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AutoNation Mazda Subaru Roseville

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This company's services are shoddy at bestThey are constantly going out and having down timeWe did not receive a statement for one month payment from them We then received our regular statement with a statement for last month with a $late feeWe immediately mailed a checkOur services were "disrupted" less than two days after receiving the statement in the mailYet it takes weeks to even get a service guy out to your house and even then they will be there between 8am and 4pm(nevermind that you have a 9-job that you need to be at)But they are able to shut you off at midnight with hardly any notification and then charge you even more to turn it back on They never sent a first or second notification or called to find out why we have not paidWe have not missed a payment in the past years Then they are going charge me on top of the $late fee a $reinstallation fee, for someone to push a button and turn it back on What a way for a company to provide lousy service and then show top speed in cutting you off and gouge loyal costomersHonestly most customers probably deserve at least one month free a year for all the time that they are down

Basically, from the beginning, we've never gotten what we've paid for The internet, specifically, is not "whole house" as advertised and never has been at the speed we're paying forI was just advised to bump up to a more expensive package to ensure speed and data for my employment (I work remotely and attend school online)There has been NO increase in speed since the bump and today, service was interrupted in the middle of a web conference in which I was presenting It wouldn't be so bad if I knew I had a choice of carriers and could switch to a company with a better record and better customer service but, as of now, Cable One has a strangehold and monopoly in our areaIt's not acceptable and not rightIf there was some real competition, maybe they'd shape up

I own a restaurant is Mississippi For the past eleven years I have been a Cable One customer and used them for our TV, music, and internet service Every morning, when the restaurant opens, we turn on the background music that plays throughout our dining room A few days ago when I turned it on there was no sound All of our TV's worked fine, only the music channels did not play I called technical support and spent some time on the phone with the technician trying to reboot and trouble shoot the problem When nothing she tried worked, she told me she was scheduling a service call and we should see someone shortly No one arrived that day and we went without music The following day I called technical support again and was told that the problem was "system wide" and that their technical people were working on it I was told I should have been called back when they decided to cancel the service call, but I was not We went another day without any background music When the sound was still not playing on the third day, I called technical support once again to check on the status of the "system wide" problem At that time I was told that a change had been made to my account and that I would need to speak to business services in order to subscribe to the music channels It turns out there was no "system wide" problem but instead, after eleven years, Cable One had turned off the music channels on my account without any notice to me They now wanted me to agree to a forty dollar per month additional fee in order to receive the music channels Bad business Bad customer service They have the right to raise their prices I suppose, but the manner they went about it with me is very disappointing There are any number of [redacted] and [redacted] out there who want my business I think I'll give them a chance to cash my checks now

I have been a faithful customer of Cable One for wireless needs for over ten years nowIt has come to the point where their services have become so very expensive that One don't dare use the internet service they provide because the fees they tack on are herendousThis customer tried calling to see what she could do to minimize costs and they could only state "perhaps it's the structure in your home" (a brand new home mind you) where even when we used the Internet the service was spotty yet we were left to pay almost $150/ month with little to no resolutionI cannot believe the price hikes of this companyI'm extremely disappointed and will be hopeful that Xfinity (a much larger more dependable provider) comes to the area offering better deals for quality service This former customer feels as though Cable One thinks they can prove hile here in Idaho because no one has comparable services in our areayetIt's terrible business ethics to do this to customers (especially when you say you value them they over charge them) offering minimal solutions Customer Beware

There is an incredibly sleazy, highly consumer adverse arrangement between Cable One In Lewiston, ID and Cable One located in Oklahoma I have received grossly substandard service on premium internet services which required numerous phone calls and in home visits from representatives of the company in Oklahoma, but billing issues tend to be funneled through the Idaho office I have in the past and recently insisted that technicians I spoke and came to the house to service, contact billing office to let them know just how bad the service has been and how much trouble the failures have caused me The latest technician assured me (within last few days) that he would I should have recorded his name but did not I think the conversation and interventions for totally failed upload service should be a matter of record for the company Today I had an egregious experience with an employee who identified herself as "***" in Lewiston, ID office, who appeared to be complying with circ

I received a collection notice from Cable OneI have contacted the local [redacted] office several times and am still being billedI haven't had Cable One in over two yearsI returned my equipment and paid account in fullI'm still being harassed and I don't need this messing up my creditI received a collection notice in the amount of $ If you could please help in removing any balance owed and any correction to my credit report I'd very much appreciate itThank you, Chris T***

