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Maintenance fees
My husband and I purchased our timeshare in Orlando, Fl in February What was supposed to be a minute presentation ended up being hours without any foodBluegreen kept us in a small room and only offered us waterOur children were present during the entire ordealWe asked them repeatedly including while the conversation was recorded by Bluegreen if the maintenance fee was payable monthly and the reply and several occasion was always yesFast-forward to February 2017, we receive a bill for approximately $We send our payment for $and the payment is returnedMy husband spends countless hours on the phone with Bluegreen customer care and no resolution is reached and to speak with a superior is refusedAll of our payments on the Timeshare itself are current and never lateAny effort to resolve has been rebuffedThe service received has been less than satisfactoryNot sure what recourse we may have but we need this to be on record as we proceed t

hello,so I purchased the $deal at bass pro where you get a $gift card up front and once you book the motel you get four $gift cards and if you call within the next days you will receive a additional $gift card well I called and booked the motel before the days was up and we went to the motel and checked in but the guy at front desk did not give the info on when we where supposed to take the tour of the resort and timeshare information>>>WE where at the motel for almost a full day I went down and talked to the front desk guy wondering when where we supposed to take this tour and turns out we missed it:(:(all because FRONT desk guy did Not give us any information he said sorry gave me a phone number to call,I immediately called the number was passed from one person to anther was on the phone for minutes to be told they they could not reschedule anytime that week and sense we did not take the tour they where keeping the gift cards and we had to pay the $ so yes we where disappointed

When I purchased my $package at Bass Pro, I was told we would be put up for nights in a luxury hotel When we went, it was a mediocre Best Western Motel with roaches in our room and people partying outside the doors in the middle of the night Can't complain, free room just not "luxury" We went to the Blue Green presentation and it was good, we even showed interest in all of the deals we were offered with a time share purchaseLots and lots of "freebies!" I asked for a few days or even a day to think it over and they said sure, but all of the extras go away completely and your price will be higher It was 4:on a Friday and we had one hour to decide We had been there for hours with hungry small children which I am sure they were thrilled about because we signed for about $14,just to get the heck out of there I asked about a buyers remorse clause and the guy said said "Of course you have days to cancel, but please don't do thatit makes us look bad" then he went on to say, "most people cancel by saying they felt they were lied to" Yet we still signed everything We were tired, stressed and looking for a deal A perfect scenario for BlueGreen vacations inc Later we researched BlueGreen and all of their "other names", and found the negatives to be overwhelming on this company It was our mistake, we should have done our research If we had, we would never have taken their offer of the luxury roach motel and wasted a day in their building

Sales presentation went fairly quickTour was fairly quickWhen we declined on wanting to purchase they got very aggressive and kept coming back with more offers after telling them this was not for usNot our type of vacation needsWe enjoy backwoods close to home on a lake and boating and fishingWhat we would pay for the maintenance fees alone per year pretty much covers our vacation rentalsThe head associate kept pressuring me to give her my phone for email contactsMy email is used explicitly for my workIt is not used for personal usesI run my own business and I did not want this company contacting my business associatesShe kept on for quite a while about itWith these sales tactics I would not recommend Bluegreen to my friends let alone business associates


I have been a Bluegreen owner for years I've made the same mistake twice Fell for their high pressure tactics When I bought the first time, I was told that if I decided to sell in the future, Bluegreen would buy it backWhen I tried to do that, Bluegreen said we don't do thatSo now I was stuck with points that were too low to actually get something Two years ago we went to an "owners update", Bluegreen's way of saying, sales pitch Needless to say, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place Couldn't get much with my points, couldn't sell them, or the other option was to buy more points Like a fool, I did buy more The maintenance fees are way too high I'm paying maintenance fees for all the rich people that can get whatever they wantThey have 25-thousand points, I have a lowly thousand (now its because I'm a fool) Do not do business with Bluegreen You will be sorryUnless you have big bucks to shell out for say 35,pointsThey will pressure by saying, this deal is only available right now, you won't get this offer tomorrow That's the th biggest lie in the world Caveat Emptor Save years of giving away money to them Every year you pay feesOne is for club dues, then the dreaded maintenance fees I pay almost 1,dollars just for the maintenance feeshow this company has a "C" rating with the I cannot figure it out 87% of reviews are negative, only 9% positive That should tell you somethingWhen 87% of your customers are not satisfied They should an "F" rating Companies would have to try real hard to reach those percentages

