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Bathroom remodel
I listened to their sales pitch for a bathroom tub and shower job. The salesman insisted that their "crew" would take care of all demo and re-installation as well as haul all demo away. He also insisted that they were using travertine for the walls of the shower. When we asked if they were using stone he said " its travertine". Well for starters, the travertine was travertine colored poly vinyl. Next, when the "crew" showed up at 5 pm it was one guy who appeared to be living out of his truck. The first thing he told me was that hauling demo was my responsibility but that he would do it for some under the table cash. Then he needed my help a lot to move things out of the room and re-install them. He took three weeks to do what most would do in 3 days. We even had to call his supervisor to get the floor re done as it was done very poorly. The plumbing still does not work properly. When you want to fill the tub, water comes out the top as well. We were told that it is a gravity thing and we could hire a plumber to tear it out to fix or buy a diverter piece meant for hand held shower heads to keep water from going out the top. When he finished the floor he was insistent that we sign off on it so he could get paid. I am afraid that if I fought it more I would either get a lien put on my house or accrue a lot of lawyer fees. When I called the company about the water issue I was told they were calling the place where the got it and get right back to me. It has been three days. I just want them out of my house as we have been held hostage now for three weeks. If you see their displays at home shows , or they contact you turn away and RUN. They are WAY over priced and use in expensive materials.

I am rejecting this response because: The business did send a man out to work on the bathroom When he came my husband had to go with the worker to pick up parts for the bathroom Than when they came back the worker worked for hours He than told my husband that he had to go get something else and would be right back When I returned home from work at 4:30pm the worker was still not back at our house He returned later at about 6:30pm put his tools away and left He told my husband he would be back at 9:00a.mthis morning Dec05, and he could not get what he had left to go get because the companys credit card was not working I think we need to talk to a lawyer

I am rejecting this response because: Simply removing me is a good step but this business did not make any type of explanation or apology for the actionThey sent me an email with only the subject message " I will put you on k-designers do not call list?" This is tells me about the company's view on people and a very poor way to resolve the situationI feel the behavior will continue and there was no attempt to protect future customersAn apology and explanation goes a long way to resolve these situationsI would like the contact information for owner or someone who can give serious explanation I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me We are going to meet on Friday to decide what has taken place at the house at 10:A.M

Better Business Bureau: I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Someone from the business is supposed to come and check the window Friday, October 10, and see what can be done about the problem of it not locking

Company states: We will need the customer's phone number to add them to the "do not call list"

Kdesigners Did a great job putting our window in we are very happy with the job

This is what was sent to the customerDear [redacted] We apologize for any inconvenience our marketing program may have caused you, and , I have placed your phone number on our internal “Do Not Call” list as of 3/3/ Mr [redacted] K-Designers is a registered third party solicitor for Building Youth Around the world We are registered with the state’s attorney general as a charitable solicitor giving us the ability to call on behalf and in partnership with a CharityHowever we do not wish to call people who are not interested in the opportunities we have to offerAnd we again apologize for any inconvenience you feel you may have experienced Building Youth Around the World is a charity that helps children in third world countries with education and basic needs and gives youth here in America leadership opportunity’s and training, We believe by partnering with this wonderful organization we can do some good We apologize again for any inconvenience Once we have removed your phone number from our list you should not receive any more communication from K-Designers in the future, However if you do please do not hesitate to call me so I may review the situation and resolve it immediately Sincerely [redacted] Director Marketing OperationsK-Designers Home Improvement Leader ###-###-####

On rare occurrences the glass will come in with scratches that are not noticed until after the installationWe will check to see if we have ordered new glass to replace the glass, if not we will do so right away, it takes about days to receive the glass from the manufacturerBut we will replace them to the customers satisfaction and notify you as soon as it is completedShould be within approximately weeksWe will also notify the customer right away

Consumer states: I have been working with the company but we are unable to reach an agreement despite our effortsI will pursue other avenues

Customer states: The company has reached out to me and will try to work on a resolutionI will call back if they do not follow through or resolve my concerns

I am rejecting this response because: I have hired an attorney to handle this situation and get it resolved

K-Designers made no attempt to solicit funds for Building Youth Around the World.Their use of the non-profit is simply to circumvent Federal law regarding unsolicited telephone calls.That's unethical.While I appreciate the removal of my name, what about the millions of others in the same situation?The response is unsatisfactory, without a promise to change the marketing practice

I have attached a signed completion certificate signed by our customerAll issues have been addressedWe are still waiting for their screen door to come inThe estimated delivery date of the screen door is December 23, Once the screen door has been installed we will inform you of the completion

I am rejecting this response because:I called to cancel a week before due to a family emergency in another stateNobody answered business phone so I sent corporate an email and someone finally called me a day beforeExtremely unprofessional companyI have no messages on my phone from them, if they are calling my office phone I'm never there

We have spoken to Mrs [redacted] this morning We will work with her to resolve this issue with her insurance company and give you the results within days.Thank you

The windows are on order, we should receive them this week or nextBecause of the holidays manufacturers are delayed on our ordersThe soonest we can take care of the windows we will do so

We are meeting with the customer on Friday 10am with another contractor to address where the leak is coming from

I am rejecting this response because: the Windows are not replaced yetA man named Roger came out and measured the windowWe were told that they will order the windows and then they will come out to install themThey did not charge the $inspection feeIt is our understanding that when they come back to install the Windows we will pay the $/ hour labor fee

We did have to re-order the door as it was too smallThe new door came in at the beginning of NovemberWe scheduled an appointment to do the instal and the customer cancelled the day before the instalWe have been calling her since and she will not return our phone callsWe called her and emailed her yesterday, again with no responseIf you can get in contact with her and have her call us back, we would love to do the instal

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Description: Construction & Remodeling Services, Awnings & Canopies, Windows, Garage Doors & Openers, Siding Contractors

Address: 8647 S 212th St, Kent, Washington, United States, 98031-1910


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