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Review: Due to medical issues and family tragedy, I fell behind on my over-leveraged home. To reduce Chases loss, I had vacated my home at [redacted] to assist in showing the home.FHA holds the note and chase is the servicer. FHA granted an Agreement to Participate which informed me of the net proceed amount they would need to have an acceptable contract.A buyer submitted an acceptable contract to chase and placed his funds upfront in escrow. My Buyer has had his funds in escrow since March!Chase locks were placed on the home in March 2013.A Chase appraiser needed to view the home (even though FHA granted the Agreement to Participate guidelines), but could not get in, because of the locks. He blamed me and told Chase I was not cooperating. I had no way of getting in, and was not going to vandalize chase locks. A foreclosure date of 10/16/2013 was set. They were/are in essence punishing me for their actions and lack of communication.Calls were placed and Chase was made aware of the problem.Yet chase did nothing, and never re-ordered the appraisal.In September through mid-October, more calls were placed to chase letting them know that it had not been ordered but needed to be; one rep said it would be ordered, and requests were made throughout here to postpone the foreclosure.Also, calls were placed to [redacted] and [redacted], as they were assigned reps to my file, yet for over a month, the detailed messages were never returned. Last week, several calls were placed to chase, checking to see if the appraisal had been ordered and the postponement granted, and the rep stated neither had been done. It was requested again that a postponement be granted, and the rep said the request would be submitted.Not until this Friday 10/11/2013 (5 days before my foreclosure) did [redacted] bother to call, and she said she refused to open the file or process a request for postponement. Apparently, she did not care and it would have been too much work for her. Where was she previously all this time, given the file notes and calls?On Monday, other Chase reps informed that there was too little time left to postpone the foreclosure. They stated 48 hours notice was required to postpone the foreclosure. What do they think had been requested for over 45 days! Today, 10/16/2013, my home was foreclosed.This comedy of chase errors, lack of communication and apparent unconcern would be comical if it were not to my detriment. Prior to the locks being placed, I had spent much needed funds on lawn care and utilities to preserve the property and assist in selling it. I have spent much needed money on faxing numerous documents, repeatedly, only to have Chase want them refaxed because by the time Chase reps address my documents, it is 90 days plus later. I am on disability, so you know those were much needed funds, but I was trying to do the right thing. Yet this is how I was treated? Chase takes bailout money and turns around and treats someone cooperating like they do not matter?

Account_Number: Acc Number [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

What I want going forward, is for Chase to reverse my foreclosure and re-open the short sale file, order the appraisal, and lets get my property sold as a short sale. This could have been sold years ago if Chase reps would actually address the file in a timely manner instead of making the other buyers wait for over 7 months before Chase responds. This is ridiculous and I have gone through great lengths to reduce Chase's loss and get yet anothe

Review: I called CHASE on 08/18/15 I was transferred 3 times and put in hold for over 47 minutes. The last supervisor I spoke to was [redacted] who was extremely rude and hanged up the phone on me. I originally called to request a waiver of a late fee on my loans [redacted]. I explained I was out of the country and was unable to make the payment. The only response I got the three times I got transferred was that the waiver was to be used only once every 12 months. I explained that I have been with Chase for several years and have been a very good paying customer but nobody was able to help waive the fees.

I am very disappointed at the level of customer service Chase offers.Desired Settlement: Would like someone to waive/credit back the late fees I paid on August 2015.

Review: Chase changed my variable rate long to affixed rate in the year 2009 without authorization. This benefited chase in that I paid more each month on the loan. I want chase to refund me according to the variable rate from the time of the unauthorized change to the present and place me back on the variable loan as agreed originally. Acc# [redacted]Desired Settlement: As stated above Refund overpayment of interest and reverse back to variable rate at present interest rates. I have tried in many ways to resolve this issue without additional legal action and fees.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Review: I have been sending Chase emails/faxes for well over a year, regarding issues with my home, which is finance through them. There has been storm damage, snow damage, which has lead to black mold in my basement, a leading roof, and big cracks in my driveway. They have force placed insurance on my home, and I cannot get any help with any of this. They ignore every fax/email, and only want their money. I had lost 2 jobs, and they still did not care. I am now in a payment plan, and they are still sending me foreclosure notices, even though I am making payments. I had a call from a person last week, wanting to remind me that my sept payment was due and he could take a payment over the phone????? but yet ignore my other isuses? This home is a mess. IT is worth 90,000 at best, and I owe 130,000 on it. what can I do to get some assistance? It is a huge health risk for my children.Desired Settlement: I want the insurance company, which was placed by them, to fix the problems that are in this home