This business rudely disclosed my credit score in front of a room full of people
My husband and I recently went to a showing for a Bluegreen vacationWhen signing up for this appointment we were promised several giftsWe were told that our credit would not be checked unless we agreed to purchase their vacation packageOur parents own into this company and they are very displeased with them so we had no intention of buying in When we showed up for the appointment the manager rudely told us in a room full of people that we could view the property but we would not receive our free gifts and we would not be able to buy into the company because our credit was too lowI know for a fact that my credit is higher than what they are asking forWe were embarrassed that they disclosed this information in front of a room full of people Once she told us this there was no apology or a thank you for showing up it was clear that they wanted us to just leave because we were not good enough

This bad Bluegreen experience began when I was at a resort in Las Vegas, and one of their reps solicited me to come to a meetingI went along and I bought a Bluegreen timeshareWhy did I do this? Because I wanted my family to be able to take affordable vacations every year, and I also had a desire to visit certain placesAmong other things, the reps assured me that I would be able to go wherever I wanted, and that my family would certainly enjoy affordable vacationsAt the time this all looked pretty good, but then came realityThis timeshare has never delivered what the reps promised, and it has turned into a complete waste of moneyBack in Las Vegas I bought 3,points, which does not sound like much, but the rep told me that as an owner, I would have the same benefits whether I bought 3,points or 20,pointsNow I can see that this is obviously false, but I did not realize it at the timeSo she got me signed up for 3,I now believe that the reason she did this was simply to hook me in, with a view to upgrading me laterAs a result of only having a few points, I have usually been unable to book the locations I desired, and I have had to settle for another location or nothing at allThese 3,points that I purchased were never enough to book more than a few days, and even this was only for me on my ownThere was nothing left for my familyBut I had told the rep that I had other red week timeshares on the beach in California, and she said that I could turn them in and receive "many thousands of points" for them, especially because they were in prime locationsBut later, when I tried to do this, Bluegreen would only allow me to turn in one of the 2, and then they only offered me a mere 3,points for itSo now I was stuckI had bought the 3,Bluegreen points because the rep had told me I would receive "many thousands of points" for my timeshares, and now the offer was so small that it wasn't even worth takingBy the way, at no time had this rep told me that Bluegreen would only allow me to turn in one timeshareBecause of the points situation, taking a vacation with this timeshare has been very difficultI have only used it times in years, and each time it was at Shenandoah, VAThis resort is the only place I can book with my pointsMy deed is at the Manhattan Club in New York City, but I have never been able to afford to go thereOn another occasion a rep told me that if I wanted to stay at Manhattan Club, then I could purchase bonus timeBut this has never been available when I want it and, in any case, it is an additional costOne of the features of this timeshare is the way in which Bluegreen always makes me attend their update meetingsI don't have much vacation time, but their staff insist that I go to their meetingsOne time I was feeling sick and I called to cancelHowever, the staff told me that my attendance was mandatory, and that I would have to pay for my stay if I did not attendBtw, I thought I was paying for it every month! Then another time, the reps at the meeting told me that the original rep had sold me a bad dealGreat! And I suppose that this was intended to give me confidence to buy more? The reps also told me that this timeshare was a great financial investment whose value would increase over timeShortly after buying, I realized this purchase was a mistake and expressed this several times to various managersThey told me about a website where I could attempt to sell my timeshareHowever, there were thousands of owners attempting to sell on this siteThis is when I realized that so many people had made the same mistake as me, and that they were all just trying to give them awayThat is when I realized that this timeshare was worthless and that these reps had lied about this as well

