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• Nov 21, 2021

You are not just a new member, you are a ‘Mark’.
Avoid of the new Saint Rose location in Las Vegas.

The location is not officially open yet, however the “up selling” sales pressure will be on you, when you walk in the door.

You will go in for a gym membership………the staff will try to sell you a towel service , but the Fitness Manager will pressure you into personal- training sessions for several hundred dollars. Creepy.

Their tactics remind me of used-car salesman from a cheap car lot off Boulder Highway.

This is Vegas, we’ve seen this before…..Some people got to meet a quota.
You are not just a new member, you are a ‘Mark’.

• Oct 19, 2021

EOS took my wife and I for hundreds of dollars
We joined EOS Surprise in Feb 2021. We signed up for 4 months of personal training at the same time. We told the trainer that signed us up that we go away for several months during the summer. He said no problem, that we can suspend the training and the membership fee would only be a $10/month admin fee. We thought that was great. We had two months, March and April, of personal training. We knew we were leaving early May and we could do the other two months after our return to AZ. Our trainer said he would get it set up for us. However, we noticed in our June card statement that they had charged us for membership and personal training in May and June. My wife called but found out that our trainer who was supposed to set everything up had quit. She talked to another individual who said EOS would refund us money for the personal training charges that were charged AFTER we left for the summer, which he did ($500). After the $500 refund, all was good. He also said he would suspend the account and no more charges would occur until we got back home. However, the very next statement, all charges were there again. I told my wife we would just get settled up when we returned. We ended paying in another $500 for personal training that we never had. So, today, I went to EOS and was directed to the fitness manager. After looking over everything, he said he did not know why the charges were not suspended but that we owed the $500 anyway since we did not give a 30 day notice. As it turns out, even though we signed a 4 month personal training contract, the small print says that if the contract is not ended, it will continue month-to-month until the 30 day notice is given. Therefore we not only owe the $500 that we thought we would get back but that they will continue charges until November 19th, 30 days from now. So we talking at least $700. Too bad, so sad. To top it all off, we also had to pay our full monthly membership fee for those months because they were never suspended. I asked for contact information for someone that might help and the manager said it is ABC Credit but he did not have any contact information for them. What did we learn through all this. Never trust anyone and make sure you read all the fine print. Hopefully in a couple days I will be over my anger but I will never have anything more to do with EOS Fitness.

• Oct 08, 2021

Horrible Customer Service!!
They Lie. Corporate does not return email complaints, not even acknowledged.

• Sep 17, 2021

Take your business to a different gym
They take your money and when you cancel they charge you for another month and if you have not used all of the yearly membership fee you do not get any of that back either, wont be returning to this gym

• Mar 25, 2021

Terrible they lie about the prices and fees to get you in the door.
They are a bunch of lies they told me on trainer was 19 every other a week for a trainer once a week but today they took 78 then 78 and 68 dollars out if my account. After two months being there. Just a another franchise lie. Don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths. If you are going to pay that much then do it with a proper trainer that owns their own gym.

• Jan 26, 2021

EOS cheats, bait and switch
WORST GYM EVER! The gym never adheres to COVID -19 requirements, they continually let to many people in the gym at one time. Social distance, what a joke. you can have social distancing if EVERY machine is being used. Then I wanted to quit over the issue and they wanted to charge me $50 and I gave them the required 30 day notice on November 2 and paid on that day for 30 days notice. They still want to charge me the December fee too. This business is a rip off, lousy mangers, low life employees, over crowded gym, and expensive. Stay away, go to planet fitness or LVAC. Terrible organization. These kind of business fail all the time and I for one anc hardly wait until EOS fitness fails too.

• Jan 20, 2021

Unreal treatment
I tried to give them my new credit card number for my account. No one will take it or call me back. I didn't know my card had expired on this account during covid.

Fraud Gym, Caught COVID 19 at this location.
EOS Fitness Goodyear AZ is where I caught covid 19. Guys this is serious and I knew I never should have went into the disgusting gym after the first stay at home order was released. The have been charging my account this whole time. This is theft. I just check my account this morning 8/26/2020 and I was charged another 40.00 dollars. Yesterday 8/25/2020 I was charged 58.91 dollars. Get the [censored] out of this contract with EOS fitness. Scam gym and now my health isn't the same.

