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Review: Whereas I am the (grantor/beneficiary of and owner of record & interest holder) has funded and place certain personal property "Promissory Note" principle amount of $ 1,720,000.00 , plus interest and other valuable derivatives securities in a trust with Chase Home Finance LLC the account # is [redacted] whereas Chase operate solely as the trustees performing services as the fiduciary of the trust account , I am the sole owner at a 100% ownership. This relationship begin in August 2007 with a 30 yrs maturity date which would have been Aug. 2037 or until the custodian close the account and return all income, funds and personal property to the beneficiary along with interest which remains until the deductions of fees lawfully owe to the United States Treasury for federal tax purposes, because of the direct breach by trustees this relationship is void and all funds are here by required to be returned whereas I [redacted] has not received the funds as of yet and Im required at this time to pay taxes on the full amount. Refer to Acquisition And Abandonment 2012 filed with IRS that shows owner of record ownership of secured property listed right or redemption .Desired Settlement: To send me my $1,720,000.00 back and all will be forgiving and they can have the interest, Im willing to settled this matter with the court system and to not write and bad reports about this bad faith with Chase Home Finance LLC publicly. And for Chase Home Finance to also pay the taxes owned on the full amount as well and send me a copy that shows that that in fact paid the taxes on the full amount. And also to replace all of my other properties that was held in trust meaning [redacted], and pay for the hardship my family had to go thur because of their lack of good faith which should not exceed two million dollars

Review: In August 2014, I applied for a mortgage refinance with Chase bank. My property valued increased and I wanted to roll my FHA loan into a conventional loan so I could stop paying mortgage insurance. I chose to try to go with Chase because I have been banking with Chase for years and have always had a great experience with them. I received a phone call from a mortgage banker named [redacted] who helped me through the initial application process and told me I prequalified. We discussed the terms of the loan, APR, interest, closing costs. etc. At this time she told me that I would have to $460 that would go toward the cost of the appraisal. Knowing that I was paying down debt and that I did not have any liquid assets, I specifically asked if this would be my only out of pocket expense. I know I specifically asked this because if it wasn't going to be my only out of pocket expense, I wasn't going to be able to go through with the refinance because I did not have cash available for any other costs. She assured me that this would be my only out of pocket expense and that my closing costs would roll over into my loan. I thought that was great. She did not say "there might be other costs." She did not say my closing costs "might roll into my loan." She assured me that they would. I know my financial situation and I would not have settled for anything less than. I may have been naive, however, I believe a it is a bank's responsibility to be up front, especially when I am asking a very specific question.

Once the appraisal was done and I received the report, I immediately contacted [redacted] with a couple of discrepancies. First, the appraisal report stated I did not have AC, however, I do have AC in my unit, the appraiser never asked me if I had it or tried it out. Second, the appraiser wrote my HOA fees as $377, however, my HOA fees are $322. [redacted] said she would pass this information on to the underwriters, however, I do not believe she did this as the latest good faith estimate I received still had my HOA fees listed at $377.

In the beginning of September 2014, I received a good faith estimate which had my closing costs at close to $6,000. I called and emailed [redacted] immediately to ask her about this, however, it took her days to get back to me. In the meantime, I spoke to general customer service person who was able to give me more time and detail then [redacted] ever had. I emailed [redacted] supervisor to complain and ask for a new mortgage banker, but it took her several days to respond to me as well. By this time I had all the answer I needed from the fabulous gentleman I was able to speak to in the regular customer service department and by the I heard back from [redacted] supervisor I explained this and told her I was fine to keep [redacted]

When I did finally hear back from [redacted] she started to change her story, saying she never assured my that the appraisal fee was the only out of pocket expense that I would have. I went on to try to explain to her how I know that was the conversation we had, but she wouldn't listen. That was the last time I heard from her, even though I emailed her several times after that.

My interest rate was locked in until 10/14/14 and was told we would close no later than that. On 10/11/14 I sent [redacted] an email since it had been over a month since I heard from her, even though I sent her an email on 9/25/14 asking her for a status update. In this email I stated that I assumed the refi wasn't going to go through and that I felt her conduct was very unprofessional. I stated that I felt mislead over the out of pocket expenses. That I was disappointed and frustrated over the lack of communication, and that I felt like I was being treated unfairly because I am not a big customer. This email also went unanswered.

