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Review: On several occasions during the past 5 years, this company has insisted that my insurance coverage is inadequate. My insurance agent contacted them with documentation stating that the property cannot be insured for more than its replacement cost. I already carry insurance that is twice the assessed value and they have levied another increase, advising me of a "shortage in my escrow balance" and increasing my monthly payment The property is [redacted], a condominium complex which is valued at $50,000. The mortgage balance is less than $40,000 and I am carrying $99,000 in insurance, which is more than adequate. They have also withheld $6,000+ from an insurance settlement from 2008 when they were not satisfied with the repairs made after a flooding incident.Desired Settlement: Review and correct mistakes in the account records ([redacted]). Reassess the insurance requirements to factual and equitable amount.

Review: For over 9 months I/we have been trying to work with Chase Mortgage on either a short sale or modifications to 3 mortgages for 3 properties and Chase continues to assign new people, require different documents, require re-submission of same documents every 60 days regardless of whether anything has changed or not, etc. The property values have dropped substantially yet Chase will not consolidate all 3 in to 1 case, they will not allow us to speak with the Workout people directly, and they do everything they can to delay and deflect. I think they are discriminating against us as well. This should take no more than an hour conversation if we could speak directly to the Workout Group. Instead they do everything they can to make it impossible to complete. 9 months and still going is completely senseless.Desired Settlement: Direct conversation and meeting with the group to determine whether modification, short sale, or deed in lieu is the desired outcome and this to be completed forthwith on all 3 mortgages in question.

Review: I have an 80/20 mortgage and started an assumption with Chase for the "20" mortgage in November 2013. They have been less than professional and ethical during the process. They ask for documents then make me wait only to tell me that I need to resubmit the very same information. I was able to assume my "80" mortgage in a matter of about 3 weeks. I make more than enough money to assume this loan. After requesting documents several times and I provided them, they asked again. I was one day late so they closed my assumption. I spoke with a supervisor who promised that "now that my packet was complete they would send it right to underwriting". I was also informed that I had a new liaison. After about 2 weeks of trying to reach my new case manager, I reached out to her supervisor only to find out that she "no longer works with us and I guess we should have reached out to you before you contacted us". Then I was assigned another liaison. And the games continued, asking for documents, I would submit them and wait weeks to find out that they wanted me to resubmit the same documents because the others "were too old now". They wanted 2 months of bank statements from [redacted] (the account, which is not my primary account and only has $116 in it). I informed them that there were no statements because there had not been activity on the account for over 1 year. I wrote, signed, dated, and submitted a letter to the effect as well. Several weeks ago, they again asked for bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, and IRA statements. I submitted all of that plus the letter about the [redacted] account on 7/10 (before the due date). I did not hear from anyone at Chase until I received a letter today that the assumption was closed for missing information. I feel as though they are dragging this out for some unknown reason. My credit score is good, I make over [redacted] a year, and above all can afford my mortgage payment. This company is abusing its customers. I have left messages for the supervisor whom only returned my call once, never there after when I left messages. My case worker rarely responded or did not respond in a timely fashion to my calls or emails.Desired Settlement: To honestly and ethically perform a mortgage assumption which I am more than capable of paying.

Review: I have been experiencing numerous delays with Chase Mortgage and am at the risk of losing my earnest/option money ($1,000.00). I signed an amendment last week at the seller's request stating that I would forfeit the earnest money if we didn't close by 07/16/14. The seller is extremely frustrated with the delays and we should have been able to close almost two weeks ago. I have had to submit documentation several times since Chase's initial requests were not correct/"valid". I have dealt with several people in the mortage/lending department and everyone claims that my file is being expedited with the underwriters but I have yet to see any results. I am currently waiting on the underwriter to review (1) document which was sent over this morning. I had provided all the data/information that was needed on Friday and everything was held up because they needed a formal document and were not willing to accept an email. My HR vice president had to submit (2) written verifications which only added to the delay since Thursday/Friday were holidays in [redacted]. I was also mislead a few weeks ago whenever I was lead to believe that my file was with the underwriter. It turns out that the loan processor was in the hospital and my file was sitting on her desk. I have tried to be patient and understanding but Chase definitely dropped the ball and nobody is willing to do anything to help my cause.Desired Settlement: My goal would be for them to approve the loan so I could get my house. If I am unable to close by 07/16/14, I would expect some type of compensation for the $1,000.00 that I will lose.


