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Review: My wife and I were pre-approved for a mortgage from Chase Bank to purchase our first home. The condo unit in question was a short-sale, and as is unfortunately normal for these properties, numerous delays were encountered and the sale took over 6 months to complete. Frequent other customer service issues aside, my main complaint is the following: less than one week before our closing date, I was contacted by Chase and told that our condo had been appraised by an "independent" appraiser at $25,000, less than half of the asking price of $65,000. The appraiser had obviously cherry picked the worst properties from nearby sales, using "comps" that weren't anything like our unit. Furthermore, as it was a short sale, the asking price had been set by an appraisal by owners bank, which we since found out was also Chase. I can't help but assume that Chase wished the property to go into foreclosure so they could claim full-ownership, and that the appraiser they use was not as independent as they were supposed to be.Desired Settlement: Luckily a friend who heard of our plight step up and offered an informal mortgage so we could switch the purchase to a cash sale. We will obviously be ending our relationship with chase as soon as possible. My desired outcome of this complaint is for someone to look into the appraisal practices at Chase to ensure that everything is done legally and whether the selection of appraisers is truly independent. The fact that the same bank can be on both the selling and buying side of a short sale also strikes me as a huge conflict of interest, but I doubt anything can be done to avoid that situation.

Review: we have comply with all paper work to achieve modification, was advised to let payments fall behind to qualify, then was denied because the papers were outdated, then denied because all the doc I had already given needed resubmitted then I resubmitted and was denied again because of paperwork, provided all they asked, chase is practicing unfair results for loan modifications, not working with us our giving aducate time to get stuff in, I want them audited on this practice

then they told me to go to branch and apply for harp at that point said oh u do not qualify because of late payments u were given bad advice by other department go back and reapply to hemp mod program just getting run around from chase,Desired Settlement: we want the modification back dating to original date of application which is April 2013, we are now into august and they want me to reapply again and go off that date this is unfair, I want modification to start April and adjusted payments credit to my future payments please let us know what you can do to help, I see pages of complaints on google against chase for this problem. the service they provide has caused me additional damage and money paid out of pocket

Review: I do not have an escrow account on my home loan. Chase paid my homeowners insurance premium and tax payments in anticapation of a modification agreement being signed. The modification agreement was never finanlized; I was able to get the tax payments reversed and returned to Chase but was unable to do so with the insurance payment. I called Chase (twice) and offered to pay Chase at the same monthly amount I was paying the insurance company and was told to "not worry about it"; that the amount of that insurance payment would be added to a pay-off on the loan.

When I made the July monthly payment they took the insurance payment amount out of my payment for principal and interest and now report that I am past due for that payment. I have explained this situation to numerous employees and have been given two confirmation numbers that a reverse payment will be done and nothing has happened. I feel that Chase was in error for paying insurance and tax's ahead of a final agreement to do so and they should allow me to repay them at the same rate that I was paying the insurance company.Desired Settlement: Allow me to pay Chase at a rate of $100.00 per month - the same amount I was paying the insurance company -- reverse the July payment to pay the principal and interest amount in full and correct any delinquent reporting that they may have done to credit bureaus.

Review: hello,I went to Chase bank to refinance of my home, Loan [redacted] I was told I was approved the same day and they were sending out an appraiser. The appraiser came out on 4-29-14 at 4:00pm and took pictures of my home and rooms, about 32 pictures. I allowed him to take pictures of all rooms except one because I had personal things inside. I did allow him to look inside the room but didn't want him to take pictures because of my privacy. He took a picture of the closed door of the same room.I called Chase and talk to a [redacted] the processor at 3:30pm on 5-6-14 and was advised she would have her boss call me but he never called. I called the next day and [redacted] at that Chase advised me that the loan was canceled because the appraiser said he could not see the room and take pictures which is not true. My cousins wife was here and witnessed the appraiser being here taking pictures of all the rooms.There was no dialogue with Chase they just canceled my loan. I have asked Chase for my money back but they have refused. I seek your help to get my money back since they are unwilling to communicate or help mitigate this issue.Thank you for your help.Regards,[redacted] Product_Or_Service: Appraisal

Account_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I want my $540.00 refunded back to my account.

