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Review: I have provided Chase bank with all of the information required to complete my loan modification. Chase has been delaying reviewing my request for modification for over one year. I have provided Chase with all of the document required to complete my modification. with all the evidence required to grant my loan modification. Every time I submit paperwork they state that is still under review. The Customer Assistance specialist that is assisting with my case is [redacted]. Ms [redacted] stated that everything has been received and was under review by the underwriters, this was January 2015. I applied for the loan modification in June 2014 it is now June 2015. They still have not completed my request for modification. I am very frustrated and feel that they have been delaying this to obtain more interest from my loan. Can you please provide assistance in resolving this issue. I have try to comply with Chase and they have not completed my request for modification.Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

Please contact Chase on my behalf and obtain an explanation as to why they have not completed my loan modification in over a year. Please resolve this modification request Chase Bank to complete my loan modification immediately.

Review: Chase continues to harass. I have repeatedly asked them to stop calling me, sending mail and UPS packages trying to get me to re-fi with them. I even returned to sender the last UPS package. But, I got mail and phone calls(in the last week) and notice of another UPS package to be delivered. Their customer service is horrible, when I did try to re-fi, they denied me by comparing my home to a smaller one in the neighborhood. They are a horrible business who has no regard for the customer or what the customer wants. I have asked Chase at least a dozen times to stop sending me stuff and calling me, but they continue to ignore. I guess maybe it is time to bring a lawsuit against them for harassment.Desired Settlement: I want them to leave me alone. I don't want or need their mail, phone calls or UPS packages. I will not re-finance with them ever. If the harassment doesn't stop, I will close my accounts. I am seriously thinking about filing a lawsuit against them.

Review: I was suppose to have a VA loan since July 2005. I just found out that my VA loan was not complete. Everything in Chase system say I have a VA loan but I really don't. I called VA and they said that they were miss two documents went have to be uploaded into the VA portal. I talked to a manager at Chase named Ms. [redacted] She tried everything she could to help me out, but her bosses told her that she could not do anything, because it had been to long. When I talked to VA [redacted] She said all they needed to do was those two thing, which was submit the 1. Notice of Value and 2. issue the guarantee. Both of these things had to be put into the VA portal. I have been dealing with this for over a week and still no solution. This is a violation of my contact when buying my house, because I bought the house knowing I had a VA loan nd that's the only way I would have purchased it. When I bought the loan originally it was through George Town mortgage who about six months later sold their company to Chase Mortgage. This is still no excuse for why my VA loan is not complete. They everything should have been done at closing, but all the documents that I signed at closing stated I had a VA loan, which I have a copy of.Desired Settlement: I just need someone to do what VA asked them to do, because it is not my fought that the VA didn't get what they were suppose to get. If they took over for another company then they should have check to make sure everything was complete. My next step is to sue / take them to court.

Review: I have been a Chase customer for over twenty years. I have never been late with my mortgage payment. On March 4, 2014 I paid off my loan at[redacted] this is the first time I was in this branch. Usually I pay by mail. I Asked if my property taxes that were due in April if they were paid. I was told they were paid. In February I called chase and asked for a payoff amount. At that time I also asked if the taxes were paid. I was told they were paid. On May 14, 2014 I received a statement from the county stating they were not paid and I was being charged a late fee.

Also on March4 I was told I would receive a release of lien statement. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS STATEMENT THAT I PAID FOR. tHE COUNTY OF [redacted] SAID cHASE REQUESTED THAT IT WAS MAILED TO THEM.


as chase knows credit report ratings are very important. Since two of Chase's employees made a mistake my credit may be damaged.Desired Settlement: I WANT REIMBURSED FOR THE LATE FEE. $74.00

I want reimbursed for my time and my credit may be damaged over this; $ 200.00

I want a letter stating the lien was released.

Review: I have been trying diligently to resolve an issue with CHASE for the past week, without any result. At this time I stand to lose a loan for a purchase of my new home because of discrepancies in my credit report. I feel that I have spoken to everyone imaginable in CHASE and got nowhere. I sincerely hope that you can help me.