We were lied to about bluegreen vacations cancellation policyWhen I tried to cancel within the guidelines they gave me they would not honor that
*** I ***
*** M ***
*** *** Drive
*** ** XXXXX
I would like to inform of the situation that happen on August the 3rd while we were on vacation in South CarolinaMy boyfriend and I and the family was talked into visiting there time share called Bluegreeen vacationsWhile we were at the Bluegreen vacation we spoke with a guy named Jeff *** (Manager) and his associate JenniferAt the time we were told that we could cancel this time share at any point in time without any penaltiesAlso we were made to leave a deposit of off of our credit cardDoug and I monthly payment on the time share was This was even said in front of my mother Betty *** and my childrenDoug and I were sent to another room f

Scam, reservations almost impossible to make and once made never as promised Free gift offers have associated fees and never receive gift
Can never find dates when stays are available so you end up losing points or have to pay to roll them over I have yet to have a reservation right I am handicapped and ask for access when reservation is made months in advance, but on arrival am informed that third floor rooms are all that's available and no elevator twice I have had to move in the middle of a stay because they double booked the room I was given a free cruise voucherI had to pay a $down payment for port fees to see available dates Once I was able to see the dates there is an additional $per person fee to reserve I was told the down payment was fully refundable but I can not get a call back to cancel I was also given a free hotel stay voucher but said I need to pay a $down payment for taxes I did not pay

In April I was making a telephone reservation with Choice Hotels, and at the end, I was switched to BlueGreen but had no idea what they were and I thought I was still with Choice I was immediately pressured into making a reservation which at the time seemed like a good deal but in fact was a bait and switch scam I wasn't advised about attending the required presentation until after the reservation was made I was told there were a number of locations available and looked at the website and found a couple of nearby locations which I thought I could travel to When I tried to make reservations, those places were not available I tried to cancel my reservation but they would not let me Due to family healthcare responsibilities, I do not have the funds or the freedom of time to travel to some of the few available locations I regret any association with this scammer and recommend everyone else avoid them as well

Deceptive sales practices, unfulfilled promises, want my money back! WASTE
4-years ago I purchased a bluegreen timeshare at one of the preview weekendsI have never been pushed so hard in my life! I truely thought this may have been a good ddealno!
Pressure to buy / incredibly deceptiveI was told places would be updated, they were not, they were gross and dingy They showed me the only updated units in the whole complex, and lied that they all were like that! I was told it was easy to get reservations, It is notIts impossible to find time to stay and even use the points I haveThe Maintenance fees continue to rise, which was not something told to meI tried to sell this, it is literally worth NOTHING! I tried to give it back, they wont take itThey call and call and call and harassThey now have ruined my credit and I cant close on the home I was just trying to buy!

The Bluegreen sales people lied to us and took advantage of us and saddled us with an unwanted timeshare and unwanted debt
The sales people told us the presentation would last about an hour, but we were there for hours at leastThis happened the first time and then again when we went for an "update." They don't know what "No" meansThe first time I had no idea what was happeningI was on vacation, taking a well needed break after fighting breast cancerThen these sales people got us to come into this meeting and they took advantage of me and of my husbandWe said we did not want a timeshareWe said we could not afford one, but they would not listenInstead they steered us in the direction of lots of credit card debt
The sales people said that the timeshare would be a great investmentBut this timeshare costs us thousands of dollars, and what we now own is a huge liability which we cannot afford to payWe now know that people are selling timeshares for $just to be rid o

Bluegreen has misrepresented and blatantly lied about the timeshare and its services and amenitiesIt has used unfair business practices
I have called and talked to reps on occasions about how unhappy I was with this service, and they provided us with no help nor did they know what they were talking about*** *** was particularly rude and did not listen to any of my concerns
At the sales presentation that lasted forever, other members/salespeople told us their stories of how this timeshare changed their lives, how they never went on vacations prior to owning this, and how it has brought their families together, and they can go wherever they want in the worldAll the resorts they showed us looked amazing and they convinced us this would be in our best interests
Eventually we signed up after they pressured us into itWe were there for hours, as they offered us popcorn, cookies, soda and the staff were funny, engaging and entertaining, They started high, then went lo

