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California Development & Funding Company

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Canceled cable service 0n 12/ Received invoice on 12/which we paid by check on 12/ They took an auto debit on 12/without notice No where on invoice which is dated 12/the they were going to auto debit Now we have to wait for check to clear and once confirmed they will issue a check or we need to pay bank $for stop payment Per supervisor they cannot credit accounts but the can charge accounts

On 9/a WOW salesman, name [redacted] , come to my door, sold me their internet service$a month with modemBecause [redacted] downloaded some software to my modem, Wow's technician unable to connect their service to my modemHe said I would have free modems for life When bill comes, the $modem fee is on itI called customer service, they refused to honor the contractWant me to call the salesmanI call [redacted] several times and he tried to contact his bossNothing happenedNobody want to backup their salesman, none want to honor the contract

On the phone, on 12/31/17, the company representative represented the contract I was consenting to as being under the following terms: Ultra Boxes with Cable including a premium channel ( [redacted] selected) 100mb internet $(including surcharges and fees, after tax) for the first year$for the 2nd year On 1/3/18, the technician arrived for installation with WOW's lower level equipment boxHe installed one "Legacy" box on our main TV, and explained that rather than installing the digital converter that had been sent for our 2nd TV, he could run the coaxial cable directly to the television, saving $a month on the billHowever, he also pointed out that the work order stated that we would be using our own modemI clarified that I had indicated on the phone that we had a router but not a modemHe explained that he could install the modem, but it would add $to our billHe added that if I called they should be able to straighten it out and honor the price as qu

Hi my name is [redacted] ** I am writing this letter because I am very dissatisfied with the service of Wow Internet I purchased Wow internet for my daughter [redacted] ***, whom is my [redacted] and handle all of my businessI purchased Wow internet I believe it was January 25, 2017, and was going to try it out for there trial periodUnfortunately my daughter was admitted to the hospital during the time of the expiration for the trialI am un able to hold the phone, and operate a computer due to my healthI had to have my daughter to send this complaint here So therefore we miss the deadline by a couple of daysMy daughter tried talking to the Wow company about this situation, but they are saying we are still responsible for a early termination fee of $ I don't think that is a fair option when someone is sick, and admitted to the hospitalEspecially when they have paperwork to show thatI just think that this company don't care, and just out to get peopl

in October - Wow tech arrived to my property; cut off [redacted] and was installing WOW Services on my property that was never requested forWhen I ordered the WOW Tech to leave my property at once, he threatened me with a cordless drill; I should have went ahead and seriously injured him - but instead called the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office where the Deputy himself gave WOW tech the trespass warning; after the Tech became arrogant, while the Deputy saw he was on the wrong street - he was on Catalina when he was supposed to be on CapriSo the Deputy threw him out; I personally and got his ladder and tools left behind and threw them out in the streetThe DEPUTY himself saw that the WOW Tech was on the wrong street - he also notified WOW as wellCapri Drive North is blocks east from Catalina Drive North I had to call [redacted] (now [redacted] ) right away; it took them days to restore internet and cable, and or days to restore my telephone servi

We had called at 5:00pm on May 30,to report issues with our internet connectivity Our internet is very important because it is used primarily for workWe went through troubleshooting steps at no availAt that time, the call center agent informed us that they would need to send a technician as it was a problem with hardware of lines They offered to dispatch a technician on Thursday May 31, between the hours of 8:00am-11:00amI had then conveyed my frustrations caused by intermittent service and lack of reliability, along with steps I had to take as a consumer to reset their hardware in order to get their services to work properlyI had requested to be prioritized for services at 9:00am due to needing my internet to complete and perform my job dutiesAt that time, there was no empathy or prioritization and requested to speak with a manager I spoke with a supervisor named Sandy who was also unempathetic to my cause and she had conveyed that they would dispatch a techn

WOW cable service offered a two year contract for dollars a month with a contract for a yearI presently have their service and it cost almost times that amountI decided to apply for the service and they refused to allow me to have the serviceThey stated that it was only for new customersThis was not listed in the advertisement nor in the fine print on the web site