Review: Chase Home Mortgage/Finance did not give me any help at all when I asked them for help to postpone the foreclosure on my home for the first time. I had been in contact with the contracted trustee's office Trustee Corps in Irvine, CA via emails. Trustee Corps responded to me via email that they work for Chase and that Chase was the only one that could stop the foreclosure. I contacted Chase via phone at their number 800-848-9380. Spoke to representatives who told me it was to late and their is nothing that can be done. The representatives further explained to me that Chase dose not give the approval to postpone foreclosure, that approval has to come from Fannie Mae, who is the investor on my loan and Chase is only the servicer on my loan. I asked the representative for the contact number for Fannie Mae, they said to me they have no phone number for Fannie Mae and it is Chase's policy to only communicate via email with Fannie Mae. The rep said it was up to me to search for Fannie Mae's phone number. This did not seem right to me or ethical for a huge institution such as Chase not to provide me a phone number for Fannie Mae or check with a supervisor for the needed procedures to stop my foreclosure. I phoned in again, explained my situation again to another rep for Chase and this time the rep tells me to fax over a copy of my cashier check to reinstate my loan, with my loan number and property address to them so they will forward it over to Fannie Mae for approval to stop the foreclosure on my home, that I have paid on for 25 years. I followed the instructions given to me by Chase and they sale my home at an action right from underneath me. I did the research and got a phone # for Fannie Mae, which Fannie Mae tells me Chase dose not need approval from them to postpone a foreclosure as of last November 2012. I spoke to supervisors at Chase, Rude and not wanting to help me, No options, they do not care. Unprofessional , No Good Will for consumersDesired Settlement: Chase Home Mtg., needs to reverse the foreclosure sale of my home and give me clear title. Chase Home Mtg., needs to be responsible for all costs incurred with this unprofessional handling of my home. Chase Home Mtg., needs to stop the eviction notice/process towards me. Chase, needs to see I have paid them more than the loan amount of my home over a period of 25 years and they could not help me once, to stop or postpone the foreclosure on my 1 and only home. No they did not want to help me, I owe an estimated amt. of $42,000.00 with 5 years remaining, Chase, once again just made money off of my situation. Chase states they can help avoid foreclosure, No, they don't want to. Have Chase Home Mtg., just make it right!

Review: We have been working with the lender in attempting to obtain a loan modification for the borrower for over 2 year period. We have supplied all the requested documentation required for their review process and subsequently updated said documents as requested. In the 2 year period we have yet to obtain a decision on loan modification review, whether it be an approval or denial of the request.Desired Settlement: Complete a review for mortgage assitance(Defaulted Mortgage)

Review: For years Chase Bank has sent 1099s and 1098s to the ** Franchise Tax Board (FTB) in my name and social security number at an identity thief's address in [redacted] (someone named [redacted]). Now the FTB has wrongfully closed my bank account and assessed a $65,000.00 tax lien against me because of Chase Bank and [redacted] and others. I made many, many many requests to Chase Bank TO STOP THIS, but they won't correct this issue and continue to accept mortgage payments under my name$ social security number, and continue to report tax liability in my name and social security number. I DO NOT HAVE A MORTGAGE WITH CHASE BANK! I AM NOT MAKING PAYMENTS TO CHASE BANK! I AM A 68-YEAR-OLD DISABLED SENIOR CITIZEN ON BELOW-POVERTY-LEVEL SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME ONLY! I was referred to you by [redacted] Senate Aging Fraud Hotline: [redacted]@aging.senate.govDesired Settlement: I want this nightmare to end! I want a letter from Chase Bank to the Franchise Tax Board explaining their gross and egregious mistake that has gone on for many years. Then I want proof that Chase Bank has taken action against [redacted] and his comrades who have stolen my identity to perform these illegal acts with Chase Bank. I want compensation for my bank account, tax levies, credit repair, and time spent because of this mess: $17, 816.29 to settle these claims. I want this pre-litigation settlement before the FTB deadline of November 27, 2014, when the FTB has threatened to begin involuntary collection procedures.