Squeezing Customers Who Can't Even Use the Gym During Covid-19
Before the gyms were reopening I called to cancel my membership since I can't take the risk of catching Covid. I was told I could freeze it instead for a few bucks a month and that I wouldn't be charged the yearly fee until I unfroze my account. I agreed to that, but they didn't freeze it, they charged the monthly and yearly fee, and when I called the horrible, time-consuming customer service number and finally got a person on the line (a robot, really) they said they wouldn't refund anything, and in addition, they'd be charging me for another month because they require 30-days notice. I knew I should have just canceled back in May. I'm disputing the charges through my bank, but of course if I'm successful Eos will send me to collections. Horrible company.

In the interest of all members
Eos is by far the best gym,thus in a time of unresolved options for the members we can all benefit by collectively looking into a funded grant for eos to deploy the benefits of the sauna as a check to covid,all whom have the ability I invite to look into this and a second opinion plus a test grant if applied for could yield a untested means of control set up a thermal scan and recommend this to prospects,I'm my view a three times a day should have a profound benefit ,how long should each session be and at what temp. Anyone have a opinion we/l would like to hear as poss or neg but please be informed o thank EOS for thier wisdom

You are high on poison buttermilk. Your glowing is insane. How long have you been employed by Eos. You need to put the crack & company kool aid pipe down. You have had enough. EOS SUCKS SHIpT thru a tube.

Don't let the big, bright storefront facade fool you!
BUYER BEWARE. If you're reading this and you HAVEN'T purchased an EOS Fitness membership, DON'T! DO! IT! It's a scam! Don't let the big, bright storefront facade fool you!

One deliberate wrongdoing is enough to merit a negative review. Just one.

I've been charged nearly $400 for mostly PT sessions in the last 2 1/2 months, yet I'd never even been in the facilities even once because their grand opening was postponed another month and I lost track of it. I called and asked for a cancellation and reimbursement. I was told I'd have to defer to another person on Monday to work out the reimbursement, but that they were processing my cancellation then and there. I was reassured! It was CANCELED! Yet I still got charged again, on schedule, two weeks later. There's your ONE wrongdoing, EOS.

I went to the facility in person (the only time I've ever entered the facility, and only for this purpose) to talk to someone about this and get it resolved. They told me the person I'm looking for wasn't there. I was given a business card. I left, then called the number on the business card. I found myself talking to the same front desk guy who gave me the business card. He said to use e-mail. So I emailed, and left my phone number. He called me back. I explained everything. He said the best he could do is send the request upstream but he didn't have the power to do anything. I asked if I could be reimbursed. He said he didn't even know if I could CANCEL. There was I guess a 4-month contract with an expired 5-day cancellation period I forgot about because that stupid grand opening was postponed for a month and I lost track of it.

So then a colleague showed me what the Better Business Bureau has on EOS Fitness. (Shocking, EOS Fitness managed to convince the BBB to remove their business profile! It's now gone! It basically looked like the reviews here though.) That's when I realized what was going on, and that I will never see my money back. And they weren't going to cancel.

This company is a scam. It takes advantage of people who got suckered into that contract and can't get out, that's where it gets its money, and profits skyrocket when they simply have horrible, awful, brutally bad customer service, which is NOT ILLEGAL, that's why they get away with it.

Anyway, I'm out nearly $400, but I closed my payment account, they're not getting another dime from me. Unless I get a court summons for MATERIAL LOSS on their part, I've counted my losses, I'm done with EOS. Yes, I will get harassed by collections. They're not going to get a dime from me either.

They will take every cent out of your account
You are exactly correct. These as$ es are a total RIP off. I was a member of golds for 4 years on a month to month membership. Supposed to be 10.71 a month. The rate they changed my payment to when they took over. Now 6 months no contract and I owe them 530.00 for back yearly fees. When I was not a friggin eos member. No one will listen, no desk mnic drones no asst. Manager not the manager. They keep saying it is for your yearly maintenance fee that was listed in your contract. Issue being I have not signed any membership contract. The super mn manager keeps telling me you have a signed contract with us. I have went in to see super stupid in person 4 TIMES and he always has the same lie. " I HAVEN'T HAD TIME TO PULL YOUR CONTRACT UP. HE has not had time because it doesn't exist. If you are in the Ogden Utah area do NOT LET THEIR BULL SHIPT get to you. They will take every cent out of your account they think they can get away with stealing. Run away. They all plead stupid and try and say you have a contract with when it does not exist. I am waiting for them to try and forge my signature.