On Saturday May when we woke up in the morning we noticed that we had half power to the house This included no power to the kitchenliving room and furnace We called [redacted] and they came out pretty quicklyThey told us that there was a break in our electric line coming from the street We have buried electrical lines He told us that we had to hire our own electrician to come out and fix the lines After contacting numerous electricians we went with the company that was the least amount That amount being $ On Monday, the electrician came out to our residence and found the break in the electrical line He took pictures and told us that when WOW cable trenched in the lines in our development they nicked the power line going into our house which then caused the power outage I have all of the paperwork and pictures I called WOW cable today 05/10/and after a discussion with them they told me that they could credit me $ Now, as a consumer I should no

I recently switched phone and internet service to WOW! internet At the time of the sale, I was told phone service was $a month I asked the salesman point blank if that price included "everything; long distance local and all other costs" He assured me it did I had my own modem for internet but he told me we would add WOW!s to the service bill just in case mine didn't work and remove it if I didn't need their cable cable modem My cable modem worked; we did not use WOW!s On my first bill I was nevertheless charged a $modem rental fee I immediately contacted the salesman, who was out of town but promised me he would check on it right away as soon as he got back Several days later, after not hearing from him, I contacted him again via email He finally got back to me and I was informed I was being charged a rental fee for a phone modem, a cost which the salesman admitted in the email, that he "forgot" to tell me about, even after I asked him point blank if the $

WOW charges $a month for a printed guide that comes in the mailWhen I noticed that I was being charged for that, I looked more closely at my bill and found that I was being charged for duplicate copies each monthThis is a guide that I never requested in the first placeSee summary below: March - Billed for copies February - Billed for copies January - Billed for copies December - Billed for copies November - Billed for copies October - Billed for copies September - Billed for copies August - Billed for copies July - Billed for copies June - Billed for copies May - Billed for copies April - Billed for copies March - Billed for copies February - Billed for copies January - Billed for one but received credit for one too

In August 2017, we canceled our WOW service and switched to ***We turned in the equipment (only a modem) to the local store the same monthWe were consistently receiving notices for several months stating we owed NOTHINGIn fact, the notices always stated we had a $credit because we overpaid Then in February 2018, (months after canceling!) we received a notice stating we owed over $for the modem, which is impossible because we turned it in I called WOW, and was informed it was no problem..they would find the equipment and supposedly initiated an investigation to find the modemI was told it would take several days, but not to worryWe never heard a single thing back after this call Nothing in writingNo phone call follow upNOTHINGTherefore, we assumed the equipment was foundNow all of a sudden we have been turned over for collectionWe called again to dispute this, and were told by a supervisor on the phone that the investigation to find the equipment never

I originally requested to transfer service due to a moveUpon appointment, the technican indicated he would have to place a service verification request and I would have the results by the following Monday (11/21)I called back Monday and there were no resultsI called back the following Tuesday (11/23) and the opertor indicated she didn't see the request and would enter a new oneOn Wednesday (11/23) I received an automated voicemail indicating WOW could not service my address at this timeI work from home and was without internet service for business days at this point I called twice the following week (week of 11/28) and twice the next week (week of 12/5) to follow-up, each time being told that they could not close the account because there was an open order to transfer serviceThey also were unable to close the orderI was repeatedly promised a call back with resolution and never heard from anyone

One year ago I signed a two year contract for internet serviceWhen signing up, I was not told that I was going to be automatically enrolled in a "protection plan" that costs $5/month and that I could opt out of itRecently I discovered that I had been paying for this over the last year and when I called to complain, I was disenrolled from the planHowever, I find this practice to be extremely deceptive because I was not told that this is something I can opt out of or that I would be given it be defaultWhen I spoke to the customer service representative about it, they did not seem to care but did give me a $credit for the last billing cycle Additionally, I was not told that if I receive paper statements, I would be assessed an additional $1/month feeOver the course of the previous year, I have asked not to receive paper statements on multiple occasions via online through my account portal but I continued to receive paper statementsOnce I discovered that not only were my