I short sold my property (FLORIDA) back in February, 2011 and negotiating terms were that the loan would be satisfied and my short sale would be reported to the credit bureaus as settled for less. I have also faxed documentation from 2011 to CHASE confirming this information and they verified as received.

Two weeks ago I made an offer on a house and put a deposit down. Last week, July 5, 2013 my lender reached out to me and informed me that CHASE isn't reporting my short sale as settled for less, but rather as a charge off. They requested that I contact CHASE immediately and obtain something in writing to the fact that this was a short sale, and was settled for less. This letter alone would prevent me from losing my deposit and loan altogether if submitted to the lender by July 12, 2013. I would still however need to make sure that the credit bureaus reflect correct info as well.

As of this moment July 12, 2013 – 3:45 PM EST, I've spent countless hours on the phone with various departments, including the Executive Office. The deadline for the lender is today – 5PM EST. The last piece of information I received was – “we are working on it, unfortunately we will not be able to send anything out to you today. Monday, someone will call you or you can call us if you don’t hear back from anyone.” They keep telling me to call the next day and my issue is still unresolved. I get transferred around for hours and by the end of the day that is all that anyone is able to say to me.

Please help me. I have also emailed a copy of this letter to the executive office.

Thank you,Desired Settlement: 1) Letter, from CHASE, addressed to me, confirming that my mortgage was satisfied in fact as a result of a SHORT SALE, and my credit will be amended to reflect "SETTLED FOR LESS" instead of "charge off".

2) Also, a request to be sent out to all credit bureaus to reflect "SETTLED FOR LESS" to allow rapid re-score so that my credit history reflects correct information as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Review: We are attempting to short sale my house at[redacted] az 85139. The lender of the original mortgage is[redacted] but Chase holds our second. Chase is being unreasonable with the settlement of the 2nd. Chase keeps changing the amount they want to settle the debt. Less than 2 weeks before closing they decide based on overtime that is NOT guaranteed to raise the amount $5,000!! Chase is unethical and does not stand by their amounts requested. They keep changing the amount and we even have a letter that has a settlement amount $5,000 less than they are requesting. I was told $15,000 was the max and that was what the short sale would close at by July 13th or 22nd.Desired Settlement: CLose the 2nd mortage at the agreed upon settlement of $15,000.

Review: Chase (JPMorgan Chase) [redacted],TX branch Loan officer [redacted].*.[redacted] confirmed us a Home Loan prices and fees (on Feb 25th) after doing a Price Match we were getting from other lenders (had provided GFE's from other lenders). He confirmed all price exceptions in email and told us GFE wont reflect them as they take time to reflect but all of them are approved (Chase to cover Owner's Title and $2000 credit towards closing). For 20 days from that he kept confirming us the same verbally but does not give any written statement on the same. On March 14th (7 days before closing of 26th) we are informed that he is not going to approve anything. He made sure we don't get time to go to any other lender to meet our closing date and hence communicated wrong information till last minute. He did not agree to meet what he confirmed us on email or had been stating for 20 days. We had to forcefully go with Chase in order to avoid any losses and meet our closing date but with loss of putting all money from our end for the things Chase had promised to cover. We can provide all email and phone logs we had with Chase proving this. We shared all our personal documents and details and allowed Chase to check out credit history and information based on email confirmation from [redacted]. We would had not gone with Chase if they would had not given us wrong information.Desired Settlement: Provide us refund of amount based on contract we had initially with [redacted] and he had confirmed us in the email for the same.

1) Owners Title fees that Chase had to cover ($3580.10)

2) $2000 Credit towards closing

I will be happy to share all emails that we had with Chase for the same and the confirmation email I received from [redacted] for the same.

Review: I previously held a mortgage with [redacted]. This mortgage was paid in full at the time of a refinance, and my mortgage is now with ** Bank. After this occurred, [redacted] sold all of their existing mortages to Chase. Since, I have received NUMERO** calls and letters from Chase regarding payments owed to them, ALL which end in a call and confirmation I owe them NOTHING, that there system is messed up and they are doing this to several people, and that I should "do nothing". Each time they promise I will hear nothing further. I received yet another call from Chase today indicating I have a current account with them (interestingly, the caller said she is with a third party survey company and she could not even provide my alleged account #).Desired Settlement: I want a letter that says I do not have an account with Chase, I never HAD this mortgage with Chase, I do not owe Chase a penny and, most importantly, a PROMISE that the harrassing calls and letters stating otherwise that are wasting HOURS of my time responding to will cease immediately.