Account Number [redacted] Advertisement was $ per month for the first months then after wards $55.00.When speaking with sales associate he verified the prices and I specifically asked if it was unlimited and he said yesMonths passed and all of a sudden I receive a bill for $ in which the accidently charged me extra fees and without notification and moved to higher internet level costing me $per month because supposly im going over data usage GB in which it was never clarified in the beginningI called on 3/14/and a manager was supposed to call me back and never didI followed up on 3/16/and I pleaded with supervisor Dennis that I cant afford $a month and to move me back to the original plan as promisedShe said I have to be under for months

Internet bandwidth is meteredIf a consumer goes over the cap times in a rolling month period, they must upgrade their service I was told by one representative that my overages would be reset at the beginning of the yearI just recently found out that's not true, it's a rolling month period When I called to resolve the issue, the representative told me that I would need to upgrade to a plan better suited to my usage; however, instead of averaging all of my bandwidth used over the month period, she said she can only average the overagesWhich is not suited to my average usage, that's only suited to the exceptional times when I did go over the bandwidth cap within the month rolling period (which again, I was previously misinformed about)The new plan was tiers up from my my current plan, would have been double the costSo dissatisfied was I at these policies, that I opted to cancel my service

Contacted CableOne because our internet service was "Down"for the 25th time in the last month on Saturday Oct 22nd!!!!! Their excuse is always the same!!! "Outage in our area!" Why are we having so many outages I ask and the response is working on upgrading the lines! They have been doing that for a year now!!! What is up??? Now our local office is closed on Mondays and our modem also just blew out Saturday night This is the fourth modem we have had in the last year!!! They can't get here until Tuesday unless you go buy your own!!!!! Really they are a service company and Close their office on Monday We have the higher limits on our internet and since increasing it our internet is slower than when we had the lowest version!!!! Cable one has a monopoly in our area and we need another alternative What about Verizon Vios???? Open it up to competition I'm sure our service would improve we want the outages to stop!!!!!! The cable service isn't much better!!! We continue to have buffering problems and cable feed problems with pixelating!!!!!!' I'm going to stop our auto withdrawal and everyday we don't have service I'm prorating for the days we don't have service!!!!! We want theses services fixed

I operate a small business out of my residence and have used CableOne as internet service for over two yearsWith them, I have a business plan for which I pay $a monthThis plan was supposed to guarantee me speeds of down and upThroughout the course of the past year (2017) I have run into numerous issues with them not being able to provide that serviceThis has sometimes left me without being able to work for over a weekUsually the issue was pertaining to new equipment or lines they installed in the area and not a environmental issue On the weekend of October 27th, our upload speeds dropped way below what they are supposed to be, preventing me from workingIt was then that we were assigned a lead technician and his personal contact to solve our issueThroughout that week the lead technician replaced everything in our house including the modem and cablingThe issue still persisted after that and I was still left with no way of doing my job After attemptin

my complaint is that my internet was not working properly for monthstech support offered temporary fixesi want my service reconnected and working I have had problems with my internet since I had iti called several times a week to get tech support for temp fixi let the service get cut off abecause it was not workingi was told I have to pay nearly dollars to have my service reconnected and then when my service acts up again to call thembeing that there is record of me calling tech support nearly everyday I think they should be more helpful in getting my srvcs restored and working roghtthey just dont caredont try to helpcustomer seevice is just uninterested in helping

Hi, I recently took over a business contract, I had residential service in the house and just got it switched over this Monday 11/ I have had nothing but a large amount of trouble in getting this activated, and getting my residential service cancelledI have spent well over hours on the phone, getting transferred from department to department, with many representatives who were clueless as to the process of this switchThe first person I talked to was with the business department, she said she wasn't sure about the status of my activation, I was told it would be activated 10/After minutes on the phone with her she finally offers to follow up with the person who was working on the account and they'll call me back tomorrow, no word for two days, call back, no notes made on the account at all I call again to schedule an appointment for 11/activationThe service tech took the old business modem from the people I took over the contract from, and he also took the res

On June 3, from their Phoenix offices, CableOne issued a public statement stating they were discontinuing overage charges for their internet service plans"Cable ONE has discontinued data plans with overage charges" On their website, there was prominent advertising stating "ABSOLUTELY NO OVERAGE FEES: With Cable ONE there are never any overage fees...ever." I signed up for internet service when this feature was widely advertisedI chose the Mbps plan as it provided a dataspeed that was more than adequateAlso, CableONE is the only highspeed internet provider in Globe, AZ We enjoyed this service immensely, without complaints or problems for about a year A few months ago, CableONE began advertising a "free upgrade" to Mbps serviceTheir advertising (still being displayed on their website and on billboards) states "We've Doubled the Speed NOT the price"They automatically increased the bandwidth on our account to Mbps Within a few weeks of this "up

