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On November 28th I made an online purchase with this companyThey stated that the product would be delivered before Christmas#they charged over $more that stated#they still haven not delivered and it is December 28th#they refuse to reply to my inquiriesThey delete EVERY post I leave on their social media page rather than deal with me

I ordered a t-shirt to be madeWhen it arrived I noticed it was defectiveIt looks like it maybe stayed on the press too long and is discolored and has dark spots all over the backI have emailed the company to complain as well provide them pictures of the defective shirt

I ordered a product from this company and quickly cancelled itI researched the company Brave New Look and saw extremely bad reviewsOnce I cancelled the order they kept sending me a template generic emailNo one ever responded to meI have sent emails asking for a phone number of someone to talk to and they refuse to send oneThey finally sent me an email yesterday stating that they can not refund the order since it was a "custom made" itemIt is not a custom made itemI have received the item however I have not opened the packageAll I want is to return the item and get my money back

I ordered a product, was told it would ship in 1-weeks it was for a birthday, never got the gift and the birthday long came & went ergo I had to buy another gift which is why at this point I want a refundI tried to contact seller by phone, e-mailFacebook (which where I connected with them) and through PayPal who is supposed to offer buyer support, they too have been no help and I'll be filing a grievance on them as wellThe seller sent me a message saying she's sending a new one despite me telling her it's now too lateShe blocked me from being able to respond on FBThe worst part about this is it's a bereavement item, to take advantage of people grieving who also just shelled out an enormous sum for a funeral is despicable and immoralIt's this kind of behavior that has America in an uproar these days, being financially taken advantage ofThe fact this person won't even speak to me or PayPal is dishonestI want my money back~

They sent me a bracelet I ordered but the charm fell off immediately and was lostI've asked several times for the company to issue a refund or replacement but they ignore my efforts to reach them

I ordered poodle-themed scrub tops inn August The projected ship date was September 3rd The total amount was over $ Despite repeated requests, I have never received the orderWhen inquiring, I always receive the same apologetic response saying the order will be shipped "soon" I have requested a refund but to no avail This company definitely ripped me off

I ordered an item (leggings) from them on November 17, I have yet to receive the item I paid for despite many attempts to reach themI was even told I would receive a refund after several emails to their customer service% months with absolutely no resolution is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a product or a refund

Here is a handy chronology of events that I sent to Brave New Look as I am totally dissatisfied with the service and the productAug - My online order *** was confirmedOct - I emailed to say my order was not receivedI had also told them I changed my address on the website in early Oct as I moved from Ontario to BC Oct - I emailed again as there was no reply from Brave New Look Oct - *** from Brave New Look replied to say the order had "slipped through the cracks" and they would attend to itI heard nothing after thatNov - I emailed *** to say that I received an email from my roommate at my previous address in Ottawa to say she received a notice from the post officeI had to sign a release form and pay 16$ more for the tights to be releasedI had not been told that at any pointI had also contacted Brave New look to ask why they shipped to the previous address when I had it changed on their order site, and they did not replyNov - I again emailed Bra

No one order from this companyI've been trying to get in contact with them for weeks about the status of my order; no responseI've tried phone call, email, and even went through PayPal to try and contact them Needless to say I'm getting my money back and will never order from this company againIts a scam

I ordered a holiday sweater online for $on 11/18/using my Mastercard debit cardThe order confirmation had the estimated ship date as 11/28/As of January 5th, I have not received my sweater or a refundI have tried to contact the business times, by email and via their contact us link on the websiteI received two automated emails to rate their service and one on 12/15/from a person saying I could not cancel my order, but still without a ship dateI responded that I would give them until 12/Still no sweater, no refund and no responseThese folks are running a scamOrder #***

I was guaranteed delivery before Christmas for an order I placed in November, they still haven't shippedTheir customer service is awful, and I hate them

I placed an order but they never delivered the product and would not respond to my emails or calls They took my money but didn't ship the item - total scam I am now disputing my payment through PayPal FRAUD!!

I purchased a shirt from this company August for $and they continue to put off shipping the shirt; I have asked repeatedly for a refund which they repeatedly ignore

I ordered a bracelet..the special was buy one, get two freeI received one email confirming my orderHowever they sent me two orders and charged me for two ordersI have called numerous times and have not received any call backI also have emailed several timesI have received an email stating that someone would be in touch with meI did finally receive an email stating the two order numbers, etcbut that is incorrect

I ordered pair of leggings from this company on 11-17-Order *** was confirmed and $was deducted from my bank accountAs of 1-2-I have not received these leggingsThe 2nd pair was confirmed on 11-22-and another $was deducted from my bank accountOn 12-23-2016' I did receive these leggingsWhen I opened the bag and pulled them out, the print was sewn on upside down! No receipt, no return policyI have contacted the company both by e-mail and on Facebook and only received a return e-mail onceAfter numerous attempts to contact them on Facebook, my account was blocked so that I could not communicate with themI am very disappointed as both pair of leggings were for Christmas gifts

I purchased pair women’s leggings & paid on 9/5/by credit cardNo products have ever been delivered, though they were supposed to be delivered by 9/18/I have contacted the company 4-timesRegardless of acknowledging receit of each of my queries, they have NEVER sent my purchases

I purchased a bracelet on 12/7/They withdrew their money from my accountWhen I "track" my order on their web page it says the scheduled ship date was 12/18/I have not received any tracking information and each time I send an email I get the same robo response to keep checking their web pageI tried calling the number you have listed and it rings once and a message says no "support agents" are availableI get this message no matter what time I callI have attempted to call multiple timesI send additional emails telling them I will file this complaint and I still get the same robo response each and every timeThis item was purchased as a Christmas gift for my daughter and now I have nothing to give her since they will not even respond to me

I ordered an item from this website in months ago, was told that it would arrive midDecemberWhen the product did not ship out, I contacted the company in the only ways they have possible- through email and a contact us formI never received a replyIn the beginning of January, I received notification that my item's shipping label was madeAccording to tracker, the item has still not been sent outI still have not heard from the companyThis was supposed to be a holiday gift! Spent $to receive no product, no communication, and no customer serviceCompany does not even have a phone number!

On December 14, I ordered a pair of leggings from Brave New Look, they immediately emailed me an order confirmationOn December 15, Brave New Look deducted the purchase and shipping amount from my accountI emailed them on 12/19,12/28,1/and 1/asking about my order, the only information I received was that on Jana shipping label was created with a tracking # and once the shipment arrives at the UPS facility they will update the tracking status and scheduled delivery dateThat is exactly where it stands, the same place in Stockton, CA with no other shipping information since January I have emailed Brave New Look on several occasions with no response, however they are still advertising the article I ordered on Facebook

I placed an order at the beginning of December for my wife After two months of numerous e-mails from me to them, I have yet to hear from them or get a reply The leggings have yet to ship although a shipping label was created in early Jan
I will not recommend this company to anyone I am out $for a pair of leggings that will never arrive This company is a SCAM

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