Review: I pain JPMorgan Chase Bank to perform a home appraisal for refinancing my home. When I received the home appraisal, there were numerous errors. I requested these errors to be fixed, and after several months could not get resolution.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that JPMorgan Chase Bank refund my fees for the appraisal and credit report.

Review: I had a mortgage with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. I had a mortgage with them since 2009 and I sold the property on November 12, 2014. My taxes and insurance were escrowed into my monthly mortgage payment. As of November 12, 2014, I still had an escrow balance of $1,028.00. When I called on Friday, November 7, 2014 and requested a payoff quote for November 12, 2014, I was told that amount would be $62,539.41, which is what was sent to them from the sale of my house. I have proof! I received a check from Chase in the amount of $1,028.00 on December 6, 2014. I cashed it and deposited it into my bank account on December 8, 2014. On December 11, 2014, I checked my account balance at my bank and it showed that the check in the amount of $1,028.00 was returned. I went to the bank and asked them what had happened. The bank told me that Chase had put a stop payment on the check. They even gave me written proof that Chase had done this. I called Chase while sitting in the bank managers office and was told that they were unsure as to why this had happened but it must've been their error and that they would expedite me a refund check. In the meantime, I was overdrawn at my bank but I do not get paid again until December 19, 2014. The first person I talked to her name was [redacted] she was very friendly and very nice. I did ask to speak to her supervisor. I spoke with her supervisor who was extremely rude. I offered to drive to the nearest Chase Bank which is in [redacted] or [redacted] to receive my refund check more quickly. I was told that that was not possible. The supervisor told me that there was nothing more that I could do. I then asked to speak to her supervisor, she told me that he couldn't help me. I told her, that is not what I asked. She said, "he cannot help you". I once again said, I want to speak to your supervisor. She said, "he doesn't have a phone". She told me that she "may" be able to get approval to direct deposit it into my account since it was their mistake. Normally they don't do that but since it wasn't my fault, they may do that. She asked for my account number and I refused to give it to her until she knew if that was possible. I was also told that the overdraft fees that I would be accruing in the meantime, that Chase would reimburse me if I sent them a copy of my bank statement and highlighted all of the fees. I gave her my telephone number and she told me someone would call me with an answer. I did not hear from anyone at all the rest of the day. I called back on Friday, December 12, 2014 and talked with a male and he said it was annotated on my account that they would call me when my paper check would be mailed to me. I called back that afternoon and talked with [redacted] and she said that there is a note on my account to call me when my paper check had been mailed. I called on Monday, December 15, 2014 and talked with [redacted]. He said it was approved and I would be receiving a check in the mail. He stated there was a work order entered on 12/11/14 and it was expedited and should go out in two business days, which would Monday. On December 16, 2014, I called and I got [redacted] first. She stated that she would need to transfer me to a senior account representative to better asssist me. She transferred me to [redacted] told me that my check had been overnighted and mailed out on Saturday. She asked, you have not recieved that yet? I said, no. [redacted] said she would need to transfer to to someone in escalations. I then spoke with [redacted] who first put me on hold and told me that she would need a minute to read my account. [redacted] told me that I would not be receiving a check due to my payoff amount being shorted. When I questioned that, she told me that I requested a payoff quote on 11/7/14 and I paid off my loan on 11/12/14, and from taxes and insurance from that time, that is what I owed. I continually questioned and I was given the same answer. I finally hung up the phone and called my lawyer for help. This was the first step that I am taking to get help on this issue.Desired Settlement: I am requesting a phone call of apology for putting a stop payment on my first check and receiving the $1028.00 that is owed to me.

Review: In January 2013, we settled a debt for what was owed. Chase agreed to release the lien and waive any deficencies. Chase has not recorded a reconveyance and has since started collection action against us.Desired Settlement: Completion of this matter. For us to receive a reconveyance deed and for it to be recorded. Collection action withdrawn.

