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We lasted months as clients of Columbus Property Management ProsThe reason for the termination is their material breach of the contract agreement by failing to make all necessary repairs and required maintenance to the property, misrepresenting that repairs and maintenance were made when they were not, charging for repairs and maintenance that were not performed, withholding disbursements without explanation, and generally failing to communicate pertinent issues related to the propertyThese matters are at a minimum intentional gross negligence and at worst just plain fraud.We repeatedly attempted to contact Property management Pros with regard to these matters to attempt to resolve them amicablyAt a March 16, meeting with the Director of Operations, she pledged to take over the account personally, take immediate action on all outstanding maintenance issues, provide explanation and reimbursement for expenses incurred as a result of mismanagement of the property, an

I own a rental property in Berea Ohio for which Real Estate Pros handles the rental agreement The renter has made all payments on time, however, three months rent (Feb, Mar, and April) have not been remitted to us due to an error by RE Pros that incorrectly changed the name on my account making the proceeds checks non negotiable We have been trying to resolve this issue for the last several months without resolution We have made numerous calls to our RE Pros representative and he claims that he has tried to resolve the issue but it is not within his control They refuse to let me talk to a supervisor or accounting department The amount owing in $ We have had ongoing problems with is outfit for years and so has our renter

We gave them a "security deposit" before moving in, but then never signed a lease because they had a bunch of ridiculous add-ons in addition to the rent priceThey call something a "security deposit" but they actually mean "holding fee." They told us they would evaluate *if* we get our money back if the place we decided not to rent was rented out by the time our lease would have started (mind you, we never actually signed a lease)They never let us know, but I frequently checked their website and saw that it was rented outI went to their office and would not meet with me saying the manager was out of townThey said that they would tell the manager and she would get back to meShe has never gotten back to meThey never gave us our money back, and have never even called me back after I have left them 7+ messagesI am STILL attempting to get in contact with themIt was an $DEPOSIT and that is not money I can just throw away

Thank you for your response In the most respectful manner possible, the initial complaint is inflammatory and the subsequent reply to our respectful reply is both inflammatory and disrespectful ("Real Estate Jokers", claiming our company is "a joke and a scam") The very format of the is supposed to be to find amicable resolutions as opposed to providing a vehicle to defame and deride other parties, namely our business We have a standard application process which was not followed which has caused the result with which the complainant in this instance is dissatisfied Our general email address is listed in multiple places on our web site and every web site upon which our properties are marketed No one is ever told that their application will be processed without a charge or that their application fees are contingent upon approval Applicants are approved based on a first-come, first-serve basis via the application criteria on our web site; this is both industry standard and our company policy.In short, our company has done nothing wrong; we merely adhered to our own policies and the guidelines published on our web site(s) Unfortunately, the applicants (and complainants) overall applications did not meet our criteria and, hence, they were denied In the interim, an applicant who met all our criteria was garnered Nothing more, nothing less We wish the complainants the best in satisfying their housing needs

We respect this former client and their perspectives Unfortunately, this matter is the subject of a lawsuit filed by our business in the interest of addressng unresolved issues with this former client's account which were unable to be resolved with simple business-client exchange

I have many investment homes and had one that was being managed by Real Estate Pros of *** ***I have been doing this for a long time so have many years of experience working with Property Management companies in five different statesI have never experienced the disorganization, dishonesty, and astounding lack of professionalism and integrity as I have recently gone through with this CompanyThey told my tenant the lease amount was $less than the actual amount signed in the lease and I have been trying since December of to get the money owed to meI have an e-mail by one of the employees from Real Estate Pros of *** *** admitting they made a mistake but to no avail, they refuse to correct the problem and credit the monies owed to meI have escalated my complaint through the ranks with this so called company and no one takes my calls or responds to me by text, e-mail or phone callWe hired a lawyer to represent us and Real Estate Pros of Columbus/Cleveland Ohio did not respond to her call, e-mails and certified registered mailPlease do not let this company look after your properties or your tenants, they are unethical and dishonestThey owe my business over $….I am still waiting for payment!

Columbus Real Estate Pros has managed my home on Pontiac Ave for years now As an investor, I have been very happy with the staff and the attention I have received They give me great inspections and my house has been rented the majority of the last years The best value around and I am comfortable knowing they have my best interest in mind as an owner

I am a current tenant and I have been living in the home for years nowI have called, emailed to get my carpet changed and no responseIt has been almost a year since I took the initiative to walk into their office to speak to the property manager, but she was in a "meeting"I was told I would receive a call from her and till this day no callOur Kitchen linoleum floor is torn and very old, again I have asked to have it changed/repaired, no responseOn 4/9/I received an email from the new portfolio manager stating that he needed to schedule a walk through on 4/11/for our move out at the end of the monthWHAT? I immediately responded to the emailI haven't notified anyone I would be moving out nor has anyone notified me I should move out and whyTill the day no responseI have called/left voicemails to this portfolio manager multiple times since the emailNo response yetI called again to the direct number and hit the tenant/emergency optionSomeone assured me I would receive a call back, nothing yetIt is very frustrating to work with this property management company