Review: I have been attempting to get a modification on my home loan since December 2011. I have been given the run around by Chase for the entirety of this process. I have been asked to send entire application packets no less than 35 times in the process of this modification. I have had several different representatives when in the application process. Now that we are to the final modification documentation, Chase is attempting to collect additional funds that would not have been incurred had they completed their part of the modification process in a timely matter. In addition to the balance of the home, Chase is asking for $14,024.61 in interest, along with other fees, and resetting my loan for a total of $97,702.84. In addition to the $14,024.61 in interest they are asking for, the funds from my trial modification, $2,119.74, have not been calculated into the final modification documents. I am also being asked to pay an additional $336.00 in closing fees for a modification. During this process, Chase has also failed to take the true value of my home into consideration. According to Jackson County, MO tax records, my home is valued at $85,714 as of January 1, 2015. I have made many attempts in contacting Chase in regards to these issues, but have only been responded to with "YOUR ESCALATION REQUEST HAS BEEN ANSWERED AND IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED THAT ALL INFORMATION WAS TRUE AND CORRECT THAT WAS CONTAINED IN THE FINAL MODIFICATION DOCUMENTS." I do not feel that they are willing to make a modification that benefits the customer, rather a modification that benefits Chase.Desired Settlement: I do not feel that I should have to pay $14,024.61 in interest, since it is Chase that has dragged their feet in this process. No interest should be charged on top of an interest-bearing loan.

I should not have to pay closing fees ($336) on a modification of an existing loan.

The funds that I paid during the trial modification, $2,119.74. should be applied to the final modification documentation.

I also feel like Chase needs to include a 3 year home warranty (the length of time it took for Chase to modify this loan) if they are choosing to create a new loan instead of modifying an existing loan.

Review: More money was taken from Escrow than should have. I called the bank and they tried to work things out. However, the last person I spoke with that was supposed to help change my payments since it was not my fault was not helpful. He was very rude, not knowledgeable at all, even told me disregard the letter saying my escrow was short when it's accurate! He did not understand escrow or what had happend and was rude to me telling me I did not understand and he couldnt help me. I asked to speak to a manager/ supervisor and he told me they were busy. I told him I could wait. He said the wait is too long he wouldnt transfer me!! I said I can wait and insisted so he hung up on me!Desired Settlement: I would LOVE for someone who understands what is going on with my mortgate/escrow to explain to me what is going on. And have the knowledge to help me with what I am asking to do to resolve the error that is NOT my fault.

Review: We had fallen behind on our original mortgage taxes as they were not built in to our mortgage. Chase bank picked up on our taxes and began paying them. Our mortgage was originally less than six hendred dollars per month, after the taxes were included it went to over nine hundred dollars per month. We started receiving notices from an unknown person last November that were being left on our front door saying we needed to start paying him rent. Immediately contacted Chase telling them of the situation, their advice was to call the police on this man when he came on to the property. Finally we were served a summons to court as we were being evicted from our home. It was the evening of the night before our scheduled court appearance that we were told by Chase bank that we in fact no longer owned our home and that it was sold at a county tax sale. Two weeks after the court date we were homeless. There was a substantial down payment made when we purchased the home and six years of monthly mortgage payments made to Chase. We now have nothing to show for all of this and have endured treatment that no human should ever have to endure. I have placed over one hundred calls to Chase bank and nobody there seems to care at all. I have dealt with supervisors, their supervisors and with various departments at Chase and all to no avail as nobody seems to be the right department to deal with. Today I emailed James Dimon, Chairman of the Board and CEO but I feel quite confident that like the others nothing will be done. This event has turned my life upside down and left me in quite a perdicament to deal with. Any help the may be anle to provide would be greatly appreciated.Desired Settlement: I am out my initial down payment and over six years of monthly mortgage payments not to mention the work we had done when we first purchased the home like new carpeting through out, remodeled bathroom and more. After being evicted from the home I have little if any interest in moving back in as this has left me with a sour taste in my mouth from what has transpired. I am trying to do this without legal representation as that will only diminish the proceeds from this nightmere. I feel that I shou

Review: I have tried for one full year to get Chase to correct mine and my husband’s credit reports. The two accounts in question are# [redacted]

I will not spell out ALL of the problems with the reports because I have done this three times in the past and nothing has changed. Just a few examples will be provided below, but this is in no way a complete listing of the problems associated with these accounts:

[redacted] and [redacted] Experian, Account # [redacted].... showing a term of 2 years

[redacted] Equifax, Account #[redacted]… listed as 120+ days past due

[redacted] Equifax, Account # [redacted]… showing a 1st delinquency of 10/2007 but in the full information it clearly shows that the first delinquency was 7/2007

The second mortgage, which is charged off is showing a balance due.