Review: I was notified by Chase that I had an escrow shortage of $88.83 and even if I paid that shortage my mortgage payment would increase by $5.56 monthly (from $933.90 to $939.46 monthly). I explained that I did not want my mortgage payment to increase so I agreed to pay the $88.83 plus the proprosed increase of $5.56 X 12 months, which was an additional $66.72. I sent Chase a check to be deposited in my escrow account of $155.55 ($88.83 + $66.72 = $155.55). I also instructed Chase to deposit these funds into my escrow account so my monthly mortgage payment would remain $933.90. However, Chase only deposited $88.83 into my escrow acccount and applied the $66.72 to the principle. I have called several time in an attempt to correct this error without satisfaction. I keep being told that Chase cannot put the additional funds in my escrow account to keep my mortgage payment the same. However, in years past this has been a common practice.Desired Settlement: Allow me to pay deposit funds into my escrow account that would keep my mortgage payment at $933.90.

Review: After several attempts to have my payments properly credited to my loan nothing has been resolved. They are improperly applying payments 100% to interest and hardly anything to principle.Desired Settlement: They need to be contacted by someone other than me to force an account review because my payments need to be properly applied. I have had this loan since 2006 , I pay a steady 100.00 per month on the loan, well above the minimum payment due, and they apply almost 100% of my payment to interest. Since 2006 my loan has only come down a couple of grand



This is for a home equity line of credit. Not only did they freeze my account without justification they are mis applying my payments so my loan is not getting paid down at all.

Review: We filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2010. The bankruptcy was paid off before October of 2015. We have all the receipts for all the payments that were made. Chase is now saying that we are behind on our payments. This has been going on since the bankruptcy was completed. We have contacted them to find out what payment was missed and they will name off a payment. When we tell them that payment was made and they signed for it, they tell us it was applied to a payment from another month, in another year . For example,we are told that our February 16, 2012 payment was applied to December of 2011. Then we are told in a letter that our February 16 2012 payment for $571 was combined with $38.44 from the suspense account to make a payment of $609.44 and it was applied as our January 2011 payment. The January 2011 payment was only for $570.88. We told them that we had already paid that and asked where that payment went and they did the same run around. We have proof of payment and that they signed for all payments.Desired Settlement: We would like our account refunded and brought up to date . We would also like all late charges taken off. And lastly we would like an explanation of why the payments we made were not credited correctly.

Review: I have applied to Chase 3 times in the last 9 months for remodification due to financial hardships and loss of income and have been denied 3 times.They say it is because I do no live in the home full time and that I am not looking for work while I am attending college full time. I have a training benefits approval from Employment Security Department that allows me to attend college and not look for work. I have contacted [redacted], which owns my loan, and they will not help me either, they just refer me back to Chase. I lost my job due to cutbacks and have been struggling to make ends meet. I am ineligible for [redacted] or [redacted] I am at a loss and even went to Chase recommended credit counseling and they were no help either. I want my house and I want help to adjust my mortgage until I am out of college in April 2015.Desired Settlement: I want my current mortgage modified to a reasonable payment that is not at a rate of 53% of my net unemployment income. That would allow me to finish college and obtain a career that will allow me to return to the current payments and continue with my mortgage.