Review: We are currently undergoing a short sale for loan [redacted]. First off, Chase has had this file and a contract since April. It took almost a month to get any progress on the file. In May, the BPO finally came back. (over a month past file initiation). It took until JULY to get an actual counter offer. The buyer's offer was $270,000 with the standard 3% closing cost assistance. He then agreed to Chase's counter of $280,000. The buyer increased the offer by $10,000 and just requested the buyer's closing cost assistance. The bank then rejected the closing cost assistance, because the numbers on a preliminary HUD1 were not high enough on the buyer's side. I advised the lender the HUD1 is not complete- buyer's side does not get finalized until approval is generated. I requested a 2nd review. The file was then rejected, without giving us sufficient time or notice. This all happened after the buyer waited MONTHS to even get the offer reviewed.Desired Settlement: The buyer has been very patient and agreed to the counter off of $280,000. He has requested a 3% closing cost assistance, which is standard. His closing costs exceed the request per the updated HUD1. I would like Chase to remedy the situation and allow the short sale to move to closing.

Review: In March 2013, I began an application for a Home Mortgage on line. I was contacted immediately by [redacted] (NMLS [redacted]). As a first time home buyer, I was not aware of the process. He asked me to send him directly documents that would be needed to begin the process. Immediately, I went to a near Chase Branch, and had all the required documents faxed to him. SS#, Photo ID, Taxes, W2, Paystubs. He followed by sending me a pre-qualification letter. I asked him about a pre-approval, because, here in NY to be considered as a serious buyer. A Pre-Approval letter speaks volume.

[redacted], insisted, refused to provide me with a pre-approval.

It has now been three months later. Still no pre-approval. What is taking so long?

He only contacts me via email. He hasn't contacted me in several months.

Unfortunately, now the Home Interest rates has risen quite a bit. When I began this process my pre-Qualification has a 3.8%. Now the rates are moving towards 5%.

I have been banking with Chase officially twenty years this month. When I began my employment with The Phone company. I have always trusted Chase. I have been told that with out a pre-approval I will miss out on a home that I am looking to purchase.

I do not believe this is Chases policy. However, I do feel that [redacted] is either not aware, or has no interest in continuing my application.

I bank with credit unions. and other financial institutions assure me pre-approval letters with in days. Why is it taking Months?Desired Settlement: Since I began this process when the rates were at 3.8%, I should be entitled to those same rates. It is the lack of service provided by Spencer Daines, of Chase, why I did not get that rate locked in. I see no reason why it wasn't. More than that, I would like this situation looked into closely. It is difficult to know that the bank of my choice, my family, friends, coworkers. Chooses to perform business in this manner.

Review: Our 2nd mortgage was in default for about 1 year. We were on a modification program for 2 years, paying on time, every month. We received a 2012 statement, stating the interest we paid for the year, as well as our remaining principal.Sometime between 2012 & 2013 the status changed, but we were never told. Apparently, all the money we paid in 2013 went to fees for Chase, and none went to the loan. I can't get a straight answer from them now.Desired Settlement: I want to know what happened to the loan, why we weren't told, as well as a refund of the funds we paid to Chase, after the status of our loan changed. We'd never agree to pay these "fees" if we had known they weren't going toward our loan.

Review: I made my required mortgage payment by phone on November 14, 2014. After receiving a confirmation number I hung up the phone thinking my payment was complete. Approximately 3 weeks later I found out through my credit report that my November payment was delinquent and my mortgage loan was in default.

I immediately called Chase to inquire about this. I was told that I entered the payment information incorrectly so it was not accepted. I asked them why they didn't contact me to inform me of this clerical issue before it went to collections and they said they did try to call. When I told them I never received any messages they told me they DIDN'T leave ANY messages. I asked how was I supposed to know to call them if no message was left, and why WOULDN'T you leave a message for such an important issue? They also admitted to NOT sending any mail to inform me of this issue. When I asked them how could I possibly know about this without them informing me they didn't have an answer but only an apology.

After several more calls to their many different departments I asked every one of them if calling someone and hanging up is an acceptable practice and they didn't have an answer. When I asked if not sending mail for such an important issue was an acceptable practice, they said they I was enrolled in paperless billing so no bill was sent. I told them it wasn't a bill that should have been mailed but a letter stating due to a clerical issue your loan mortgage could be jeopardized. Again, I received no answer.

I am truly very angry at the disregard I've dealt with from everyone of their customer service reps for a matter that could have been solved so easily but yet could cost me thousands in the long run or the possibility of not being able to secure future loans at all. This could be very damaging to my credit.

