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Hello, This customer was refunded to [redacted] on 12/13/Please contact [redacted] directly, we do not have your billing informationThank you

Please return the item to the following address:UnbeatableSale Returns Dept[redacted] ***Here is our policy page for your records.Policies Privacy Policy UnbeatablesaleIncwill keep all your information completely private and will not provide information to any third partiesSee below for more information.Price Match PolicyHere will find the most incredible deals on the latest furniture, electronics, gifts, health, and baby itemsWe guarantee you won't find any of our unique deals anywhere for lessIf you do, we'll match that price guaranteed before the order is placed.What type of product qualifies for our Price Guarantee? The product must be an exact match to the one carried on, be in-stock and available for purchase at the other websiteDoes not apply to items on other sites where item is listed as Sale or ClearanceCannot be combined with a coupon or other discountThe competitor cannot be an auction site.Cancellation PolicyWe do not cancel orders preship at this timeOur goal is to ship orders as soon as possible so we have set up our system to automatically process your order as fast as possibleFor that reason, once an order has been submitted, it cannot be canceledIf an error is made, we need you to accept the package and request a return authorization to return the package (if our return policy below allows) for a refundPlease be sure that you want to make the purchase before submitting the orderOrders refused at delivery will be assessed all of the applicable fees including a return fee, our shipping costs and a 25% restocking feePlease - Always provide a valid phone number so that we can contact you to schedule deliveryFreight & Shipping Charge Policy All items sold by have a set shipping charge based on items weightMost items ordered from are shipped via UPSPlease allow 3-Business days for your order to ship and for any additional transit time.There will be a $Surcharge to reroute any package for any reason.Furniture and Special delivery items may take additional processing timeIf there is an unexpected delay or if any item is on back order, we will email you to let you knowExtra heavy items such as furniture will be shipped via courier, or Truck Freight and may take some extra time to arrivePlease allow at least 1-weeks for all furniture items to shipIf you ordered two or more items, you may receive them in multiple boxes on different days, because of varying item availability and shipping locationsWe do not charge you extra shipping for split shipmentsMany of our items have FREE SHIPPING, but this policy applies only to items marked as free shipping, and being shipped to the continental United States.Return Policy Our return policy is one of the most highly rated has a money back guaranty on products returned within daysIn order to receive proper credit on your return, please contact us for an RAOnce you receive an RA all items must be returned within days of receiving your orderWe do not accept returns after daysIf the package is refused or returned without our issuing of an RA or without the RA # on it, a restocking fee will be appliedWe will be unable to refund your cost of the original shipping if you decide that you do not want the order after it has already been submittedPlease note: We do not issue prepaid return labelsAll returns must be in their original carton with all packing material intactAll returns must be sent freight prepaid by the customer and insuredOrders refused at delivery will be assessed all of the applicable fees listed above including the return fee, our shipping costs and a 25% restocking fee.If the items is damaged in transit or DOA an exchange will be made or refund issuedPlease Note:1) For all furniture items we will replace any parts that are damaged but the item may notbe returned if you changed your mind.2) We will not accept returns on Sports related autographed Memorabilia and Collectables or on any custom made items such as any customized car mats or childrens furniture.3) We will not accept returns on any Shavers, Personal Care items, Cosmetics or Intimate products that have been opened.4) We will not accept returns on any Software, Video Games, iPods, Computer Parts, Electronics items that have been opened (box open or plastic removed) or any Laptops or PC's.5) We will not accept returns on any Costumes purchased from Auguntil Oct - after October Also, We will not accept any returns at all for any Wigs, Makeup, Tights or Shoes that have been wornPlease note that costume styles can change without notice due to a change in the manufacturer's productionThese changes, no matter how slight, are beyond our controlWe apologize for any inconvenienceAs part of our hassle free return policy you can return any item that doesn’t meet your full satisfactionDelivery and Damaged Shipments 1) Fully inspect all deliveries before signing the receipt even if you do not plan on opening the carton right awayIf you do not call us within days of receipt of the item to let us know about shipping damage, we will not be able to refund you2) Write down any visible damage such as box crushed, torn, creased and other circumstances about the delivery3) If you find concealed damage, save the carton and packaging materialCall our customer service department immediately at (888)657-8436.Payment Options We accept all major credit cards as well as [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:http://www[redacted] .com/ [redacted] This is the item at another site that is not on sale and that they refused to match the price They stated they were not going to lose moneyThey also have not responded to their shipping price/practices in the original complaint This is what it states on their website regarding shipping:"All items sold by have a set shipping charge based on items weight." Regards, [redacted]