We gave them a "security deposit" before moving in, but then never signed a lease because they had a bunch of ridiculous add-ons in addition to the rent priceThey call something a "security deposit" but they actually mean "holding fee." They told us they would evaluate *if* we get our money back if the place we decided not to rent was rented out by the time our lease would have started (mind you, we never actually signed a lease)They never let us know, but I frequently checked their website and saw that it was rented outI went to their office and would not meet with me saying the manager was out of townThey said that they would tell the manager and she would get back to meShe has never gotten back to meThey never gave us our money back, and have never even called me back after I have left them 7+ messagesI am STILL attempting to get in contact with themIt was an $DEPOSIT and that is not money I can just throw away

My wife *** and I have been sent to collections by ColumbusRealEstatePros for a matter that we do not understand and are trying to resolve The collections agency is *** and we have provided all the documentation that we have (attached)
Please note that we rented a property from ColumbusRealEstatePros from July 31st 2016, through October 31st We moved out of on 10/31/ Please see a copy of our rental agreement with ColumbusRealEstatePros
Note that we paid all rent and fees and left with a clean account We were also provided a full return of our security deposit on November 21st, 2017, which is also evidenced in the attached documentation provided by *** ColumbusRealEstatePros
On or about March 3rd, we were noticed that a matter was being sent to collections with ***, and there is no specific other than pay this amount There are two invoices and it would appear that we both are being charged $ I called and

First Complaint: Carpet was is horrible pet/urine infested and torn conditionEmployee at Columbus Real Estate ProsGUARANTEED the carpet would be changedper email and via texting communication9/The company sent out THREE separate flooring companies over a span of months to measure the areas where carpet needed to be changed
Upon termination of the previous employee the current property manger refuses to communicate and denies any promises made by the companyI have email proof of this verbal agreement
Since then the maintenance request entered by property manager has mysteriously disappeared from the website it went "missing" after the employee was terminated/left the company
more issues: The electricity went out in my sons room and it took over a month for the situation to be fixed
Pest control was to be sent out by the company upon move inThat was also never done
I requested the locks to the garage door and rear entry be changed (we do not have key a

1. You must be mistaken. We never met Blake for him to provide his business card, so your so called "company policy" is not followed by some of your "commissioned employees". We simply just called to get his email from him so we could send him another pay stub, yet this task was too difficult and STILL to this day we do not have ANY email addresses for anyone at the companyyet, this isn't negligence??In reference to Blake being a commissioned employee, it doesn't neglect the fact that he returned ZERO calls. Are you really that busy? Find that hard to believe based on the YELP reviews, which by the way, all those complaints reference to exactly what I am complaining about, as well as the ones on Angie's List and I wish I would have done my research on this horrendous company before even reaching out to them. I do not appreciate you calling us liars as well, which I feel is how you are trying to reference this, trying to make the matter sound better by saying he is a "commissioned employee", so? Are you saying that since he is a commissioned employee he called back?? Because clearly I wouldn't even be wasting my time, going to your establishment and calling to get answers, or contacting the had your "commissioned employee" called me or my fiancé back. By the way, I have all the call lists from AT&T for myself and my fiancé of which we have called Blake, you can see these calls are never surfaced by an answer considering the short time of the calls, I will be faxing these to the I was told from Blake by the one time we spoke that I would NOT be charged until the application is ran. I was alright with this, we then applied online and tried to get ahold of Blake to submit another paystub, Blake said he would call us back at 7pm that night to give us his email (strange he couldn't give it to us over the phone at that time.) That was the last we spoke. He never called back, so we tried to call him back, left numerous messages and also left messages with the receptionist for him to call us back. After not receiving a call back after a week, we were extremely frustrated, I hadn't heard back about the application, kept checking my bank account to see if anything was charged and nothing had been. This process was poorly managed for a rental property and with the negligence of the entire application process alone, I, at this point, didn't want to even rent off of such a terrible company. So we called and called, and called to pull our application, knowing that nothing had been ran because according to Blake we would only be charged once the application was processed. However, miraculously, days later Blake calls and leaves me a voicemail while I am at work saying that we can proceed but need a co-borrower or that they will have to proceed with the next application. When I had applied we were the only applicants, yet you wait over a week to process our application, never return any of our calls, then threaten me that we will lose our spot if we don't get back to him? Sounds shady and quite frankly unethical I then called Blake back saying we had a co-borrower and could proceed, of course not directly to him but to his voicemail. My fiancé called and actually spoke with him this time and asked him why he never returned any of our calls and Blake's excuse was "he is busy", yet you claim because he is a "commissioned employee" that he would never show this type of negligence, right? Well to me, not only does this show that but this also shows Blake either has poor time management and/or your company doesn't have enough employees for the clients if he is so busy to make one phone call in the matter of a week. After I called Blake to tell him who I wanted as a co-borrower and how to get a hold of him, he (of course) did not call me back, my fiancé or the co-borrower. But low and behold the next day there was an application fee charged to my account of $150.00, After seeing this, we knew that calling was not an option so we even went to your actual establishment and told the receptionist we wanted to speak to a manager or whoever was in charge, but ironically, Blake was off, and there was no manager. SHOCKER! She said she would relay the message and promised us someone would get back to us within hours, I bet you can guess, NO ONE EVER DID!! I'll leave it with this: Claim as you wish about your shady company but I would be ashamed and embarrassed if I were you to even make any type of excuse. I clearly am not the only one that has experienced this type of customer care from Columbus Realestate Pros according to all of the reviews on this company. I have talked with others about this company and what has been done and just how this situation has been handled and they cannot believe it. I would never recommend this place to my arch nemeses.P.S. Think about changing your name from Columbus RealEstate Pros to Columbus RealEstate Jokers, cause that is exactly what it is, a joke and a scam