A customer should NOT have to find out about a clerical issue AFTER their loan goes to collections, it's simply unacceptable.Desired Settlement: Chase should take responsibility for not informing me of this billing issue. This should be wiped clear of my credit history which should be an easy solution. They should also adjust the way they handle their customer service issues in the future. An issue like mine is so easy to prevent. A simple voicemail, or letter would have corrected the issue immediately.

I ask for my credit to be repaired, or I will be forced to deal with the hassle of looking into filing a lawsuit next, which would be necessary considering the negative impact this could have on me.

Review: I called in to Chase Mortgage in November to ask for help with my December payment due to I knew I would not have the funds to make the payment & I called in to ask for assistance as a customer who has never been late ,on what I could do about this issue, due to I am a full time student and a single mother of two. I have never been 30 days past due with my house payment & I didn't want my December payment to be late. I was told there was nothing they could do to help me due to my house payment was not behind. I later called back in December with the same question asking for some type of payment plan or assistance & again they said they could not help me. Then they report on my credit report delinquent to my credit report for the month of December; reporting 2 payments past due and it was only the one payment of 720 but they reported to the credit agency 1459 for the month of December. As a loyal customer since 2009 that has never been late & asked for help concerning this matter I was told they could not do anything for me. So I called in 02/07/2014 about asking for a one time curiosity amendment to have it removed due to I have never been late before and I was instructed by a chase employee to fax a letter to [redacted] explaining the circumstance on why my payment was late and they would remove it. then when I called back to verify the letter with chase I was told I was misinformed by that representative & again they could not help me after writing & paying money to have the letter faxed. I would like the late payment to be removed due to I was trying to be proactive as a responsible customers to receive guidance from my mortgage company but did not receive any assistance but I cant do anything for you because your not late with your payment.Desired Settlement: I would like the delinquent to be removed from my credit score. If you review my record I have never been 30 days past due on my house payment & I tried to get assistance from my mortgage company & they did nothing but turn me away and then later report it on my credit report then reported incorrect amount. It was 720 late for one month which was December not 1459. Then being misinformed on information and then driving out & paying money to have a letter faxed then I was later told I was misinformed by a Chase employee. I have been a customer since 2009 & never late & I did seek assistance from Chase but again was turned away.

Review: I was going to refinance my house and was given a rate of 4.62% for a 30yrs fixed mortgage, I was told I only had to pay a $460 application fee if I wanted to proceed with that rate. after I had my house appraised they told me the apprasial came in low and my rate would go up to 4.85% at no time did they tell me that this could happen so I wanted to cancel my applicaiton and was told the $460 was non refundable. I was under the impression that the $460 was for the rate we agreed on and no one ever told me that the rate could jump up because of a low apprasial.Desired Settlement: I would like my credit card refunded the application fee as I feel this was a bait and switch

Review: Chase home loans received a payment from me in the form of a money order for a total $2800.76 (i have record that they deposited the money orders) on or about June 11th 2013 and July 19th 2013 but never applied these payments to my loan. Chase then sold my loan to [redacted] home loans in June of 2013 but never forwarded these payments on to the new mortgage company. When I try to call the company there phone system disconnects me each time the system asks for my identification. I believe this is the system disconnecting me because it identifies my mortgage as being sold. The company Chase sold my mortgage to is now sending me foreclosure letters because they are saying I am 2 months behind on my mortgage.Desired Settlement: I would like chase to refund this money to me so that I can apply it to the mortgage with the new company as it should have been. I would like to stop being harassed because Chase decided to steal my money

Review: I am in the process of a Home modification since early June. Chase appears to be purposely delaying completion of the modification. My first contact from Chase was the end of July. Chase responded requesting addition information. The information was submitted as requested. Then additional information was requested and this has gone on and on. Chase does not tell me what is needed at one time they request information and then state something else is needed that is a new item not previously mentioned. Chase representative handling my case is rude and recently called me at the end of his shift. I asked could he call me back in 10 minutes and he said "I am out of here in one minute and did not call me back the next day to tell me what he was calling for. I had to call in the following day and request to speak with a manager which did not assist me and only stated they would be talking to the representative and let me know a new item was needed. Yet I had received a call a few days earlier from a different representative stating they received the requested information and nothing else was needed. I re faxed the information on Sept 11. The supervisor [redacted] told me if she was in on Saturday she would review and call me on Monday. She called me on Monday and said she received the info and underwriting stated do not send anything else until they review it. She called me again on 09/18 and states she is waiting on underwriting to get back with her. After speaking with her I called back on 09/18 because had another question and representative [redacted] stated my file was not in underwriting and she would send it right then. I called [redacted] back and left message that she did nothing for me and I felt she lied to me. [redacted] called me back today 09/21 stating she would try to get in touch with underwriting because they have 30 days from the date they receive the information to respond, My concern is that underwriting will ask for something else.Desired Settlement: Chase Manager get involved and have underwriting review my case for modification. It has been entirely too long and they are piece requesting information instead of letting me know all information needed at one time and stop taking so long to get back to me to let me know what else is needed. Actually Chase is not getting back with me I am the one calling Chase. I am surprised a well known company like Chase is not operating efficiently from the representatives to the management. I should not have to wait 30 days to see if there is any additional information needed. Why is this process taking so long? I believe my modification is being delayed on purpose hoping to take my account into foreclosure. I would like a timely resolution.