We do not refund original shipping or issue labels for buyers remorseThe customer has been provided our return instructions and our return policy, perhaps they are "avoiding" reading those as we have not received this return yetThere is no seller error here, the customer received exactly what they ordered and is trying to place responsibility on the seller for admittedly making an assumption off the priceAgain, we will not be addressing this any longerIf the item is returned please send the return tacking so we my follow up withe appropriate refundThank you

DATE: 3-Oct-2016ORDER #: [redacted] REFERENCE #: [redacted] Dear [redacted] I am sorry for any inconvenience, however; as explained previously, while we are able to send a full replacement to you for an item that arrived damaged free of charge, if you opt instead to have a refund processed, you will not be refunded the shipping costWe understand that the item arrived in unusable condition nevertheless we're able to rectify this with a replacementSince the replacement was declined, this is now considered "Buyer's Remorse" in which case, we refund based on our return policy and minus the original shipping for the order.Please let us know if you have any questions.Thank you.Sincerely,Ph [redacted] UnbeatableSale IncThank you for ordering from UnbeatableSale Inc..Below is a copy of your order.SOLD TO:======== [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] SHIPPED TO:=========== [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] ==================================================================Ordered: [redacted] [redacted] $ ==================================================================Product Total: $300.57Sales Tax: $0.00Shipping: $10.95Discount: ($300.57)Surcharge: $0.00Grand Total: $10.95Balance Due: $

Hello,This order was shipped and delivered, UPS tracking [redacted] .Tracking was emailed to [redacted] .Thanks

As explained to this customer on numerous occasions this was a [redacted] the item we sell with this sku and price and how we listed it on [redacted] is for the item "All Things Cedar [redacted] Slotted Gift Lid" which is what the customer receivedWe understand the customer thought they were buying a wishing well, however; the sku for the wishing well is [redacted] and he purchased sku ***, as well our company does not even sell this item, so we cannot supply it nor would we list itThe manufacturer sells the actual wishing well for $dollars item: [redacted] if the customer would like to purchase it from themTo rectify this [redacted] issue, we sent a return label *** [redacted] on 9/19/for a full refundThis is the only option available to the customerThank you

[redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Unbeatable received the shipping charge from ***They didn't offer to sent me a replacement until 3/10/16, days later & I had to buy the item else whereTook so long to get a response from the company, I called Unbeatable on the 24th to notify them that we didn't receive the itemI called on 3/10/& 3/28/& was told that I will receive a credit once they receive the shipping charge from ***, [redacted] credit them on 3/15/16, I was even put on hold while the rep from Unbeatable call [redacted] to verify Later in the afternoon on 3/28/16, I received an email that they won't refund the shipping???? Company is very confused, say NO & say YES on the refundWhy should I paid for shipping when I didn't receive the item & no offer for replacement was given to me until days laterI needed the item ASAP not weeks later Regards, Ester Rashty

Hello, Our records indicate the customer was refunded in full for this orderThank you


I am rejecting this response because:I fail to see why I should pay twice to ship an item that was sent from your warehouse damaged and intentionally not containing all the materials needed to assemble the item had it not been damagedFurther, I do not see why I should pay for insurance to ship your damaged and incomplete product back to you, when you did not insure the initial shipment against damage.I did not damage the productThe item was damaged inside the box, meaning it left your warehouse damagedI did not remove materials needed to assemble the item; the item was packed without the necessary materials to assemble the product, at your warehouseYou have also not indicated that you would refund the full cost of the item, including shipping, should I return the item to your warehouseYou have said nothing about refunding my purchase, or even replacing the itemAll you have said is to return the damaged and defective product back to you; presumably, after you received the damaged and defective item, you would make a decision whether to refund my purchase, replace the item, or simply stop responding to my communication (which is what your company did when I attempted to resolve the issue with you directly)

At this point, the customer would need to contact ***, we do not deal with direct billing information and they are the ones who gave us that receipt confirming the customer was refunded.Thank you