Then a few days after 10/14/14 I received an automated email with a new good faith estimate with the interest locked in until 11/14/14. By this time I was beyond my frustration level. I sent another email detailing my anger at the lack of customer service and professionalism. In this good faith estimate, my HOA fees are still listed as $377, which is why I believe that [redacted] never updated the incorrect information from the appraisal. Actually, this is the exact email I sent:

"After I sent you the email re: my refinance probably not going through on Oct 11th, I get a new email with a good faith estimate and a new closing date adding an additional 30 days. No email or phone call from you though explaining. The problem is, there are errors on that form. Errors I have already told you about in the past.

First, my HOA fees are not paid through my mortgage payment so they shouldn't be included in the mortgage payment breakdown.

Second, my HOA fees aren't $377/month, they are $322/month.

Now that I've gone and gotten all mad about the situation again and since you feel there is no need to be in contact with me, I've decided to file a complaint with the Again, I feel as though you misled me by telling me the only out of pocket expense I would have is the $460 for the appraisal. You can deny it all you want, But I specifically asked you that question and that was your response. You misled me on the time frame of a 60 day close. I've been put aside as though my money is not good enough. My credit may not be strong, but I always pay my bills, so in reality, chase is missing out on making money off of me. I've also decided that when I get back from taking a short trip I will be closing all of my chase accounts and will be banking elsewhere. You have made it perfectly clear that my money is not good enough for chase.

I will also be sending this email to your supervisor and everyone else's email address that I can get a hold of in your corporate office so they know why they are losing a customer that they make quite a bit of money off of.


A few days after sending that I was able to find an email to the executive office. I forwarded this email directly to the executive office with the following additional message:

" am forwarding you an email I sent to a mortgage banker I was supposedly working with on refinancing my house. This is the most recent on my unanswered emails.

I am a small Chase customer that always spoke highly of the excellent customer service I have received from Chase. I don't have a lot a assets and I do have a lot of debt. I don't have a credit score, but I always pay my bills on time. This experience has turned me off to Chase. Within the next few weeks, I will be closing all of my Chase accounts, including credit cards and will find somewhere else to bank. I have been a Chase member since you took of Washington Mutual and haven't had any problems until now.

However, this isn't a small problem, this is a problem where I feel misled and mistreated. I will also be filing a complaint with the Within this complaint I will be requesting a refund of $460 for my appraisal. There were errors within the appraisal that I notified the mortgage banker about immediately, these were not corrected. Also, had I not been assured that the $460 was the only out of pocket expense I would incur, I would not have gone through with the refinance process.

I am emailing you out of courtesy. To let you know how I plan to proceed. I am most certain I will not hear back from anyone and that no one at the bank cares, however, I will continue to work my way up the ladder until I have exceeded all of my resources.


I did receive a phone call from someone at the executive office. I called them back literally 2 mins later and had to leave a message. My phone call has gone unreturned, this has led me to finally filing this complaint.Desired Settlement: I want a refund on the $460 I paid for my appraisal. There were mistakes in the report, which I reported immediately, and have obviously not been fixed. Also, had I not been led to believe that this would be my only out of pocket expense, I would not have gone through with the refinance process and there would not have been a need to pay for an appraisal. Had I not been assured that the $460 was the only out of pocket expense I would incur, then I would have waited another year or two when I had more cash available to pay for any additional closing costs that I may have incurred. Also, when we began the process, I agreed to a 60 day process. This process has been extended an additional 30 days, I did not agree to that. The appraisal was for naught and I want a refund back on the credit card the bank charged it to. Oddly enough, it's a chase credit card, so they aren't really losing anything.

Review: 10-14-13 I phoned in my mortgage payment for my personal residence, acct#[redacted] of $1100.00 (additional principal included) . On 10-24-13 I received a recorded message on my home phone that my payment was past due. 10-25-13 I called and spoke with [redacted] and found out the payment was posted in error to my rental home ([redacted]). [redacted] said the payment would be transferred to the correct account within 24 hrs. and gave me the transfer [redacted]. 10-29-13 I called to make sure it was transferred. I spoke to [redacted] who said it was scheduled to transfer by the end of that day. 10-31-13 I called to verify it was transferred, it wasn't. I spoke to [redacted] who said she saw a request for it to transfer, it is pending. 10-31-13 I called back and spoke to [redacted] I stressed to him that I am concerned that this will affect my credit and no one is offering any resolution. I told him I was going to call in a payment on 11-1-13 since it was going to be over 30 days. 11-1-13 I phoned in a payment of $1093. 11-4-13 called to see if payment was transferred, spoke with [redacted], I asked to speak to supervisor, he said his supervisor would call me back in 24-48 hrs (no response as of yet). 11-5-13 called again, payment still not transferred. It has been 10 business days and my payment is still posted to the incorrect account. My credit is very important and I have done everything within my ability to have this corrected.Desired Settlement: Transfer my payment of $1100, made on 10-14-13 from [redacted] (my rental property) to the correct account, Acct#[redacted] (my personal residence)

