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Hisense USA Corp.

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Hello, I purchased a Sharp TV manufactured by Hisense last year in JuneThe TV stopped working on March 20th, The next day I filed a warranty claim with HisenseHisense sent a repair person the following week and told me that the process should take 7-10daysThe repair guy came out a week later but said the TV was not repairable and that I would probably receive a new one but had to wait for Hisense to put in the request
Since then I have been back and forth with Hisense dealing with their support staff and supervisors, over calls and over hours of phone time and countingSupervisor gave me only a first name of*, said that last names can not be given for security reasons, I guess they must have concerns over so many irate customers
On April 9th my broken TV was finally picked up by the Currier/logistics company only to be lostIt took longer than expected because the order was incorrectly processed by HisenseApparently they use a company called "Manna" for d

My sharp TV was delivered on Nov27th and went out days laterA technician came to fix it on Dec11th bug was unable to get it to workAfter back and forth emails, phone calls, and rescheduling, the unit was finally picked up on Dec20th to be taken to the Hisense warehouse that is miles from my houseI would told this would only take a few daysAfter not hearing anything, I called on Dec26th only to first be told that they didn't know the TV had been picked upThen they said it was picked up but they couldn't find itI receive a call from a supervisor on the 27th that basically says the same thing, then email on 28th that said they are working hard to find itAll this timeI feel they could have sent me another unit

I bought a Hisense dehumidifier at Lowes 8-13-and it started freezing up and leaking on the floor in 1/monthsLowes said to call dealer about warranty because they have a month warranty at LowesSo I called the company and they told me that it had a two year warranty and to fill out papers that was sent to me through email and to send a copy of the receipt and to cut the cord off the machine and they said after they received the package I would get a new machine in business daysI did all of the things that they had told me to doThey received the package on January and this is January after several calls in which they know nothing about it and tell me someone will call me within 24-hours and still no call backOne of the employees said they could see it arrived the 9th but now they can't seem to find where it isBad customer service with employees seeming to know nothing
Product_Or_Service: Hisense dehumidifier

I purchased a sharp tv from purchasing power a few mpnths agoand now my tv is cracked on the screen I have contacted the manufacturer and they are saying that damages are not covered under the maunfacturer warranty I will need you guys to help me out on this issue
Product_Or_Service: 09/15/

Dehumidifier Malfunction
If you are considering purchasing a Hisense dehumidifier from Lowes or any other retailer I highly suggest getting the retailer warranty We purchased one and it malfunctioned leaking through the bakc of the unit all over the floor We had to send the cord back to Hisense to receive a replacement unit We were required to pay for the shipping of the cord and other items They sent us a replacement that did not work Now they want us to complete the process again and pay shipping again I spoke with management and they were unwilling to pay for shipping or refund our money I'm greatly disappointed by their customer service Sadly, now that I have looked the complaints up online this is a very common complaint

I bought a Hisense H4D TV from BestBuyI bought the TV to stream contentIt is the only TV in the GD universe that does not have a LAN port
I bought a Hisense H4D TV from BestBuyI thought I would give this brand a try since I usually buy more established name brandsI bought the TV to stream content through the embedded Roku TVThere is not another TV in the GD universe that does not have a LAN portHow can you sell a TV that is advertised for how effect it streams and not provide a LAN portIt is fraud to sell a TV that can not be hardwired to the internetIt is sold at what you think is a reasonable price but it doesn't have a basic feature of EVERY smart TV that has been built in the last years

Not recieving my inch television back after warranty issue said it arrived broke
I shipped televsion back for warranty issue Hisense recieved tv on 12-23-I called days later to check on it to be informed it came in brokeI used there shipping label they sent and paid ups to pack itHisense wanted copy of reciept where I paid ups to pack itwhich I emailed them the same dayHisense filed a claim with ups for dollars ups has been waiting for hicense to fill out claim form for reimbursement of the tv for over daysI still have no tv and no one has filed paperwork or contacted me from hisense yetI would like the refund of the and the paper work to be completed by hisense to recieve the funds.I do not want that televsion fixed anymore because they could ship a brand new one for which is more than I paid for the tvHisense incident number is INC92849.I do not want to deal with hisense anymore terrible customer service and wouldnt own another produc