Hello,This item was delivered 10/20, it is 10/We have never been contacted by the customer so we have not been given an opportunity to resolve any issuesPlease use the return instructions belowWe are sorry that your order did not arrive as expected.Your RMA for returning your item is: [redacted] (please include this number on your package and inside the box).Please write the RMA# on a piece of paper and attach to the box (Please do not write on the item packaging)Also if possible please include the packing slip that you received with the order.Please note: All returns must be received within days from the date of delivery and must have all original packaging material intactWe do not issue prepaid return labelsAll returns must be sent freight prepaid by the customer and insured.Please return the item to the following address:UnbeatableSale Returns Dept[redacted] ***PLEASE INDICATE THE REASON FOR YOUR RETURN:_________________________________________________________________________... sure to use a traceable method of shipment and reply to this email with your return tracking

Unbeatablesale has a no cancels policy, this information was advised to the customer in an email on 12/Here is a copy of that email:Thank you for ordering from UnbeatableSale Inc.We received your request to cancel your order for the [redacted] Wall Mural - inWe have forwarded your request to our cancellation departmentYou will receive an additional email confirming that the cancellation process has been completedIf this order has already been shipped or is in the process of shipping, we will be unable to cancel the order.If we are unable to cancel your order and the item is eligible for return, please contact us for an RA.PLEASE NOTE: This email is not a confirmation of cancellation Thank youThis order was not able to be cancelled, and has shippedIf the customer no longer wants the order that they ordered they may return it.Please return the item to the following address:UnbeatableSale Returns Dept[redacted] ***

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I WAS NOT GIVEN ANY [redacted] RETURN TRACK #S, AFTER SEVERAL CALLS TO [redacted] & REVIEWING MY EMAILS FROM JESSICA, UNBEATABLESALE.COM CUSTOMER SERVICE REP, I LOCATED TRACK #, # [redacted] DELIVERY DATE 01/26/@ 12PM, IN REGARDS TO THE STATEMENT THAT IT HAD BEEN MORE THAN DAYS, I AM SENDING YOU AN EMAIL FROM JESSICA, APOLOGIZING FOR THE DELAYS "Please accept our apologies for the delay in the shipment of your order.", THE DELAYS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WAITING FOR AUTHORIZATION FROM UNBEATABLESALE.COM, REGARDS, *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

Thank you for the photo proving you received the correct item ordered, 4D Concepts Arlington Wall Shelf with Desk - Dark CappuccinoYou did not order any bookcases from our companyIf the customer ordered the 4D Concepts Arlington Ladder Bookcase they should contact the company they ordered this item fromThey only ordered a wall shelf and desk from, as per their order confirmation and the description on the website, this is what we shipped and what was deliveredThe refund is correct as the customer did not use the return instructions provided and refused the orderOur return policy is very clearThank you for allowing me the opportunity to resolve this case through the

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I paid $in shipping to have a defective item that was also missing items I am out of $for shipping a defective item that I do no even have anymore This is unacceptable I want that $and then this complaint can be resolved I should not have to be ripped off on $is shipping cost on a defective item that sold me That is not a fair resolution This complaint will remain ongoing and open until there is a fair solutionResolution being a refund of $ It already took weeks for me to get my first refund on the defective item Ripping the customer off on $is not a resolution.See attachment) Regards, [redacted]

Our records indicate the customer has been fully refundedThank you

This customer filed a charge back with their credit card company, therefore we cannot assist them through the Revdex.comThank you

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: it is complete ridicule and an abuse to all consumers to say you do not have a cancel policyI will be contacting a lawyer and elevating this issue to our court systemI want the company to accept the return without charging fees when I clearly requested a cancellation and as they stated in the email the copy of the email provided, "that they will forward the request the cancellation department." Which means two things: they lie to the consumer saying they do not accept cancellations so they can force them to return and pay shipping costs (TWICE!) or they really don't have a cancellation department and lied about having one just to shut up the customer while they bought more time to ship the item Not only have I read the something complaints but the star review is coming from reviews...which most of them are also negativeI will be bringing this into a legal system because instead of just canceling an order that did not effect the company whatsoever since their 'fast shipping policy' actually turned out to be days, now they can deal with court costs as well I want a full refund for the $ Regards, [redacted]

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