Review: Chase acknowledges that according to the provided bank statements, the mortgage payments for October 2013 and November 2013 cleared my bank. However, Chase insists on being provided a signed statement from my bank on my bank's letterhead confirming that both payments cleared my account. My bank will not provide such a statement because the monthly statements are all the proof they can provide.The mortgage loan currently shows as not being current and having been assessed unwarranted $46.14 in unpaid late charges due to Chase's fraudulent practices.Desired Settlement: Have Chase bring my account current by applying the funds they withdrew from my account, erase all unpaid late charges that have stemmed from this situation and have them issue an apology for trying to defraud this consumer.

Review: I filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2010 and the case was confirmed by the bankruptcy court in 2010, and the case was later closed earlier this year. I was recently informed by Chase that they have added deferred interest to the loan balances that they say was due prior to the filing of the bankruptcy. The loans were modified by the bankruptcy court and Chase cannot add new fees to the amount ordered by the court. As result of their actions, all loan balances are incorrect.Desired Settlement: All deferred interest effective prior to the filing of the bankruptcy must be removed. Once completed, I would like full payment history and loan balance information to verify that this has been completed properly.

Review: I was a casualty of the Government Shutdown this year. I could fortell that I was going to have trouble paying my mortgage. I contacted Chase right away to let them know. Chase had me fill out a mortgage modification form. I could not pay partial payments. I was advised by Chase not to make any mortgage payments because that would null the mortgage modification plan. My credit has been affected by this and I am constantly getting forclosure notices in the mail and letters stating I am in default. I am on Mortgage payback plan with Chase and I have been making those payments on time as instructed. I did everything as directed by chase. I was proactive in attempts to protect my credit score.Desired Settlement: I want any negative credit information reversed to any of the 3 companies. I would like to stop getting forclosure notices. I would like something that reflects that I have been making my timely payments per the mortgage payback plan.

Review: In December of 2014, I started a refinance process for my primary residence with Chase (my current mortgage company). During the course of this request; I have provided all documents requested to include 6 months of bank statements, profit and loss statements, utility bills, letters of explanation, lease agreements for rental property, deposits of rental payments and the application for mortgage assistance/refinance. Every month for the past 6 months the account representative will call and ask for the same information as previously provided. The file has been placed with the underwriter and the same information is still repeatedly requested. I am trying to maintain my home. My account representative has changed 5 times since starting the process and each time the process and the request for information starts again. I am repeatedly told that the file is with the underwriter and information that is not typically requested during a refinance is being requested. Its my primary residence and I am being asked to provide a utility bill, the reason why I moved back to this home (an explanation was provided in the application and again on documented submitted with a previous request, I am being asked for a profit and loss statement for a business that was established less than 2 months ago, and I was asked to provide 2 months bank statements for May 2015 and June 2015 (even though today is June 3, 2015 and that information is not available). From this experience which I have not experienced with other lenders the refinance is being purposely delayed and I am concerned that the lender is discriminating against me due to gender and race. I have been compliant with all requests for information. My account representative repeatedly calls requesting the same information. I was told that if I don't provide the utility bill statement, a profit and loss statement, an explanation for moving back into my home in September of 2014; which was clearly stated in the hardship statement the process will not go forward.Desired Settlement: Fair and equal treatment on the requested documents to refinance my primary residence with the lender. To have my information reviewed by an underwriter that is not demonstrating bias and delaying the process. This process was initiated in December of 2014 with my current lender. My financial records and history is being requested as if I am a new customer. I am compliant in providing all information in a timely manner. The lender representative waits several weeks and then request the same information as previously submitted. I do not object to providing information but the lender is requesting redundant information and the process does not seem to be effective.

Review: Over 2 weeks ago I sent Chase my paperwork I'm regards to a mortgage that was taken out in 2007 due to fraudulent activity. Every time I called they said we can't speak to you need to speak to the person who is handling it which is a [redacted]. I have left 4 messages for this women and has not called me back. I was trying to get an update and keeps avoiding me. This is not good cause I know have a decision to make on 6/11 is to buy food or pay Seterus which is now my lender. My house is in the process of foreclosure due to chases actions. Chase finds nothing wrong this cause if they did they would call someone backDesired Settlement: I need to know what is going on.