After buying into the Bluegreen Vacations we have enjoyed all of our vacations and time together with our familyCome June on our anniversary date with Bluegreen everything went very sidewaysFor some reason the Bluegreen system did not update properly and our annual points were never loadedWe had carried over some points from the previous year along with some planned vacationsWe are very short on our remaining pointsWe have attempted to contact Bluegreen several times, they have opened several cases on this issue with no resolveWe have asked to be contacted by an account specialist when they review our caseAgain no response from Bluegreen
Today 7/9/my wife has spent hours on the phone trying to get resolution for these missing points and has got nothing but a run aroundBluegreen customer service keeps running us around stating the points are accurate and accounted forShe has asked to speak to a manager on duty and is put on hold for long periods of timeAt one point the call was terminatedShe had to call back and start the process completely overFor the amount of money we have spent and referrals we have submitted one would think we would be a little more valuable to Bluegreen VacationsWe are very dissatisfied with the customer service that they provide and the lack of wiliness to help resolve such a basic
request for an account review and simple follow-up

I have been in contact with this resort for months and most recently with no responses backBluegreen resort refuses to assist me properly
On October 24, 2006, I attended a timeshare presentation with a friend of mineThe presentation was at Bluegreen Corporation in Plano, TexasThe presentation lasted approximately one to two hoursAfter the presentation, we met with a sales representative
During the meeting with the sales representative, it was explained how the points system worked and the advantages of RCIThe sales representative outlined this is a handwritten diagramAt first it sounded good and it appeared that this would be a good way to take vacations at discounted prices that would include airfare, car rental, hotels, dining and other activitiesNow it seems to good to be true and is exactly that
There was no time to think about this offerIt was only good at the present timeI was not given anytime to review or really even think about hat I was being offere

I went to the bluegreen presentation in Las Vegas and was promised all these things and not one of them was trueFraudulent company
I went in July and was promised a free cruiseI called and it was the same amount of the same cruise that I took with Carnival the previious yearI was told that the points that I had would cover a weeks vacation and when I called three times, It barely covered a one day stay at the resortI was told that I would be able to refinance the loan and that was not trueAlso told that I could see the points to others which I found out was also not trueI called customer service and nothing ever happenedI was hung up on many timesThis is a very fraudulent company and they should not be able to take advantage of people the way they doWhy would the government allow this to take place?

We are contacting the in hopes of getting the assistance that is needed, since we cannot get this resort to work with us or understand our request
For over months now we have remained in contact with this resort to resolve this dispute however not that our request or notices have been dealt with appropriatelyWe have requested no more harassing calls that only demand payment to cease and in return we were sent their Do not call policy that is given to their agentsThis company continues to deny any wrongdoing and pretty much refuse to work with us and have only offered transfer options and resale options that are not really valid options to begin withWe are not interested in continuing with the timeshares, and we have asked for the ability to terminate the contracts and recover our moneyWe wish to do so not only because they've proven to be unusable, but also because at the age of 67, I am hoping to finally retire this yearI'm unable to do so as long as this timeshare is

Deceptive and misleading guarantees with fraudulent misrepresentation of the sales product, induced us to purchase and suffer financial hardship
Our names are *** ** and *** ** ***On August 4th, 2016, we attended a timeshare presentation at South Mountain Resort in Lincoln, New HampshireFrom the beginning we were told that it would only take about two hours of our time, but in reality we ended up being there for almost hours We listened to the presentation as agreed, and told them that we were not interested in purchasing at this timeHowever, they continued to send in different employees to convince us to buySpecifically, we spoke with *** *** *** *** and *** *** By the end of it all, they had convinced us to purchase 10,Biennial Points at Christmas Mountain Timbers Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI *** (Condo Unit #XXX-XXXXE)
At that time, we put down $and financed $11,for months at a 16.990% interest rate, which made our payments $

I have a complete with blue green
On September we went to Wisconsin bills and when I was going in Rome hotel a lady stop me wanted to talk to me about a dell and went and came back we started talking she said that we can get a vacation for next year and I send it was my first time here that I just got a sediment that is why I brought my family here and she said that it was just $and a $gift card and me and my husband had to be married and have a Bank account so I called my husband and I translate to him and she asked for the card and she said we pass *** now they say that because he doesn't speak and under sand English we don't calcified why take the money and now we were going on June 4-and I have to cancel we have to pay $more

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