I was renting a home in *** from 2016-When I moved in this home was a messCarpets not cleaned (had red glitter in them), ants living in the dishwasher, broken doors, broken towel holder, broken doorknobs, loose fence, holes and rotted wood in fences, rusty nails sticking out of the fence, walls were white but had multiple holes, scratches and was dirtyThis company did have some things fixed but did not fix the ants in the dishwasher, did not clean the carpets, did not touch up wallsI asked to repaint which I received approvalI patched holes and repainted the kitchen, dining room, stairways, hallway, and bedrooms to neutral colorsI left the basement and bathrooms the way it looked when I moved in
Before moving out I was advised to paint walls because I did hang a lot of photos on the wallsI repainted the kitchen, dining room, stairways, hallway, and bedroomsI received majority of my deposit back but $was taken out to repaint the basement, which was s

I hired Columbus Real Estate Pros to manage my condo in Canal Winchester since I no longer live in the area I signed a contract for their property management services for one year In May, my tenant moved out and they began advertising to find a new one They found one and let me know that the property was going to be rented and she would move in on 7/ On 5/at 4:PM, they emailed me to let me know that the new tenant had changed her mind due to a work situation and she was no longer interested in renting the condo They said that they would put my condo back on the market and continue to work hard to find a new tenant Once I received the email, I called them on 5/at 12:PM to let them know that they did not need to continue looking because I had decided (after hearing that the tenant was no longer interested) that I would sell the condoNo one answered, so I left a messageI also sent an email on 5/at 12:PM stating that I had just left them a message an

Dear Mr***,We will ask Chase Bank to open up a research file but need clairification. You are saying that you did not receive the payment (last payment) below by direct deposit into your account for August 31st 2017. Can you please confirm that this is the transaction that your saying your bank did not accept? Once you can confirm that Chase indicates to us that it may take as long as business banking days to complete their research. If their research confirms that the payment failed of course we would re process that payment right away.** *** Lane - ** *** Lane Powell, OH 08/31/ *** *** ACH payment 4,Owner payment forWe look forward to your prompt clairification so that we can get this issue resolved for you

Management company is unresponsive to phone calls and emailThere is no way to leave a voicemail messageThey have not collected, to my knowledge, for December utilities that the tenants oweI do not know if they have addressed repairs that the said the tenants need

Per contract minimum rental amount $1150, they rented at $monthNo credit check could have been conductedI later checked tenant had judgmentsNo resolution when tenant broke several HOA rules and I was being finedPer rental agreement, tenant should not have rec'd keys until utilities were transferredI had to have utilities threaten shut off before tenant paid utilitiesTenant wouldn't supply working phone # to HOA or Real Estate ProsBy March tenant was falling behind in rentAfter tenant evicted, premises were trashed, had to spend several thousands of dollars on carpeting, patching, painting, cleaning and hauling out traashThrough all of the above, many emails and phone were sent and never responded to.Their promises of a headache free experience were never keptWas one of the worst experiences of my life

Issue #1-- I am a tenant who just moved into the propertyBefore I moved in, Brian C*** (agent) notified me that the rent/deposit was $and application fee was $He failed to notify me of service feesJust prior to signing the lease agreement was I aware of any service feesNo mention of service fees on their website-- nothingIf I had known about the service fees I would not have put in my application or paid the deposit (which they stated was non-refundable)I called Brian and had one service fee removed, but they did not remove the other service feeI would like to have that service fee removed as well
Issue #2-- When I first viewed the property, Brian told me he would have the carpets cleanedWell, today was my move in day and not only was the carpets not cleaned, it was filthy with obvious stains-- throughout the unitAnd, the entire house smells foulThe kitchen has grime on the floorIt is obvious that the unit was not cleaned out prior to my move-in

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find the resolution is satisfactory to meI withdrawal my complaint

I have only indicated an intent to lease my property through real estate pros and have never expressed intent to sell the property through them, however they are saying I can only sell the property with them as my agentI reviewed the contract and it states: Section 1: Appointment of Managing AgentOwner hereby appoints Agent as sole and exclusive Agent of owner to market, lease, manage "or" sell the property described upon the terms that will follow
This is an "or" statement, not an "and" statementI believe they are trying to use this ambiguity to scam individuals who use real estate pros to manage rental properties for them

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