Review: We accidentally made two mortgage payments to Chase in one month. I went down to a local Chase representative and explained the situation. He made a phone call and had one of the payments stopped. Chase now claims we are a month behind on our mortgage payment even though our bank statement clearly shows we made the payment. Chase claims they sent the payment back yet the bank never received it. We have spoken with numerous Chase agents and our local bank but the matter is not being resolved. What is moving forward is Chase claiming we are delinquent on our payments which will very soon be reported as late and negatively impact our credit score. We made the payment. We never received the payment back. We shouldn't be held accountable for the payment being late. We've been making mortgage payments for over 5 years and have never been late once. We left our previous mortgage holder to refinance with Chase just a few months ago and this is the situation we find ourselves in.Desired Settlement: Since the payment was never received back by our bank, Chase should accept that it was paid on our end. The statement clearly shows it being paid. How can we be asked to pay it again? If nothing else, we would like the matter stalled in whatever capacity so that we are not subjected to a 30 -day late credit report until the matter can be resolved.

Review: I started a refinance loan back on 6/24 and was told that I was pre-approved for a refinance loan. To start the process the needed advance payment for $460.00, which they were paid via cc. I sent in the requested information within 24 hours and they never responded to my emails asking if they received the sensitive information I had sent. I then went to the higher up and they said they would help. It is now a week later only to find out that the first set of information I sent was not legible and now they needed some of the items resent before they could send to processing. So I sent the information, and again nobody ever responds to emails that they received the information. It took 3 days and I finally called the next boss up and she was the only person who was understanding about communicating as I time was of the essence. She also required more information for the underwriters, which I sent within 22 minutes. Back to the waiting game and unfortunately she went on vacation so now I am back again with no communications. I sent more requested information last Thursday, no responses and today I see they are just now submitting to underwriting, knowing that I am on a timeline. It is as if they are just messing with me. I have ceased the loan process and want $460.00 back.Desired Settlement: To refund back my processing fee and learn how to answer a simple email or answer there messages. This is a customer service issue and they do not provide any customer service at all.

Review: I made my required mortgage payment by phone on November 14, 2014. After receiving a confirmation number I hung up the phone thinking my payment was complete. Approximately 3 weeks later I found out through my credit report that my November payment was delinquent and my mortgage loan was in default. I immediately called Chase to inquire about this. I was told that I entered the payment information incorrectly so it was not accepted. I asked them why they didn't contact me to inform me of this clerical issue before it went to collections and they said they did try to call. When I told them I never received any messages they told me they DIDN'T leave ANY messages. I asked how was I supposed to know to call them if no message was left, and why WOULDN'T you leave a message for such an important issue? They also admitted to NOT sending any mail to inform me of this issue. When I asked them how could I possibly know about this without them informing me they didn't have an answer but only an apology. After several more calls to their many different departments I asked every one of them if calling someone and hanging up is an acceptable practice and they didn't have an answer. When I asked if not sending mail for such an important issue was an acceptable practice, they said they I was enrolled in paperless billing so no bill was sent. I told them it wasn't a bill that should have been mailed but a letter stating due to a clerical issue your loan mortgage could be jeopardized. Again, I received no answer. I am truly very angry at the disregard I've dealt with from everyone of their customer service reps for a matter that could have been solved so easily but yet could cost me thousands in the long run or the possibility of not being able to secure future loans at all. This could be very damaging to my credit. A customer should NOT have to find out about a clerical issue AFTER their loan goes to collections, it's simply unacceptable.Desired Settlement: Chase should take responsibility for not informing me of this billing issue. This should be wiped clear of my credit history which should be an easy solution. They should also adjust the way they handle their customer service issues in the future. An issue like mine is so easy to prevent. A simple voicemail, or letter would have corrected the issue immediately. I ask for my credit to be repaired, or I will be forced to deal with the hassle of looking into filing a lawsuit next, which would be necessary considering the negative impact this could have on me.

