will be refundedI then explained that in the contract she signed it says we require days written notice which I received on the 10th her payments come out on the 11th there for she is required to pay that last payment but she would receive the full month that she paid forAfter our phone call I emailed her the paper work to signShe responded she did not give us permission to take out the moneyI put her membership to cancel on March 10th so she has her full month but the payment still came out on February 11th because it is our policy and in our contractAlso I asked my Temp about what was said upon there meeting and she said she did not inform her of any sort of refund

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:I attempted to call the business to arrange delivery of the mattress and the owner cursed at me for leaving a bad review and hung up
*** ***

I certainly wish I would have hired someone else to dig my pond"Dave" hasn't the first clue as to how to dig a pondHe is all about the moneyHe did not do anything close to what he said he was going to doHe threatened me, put the spoils he dug out on my neighbors property, and tore up my drivewayI had to call the Law and make a police reportIf looking to get a pond dug,,,,,,,,find someone elseIf anyone has any questions feel free to contact me [email protected] or call 231-780-
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

We ask the customer to refer to our previous responseIf the customer is not satisfied with the refunds already provided, he is welcome to propose a specific adjustment and we will consider itThank you!

*** *** joined our gym in Jan of when her husband at the time, *** ***s, signed her up. She acknowledged the membership and started using it right away. She used the gym an average of times a month for a total of times over approx a year period through Jan
2018. Both *** *** *** membership went past due in Dec of and we attempted to contact both of them shortly after. After a few attempts, *** talked to her on the phone. *** said she did not have a membership, which is obviously not true, and that she didnt know what we were talking about. The conversation apparently got a little heated. *** then called one of my other locations to complain about *** *** was able to contact *** and he stated he would be in on Jan 8th to get both accounts caught up with a payment and then would fill out our cancellation form. *** never showed up and we attempted to contact him after that with no response. Both accounts are now in collections due to the automated day collection policy with Anytime Fitness. It is very unfair that this person would say such terrible things about my staff and my business just because she didn't like what she was being told. We are simply going by our policy and the agreement that was entered into. It is very clear that *** knew she was a member of our gym by the number of times she used it. Her statement that she was just a guest of another member is ridiculous as we do not allow that in any of my clubs

*** had won a free two week pass to the gymShe came down to get itWith our week passes, you can either use it as the week pass, OR turn it in that day on the first visit, and use it as a coupon to join the gymThis second option is what *** chose to doSo, with that you can choose
either the or month membership option, which she chose the monthYou can cancel it for a medical reason or moving before the agreement is upWe would need proof of her medical condition that she says she has, so she would need a note from the doctor stating what she has and why she can't work out due to thatThe other option is switching it over to someone else that lives in Jamestown or the immediate areaThis is all in the agreement she signed, and we always FULLY explain how the week passes work with the options
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
*** ***

The final offer has been presented to the customer This it he best offer that we can offer for resolution without speaking further as communicated prior
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

I am rejecting this response because:
I was not told about the day waiting period when signing upAgain, I was told that my fob could immediately be used elsewhereThere was another member with me when I signed up that suggested I call when I could not get into the other locationsNeither of us had any idea of the daysCalls were not answered.My new card was indeed charged without authorizationPlease provide any documentation or evidence of me providing the new card number that was charged. That information was NOT given by me.My accusations are not falseThe locations were often unsanitaryHowever, any customer would be disgruntled if her information was acquired without her knowledge and she attempted to visit locations when she was told she could, but could not.I would still like to be freed from business with this company
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]I have offered to attend arbitration / mediation with the company owner though the Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center So far there has been no response regarding this.
Andy ***

We had manager issues as he quit after being on vacation I talk to her and we have worked everything out and both parties are satisfied

Our office was instructed to call all our past due accounts sometime around the 15th to the 17th of May by our ownerMy assistant *** contacted Ms*** by phone and at that time Ms*** got "sassy" with *** (***'s words exactly) and refused to pay her past due balance stating that
her husband had cancelled her account "A long time ago"Upon pulling up her history, we had no record of a cancellation on our endAdditionally (as in our account notes) our billing company had been leaving messages at the phone number listed on her acct several times during April and the first half of May letting Ms*** know her account was delinquentWe received no phone call from Ms*** in response to said phone calls at all showing concern that she had cancelled her accountThese phone calls persisted for weeks and went unanswered*** did let me know about Ms*** however I was out of the office for a few days dealing with a very sick dog that eventually diedI came back in during the week of May 21st (the next week but forget the day exactly) to find a note on my desk from *** to call Ms*** however that very evening, her husband (I believe his name is ***) called the office to cancel *** accountWe typically do not allow cancellations over the phone or for one person to cancel an account for another person AND we definitely do NOT allow people to cancel who have a delinquent balance which had been the case the last time I had viewed this particular accountHowever, Mr*** was very polite and upon pulling up the account history, I saw that the account had been paid and was up to date so I made an exception and cancelled the account right then and thereMr***, at that time, made ZERO mention of ever trying to cancel this account before which I would think would have been the case had he truly ever tried to do soHe was very polite and our conversation was pleasantI assumed since the account had been paid and cancelled that there was no need to call Ms*** because everything had been taken care ofUntil the next day when Ms*** called me and chewed me out, talking over me and not letting me explain anything that had transpired regarding her accountShe began to get beligerent stating that "my customer service sucked" and that she was "going to come down here and get her $back"At that point, tired of being insulted and threatened I hung up the phone, called my boss to let him know what had transpired and went to grab my lunch that I had already ordered from *** ***When I returned to the office approxminutes laterI saw that I had multiple missed calls from Ms***I began to eat my lunch andwithin minutesreceived a phone call from another number requesting the name of my supervisorAt that time I knew it was a friend of Ms***'s calling to get the numberI gave it to her and let her know it was ok to call and that my manager was already apprised of the situationBy the time I had finished my lunch, Ms*** angrily came into my office and began to insult me some moreShe refused to let me explain what had transpired on our end instead wanting to argue her point and state that she wanted her $I tried once again to explain that we have record of making multiple attempts to contact her about her past due account, no record of any cancellation and also that per her contract that she signed we have a day cancellation policy and that I had already spoken to her husband and took care of the whole thingInstead she talked over me, recorded me without my knowledge (I found out at the END of the conversation) and insulted me OVER and OVER againI was in the process of trying to pull up her account on the computer to show her our computerized notes showing the multiple unreturned phone calls we had made to her when she insulted me one more timeFinally I asked her to leave my office or I would call the policeShe did so and that was the last I heard from her until receiving your notice in the mail

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it If you and the business have reached an agreement and compliance is set for a future date, we trust the business will comply Please contact us after that time if the matter is not resolved as agreed and we will review the complaint and proceed accordingly.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/27) */
Contact Name and Title: *** *** Manage
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
The consumer has been contacted and the issue has been resolved
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7,
2015/10/27) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

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