[redacted] *** [redacted] [redacted] ***Yo Erika Alanis acepto esta solucion pero me gustaría que el $ que me van a regresar lo puedan enviar por medio de cheque a la dirección [redacted] ***Por favor no lo envien a la cuenta por favor Lo necesito por medio de cheque I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted]

I went into the gym location and also called to cancel membership over months ago as I was moving out of the stateI continued to be charged $a month I called the gym to inquire about a refund, was told a manager would be calling me backThe manager never called I called ABC and they stated they do not see a request to cancel (how convenient) This is the second time this company has force charged me after canceling service

Stand buy and bend over they arent thru yet. It's how they stay profitable, steal money thru their charges.

We received the cancel request via email on 12/4/The final invoice was set for 1/1/When we tried to charge the final balance, it was declinedWe will refund the NSF fee of $25, in good faith

Good faith my fat as$. Eos has no good faith. They have scams, forced charges, liars for employees and stupid front desk drones. Who typed your statement for you I know no one at eos is smart enough to do it. As for your GOOD FAITH you should not use big words you do not know the meanings for.

Hi,We have cancelled the account and waived all past due balancesYour account was never placed into formal Collections and our Billing company had been trying to obtain paymentYou will no longer be called by the billing company.Sincerely,EOS Fitness

This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Many people have the same issues as me which makes me wonder how they are still in business. Soon they will be gone and a better company with great customer service will take over. Anyway, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I had this membership for a couple days over there 5 day period to receive a full refund for my membership. They refused to work with me and did not care an ounce about my concerns. If the facility was actually good quality I would have stayed. I have been at 24 hour fitness for years, and go to the gym 5 days a week. I moved out of state and the closest one to my new home was 25 min away, so I cancelled and tried out EOS. I went 3 times in total. One time at 9pm in hopes it would be slower. I dreaded going. This gym was always jam-packed with people. They allow way too many people at once that you are waiting 20+ minutes to use the equipment. This is extremely inconvenient for everyone! I could not bare another moment, so I attempted to cancel through email which I did not get a response and still have not. I then called their customer service number. They said I needed to pay their $50 annual fee to cancel on top of a monthly payment. Why am I paying an annual fee when I have only been a member for a week? It is just money hungry and wrong. They also make it hard for you to cancel. You have to call their customer service number or send a written letter by mail. Their customer service line takes extremely long to reach an operator and at first has a robot that doesn’t have an option to get you to cancellation. I would have been okay if they only refunded me half the amount. It’s not even necessarily about the money. It’s the fact that a company is so cheap and greedy that they can’t help a concerned customer in any way. It’s companies like this that do not go far. I will make sure to share my horrible experience everywhere!

THANK YOU. I dont know where that gum is but in Ogden Utah the as hole manager says the same company line. Shameful.

It started out on May 31, when my husband and I was charged $on membership account and $on the other membership accountWhen I called to ask why I was charged so much the front desk at the gym I was attached to said those were late fees for being late on both our accountSince my husband and I are not happy with their services we decided to cancelMy husband went to the gym to see if he can cancel our membership the front desk said they don't handle any cancellations that we had to go call [redacted] (the company that handles all their billing) and cancel through themSo my husband and I both called that company and their automated system said that we had to go through the gym where we signed up for our membership and would direct me to their operator Already being a little annoyed I emailed the [redacted] requesting cancellation on all accountsI even followed up and called the company number and this time I bypassed the automated system and was able to ta

Hi Lisa,Our system notes show that you signed up for the UP program and wanted to commit to three months of it.We have refunded the charge that was taken in April, for March UP program.We will go ahead and refund the Febpayment of $and cancel your membership account.This then puts you at having paid for the three months of UP as originally requested.December 1: $(of the $charged)- No refund- $is UP /$is membership duesDecember 28: $(of the $charged)- No refund- $is UP/ $RGF, $Childcare, $membership DuesJanuary 28: $(of the $charged)- No refund- $is UP/ $Childcare, $membership duesFebruary 29: $(of the $charged)- $UP will be refundedMarch 28: $(of the $charged) - $UP already refunded / rest is - $Childcare and $membership dues

Please let us know if the refund to your credit card in the amount of $is not posted by the end of next weekIt can take up 7-business days

had received a call from EOS trying to fix things they told me this same thing but they refused to at first later changing the membership level with out notifying meWith some time of arguing to say just because you change something with out notifying the client doesn't mean the company handled the complaintIf they would have notified me I would have still been a clientNot wanting to deal with this anymore we asked what they wanted from me to fix thisI then said they obviously don't like to have good reputationBecause they care less about their customersThen the person I talked with said they would handle everything

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