Review: Chase will not comply with my request to refund a deposit. The deposit was for a refinance attempt. They claimed minimal paperwork under the streamlined [redacted] assistance guidelines. After I initially took the time to fill out a large amount of personal information and then travel a pretty good distance to fax it all; they made numerous request for additional information about addresses that have nothing to do with me and redundant information about my credit which I already provided. They told me I was pre-approved but refuse to process the refinance without me providing additional redundant paper work. They have a cumbersome email and phone method where I have to tell them my name and address over and over every time we talk or go through some hard to use and tedious encryption process to open an email. I also began receiving tons of junk-mail due to their sloppy handling of my personal data.Desired Settlement: They can take the information I have given them and process the refinance, or I want my deposit back immediately. I paid the fee when requested and I expect it to be refunded in the same timely manor.

Review: I was working on getting a home modification loan. And a lady at chase said every thing was good and not to make any more payment it will go through. Now my house is in foreclosure because chase gave me false information regarding a home modification.Desired Settlement: Make this right. We have tried making payment and have been refused. We offered catchup balance and it was refused. They are doing everything in there power to kick us out of our home.

Review: My name is [redacted] and I am furious with Chase. I recently pulled my credit to receive funding for the purchase of a preschool and I was DENIED after I found several derogatory remarks about my unimproved lot loan account being delinquent in the months of August and September of 2009. I got this account in 2007 and there were issues with the loan. I worked with a loan officer named [redacted] (I may have forgotten the last name), but basically, this person lied to me about the payback terms of the loan. He told me that I would be able to get financing to turn it over, but I did not know that it was a balloon loan. I was successful in getting the loan converted to a 30 year loan, with the help of a man named [redacted], who worked for the company. Mr. [redacted] turned everything around for me and apologized, as Chase fixed the contract. I never would have went into a balloon payment that I would not have been able to finance, but Mr. [redacted] confirmed that the loan officer did do some unscrupulous things in order to get me in the loan. As the loan was being modified, I was told that this would not negatively affect my credit and I had no reason not to believe Chase when I was told this. I never have credit issues, but I recently had to pull my credit to receive business financing and was denied, due to the delinquencies from August and September 2009, which should have never been on my credit report anyway, as this was during the period of modification and I was told that this would not count negatively against me. I have been a good customer and I do not deserve for this to go against my credit. I want Chase to honor their word with me and remove these negative remarks from my credit. [redacted] worked in an Illinois office and had an 847 area code.Desired Settlement: I never have credit issues, but I recently had to pull my credit to receive business financing and was denied, due to the delinquencies from August and September 2009, which should have never been on my credit report anyway, as this was during the period of modification and I was told that this would not count negatively against me. I have been a good customer and I do not deserve for this to go against my credit. I want Chase to honor their word with me and remove these negative remarks from my credit.

Review: Chase Mortgage sent me a request to provide proof of "Wind Insurance Coverage" which I have under my current policy and have provided to them. I called Chase to make sure they received the copy of my policy and the representative told me verbally that what I provided is not sufficient, and that I am required to obtain Hurricane Insurance. She said and I quote" the letter says Wind coverage, but it mean Hurricane". I told the representative that the letter sent to me by chase only references Wind Coverage and that I have provided that. I then requested that if Hurricane Coverage is a now required that I be sent documentation of that requirement at which time I will obtain the necessary coverage. The representative then told me that because I am not providing Hurricane Coverage to Chase at this time, that Chase is going to obtain coverage for me that will be more costly thatn my own coverage and I will have to pay for it. I told the representative again, that I have provided Wind Coverage and that is all I have been asked for. I feel it is unlawful for a Hurricane insurance policy to be obtained for me by Chase when they have not provided me with proper notice and time to obtain my own coverage. At no point has Chase asked me in writing to provide Hurricane Coverage. I requested the representaive allow me time to receive something from Chase and obtain my own insurance coverage and she said they will not. I have had the same home insurance policy for the duration of my loan and have never received notification that I need to obtain any further coverage. If a letter is requesting Wind Coverage and I have provided that, then I have satisfied the request.Desired Settlement: I want Chase to acknowledge that I have provided the "Wind Coverage" that was requested on the letter of notification they sent me. If another form of coverage is required, I want notification from Chase of exactly what type of coverage is required and to be allowed an appropriate amount of time to obtain the coverage.

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