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Internet Domain Name Services (IDNS)

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Internet Domain Name Services (IDNS) Reviews (210)

Review: Call today find out about a notice I received to switch my domain carrier to this company as my new domain host gentleman who answered the phone did not state name could not hear him because my daughter was crying at the moment that he answered the phone and when I said hello he said hello back was rude and said that had I paid attention when he answered the phone I would know what company it was proceeded to try to have a conversation with him after him why he sent me a notice to renew my domain name under his company he said did you receive a letter, I said yes. He said then you obviously didn't read the letter and was extremely rude and disrespectful to me I asked his name he ask my name and domain address I refunded to give him and info and continued to ask his name. He was then asked for his supervisor and then continued to ask for my name and domain address.

Hung up on me 3 times.Desired Settlement: This man is obviously running a one man show out of his basement in New Jersey and has the customer service skills of a peanut does not need to be dealing with the Internet or peoples information that he gathers off of who's and or soliciting through the mail to personal people for services that he cannot provide you with a pleasant attitude.

I received a "Domain Name Expiration Notice" in the mail and at first I thought it was a bill. The red ink directed me towards terms and prices and I stopped to wonder if I could even remember the name of the company at which I had registered my domain name. I looked back in my records and found that I had my names registered with another company, so I called IDNS to ask to be removed from their mailing list to eliminate any confusion in the future. At this point, the customer service agent asked me what there was to be confused about. He became very agitated and annoyed with me by pointing out that it was obviously a letter offering to transfer and renew; not strictly renew; he was definitely rude and unhappy. Although the letter, upon close inspection, is clearly asking me to transfer my domain name, it did seem like a bill upon first glance. I feel this letter could be misleading to older clients or to people less discerning and that a check or credit card number could go out before someone realized they were paying to transfer their domain name to this company, and the man was so rude! I did feel sorry for the gentleman because he seemed so unhappy and I was sorry he didn't seem happy at his job. Of course this was just one person at one moment in time but I felt it was important enough to let you know.

Review: This company claims to renew my domain name for 5 years and want the codes to do so. They are trying to steal my codes to sell my domain instead of renewing my domain for 5 years as requested. I own this name and it is held with tucows. They misrepresented the renewal process and will not refund my money order number [redacted] check paid [redacted] for the amount of $180Desired Settlement: Refund and they need to quit misrepresenting what they do. Stealing domain names and reselling is not part of this deal .

Review: Received by mail a notice to renew my website from IDNS Inc. (Internet Domain Name Services Inc)so I paid the $80 on 9-18-2015 check number [redacted] and quickly realized that it was not from [redacted], I called IDNS and spoke to Jennifer by phone for a refund and she said that I will expect a check in 3 to 4 weeks and as of today 11-11-2015 no check has been mailed. Tried calling several times and was hung up on or asked to leave a message on an answering machine which was never returned.Desired Settlement: I would like my $80 refunded to me. I believe this notice or bill is a scam.

Review: I called to find out what was happening with my web site and the guy on the Phone was rude and not being helpful at all. I paid the bill thinking my web site will be renewed and realized it was a scam after I paid 180.80 for five years of service.Desired Settlement: Would like to have my money refunded back to me.



This customer contacted us with a horrific attitude, and was quite belligerent on the phone. Regardless we still provided him with the utmost customer services and his credit card was refunded the full amount on Feb 2nd 2016, therefore there is no issue and we find this complaint to be spurious at best. IDNSCustomer Relations[redacted]



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

The person I talked to on the phone did not even ask me for the account number to refund my money. I have a bank statement showing the money coming out but not being returned to me. My order # is [redacted] and order date was Jan 25 2016. I Tried to get information from this person and he lost control and when I told him I was going to report his business to he responded with " What are you going to to report me to the rude police". He was very rude and disrespectfully.




This customer's credit card was refunded on Feb 2nd, there is no disputing this fact. We are unsure about what other issues this customer may be having with perhaps another company, maybe they are confused. Regardless we have returned their fee and our business with them has concluded. Any further false accusations and complaints will be viewed as harassment and dealt with accordingly.

Review: We have repeatedly received notices in the mail regarding our "expiring domain name" which is not registered with iDNS. These notices give the appearance of a bill, but does not have the appropriate form fields to accommodate a switch to their service. Instead, only basic credit card details are supported. Without a complete form to satisfy their advertised service, this should be construed as an attempt to acquire personal financial information for other purposes.Desired Settlement: I would like this business to stop unsolicited contact and attempts to acquire service.

Review: IDNS send two postal mail reminding me that my business domain is

about to expire in Jan. A bill of renew subscription for 1 to 2

years was enclosed. I went ahead and renew online in Jan. Now my

website is inoperable. I have email them several times they claimed

it is a domain name server problems. I assume since I am renewing

with them they should know what to do with their DNS problems. After

several emails with them and another registrator [redacted] which

corrected the problem by putting my website in [redacted] domain name

server. This is after 3 days of website down time. IDNS never

responded to my request for correction. I was dissatisfied with

their service and decide to cancel subscription with both. [redacted]

removed my website from their domain server. So my website is

definitely down.

Now they have a lock on my domain for 90 days which they refuse to

give me refund or domain transfer code so I can get the domain

working. It turns out IDNS was misleading me as my domain

registrater and got me to renew with them but did not do the

registration correctly. This has impacted my sales.Desired Settlement: provide the transfer code, acct name, password for transfer domain.

refund for the renewal $80.

Review: This company sent me an email invoice about renewal/transfer of a domain name. My admin assumed it was a renewal and paid it - they sent me a receipt with my FULL CREDIT CARD NUMBER ON THE EMAIL...which is a HUGE security issue. I also had NEVER signed on to their service to begin with.Desired Settlement: I want a refund and I want this company to stop these "invoices" and "notices" for websites that they are NOT registrar's for.

This company sends out mail scams. I received one today. As the scammers say replying to a previous complaint it does indeed say, "This notice is not a bill" in bold, but I had to look hard for it. For all intents and purposes it looks like a genuine invoice that requires a payment.
They even use a scare line, "You must renew your domain name to retain exclusive rights to it . . .". Which again is true but I don't need to renew it with them, I'm doing fine with my current registrar.
I'm going to send my letter copy to the postmaster general and let them decide if it's mail fraud or not.

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