Review: I recently purchased a new home using [redacted] Independent Mortage Company in [redacted] as my lender. I knew the loan would more than likely be sold to a large national company like Chase or Bank of America. I would like to make my mortgage payment bi-weekly. [redacted] sent me payment options immediately after closing on the home giving you the option to setup automatic payments to be drafted each week for 1/4 of the total mortgage payment, biweekly for 1/2, and monthly for the full amount. In fact they encouraged you to pay either weekly or bi-weekly because you would save 1000s of dollars over the course of the loan. Paying biweekly reduces your 30 year loan to about 23 years. My loan was sold to Chase. I proceeded to setup an online account hoping that I would be able to have bi-weekly automatic payments established. It was not an option. No big deal, I thought - I will call and see if they can do it for me via phone. Customer service told me that, in fact, they "highly suggest not doing this to avoid risk of being charged late payments." I was curiously surprised, continued talking to the representative, and come to find out Chase does not provide this as an option. Not only do they not provide the automatic bi-weekly payments, but I can't even personally login online and make a bi-weekly payment myself. Your only options to make a payment are to pay the FULL monthly mortgage amount on a single payment or choose to make a one time additional payment to either principle or escrow. Chase, one of the largest banks in the United States who was bailed out by citizens of the United States, won't let its lendees make bi-weekly payments on a mortgage. I thought to myself, ok, well, I will just send a check every 2 weeks indicating on the memo line that it is to be applied to my minimum monthly mortgage payment. The customer service rep told me not to do that because they could not guarantee it is applied to the monthly payment versus additional principle and once again "is putting [me] at risk." Considering a mortgage is the single largest debt most people have, I could only imagine that Chase would want to make paying that mortgage easier.... but, then again, they would lose thousands of dollars in interest. The customer service rep alluded to having a program similar to this in the past but they got rid of it because too many people were having late fees. I'm not sure how paying half of your mortgage earlier in the bill cycle leads to more late fees, but that's an entirely separate issue.Desired Settlement: Chase should allow ALL lendees to make automatic weekly or bi-weekly payments applying those payments directly to their current monthly payment that is due. It is entirely common sense that anything paid OVER the minimum monthly mortgage payment would be applied as a principal payment unless otherwise indicates by the lendee.

Review: My husband and I made a payment on our home loan on October 4, 2015. Chase "assumed" we wanted the payment to come out of a particular checking account (which had not been used in over 2+ years) instead of the checking acount that has been used Repeatedly for over 2 years. The old account they used was my account which should not have been used. When Chase attempted to draft the wrong account, my bank kicked the payment back resulting in a $36.00 overdraft fee. We called Chase and informed them they were attempting to draft the wrong account, processed the payment again using the correct account. Three days later my checking account was assessed again which resulted in another $36.00 overdraft fee. My husband called Chase requesting a refund to me for the two fees since it was their error. We were told to provide proof from my bank that I was in fact charged the fees due to Chase trying to use my account. We did that next day. Today I get a letter stating that Chase can not refund me because the fees clearly show they are pertaining to Chase. I called this evening to resolve the matter. Instead of getting assistance I got to talk to a very rude senior specialist who couldn't help me. Instead he was rude and showed no interest in resolving the matter. I feel that Chase owe me money for the hardship they have placed on me. They are the ones who processed the payment from the wrong checking account. As big of a company that they are, what's $72.00 to them... And what happened to good customer service? I feel as though they are taking advantage of me and it's not right! This is not my fault!Desired Settlement: I feel as though they owe me a refund for the two returned item charges my checking account was charged due to Chase's error. They processed the payment incorrectly and now they don't want to own up to their mistake. And they turned around and took the payment from my husband's account in the long run.

