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Craft Vinyl

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• Jul 28, 2020

No stars.
Complete DI** as you see from all the other reviews he’s a terrible person and is very selfish. He thrives on hate. Hateful hateful little boy.
No stars.
No stars.
No stars.

Shouldn’t have access to the public
Unbelievable unprofessional customer service and when you ask simple questions about products you get sarcastic rude answers. I think most of the positive reviews are from is wife and mom... those are the only people that could put up with such a jerk.

Nick and his staff are amazing! The best deals on vinyl, anywhere. PERIOD! Is he a jerk? Absolutely NOT. He's a business owner that is simply fed up with dealing with stupid people. While he has a lot of rules in place, they're not hard. This snowflake generation just needs TO READ! SIMPLE AS THAT! Don't want to order from him, don't! More for those of us who truly appreciate the deals!

I wish I would have read all these reviews before I ordered from this websiteNick is very rude and has horrible customer serviceI ordered two cricut mats and they sent me one for a silhouetteHe asked me for the initial on top of my recipt and I told him and he never repliedI thought he may have not seen my emailSo I replied again with a '?' And he sents a '?' BackHow rudeI told him 'the initial is 'K' are you going to fix it? And then he lets me know he sent out the mats a week agoHe could have let me knowI went out of town and bought mats becuase I didn't know if he was going to fix it or notHe could have handled the situation betterJust because it's cheap doesn't mean you should shop here [redacted] will by my go to from now on!!

Great deals! Excellent to deal with! Just follow the store's policies and all is good!

I love this business I have never had an issue with the owner and in fact I would recommend this business to anyone looking for vinyl Craft Vinyl is my go to vinyl place!

I had emailed to check on my order, it was placed days ago and I had not received a confirmation from the vendor, just a PayPal receiptSent a friendly request just to check the status and received an auto reply that contained every answer I could have been searching for, which was NICE! After the auto reply was received I received a 2nd email from the Vendor, Nick, accosting myself for not paying attention to the fine print when I placed the order (note: I simply asked for a status update since I had received no communication, didn't complain about the time, just asked for an update)I then did reply back to the vendor that the response was quite unprofessional and that the auto reply previously sent more than sufficed and was welcomed, to which they replied again, further criticizing myself for asking any question at all regarding my order, questioning my own ability to read and understand anything periodI finally just asked the vendor to please ship my order by the 10th business day (as was stated in the auto reply) and that I would not be placing any more orders nor referring any more business as I had done due to their great sales and options availableResponse to this was that they are so slammed anyways they don't need anymore business so they're not sorry Mind you, All of my text has been updated with grammar that is far more proper than that given to myself, and all responses were sent as though they were a bitter, sarcastic teenager!

As long as you follow the rules this is a great place to order from Cheap prices and good deals just follow the rules

I have used Craft Vinyl on numerous occasions and have never had a problemEverything always arrives in the shipping time posted on his siteAll you need is a little common sense and know how to read and your order will be a breezeYes, he has rules but he has to for the specials that he runsIf people would read the rules and follow the shipping times they would not have a complaintI love Craft Vinyl and WOULD recommend him to anyone that wants good prices and is not needed their item in less than days, if they need it sooner they need to order from his regular price pagesI give Nick and his company an A+ and will continue to buy from him to build up my vinyl supply

• Dec 04, 2019

This my first time purchasing from Nick- and I will NEVER do so againI placed an order and added one of CraftVinyl's specials, but realized immediate after that I didn't need some of the itemsI checked the refund policy page, and it simply stated that PayPal would refund my money aside from a $restocking feeSo- I sent him a message through PayPal, not realizing that this would create a dispute (we all know how confusing PayPal can be) simply stating to please cancel the order and that I understand that I will forfeit the restocking feeI then followed up with an email- again stating that I made a mistake and to please cancel the orderNot even ten minutes later I get an email response "did you just disputed the charge? are you kidding me?DO NOT order from us againYou will not be getting a refund from me- PayPal will have to give you th refund and it will take at least daysDo you realize the accounting nightmare this bull***t causes?" To make matters worse, he then sent over response through PayPal "do not order from us againPathetic." Who does this guy think he is!? Throughout the remaining stream of emails, I apologized profusely for what was initially my mistake and told him I would do anything at all to resolve the issueHowever, all I got in return was more demeaning comments and profane languageI will NEVER recommend Nick to anyone looking for a vinyl vendorHis prices may be cheap- but I would rather pay an arm and a leg for a product rather than allowing another "professional" to speak to me that way

This man has no people skills and he needs to get shut down

The owner nick was very disrespectfulI had a question and made a mistake and was asking for clarificationI got told not to contact him and that he didn't need my sale bc he made so much last year I thought I had gotten it bad from him but looks from the other reviews I got off easyThis man should NOT be in business the way he treats the customers who pay HIS billsTerrible customer service, Id happily pay double for my craft needs before I give this man my business again

The prices from this company are almost impossible to beat They have a lot of rules, but for the price, it's great for back stock The sales don't always include the most popular colors Just follow the rules and be patient, it's worth it Have ordered about times, have not yet been disappointed

I have ordered from Craft Vinyl several times, and have had one issue- the tracking number showed that my package had been delivered to the incorrect address I emailed Craft Vinyl, and he looked into the issue, and emailed me telling me I would be getting my vinyl, and sure enough, I got it with no problem at all He may not be Mr Warm&Fuzzy, but he runs his business well, there's never any mistakes in my orders, and I get it within the time frame he has stated on his website His "rules" seem to scare and upset people, but they're very easy to follow and his prices are great I will keep ordering from him

I'm sorry I didn't do my research first! The owner of this business is rude and unstableI emailed because me order was wrongInstead of apologizing and trying to fix it, he became rude and nastyI tried calling and was hung up on so I filed a disputeHe threatened to order something from my Etsy shop and file a complaint against me!

I've never had an issue with multiple orders from this company I see people complain because they can't follow his rules and then post complaints because of mistakes the buyer, not the seller makes

• Nov 19, 2019

I paid $on march 10, I did not receive my order I have not received my refund [redacted] ***

Worst customer service everI was told by the owner to never buy from them again after reaching out on the status of my order that was days oldNo worries, I will never order from them again I was also told I am the reason they have pages of rules, yet I followed the rules and they did notWould never recommend this company

First of all, I have done no business with the person but my year old sister has She DID NOT read everything on his site before she placed an order and sure enough she made an address mistake Her fault...totally What I didn't appreciate was the nasty email he sent her calling her a "coward" for filing a dispute with PayPal after she had tried contacting him through EMAILS and MULTIPLE PHONE CALLS to see what she could do to get the vinyl She is 74! When she received the email she called me and began to shake and cry NOT COOL!!!! I read his I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS VENDOR TO ANYONE STRICKLY BECAUSE OF HIS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE He actually just sent me an email stating "Go fk yourself how's that for customer service?" He thanked me for filing a complaint "because it drives my business up anyway." Unbelievable I hope someone calls me from the to verify this complaint because I saved the emails as proof

I have never dealt with a business like this beforeI asked about the status of an order that I placed on March Today is April and I haven't received a tracking number or any communication except that [redacted] has charged my credit card already The response I got back from the owner, ***, was unbelievableI cannot believe the names he called meHe also told me never to order from him againI have never been treated so rudely by anybodyI will have to open a dispute with [redacted] now

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Description: Sheet seller of vinyl on the internet

About: Nick Stafford- C.E.O.

Address: 673 Belfast School road, Cedar Bluff, Virginia 24609


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