None of the 12 reporting tradelines (two accounts for [redacted] and [redacted] reporting to Equifax, Transunion and Experian) are reporting correctly, also, none of them are reporting the same so they've all been given different information. I have written letter after letter to Chase explaining the problems in reporting. I have also disputed these problems with the credit reporting agencies'. The credit reporting agencies' say that Chase has verified that the information is accurate.

This is a blatant violation of section 623 of the FCRA. I put in a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Chase has failed to reply to them as of yet, however, I did finally speak to them today. After receiving a letter stating they were trying to contact me, I called, every day for two straight weeks, sometimes several times a day and left plenty of voicemails. Today was the day someone called me back. Unfortunately, they were of no help. They wanted me to supply them with my credit report and highlight for them the problems. This is information they THEY have provided to the CRA's! I have provided this information in the past and will not do it again.Desired Settlement: At this time, nothing but full deletion of these incorrect account will resolve this matter as this run around with Chase has gone on for far too long and has already caused provable damages.

Review: On June 11, 2014 I faxed a complete application to Chase Mortgage Assistance dept as I didnt want my home to go under foreclosure. I confirmed several times that my application and ALL documents needed had been received and that my application was pending with the under writing dept. I have been receiving calls from [redacted] every 5 days advising that my application was still under review and that nothing further was needed from me. On 8/18/14 I called customer service for status since it has already passed the 30 day time frame that JP Morgan advised it would take for my application to be reviewed and was told by their rep that my application had been rejected as my application was expired. I then called my dedicated rep [redacted] and asked her why she never told me this and she said that they are not allowed to leave messages in the state of **. I asked her why wasnt I notified via regular mail and she said a letter had gone out on July 15. I advised her I never received such letter and that when I last spoke to her in August she never mentioned that the application had expired. I advised her that she told me my application was still under review and not to worry that she would contact me. [redacted] simply responded that she was sorry and that she might have missed that part. I then requested a supervisor who confirmed that they had received my application on 6/11/14 and that he didnt understand why the application was rejected. I asked him to please escalate this further as I need to get this matter resolved. He then advised me that there was nothing further he can do as the application had expired and that I needed to send in a new application because the application I sent in wasnt for all mortgage assistance options. This is not the case I had confirmed with various reps that my application was being reviewed for all assistance options. [redacted] I do not deserve this type of treatment as they were aware that I needed to move to NJ. They had everything needed.

[redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I am looking for J P Morgan to escalate my application for all mortgage assistance options and expedite this request as they promised my application was under review for all mortgage assistance options. I was told time after time that my application was under review and that nothing else was needed from me. They have my hardship letter explaning I need to move back to ** to be with my sick son. I am looking for them to take responsibility on the

Review: [redacted] May 9,2014 [redacted] JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

Loan Number: [redacted] We, [redacted] and [redacted] want an investigation on JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (Chase). As our mother's successors we are eligible and entitled to receive any payment indebted to our mother, [redacted] and Chase has denied us that right.

As of today Chase has given us the run around, ignored our inquires and refused to respond to request for information about anything dealing with our mother's account even though we have provided documentation of our right to the information and payment of funds due to us. I, [redacted] want JPMorgan Chase & Go. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (Chase) investigated for their deceptive practices. I want the check

for $120.75 returned, the money that was in the escrow account after the sale of [redacted] returned to my sister and I and all attorney fees incurred because they would not deal with us.

I, [redacted] will provide a chronology of what happened providing the exact dates when possible and a copy of the supporting document.

March 4, 2012 [redacted] was hospitalized.

April 2012 [redacted] was moved to the Critical Care Unit (CCU) of the hospital.