Review: I am trying to remove my ex husband's name from my house and was told about what is called an assumption back in April 2015. Since then, I submitted all paperwork and application as required and was assigned to the Assumption Department in July 2015. After completing additional paperwork, this was sent to Underwriting and I was told that processing would take 10-14 days. Since August, I have received multiple duplicate requests for my W-2s and bank statements. As of September 30, it was still in Underwriting. On October 9th, my employer received an additional request for employment verification which was first submitted in August. My ex husband has filed a show cause with the Chesterfield County Circuit Court and our next court date will be in early November. Due to the delay in this process, I am facing consequences (jail time, attorney's fees, etc.) on mattters that are beyond my control.Desired Settlement: I need to have the assumption process expedited as I was originally told that Underwriting would take 10-14 days and it has now been 2 months.

Review: I am writing you concerning my Home Equity Line of Credit.

Chase Loan Number: [redacted]

I have been trying to resolve this matter for the past several months. I have become

overwhelmed with this matter and the stress is effecting my health. I am an 81-year-old

Disabled Veteran, and a retiree of [redacted].

I originally fell behind due to my air conditioning unit going out and needing to be replaced.

Then I had a bad fall and broke my back. I was in the hospital for two months and in rehab.

for six months which led to missing more payments.

When I was contacted by Chase about my account, the representative gave me an amount

due that I did not have the ability to repay at the moment then, rather than negotiate a

payment plan, suggested their Mortgage Assistance Program so I went along with it.

The truth is I never needed Mortgage Assistance.

I am willing and able to repay my monthly payments, late charges and Attorney

fees that total $2,731.00

I would ask that the taxes totaling $3000 paid by Chase on my behalf

be broken down equally over the next twelve months and added to my regular monthly payment.

This is the only concession that I request.Desired Settlement: I am willing and able to repay my monthly payments, late charges and Attorney

fees that total $2,731.00

I would ask that the taxes totaling $3000 paid by Chase on my behalf

be broken down equally over the next twelve months and added to my regular monthly payment.

Review: After being bothered for several years with calls from Chase to refinance my mortgage with them I called them about a month ago to refinance. They sent out a appraiser after I filled out the paperwork who determined that the property worth was not adequate to secure the loan. The refused to refund my processing fee when I complained.

Being that Chase is the current holder on my mortgage, they should know the value of my home. That being said, I believed that they knew exactly what they were doing and were getting into by offering to refinance me. I can only assume that this is a scam to gather processing fees and deny the customer once what they know already is confirmed by the appraisal.Desired Settlement: Return the processing fee to me

Review: I lost my investment in which I had just moved into in [redacted]. over a scandal involving my lender, insurance company, city workers/investors of property, etc. My home was damaged by a verified STUCK PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE- in one of the newer boilers that caused an EXPLOSION. The heat had to be ON and working at the time (per expert tech in heating /cooling)- and no way could the explosion happen unless it was on- and lucky I had the water turned off at the time because otherwise I would of had a fountain of water (and the building would of been a complete loss) [redacted] - refused to pay any part of the claim - even that they knew the damage was NOT caused by me NOT having the heat on - they CHANGED the claim from EXPLOSION to "water damage" just for 'harassment' when I got a new insurance carrier [redacted] who dropped me when they say the FALSE claim by [redacted] of water damage... and even changed the claim DATE to reflect a year PRIOR!- then after I was dropped by [redacted] MUTUAL - again played with my claim and changed it to "freeze damage"- all this proof and the [redacted] INSURANCE COMMISSION still did NOTHING about the fraud by [redacted] Since I could NOT get insurance anywhere else after the games - JP MORGAN added on there insurance so I'd have to pay $2,200 a year (instead of $350!) I couldn't repair all the damage estimated at $15,000 as after the heat failed the other radiators froze which was not apparent until they thawed. - I could no longer afford the payment (can't renting/living or doing anything with the property! I got harassed right out of my property just listed months earlier for $145,000- Later I received notification by the INDEPENDANT MORGAGE REVIEW GROUP- (enclosed Payment) that indeed it was a scam and lots of people lost their home because of the scam- I received only $600.00 from [redacted] and packages from [redacted] Settlement Info months later that I filled out and sent back and heard no acknowledgement since!


Account_Number: [redacted] -Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

It turns out any "CLASS ACTION SUIT" is only to benefit the ATTORNEYS (most likely the SAME attorneys that caused the con to begin with ~!)It appears that I and all VICTIMS only got $600.00 losing their LIFE SAVINGS INVESTMENTS - like me! I can't get this company to send me "IN WRITING" acknowledgement they received my packets and the EXACT SAME SCAM IS HAPPENING WITH MY OTHER PROPERTY! FIRST the building gets damage by forces beyound my control

Review: we requested hardship assistance from Chase and their mishandling of our file caused us to miss out on the timeline allowed for help.