I moved to a very small town and the only service provider available was WOWI signed up for the internet and about months later I bought a houseI called WOW to transfer my service and they told me that they do not offer service in my new areaThey said they would cancel my service and charge me a feeI disputed it with them because I didn't want to cancel, I wanted to transferthey were extremely rude to me and told me I was ' [redacted] out of luck'I called multiple times to speak to a supervisor and I was put on hold for over an hour before they dropped my callmonths later they charged my bank account $I called and finally was able to speak to a supervisor and she told me the same thing, theres nothing I can do and they can charge me whatever they wantI am so disgusted with this company

I initially had a month agreement with WOW for the large cable, phone, internet, and a premium channelI noticed my bill increased and called WOW in JuneThey informed me my bill increased because I was no longer on a contractI told them I would like to go back on a contract with everything the same as what I had before They put together my new package and told me what my total would beI asked if everything would be the same as what I had before for that price and they told me it would be July 16th I noticed they did not give me my premium channel and called customer support to see why it wasn’t workingThey told me that they do not have any packages currently that include the premium channel and offered to compensate [redacted] for two monthsI told them that would not be acceptable because I should have gotten it for months for the price I was paying like before I requested they listen to my earlier phone conversation because I was told everything would be the same by

I have been consistently overchargedThis is a breach of contractI have a written agreement of $per month from the local Sales Agent [redacted] with the above price [redacted] does not return my calls and the company overcharges every month Very unprofessional and dishonest

Wow billed me for months after I discontinued serviceWhen I contacted them, their representative told me that my balance would be adjusted and I did would not have a balance on the accountI asked for something in writing and was told they were not able to provide this, but that I would not have a billI attempted to log on to my Wow account and it had been deleted, however, unbeknownst to me the balance was not adjusted until April This supposedly left a $balance on my account, which I was not billed fo or informed of, and in May was reported on my creditIf they adjusted the three months that they charged me on April and reported to my credit in May, why was no corrected bill sent and no way to log into an account that was deleted on April I contacted Wow again and was told by Ryan Smith that "you should not be paying" and that they had submitted my account to a different department for adjustment (case # [redacted] ) and I would have a zero balance and it would be rem

I call about my cable being off I was advise three days by a rep I had until Augbefore disconnect she lied I got disconnect today so I spoke with a rep name [redacted] employee number ni [redacted] I explain to him what happen on a call about my cable ask he pull the call he see I was lying [redacted] was not listening to nothing I had to sayhe was disrespectful and rudeI ask to speak with a supervisorhe act like he did not care talking you better pay your billso I told him I been having issue with wow cable to point I ready to find another cable companyso I paid my bill cable still off I call back speak to another rep I advise her my bill paid I want my cable back onshe was talking about appointment that I already knew about I told her to listen I did not ask her about no appointment I was asking her to turn my cable back on bill was paid she still kept talking about my appointmentwhere I got upset start cussing she then going to try to tell me keep it professional I told her to l

I ordered their service though they sale rep [redacted] He told me I can get it with medium tv and internet for with tv dvr hd boxes and modem with router freeplus about in tax a month plus $off the first months and free installation Well the first bill I get I know part is a partial month is but that does not add up to what I was told plus tax is only - 20.00= 84.00+ partial month =

This year our internet and phone have been completely unreliableWe have had repeated outages including: 1/8, 2/18, 2/19, 2/26, 2/27, 2/29, 3/1, 3/14, 3/15, and now again on 7/Every time the first step seems to be to send a technician out to our home to check all the connections and wiring and every time we get a clean bill of health internallyAnd now on a Tuesday we are told by customer service that once again nothing can be done until a technician comes out to our house to do the exact same checks, including wading through our attic insulation and matting it down, on a Friday afternoonSo including today at least days of phone and internet outage this time before the WOW team will even look for issues out on their system Before this last run of a few good months there were multiple issues found on the WOW node that includes our houseSignals were down all around (except our internet uplink where the signal was out of spec hot)And the repair team even found a strong sign

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