Review: Chase Home Mortgage has reported my home mortgage account as Derogotary, they mishandled my attempt to make payment on my loan on Aug 15 over the phone, never processed my payment and marked my account negative and reported it to Equifax. I have attempted several times over the phone to get this matter handled by a Chase representative and I have not heard any response via email or phone. My credit score has been severely hampered by their lack of efficiency after my loan has been sold to them.Desired Settlement: I would like for Chase to contact me via phone and assure me that they will correct their mistake. I would like for them to send a letter to Equifax stating my account is not negative or derogatory and also provide me with a certified copy of that letter validating that they have an erred on account/statement. I can be reached at [redacted]

Review: My complaint is regarding Chase's customer service practice regarding billing adjustments. I have spoken with several representatives at Chase who have told me several different misguided outcomes regarding my mortgage payments. I made two payments in August, 1 of which should have been cancelled. Chase went ahead and made both payments. Because there were insufficient funds, both payments were denied and reversed back. Then a payment was withdrawn again and then reversed. A couple of days later Chase deposited money in my account and then reversed it. I received a letter stating that my Aug payment was overdue. I also received a letter after the former stating that my August payment was successfully drafted. I was in contact with reps several times during the week. Most reps informed me to not pay my mortgage until the issue was resolved. Unfortunately, this lead me to be delinquent for Aug spilling over into September. I spoke with a supervisory who was unapologetic and not supportive of the issue. This is the second time this year (2013) that Chase has incorrectly charged my account for my mortgage. Customer service is poor and not customer friendly. Unfortunately, I cannot switch companies because I would have to refinance my loan.Desired Settlement: I wish for Chase to pay my August payment in full due to their lack of communication and customer support.

Review: I believe in 2008 there was a judgement originally from chase on my credit report for about 3200 dollars. The original amount was about 6000 dollars, in 2011 chase filed a 1099 c with the IRS forgiving the debt of 6000 dollars, I was not aware about this and first contacted by the irs in 2013. Irs nor chase would verify the proper amount, I tried contacting chase to have them remove the judgement(when I called them they still wanted to accept payments for it even though it was forgiven via 1099-c) as of this year I paid the taxes of the debt approximately 982.00 dollars via my checking account as this debt was forgiven in 2011 but still remains as a judgement against me on my credit report. On my Credit report it shows:



[redacted] DR [redacted] Judgment in favor of:


Address Identification Number:


Civil claim judgment.

Status Details: This item is scheduled to continue on record until Aug 2015.

Date Filed:


Claim Amount:


Date Resolved:


Liability Amount:



IndividualDesired Settlement: Remove the information from the 3 credit bureaus as it is suppose to be properly noted as it was forgiven and I paid the 1099 c as income. Very bad business practice to say I owe them money thru the court system, and tell the IRS it was forgiven.