I bought a inch 4k seriesIt was a great tv absolutely love it only problem I had was some of my apps weren't loadingI contacted hisense and the tried walking me through muiltable steps and nothing was loadingSo the send me a free usb to upgrade my tv's firmware and now everything works perfect!

have a hisense tablet wont go past the hisense screen no one at hisense will help me they keep saying I need a recpeit and all

Because of a malfunctioning piece on the base of my tv, it fell off of my standThe tv was only out of the box for about a weekSo, it wasn't because it was an old tv or it's been moved too much I had literally JUST spent hundreds on this tvThe right leg of the tv split in half(Keep in mind that it was across the room on a tv standNothing caused this except the company and I'm assuming quality control)
Now I'm stuck with a busted tv because they say that the screen isn't covered in the warrantyEven though it was their fault for sending out a tv with a barely working leg"Parts are covered for a year"Last I checked, the screen is a PART of the tv
I asked the customer service rep if I could just buy a new screenI was then told that THE COMPANY THAT MAKES THE TV DOESNT SELL REPLACEMENT SCREENSRidiculousI was then told to have a technician come out and replace itSo now not only do I have to pay for a new screen, but I have to pay a guy to come fix it
It's not

I filed a complaint earlier about my Hisense televisionBack in December the television got stuck in AV modeSince then I have had numerous calls and service repair appointments and even sent the television back to the warehouse to be repaired (at my own expense)I received the tv back and just today plugged it in to find that it still is not repairedAfter calling Hisense once again, I am told it will need to be sent back to the warehouse yet again at my own expenseEvery time I have called Hisense I have gotten a different storyI was assured by the last supervisor, Andrew, that this was the last hoop I would have to jump through to get a refund, but upon calling today I am told yet another storyAccording to this supervisor I will have to continue to send it to the warehouse until they deem it irrepairableI do not understand why, after purchasing the warranty, it has taken months and a ton of effort on my part in order to try to get what I have paid for and I STILL do not

I purchased a Hisense TV on 4/21/at *** On 3/19/18, the TV had a block of yellow going from left to right on the bottomMy claim # is XXXXXX
I called their customer service number to file a warranty claim since it was still coveredThey issued claim number XXXXXXThey needed serial numbers, model numbers, copy of receipt and a picture of my 50" tv to process my claim
I sent them all these items and days went by and then I called them for a return authorizationThey said they sent it in an email with a shipping label
It never arrivedThen they said the picture I sent needed to show the entire width of the tvI took some more pictures, resent it always including my claim number of XXXXXXSeveral more days went by and now they said they need to see the problem on the tv in other tv modes such as Netflix or you tubeIf the tv is broken ,the tv is broken, it shouldn't matter what channel you watchSeveral more days went by and all the do is send an automated acknowled

we have been fighting since August and it's not December with this company on problems with a new TV we purchased We have a new DVD/VCR player and new X-Box and they will not play on this TV We have gone back to *** where we purchased everything, and they have connected the both to an exact TV that we purchased and they worked finethey have sent techs out at different times and they have both replaced the main boards and said it's A FAULTY TELEVISION NOT THE COMPONENETS Hisense had lied to us and said that the techs have not reported this I've called both techs and seen both of their claim sheets that they have reported to Hisense and neither one says the components were the fault not defective When calling customer service it's like talking to a recording instead of a person Today we were told that Hisense was not going to do anything and that they were ending our work orders from here forward Workorder # *** when rating this company it would be double negitive

A Sharp Aquos 55"TV was purchased in December 18, 2016, March 12th, a black stripe appeared vertically on the TV about 3-4" wide
55"TV was purchased on 12/18/Model#*** for $on sale from $from Best Buy On 3/12/17, a large black stripe appeared vertically on the TV Contacted HiSense and was asked to supply receipt, serial#s, and pictures of the TVAll of that was completed and HiSense replied saying it was determined the TV would need to be shipped back for repairsA shipping label was provided, however was told that I would have to package and take to a UPS store to send backMy brother and I purchased this TV for my elderly parents as a Christmas gift on a Best Buy credit cardThe UPS store told us it would be a MINIMUM of $to package and ship the TVBeing on a fixed income, my parents are unable to come up with this kind of money and neither am I (especially since I'm still paying it off on the credit card), let alone transport the 55"TV to