Review: On September 25, 2015, I lost my job due to indefinitely due to budgetary cuts throughout the company I worked for. When this happened, I contacted JP Morgan Chase, whom which services my mortgage loan. I contacted JP Morgan Chase to educate them of my current job situation and access their mortgage assistance programs. I was sent a packet to fill out and return with all documentation and proofs that was provided with the packet and that my customer assistance specialist had told me to fax in. I did so right away as requested. After about 5 business days went by, I then received another packet pertaining to the assistance I requested stating that all proofs hadn't been sent in, including forms I had most definitely already sent in. I then faxed in the additional documents and proofs as the packet said was "incomplete" and my customer assistance specialist also verified the application was incomplete due to the missing documents. Another 3 business days went by and I recieved the same packet with the same exact issues with my application, including missing proofs and that the packet was "incomplete". I then called JP Morgan Chase and spoke with my customer assistance specialist and she verified that all proofs and documents needed have indeed been received and that she would forward my application to underwriting. A week went by and by this time it was October, and I received the same packet listed as "incomplete" once again. I then called chase again and was unable to reach my customer assistance specialist whom had access to everything in my file so I left her a voice-mail informing her of the issues and her voice message said she would contact me within 24 hours. I then elected to speak with another representative, and that representative informed me that I needed to send additional documents in with information pertaining to the month of October since it is now October. So I retrieved the proofs and documents and faxed them into chase as requested. I never heard back from my customer assistance specialist. A week later I received the same packet listing "incomplete". once again. I called JP Morgan Chase and tried to reach my specialist and she was once again unavailable, so I spoke to another Representative and that specialist told me I had turned in all required documents to send my application over to under writing and that the packet I received in the mail stating it was "Incomplete" was automatic during this process and she told me to get a hold of my specialist. This exact situation with the packet coming in the mail about ever week stating the application was "incomplete" and my customer assistance specialist : [redacted] not getting in contact with me, all this preceded the exact same way for about 3 months longer. At this time it was January 2015 and I haven't got an answer from JP Morgan Chase. In January 2015, I received a notice of default and was informed that my loan had been handed over to [redacted] Law and foreclosure sale date was given. I did my research and found out that it is illegal for JP Mortage Chase or any other Mortgage entity to foreclose on my house while in process of my assistance application being reviewed. I contacted JP Mortgage Chase outraged and still couldn't reach my customer assistance specialist. I sent a complaint to the executive offices and again, never got answers. As my foreclosure sale date was approaching, I was experiencing a lot of distress during these unfortunate times. I received a notice in the mail from home advisers Legal guaranteeing a loan modification for $2,000.00. I therefore retained legal counsel, and found out I was scammed. My mailing address is my former attorneys address and I haven't recieved any documents for Chase since December. I now have a foreclosure sale date june 18 2015 and Im back where I started. I still haven't gotten any mail sent to me. HELPDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Modification/discontinuance or

An accomodatable resolution, legal action taken again JP mortgage chase. Foreclosure haulted. contact made by lender and to have my legal counsel removed from my file. I need to save my home

Review: As a long-standing customer of your financial institution, for decades my husband and I have entered into many contractual obligations, where your institution has lived up to your end of the fiduciary responsibilities.This letter is to inform you of a lapse in that fiduciary responsibility.My husband and I initiated the latest collaboration, in an attempt to acquire a loan from your institution. In an effort to comply with the requirements, we completed the application process and provided all of the required documentary evidence, that we were informed was required to sanction this request. The series of breakdowns in the process were as follows:Poor communication and follow-throughImproper handling of our paperwork Incorrect and incomplete guidance on the necessary deliverables to effect this requestPoor guidance on next stepsI would suggest that a fresh look be taken, to ensure that the policies around communication and customer outreach should look to conform to a customer centric approach where the value of your customers matter. The resolution to this matter has been insurmountable and we would respectfully ask that the transaction be vacated and the pecuniary outlay be returned. It is our intent to remove ourselves from this contractual request and seek redress at another financial institution.Finally, we are completing additional due diligence to locate the statutes and regulations set-forth within the Consumer Protection Act, to determine applicability to our onerous and catastrophic customer experience. Thank you for attention to this matter and we would appreciate a timely rebuttal to this request.Mr. Jerome and Marcia JeffersonDesired Settlement: I desired to receive my money that was requested prior to the paperwork sent.

Review: I had to make an insurance claim on my home that naturally lead to increased rates. I switched to a different insurance company that assured me the transition between changing insurance was painless and they would take care of it.

For whatever reason both insurance companies the new and old still billed my mortgage company Chase who in return paid both premiums resulting in a severely negative escrow account. Well as you know Chase wants their money back and increased my mortgage payments to an unaffordable level. I eventually got the insurance mess taken care of and repaid my escrow but still had to jump through the "Hoops of Chase" I paid more than double my regular mortgage payments almost every month this year and also paid back the negative escrow. These numbers don't add up they owe me a considerable amount of money I have overpaid, they did send me a refund check and then told me not to cash it send it back because it was for the wrong amount. I sent it back and now that they owe me money I might as well just disappear because they have the money and the power at this point. I cant walk into a local branch and speak with anyone, I cant reply by email so I have a paper trail of my problem. Everything is done over the phone with a person that you can never get in contact with.Desired Settlement: I want to speak to someone in management and have their direct phone and email contact information.