April 14, 2012 [redacted] and [redacted] had a Power of Attorney (POA) drawn up. (ATTACHMENT 1-POA)

April 2012 [redacted] called Chase to talk about [redacted] account and was told that they couldn't talk to her. [redacted] was asked

to fax in the POA. The POA was faxed.

April 2012 [redacted] called to talk with someone about [redacted] account and was told the POA wasn't received. Obtained a fax number and the POA was faxed again. Told Chase agent that [redacted] is on mechanical ventilation.

May 1,2012 [redacted] was moved to [redacted] May 18,2012 [redacted] passed away.

(ATTACHMENT 2- Death certificate)

May 21,2012 Letter was received from Chase stating (In relevant part) "To add Power of Attorney requires having borrower's signature and that it is the same as they have in the system.

(ATTACHMENT 3-Letter from Chase)

February 11, Received a letter from State Farm Homeowners Insurance that 2013 [redacted] homeowners insurance will be cancelled on April

29,2013 at 12:Olam because Elsie I. Snead was no longer occupying the unit.

(ATTACHMENT 4- Letter from State Farm)

April 1, 2013 Purchase Agreement on [redacted]

(ATTACHMENT 5-Purchase Agreement)

April 17, 2013 Quote for Insurance for [redacted] (ATTACHMENT 6- lnsurance quote)

April 23, 2013 Policy issued for [redacted] for April 29, 2013 to June 29, 2013 (2months). The agent notified Chase. (ATTACHMENT 7- Insurance Policy)

May 28,2013 Closed on [redacted]

July 1, 2013 Letter sent to Chase requesting them to issue an escrow check 0003393479 for $120.75 made payable to Elsie I. Snead to be reissued to Karen Taylor. Dawn Bowan and I signed the letter and

attached the check, a certified copy of my mother's death certificate and an Affidavit of Small estate drawn up by the Law office of [redacted], P.C.

(ATTACHMENT 8-Copy of escrow refund check)

(ATTACHMENT 9-Copy Affidavit)

September 3, 2013 [redacted] attempted to inquire about Escrow account with Chase. [redacted] ransferred to several different people and

was told several different things. [redacted] was told that there was no record of the letter, affidavit or death certificate being received. [redacted] was transferred. [redacted] was put on hold time and time again until finally the customer service

representative told [redacted] that the information was received however, they needed a certified copy of the death certificate. [redacted] told the customer service representative that it was sent in July. [redacted] became frustrated after being on the

telephone for over an hour so [redacted] ended the call because each representative she spoke to wouldn't give her any information.

October 10, 2013 [redacted] spoke to someone name [redacted] inquired about the escrow check and escrow account after the closing of [redacted] account. [redacted] was put on hold. Karen

Taylor was told there was no record of the paperwork. [redacted] was told that she could mail the info to: Attn: Research Dept., POB 24573, Columbus, Ohio 43224. [redacted] was also told that the information could be faxed to (614) 422-2501. The information was mailed and faxed.

October 23,2013 The Law office of Attorney [redacted] drafted a detailed letter as to why my sister Dawn Bowman and I are entitled to the

check and escrow money under the law. In part: pursuant to 64.2-602 of the Code of [redacted] (ATTACHMENT 10-Copy of Letter from t L[redacted]at lawaw to Chase)

December 2013 Attorney [redacted] called Chase and was told that their wasn't insurance on [redacted] and that the money was taken from the escrow account.

My sister and I did have insurance (SEE ATTACHMENT 7) and Chase was notified by the insurance company. This is just one more lie and another way to justify why they are not returning money that is due to my sister and I.

January 2014 Discussion with attorney on proceeding and cost for her to proceed. Discussed filing a complaint and touching base with her after the complaint is filed. [redacted] and [redacted] agreed that [redacted] would pursue a complaint before allowing the attorney to proceed to keep down any further attorney fees.

April 2014 We decided to file the complaint because if Chase is defrauding other people with deceptive practices, it is illegal. At this point I'm

sure we owe the attorney more than what was in the escrow account and the check due to us. As of now it's the principle of the matter and we do not want them to get away with being able to do what they have done to us to anyone else.

My sister and I want the money that was in escrow account after closing on [redacted], the refund check [redacted] for $120.75 and our attorney fees. If you have any questions, please call [redacted] and send any correspondence to the address below.

Respectfully, [redacted]Desired Settlement: My sister and I want the money that was in escrow account after closing on [redacted], the refund check 0003393479 for $120.75 and our attorney fees.