Purchased TV for app capabilities, apps do not workHisense blames my internet and will not honor their warrantyInternet works fine on other device
Purchased 50" 4K ultra HD Smart TV Model 50H7GHon 11/09/from *** for $Incident number with customer service HWe purchased this TV for the smart TV app functions, but the apps only work half of the timeThere is no problem with my internet as I have other devices that connect to the same network and always function correctly 100% of the time without any problem
For the last months, I have spent over total hours on the phone with Hisense customer support or waiting for a support repThey had me reset the modem, router, and TV several timesThey then said my TV wasn't updating properlyThey mailed me a USB update, which did nothing to fix the problem
Weeks later, they had a technician come out and replace the wifi board on the TVAgain, the apps continue to only work some of the time
I called

Hisense will not honor warranty as stated:
I disagree with Hisense that its physical damage and they do not replace screensThis is not stated in their warranty as shown below no exception is taken in the warranty about the screen an should have been if they wished to exclude the screen from warranty:
Two (2) year warranty valid on units purchased on/or after January 1st, This Warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship encountered in the use of the Product and does not cover consumer instruction, delivery, installation, setup, adjustments, signal reception problems (including antenna), cosmetic damage or damage due to acts of nature, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use or modification of, (or to any part) of the ProductIn addition, this
This is a defect in materials and workmanship -Hisense claims this is physical damage and they do not replace screensThe physical damage they are stating is a defect in materials and is

While I was watching my Hisense Htv lines has appeared down the middle of my tvI contacted the company the next morning because they were closed when it happenedThe first respresentive told me that to send pictures of my tv and they would email me a shipping label whitin hoursSo I took they word so I packed up the tv in the original box and waited on the email Next day no email so I contacted them again they needed me to send the pictures again even though I got a automatic email saying that they had received themThis went on a couple of days no one could tell me the status of the repairFinally after day they told me it's not covered but the tv was still under warrantyI asked to speak with a supervisor he told me no one was available they was on calls with other customers so I was on hold for over a hour and still not able to talk with a supervisor

Hisense Smart TV isn't working properly and after numerous attempts to get the tv repaired, I have been unsuccessful in working with the company
I placed an order for a Hisense LED Smart TV on Dec23, and picked it up on Dec31., Since owning the t.v., we have had issues with it Apps did not work properly and eventually the functions on the t.vstopped working The remote control wouldn't work neither would the buttons on the t.vwork I called their customer service on July 26, and the rep had me press every button on the remote twice and supposedly that fixed the problem, even though I informed him that at that particular moment I wasn't experiencing the problem I called them back when I was experiencing the problem with the functions not working and this time the rep had me to view the top of the remote through the camera lens on my phone He informed me that it seemed as though some part of the t.vwas getting ready to go out and they scheduled for re

I bought a inch tv after I moved from a Walmart location in Taylor paWhen the screen started to short I called Hisense and they looked up my serial number and were able to locate the location and date of purchaseI was told I needed to send photos and a box would be shipped to me to send it in for repairA few days later I got an email stating they received the pictures but wanted a proof of purchase I emailed in response stating that I had explained it was gone after our move and that it shows in their system as well as an email I received the place and date of purchase I called today and they said it didnt matter that it shows thatThey want a proof if purchase so they can fix a mo th old tv that they recognize as faultyI would like to have them fix my tv, I'm not aski g for money or anythingJust the dollar tv I bought to be repaired under their year warranty that shows proof of purchase in their system
Product_Or_Service: Warranty

The tv was a 4k tv purchased on April 27th, It developed a fuzzy line down the middleIt is stored in an entertainment centerI called reporting issue to Hisense in which I was informed a box would be sent to my address for it to be sent to a service center for reviewI was also told to send in photosI did send them inI then spoke to an agent who said the screen was cracked well clearly in the pictures the screen is not cracked so I called in for clairificationHe told me when they say the screen is cracked they do not mean literally cracked so I asked for a supervisor who also could not tell me why they were denying warrantyI asked how can a decision be made without a tech looking at the productI do have his name if you need itHe stated it was cracked internally I then asked how do you know if you only have external photo and no one has physically looked at the unitHe said he can see internal features from a photo that only shows external features which sounds cr

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