In January of 2014 or right about that time, we applied for assistance from Chase because we had fallen on hardship due to my failing health. Initially we were told there was help that we could get and please send in the documentation requested. We did this. This part of the process became the problem. It almost seems to have been done on purpose but our file kept getting reassigned over and over again. And by the time each new rep had gotten to respond to our request they need new and updated documents. This happened more times then I can even count. Over this whole time we be are further and further behind and we were told we could not pay into it unless we were able to pay the entire back amount. Before the foreclosure was filed we thought they had realized the mistake they had made because the rep we were then working with said for us not to worry, that he would be the one handling it from then on so no more transfers. Two weeks later we received another letter stating we had another rep. We cannot assume to know why this happened with our time sensitive case file was handled other then maybe fast employee turn over? As far as our hardship, I had been diagnosed first with severe advanced Crohn's disease that was actually misdiagnosed ten years ago according to hospital records. We lost my income and acquired numerous medical expenses. The testing for more health issues is still not even complete. I am waiting to hear from my cardiologist when my heart testing is to take place. And after a stroke scare at the ER I have to have an MRI of my brain at a neurologist and testing done on my pituitary. I am very very sick. We do not understand how we could be denied assistance from Chase with our mortgage. But unfortunately through research I have found the way they have handled or rather mishandled our file so that our timeline to get documents in and processed in time for help is not anywhere near a first time occurrence for this bank. We informed them that I had applied for SSD in Feb of 2012 and finally had the hearing one month ago. We are awaiting the decision now. I am currently to ill to move and replace all my current doctors I am being treated or tested by. And the two new doctors I am supposed to see. My health is in danger because of how poorly our hardship request with them has been handled. We were forced to destroy our credit and file bankruptcy to be able to stay in the area around my doctors longer. This is our first home. We did everything right to get it. We did not have an outrageous mortgage or a balloon payment. Their treatment of us is not right. Something should have been able to be done. Like I said earlier. They would not even allow us to pay towards what we were accruing at all. Is there anything that can be worked out before they attempt to sell our home? We have to keep our five year old daughter housed and safe as well but they don't seem to be concerned with the welfare of children either.Desired Settlement: A mutual agreement on solving this situation without us losing our home and risk our daughter's welfare or cause serious hazards to my health and well being. Medical records can be provided.

Review: In August 1987, I obtained a mortgage from then [redacted] My original loan number is [redacted] It wa a 30 year mortgage . My intial payment schedule was on a monthly basis. In January 1997, I opted to pay my mortgage on a BI-WEEKLY basis, per the bank offer. By the terms of the contract, my last bi-weekly payment was MARCH 2014. As of today , JP Morgan Chase , is still deducting my bi-weekly payments, eventhough I have fulfilled my contractual obligations os of March 2014. I have showed all my documents to the local branch at [redacted] and still not been able to resolve equitably. On June 18th 2013, I received a letter contrary to my original contract. I submitted a written request on July 9 th 2013 with all supporting documents showing my bi-weekly payments and the contract to that effect. I dispute that letter and informed them that they cannot change the terms and in 2011 I have a letter indicating that .

In 2002, my mortgage was transferred to [redacted]. In JUNE 20, 2011 , my motgage was transferred to [redacted]Desired Settlement: PER THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT, MY MOTGAGE PAYMENTS ARE PAYED IN FULL ON MARCH 2014. REFUND OF MY PAYMENTS FROM APRIL OF 2014 with interest.. JP MORGAN CHASE needs to get their records in orders not defraud the consumers.

Review: I was trying to refinance my current loan and was told something I didnt know until today 29 July 2013. My loan should be a 30 years loan but I was told today I had a 35 years and I would like to know why. My balance is not correct also, I was told I have six (6) 30 days late within the last 6 months and I want that corrected as I have not. I want accurate information placed in my credit report when I look at it.Desired Settlement: I want my credit report fixed and I would like to know why my loan for 35 years when it should be a 30 year loan, an extra 5 years was added to my loan, I want this fixed. Plus I want them to take off my credit report that I have six (6)30 days late within the last 12 months, as I have not. I want them to put current information on my credit report. I want the information for [redacted] removed as they took over that loan.

Review: My mortgage has been held through chase for years.. I am currently going through a divorce. My payment is two months behind and has been so since January of 2013. The company had repeatedly explained that a quick claim deed is necessary to remove my ex husband from the property during a refinance procedure. For months I have fought for the deed to be completed. Today I called chase to tell them I could start the program with a signed quick claim deed. After talking to 4 different employees I was told that the quick claim deed has nothing to do with the financial aspect of the property and I would have to pay a good amount of money to complete an assumption package.