Review: the rep [redacted] was unprofessional when discussing our home loan. asked me questions about an acct I had under my name and not my husband in the front of husband. when I asked what it had to do with our home loan he stated he was "just wondering what the acct was being used for". he also tried [redacted]. asked her [redacted] when I asked why he contacted a minor he stated to discuss student loans for the future.Desired Settlement: should not be working with the public

Review: Chase Home Finance purchased my loan from another financial institution. My LTV ration has fallen below 80% and I have recently requested the Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) to be dropped as was originally stipulated in my loan agreement. Chase is trying to require a Broker's Price Opinion (BPO) along with a fee of $ 145.00. This was not part of my original loan agreement. As Chase purchased my loan agreement, they also purchased the terms as well. Per a phone conversation approximately three weeks ago with a Chase representative they agreed to waive this fee. However, when I sent in the waiver form, I am still being denied the PMI termination unless I pay the fee. I do not believe that this is an honest business practice.Desired Settlement: Waiver of the BPO fee and cancellation of the PMI effective back to July 1, 2013 as originally requested. Thank you, [redacted]

Review: I am formally filing a complaint to underscore that JP Morgan Chase's assumption loan service is absolutely ABYSMAL. The staff are completely unhelpful and untrained and know nothing about the unusual terms of an assumption loan. This product should be pulled from JP Morgan Chase's offering until staff are trained and underwriters can guarantee an answer in 90 days or less. Here are my primary complaints.1. [redacted] office staff completely unknowledgeable and unable to help with loan process and yet they recommended an assumption loan when we need to change the title holders and we believed our house to be under water.2. [redacted] in [redacted]. We started the process with him as our liaison to the underwriter in August 2013. After 90 days he said we didn't get documentation to him and closed our loan. We had to chase him down to learn of loan process and understand why we were shut out. He never call or email. 3. We re-initiated the assumption process in late October 2013. We worked with an underwriter's liaison who was thoughtful, helpful and communicated weekly. HOWEVER, she had complete lack of transparency from Chase on total process and all the potential documentation we would need to provide. It took 7 months and many, many, many rounds of documentation to get any sort of answer. We were often asked to provide the same exact document 2 or 3 times because someone lost the original file. That's messy, sloppy and ridiculous.If I did my job the way Chase operates, I would be fired. The answer to "Can you give me an estimate to how long this will take?" should NEVER be "We have no idea." Don't offer a product if you can't answer that question. SHAME ON YOU!

Product_Or_Service: Assumption LoanDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

1. I want a formal letter from Chase written to my husband and I: [redacted] and [redacted]. I want them to apologize for the abysmal service. We are still banking clients but they have lost our mortgage business as a result. 2. I want them to formally train [redacted] and let him know that we were appalled with his service.3. I want documentation outlining any assumption loan training they intend to provide to the loan

Review: Chase have taken over 170 days to process my refinance application resulting in a multitude of additional "extension" fees resulting in process being cost prohibitive. I have maintained a full record of all correspondence as evidence which I can share. This is the second time I have tried to refinance with Chase, the first time ending with their incorrect appraisal of my property resulting in me being out of pocket for application and appraisal fees.Desired Settlement: I do not want to incur any fees for this poorly handled application

Review: I refinanced my home with Chase in 2005. I did NOT have an escrow placed in my contract, I paid my own homeowners insurance and property tax. In around 2010, Chase took it upon themselves to force and escrow on my mortgage by paying my homeowners insurance and property taxes for the year before I did. This had cause my house payment to jump from $1297/month to $1622/month. I called Chase and was basically told they could do that if they wanted to and there was nothing I could do about it but pay it. I soon started falling behind on my payments and I have been in almost foreclosure 2-3 times. I have applied for a loan modification twice, the first time I was told I made too much money to qualify, the second, I did not make enough to qualify. I downloaded the forms from the Chase website at one time and sent all my information to the fax number listed on the website. I do not know who got my information, but I was a victim of fraud and had to change my checking account because this person was able to withdrawal my money. I am facing foreclosure once again. I have contacted Chase by email and also by phone. I have a "case manager" at Chase but I never reach her, I have to leave voice mails every time. I have emailed [redacted] CEO of Chase, and am waiting for a response. I recently received a letter from my county assessor stating that my property tax is increasing 10%. This will cause my mortgage payment to increase even more and basically I am sure to lose my home.Desired Settlement: I would like to have the escrow taken off my mortgage and would like to be reimbursed for that amount since 2010. I would also like that reimbursement to be placed toward my mortgage and be brought current.