Review: Acct: [redacted] I closed the above referenced account when it was paid off. If it was not paid off they would have continued to do direct withdraws from my bank account since that is how the payments were set up. $2500.00 worth of flood insurance was put on my loan after it was closed. I have been working on a resolution to this for almost 2 years now and am getting nowhere. Even if, and I say IF, the loan was not paid off, it would have been under $1,000. Below it states that the flood insurance will not exceed the principal balance of the loan.As copied from my original loan agreement purchased from [redacted] that Chase took over. This agreement was never changed. Grantor agrees to obtain and maintain Federal Flood Insurance for the full unpaid principal balance of the loan, up to the maximum policy limits set under the National Flood Insurance Program, or as otherwise required by Lender,and to maintain such insurance for the term of the loan.I called several months ago and received a torn up response in the mail that could not be read. It was completely damaged. I called again and asked for a copy so I know your response. I never received it. I am requesting once again for a response. As it currently stands my loan is only flood insurance and I am paying more flood insurance for flood insurance that was placed on my closed account for an exuberant amount.Please be advised, I am an elderly widow and only receive a very small amount from social security. They continue to keep a lien on my home that has been in my deceased husbands family for generations. [redacted] is not even in a flood zone but they want me to prove that. Why do they not have to prove that it is. They put a $2500 flood insurance policy on a closed loan and now continue to keep putting more flood insurance annually. $2500 flood insurance policy would cover all of [redacted]. If it did flood do you believe they would give me the millions this amount covers regardless the home is worth less than 20k.Desired Settlement: I want the lien taken off my home and the flood insurance removed. If flood insurance is required to cover the loan amount and the loan was paid off and closed then how do they justify placing such a huge policy on a closed account? I have sent letter after letter. I even had an attorney send them a letter but never get a response.

Review: In January of 2013 I was behind on my mortgage and instead of a repayment plan the Chase representative offered me an option of a loan modification. Once in discuss for the loan modification I was told that there was a possibility to get my interest rate down to 4% from 4.875% that I currently sit. Never was I told that there was a possibility to take my 26 years left on my mortgage and move it to 40 years. This was all for less than 200.00 a month in a payment change. They did not offer a change in interest rate when it was all said and done, they only offered to collect tens of thousands of dollars in extra interest over the extra ten years that they were trying to to add to the loan. What is funny about this is that they say they record all calls for monitoring purposes and when I ask them to review the previous calls I am told that there are no other options to fix this issues. So now 7 months later I am back to the repayment plan trying to scrape by enough each month all because Chase tried to swindle me. AWFUL business practices.Desired Settlement: I just wanted a loan modification to fit a payment that was better suited for me and the financial times and I wish the company I tried to do this through was ethical enough to follow through on what they said would do.

Review: On August 28, 2002, my wife [redacted] and I obtained a $100,000 home equity line of credit. In 2008, this line of credit was abruptly reduced by Chase to $69200, due to what Chase perceived as a reduction in value of our property. When we called Chase to inquire about this, we were told that once our property value increased again, we could call them and they would re-evaluate to reinstate the line to its original limit or up to whatever our property value could allow. We refinanced our primary mortgage in 2011 and again in 2012. In both ocassions, the first mortgage lender requested the corresponding lien subordination and all paperwork was fulfilled. No one explained to us, as consumers of good faith, that by requesting the subordination we were forfeiting our right to get the home equity line of credit reinstated. Last year we were notified that Chase had settled on December 12, 2012, a class action lawsuit brought against them because they had wrongly reduced home equity lines of credit like ours. We called Chase to get ours reinstated both because of this and because our property had regained its value. Chase has negated our request based on the subordination process performed before, telling us, instead, to re-apply at an interest twice as high as per original contract. We believe this is unfair and require from Chase to reinstate our home equity line of credit. Thanks,[redacted]Desired Settlement: Reinstate immediately to $100,000 our home equity line of credit as the value of our home has increased to support it per the original terms of the contract. Also, Chase settled a lawsuit for the same reason, and not allowing the reinstatement of our home equity line of credit would be discriminatory to us as individual consumers.

Review: Tried to do a modification to the mortgage and was approved in 2012. Chase told me to make payments in the new amount as I did (sometimes more $). Chase then lost the paperwork (that they admit) and started to ruin my credit report. I started over with the modification and again was approved. This time they told me NOT to make any payments or the modification will be voided. I made no payments as directed. Listed my house to be in a better situation and and away from Chase. The modification stated all late fees are waived. All my credit reporting will be corrected as current and that never happened yet either. The difference in my June 2014 balance of [redacted] and payoff I was charged [redacted] is [redacted]. I have filed complaints with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Chase drags it out to no conclusion. Account # was [redacted]Desired Settlement: 6000-8000$ refund.

Review: Dear,

Our taxes were paid late and Chase will not pay the penalty,they took it out of our escrow account. Besides they took it out twice. I think they should pay the penalty,because it was their mistake. They made some mistakes on my account back and forth adding some in and subtracting some that my account is so confusing to understand. The mistakes makes it hard to know if they have our payment right.What started it all was the school taxes were wrong and they couldn't get it straight, that made it late. I have contacted them several times.

Thank- you. [redacted]Desired Settlement: That they do the right thing by refunding our escrow account any penalties and mistakes due us.

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