I was also told that I could get help with lowering my monthly mortgage payment but there is no assistance programs to keep my house through the divorce settlement without paying their fees. I am outraged that I have followed their requests get help to keep my home and now that I have the paperwork complete they will not help me. This has been a year of phone calls and letters and attorney fees that have been paid by myself and ex-husband to comply with their guidelines to get a sorry I can't help you response.Desired Settlement: I would like to complete the home owners assistance program that they have offered me several times to refinance my home into my name so that my children and I can keep our home.

Review: JP Morgan Chase claims my payments for my mortgage are running 30 days past due. I have provided to Chase a copy of my bank statement or copy of cancelled check for every payment made since January 2011. Chase can not tell me when I missed a payment. They come up with several different dates which I have the proof of payment. I have been told my account would be audited and an resolution would be made in a couple days. Chase was provided with All bank statements and cancelled checks on 3/11/2014 and again on 4/3/2014. The resolution has not been made at this time. I was verbally told by a Chase employee on 3/26/2014 that my account was current and in good standing and would receive a letter stating Chase had made a billing error. I have yet to receive the letter and since then I have received phone calls claiming my billing is still late and the audit has not been completed or resolved as previously told. My billing statement does not show any where on any page that my payment is late or past due.Desired Settlement: I would like Chase to complete the audit and report to the credit agencies that my payments have been on time and in full. I am trying to refinance my home and there error will cause me to lose the chance at a new loan.

Review: I wanted to find some information about refinancing my house. I spoke with [redacted] and we met for 10 to 15 minutes. After that she requested some documents and I told her I just want to get some info and find out how I could save some money. She said that, I will not sumbit your application without your approval. After a week, I found out there is a charge on my Saving account and after sometimes, I found out [redacted] went a head submitted my refinance application without my verbal or written approval. I believe this is a fruad and she should be charge for fraud or her bank should be charged for fraud. I have been promised to get my refund within five days but it has not happned so far after 8 days.Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I want [redacted] and her bank be accountalbe for their mistake which has caused me a great deal of time consuming along with psychological discomfort.


Review: I contacted Chase Bank Mortgage dept in January of 2013 and advised that we have refinanced and I want to make sure that they were aware that my husband and I [redacted]) will be making payments around the 3rd week of every month and I wanted to make sure that we will not be bill a late fee. The gentlemen that we talk to told us that we have to call in every month to get the late fees waived and depending on who answers the phone they may or may not adjust the fees. That sounded really crazy to me because we have been paying our mortgage with them round this time period and they had not charge us.Desired Settlement: please adjust the late fees and update your records as they were before we refinance to reflect that we will be paying our payment around the 3rd week as we always did and did not incur any late fees..

Review: Chase, by their own admission, messed up on refinancing my mortgage. They agreed to start over and honor all the original terms of the loan. They refuse to do this now that rates are higher and it will cost them money to do so.Desired Settlement: Principal reduction to current loan.

Review: I'm a mortgage holder with Chase .I been a faithful paying customer. in April 2015 my online accounts were hacked and pass codes was changed. I had several accounts that was compromised.I had my account with Chase to go one month past due.I called Chase Mortgage Deptartment to allow them to know my situation. I allowed them to know although my accounts were hacked my intention wasn't to be late.I allowed them to know I wasn't notified properly regarding the account in the rear.I have several accounts with Chase I try to keep accurate with on time payments. I would kindly ask the Mortgage company to give me a 'Forgiveness for the one month late payment due to unusual circumstances..I greatly appreciate your time in this matterDesired Settlement: Hopefully the late payment can be changed

Review: Reporting inaccurate late payments. I sent a dispute letter on July 9, 2013 to Chase because they are reporting late payments on my mortgage that I am not aware of. The account being disputed is below.

Account Number - [redacted]

Negative Information Being Reported to the Credit Bureaus - 90 days past due as of Aug 2011 to Oct 2011; 60 days past due as of Jul 2011; 30 days past due as of Jun 2011, May 2011, Feb 2011, Jan 2011, Nov 2010.

It has been more than 30 days since I sent my dispute letter to them and I have not heard back from them. Please have them remove these late payments from my credit report for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act.Desired Settlement: Please remove the late payments that are on my credit report and report 100% positive payments.

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