I want to know exactly when and where my funds have been allocated to.

I want a refund of any amount overpaid.

I want a refund of any late payment charges when I was told by Chase to stop making payments until this was sorted out.

I want any negative information from this matter removed from my credit report.

I want to know where the Courts can mail the subpoena to because that is where we are headed.

Review: My husband and I are having an issue with Chase Home Financing or JP Morgan Chase as their former name. We have been customers of them since late 2007. The loan number is [redacted] under my husband's name [redacted] We are trying to refinance through another mortgage company and have recently discovered that Chase has not been paying our property taxes since 2008. We had it set up through our monthly payment the property taxes to be taken out along with insurance. I called them and found out that they have been paying on the wrong parcel number. They have been paying on my father in laws property since 2008. My husband's father lives down the road from us and his name is [redacted]. The parcel that they have been paying on is [redacted] Our parcel number is [redacted]. I found the deed of trust with Chase name on it and the date we refinanced with them and it has my husband's correct name along with the [redacted] parcel number and correct address. How did they mix this up when the deed of trust has correct info. I also found out that they have not been sending correct amount for past two yrs. Our taxes are 652 a yr. and they have been paying over 100 dollars one yr. and over 200 dollars the next. Even though they have been getting a refund back it is not showing on our escrow account and we have not received any refund from them for this. We are close to having our property sold by the courts. We have not received anything from anyone that we were that far behind. When we first discovered this a few months ago Chase sent us a letter saying it was taken care of and that our taxes have been paid. Well that is not true. The tax assessor even said Chase has not contacted them about this when they told us they have. We have our closing papers with them showing that 53 dollars a month is going to our property taxes but it has not. We owe over 6000 dollars back taxes that have penalty fees attached.Desired Settlement: I just want Chase to pay the entire amount owed for all the back taxes and penalty fees. I do not want to lose our house due to their neglect. We have been paying our monthly mortgage that has our property taxes figured in so they should pay the penalties as well. And I want this to happen in a timely manner since our home is in jeopardy and not have them to take their time until it is too late.

Review: I have written to Chase Home Finance numerous times regarding a serious matter with our account # [redacted] and have yet to receive any satisfactory resolution.Here is my story:Going on approximately three years ago we initiated a request for a loan modification on the first mortgage of our home. The home is in my fathers name, [redacted]n, Sr. and I have complete authorization to discuss the account so that is why I am writing. Initially I attempted to proceed with obtaining the modification on my own since I was told that is was possible to do. Since I was not getting any cooperation and basically getting the run around about the request I had given up. I was told to send this and send that and do this and do that. I fully complied to all of the requests but never got any where. So in my disappointment with the lack of results that I was receiving I obtained a real estate attorney for assistance in obtaining the modification. It has still been several months and it seems as though even with the assistance of my attorney we are still just getting a run around. We were being asked for the same documents over and over again but once they get submitted still nothing gets done about the request. We have paid off the second note of over $50,000.00 and have even attempted to keep paying the temporary payments but then was told that they can no longer be accepted because the loan was under review for a modification. Well, I thought that was why they were temporary paymentsIt seems that even though we paid the second note completely off and we are cooperating fully with the requests for documents (over and over again) it doesn't count for anything. All we are asking for is a loan modification to reduce the monthly payments to make them more manageable and attainable. We are asking for the payments to be between $800 - $1000 per month. Since the second note has been completely paid off we don't feel that this is a impossible request.There is more but not enough space ...Desired Settlement: All we want is for JP Morgan Chase/Chase Home Finance to rescind the erroneous foreclosure and honor the long ago requested loan modification.They always offer to help consumers but yet won't and they always send loan modification request forms with eligibility codes but does not honor the requests.

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