Review: I did a loan modification on my house. I was told I needed to send in 847.96 and I could send in a personal check so I did on Nov 3. I called to see if chase had got my check and I was told that I needed to send certified funds . I said I already

sent you a personal check. I was told that the check would be sent back to me and not cashed. So on Nov 8 I send western union funds of 847.96. So on Nov 10 I check my wells fargo account and they cashed my check causing my account

to be overdrawn by 588.00. I called them and told them to return one of my payments, I have been told they mailed a check that was a lie I was told the money was sent to me western union that was a lie. I have talked to several supervisors

and keep getting the run around. I had to borrow money from family to put gas in my car. I am married and have 2 kids and I need my money back !!!!!!. This has been a nightmare I can not use my checking account and this has been going on

for 3 weeks. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Desired Settlement: I want my 847.96 back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review: Lost 5 buyers for this home over 2 year period under the Military Home Buyer's Program. We ultimatelyhad to short sale and take a hit on our credit. Unfair practice since we tried for 2 years to sale and constantly got the run around. Agents would not return phone calls and we spent hours on hold trying to sale.Desired Settlement: Would like Chase to remove this negative information from my credit report.

Review: Due to a number of financial issues, I have been behind in my mortgage for several months. On average, I am about 45 days behind. I cannot make my payments on the Chase website, because it will only allow me to pay the entire amount owed. I pay through my bank, and it takes several days to arrive at Chase. During the wait, I often receive a large number of documents threatening foreclosure. Recently, I started adding about $40 to my monthly payment since I cannot make the additional payment at this time. I have also been in touch with customer service to see if I can have the loan modified. I informed them I am living in the house and I am doing everything I can to get my account caught up. Today I received an Acceleration warning (Notice of intent to foreclose). This is despite the fact that I HAVE contacted them and am attempting to find a resolution. I have a number of pieces of information I have to get together to even move forward. I have done NOTHING to indicate I intend to default.

I consider this harassment at this point.Desired Settlement: I simply want to be able to work on either catching up on payments or go through the modification process. The people I have been in contact with have been very helpful, and I don't think they are part of the problem. As an entity, CHASE is a problem. Instead of reaching out and offering to help, I continue to get threatening letters every month. This needs to stop.

Review: I opened a loan application to refi on March 31, 2015. I was told I qualify and should be ok to move forward with the loan application with a 60 days or less closing time period.

On April 1, 2015 I provided the Mortgage Application Package, 2013-14 W2s, recent paystub, 2 401k statements, and letter of Explanation regarding a short sale from 2010.

On April 15, 2015, the $460 home appraisal was completed and on April 21, 2015 the report was received by Chase. The report came back favorably and assessed my home higher than expected.

On May 11, 2015, I was asked to provide a HUD document regarding the short sale. On May 15, 2015, I provided the HUD letter from the title company and was told that they were going to check with underwriting if that will suffice the requirements or if they can get it waived. I followed up weekly with Chase regarding the status.

On May 28, 2015, I was told that the HUD letter did not suffice and I needed the full document. On the same day (May, 28, 2015), I provided the full HUD document. Again, I followed up weekly with Chase regarding the status with no progress.

On June 16, 2015, the loan processor contacted me and the following day (June 17, 2015) sent me requests to provide more documents (4 items). 3 out of the 4 request I am able to provide documentation. However, 1 of them was requesting a written explanation and supporting documents of real estate owned of 3 addresses that is not under my name and are not my property. I contacted the loan processor and explained to him that those addresses are not currently under my name, nor are they active under my name, nor I am the current owner and that I am unable to provide supporting document because of those reasons I just provided. He told me that the application can not go any further and theres nothing else he can do.Desired Settlement: I would like to see my loan application be completed as referenced in the good faith estimate that Chase provided me.

I have waited over 60 days of the expected closing date and provided documents within my control to Chase. I explained to them that they are asking for something I am unable to provide, that its out of my control, and is not currently active under my name.

This has made me miss the opportunity to refi my home with a lower interest rate, removing mortgage insurance, and overall lowering my monthly payments. Due to the long wait, interest rates has increased and I got stuck with paying for a $460 home appraisal that didn't benefit me and this whole loan application process.

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