Data limits do not reflect real world usage and overages and tactics to get customers in to higher packages to get a higher limit is criminal I have received two warnings on if I reach my data limit again, I will be moved to another data packageI never had this issue before they increased their download speeds and kept the limits the same along with the upload speedsI appreciate the increased speed, but without a fair limit and increased upload speed, it is pointless and just seems like a way for Cable One to get extra money

I believe the first problem occurred in November 2014; it might have been late October, but I believe November We have reported issues almost every monthWe have had techs come out or times, I think; mostly they try to fix in Arizona We live at [redacted] AAND One thing I have noticed, when our neighbors north of us (maybe Ave A) sign on and I can see "HappyHour2", we start having drop offs We'll be on/off on/off IF I try to call in, by the time a tech gets on the phone, we're back on and they don't see a problem They've changed our settings more than six times We've changed the modem or times; it easy to lose count I think it is worse when it is Windy David is concerned that there is moisture in the underground wires or that going into our home He associates the problem with old landline issues One tech mentioned pills They discussed yellow and blue pills He could see problems on the blue and not on the yellow He said when AZ tells us

Approximately to weeks ago I began experiencing problems with my WIFI I contacted Cable One numerous times and as of yet they have not been able to correct the problem via the phone Each time I call, they give me a different solution and finally they tell me it may be a modem problem The issue with that is it is their modem When I requested a technician come and look at the situation, they told me the problem was on my end and not their problem In the mean time, I'm paying $a month for service that I cannot use I would like them to fix the problem and credit my account for month service and if they cannot correct the account, refund my money for the past month and cancel my service

Cable One is trying to charge $more than what I oweI will pay what I owe, which is $35.50, but not one more cent! I stopped service on 7/5/and my payments were made by automatic withdrawal The monthly bill in dispute was from 6/23/to 7/22/and the total bill was for $ I owe $of that bill which is calculated as follows The service from 6/to 7/is days, $divided by days equals $per day or days X $= $ Cable One tired to take out the entire $by automatic withdrawal on 7/8/and I stopped payment on it Next I received a statement from Cable One that stated I had a credit of $ On July 25, 2016, Cable One tired to withdraw $and I stopped payment Recently, Cable One sent me a bill for $ They claim I owe the $plus two $stop payment fees I called them on Friday, 8/12/and talked to KarenI explained the above situation and she said she would call me backShe didn't I called b

We were tired of cableone alleging that we continued to go over our data limit despite our efforts to cut back on our internet useWe are not heavy internet usersWe do not stream high definition movies often and don't subscribe to NetflixWe use the internet primarily for research, school, and work We called this afternoon to set a cancellation for our service for April This evening we logged into the computers to work on school and we have no serviceWhen we called customer service they acknowledged the notes that said disconnect date was next week yet our service was cancelled today anyhow This is a major inconvenience and is causing undo stress with regards to university work that had strict deadlinesCableone refused to resolve the issue outside of M-F 8am-5pm And we have major concerns with regards to cableone arbitrarily alleging we are exceeding the data capOur internet habits have not changed excessively yet we somehow are accused of using more and more

[redacted] Prior to leaving Texas we contacted [redacted] via phone in March and advised them that we no longer would need their services and to disconnect the internet and cableI spoke with a human not a recording and was advised that the account would be closedThe service representative I spoke with ask if I wanted to continue services at a different address and I advised her that our place of residence was Arkansas we were only there to work and we have [redacted] and we were leaving TexasI was told that my account was in good standing and the service would be disconnectedNow I am receiving letters and phone calls from [redacted] trying to collect $ [redacted] is threatening to turn this into the [redacted] against meI contacted [redacted] with no avail and told the [redacted] company that this is not a good debt and to stop contacting m

stupid internet data cap issue: I have starter plan with 300GB data capDuring months of free trial of a streaming service (and I decided not to continue with the service), two notices were delivered to us more than month after each occurrence, and at the time no mentioning how customer can check their monthly data usage provided by Cable OneOn the third notice it force me to settle with an unfair upgrade to a ridiculously higher rate plan (200% increase in rate) with a data cap increase merely 66% All this happened after I called their customer service and explained the trial streaming service and my intention not to use it any more and my base monthly usage less than 200GB for past years and no needs to upgrade at all This is a very bad business practice to treat customer like this, all out of greed and not-care-what-customer-think, or monopoly

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