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Review: I purchased two [redacted] for cutting boards through Morgann Hill Designs. The terms of the [redacted] said to expect 2-4 weeks for delivery. I placed these orders on 11/30/2014. I have sent multiple emails to check on the status of my order, only to be answered with generic emails they're sending to multiple clients (as I've seen on the's very website in other client complaints). I have tried to get some answers on when to expect my order, as the 2-4 weeks (and the Christmas holiday they were gifts for) have come and gone. I have tried to call both numbers I can find (also, only found on's website) and one is disconnected and the other just rings and then disconnects me. I've tried to reach out via their facebook page and they've changed the settings so that you can't message them, or post on their facebook wall; you can only comment on pictures they've shared. Those comments then get deleted with no resolution. I'm absolutely at my wits end, this has been incredibly frustrating. I have reached out to [redacted] and they have initiated the refunds of both my [redacted] purchases but they obviously can't do anything about the two $9.99 shipping fees I was charged for both orders. My not being able to contact this company AT ALL has pushed me to the point of filing this complaint, in the hopes the has more clout than Morgann Hill's clients. Pulling all forms of communication from your clients, except submitting a meaningless ticket that never gets answered, is absolutely unacceptable and I am incredibly surprised this company is still able to be in business and has not been investigated!Desired Settlement: I would like to be contacted by this company. As a consumer I feel it is my right to be able to communicate with the merchant who so quickly took my money, in some way, shape or form. I would also like a refund for both $9.99 shipping fees I was charged. Since to date, none of my three cutting boards have even been shipped (per Morgann Hill's website), refunding shipping fees shouldn't be difficult.



USPS [redacted] delivered 1/17, USPS [redacted] delivered 1/15, USPS [redacted] delivered 1/20

I purchased a Groupon for two family signs in November and have not received the signs and am not getting a response from numerous attempts from questions on their website. It is not over 45 days after purchase, no communication and no signs. Unfortunately, many are posting the same complaints on social media as well.

Review: I purchased a deal through [redacted] for a monogram wall hanging on October 2, 2014. I ordered my item through Morgan Hill Designs on October second and paid the $9.99 shipping fee. The ordering process explained that it would take 30-45 days for my item to be shipped. I was fine with that when I submitted by order. After waiting seven weeks for my item to arrive, I began attempting to contact Morgann Hill Designs. The phone number listed on their website went unanswered after many tries. I proceeded to submit a ticket through their website to find the status of my order. On November 24, I received an email saying that my order "is nearing completion & will be shipped within the next 5-10 business days-- it has just been painted & is currently in the packing stage for shipping." Later that day I receive another email saying that my order has shipped and provided a tracking number. I was happy that it seemed my order was really coming. This was clearly a lie since I still do not have my product. I sent another email on December 21 asking for my item, and received a form email saying that the majority of orders will be fulfilled by December 24. My order, unfortunately, was not fulfilled. It has now been 14 weeks. They've received their money. Now where is my product???Desired Settlement: I'm not really interested in a refund, I just want the product I purchased 14 weeks ago.



USPS [redacted] delivered 1/26

Review: I ordered a product from this company on 11/25/14 and still have not received it. The USPS tracking number they give is not a trackable number through USPS. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact the customer service dept with no responses from them. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift & I still don't have it. I would like to know where this product is and a refund of shipping charges as this has obviously has not arrived as promised.Desired Settlement: I would love to receive the product but I would also like a refund of shipping charges. I have no idea where this item is & neither does USPS.



USPS [redacted] delivered 1/8

Review: I placed an order with Morgann Hill Designs on November 3, 2014 using a [redacted] deal. Morgann Hill Designs stated that the delivery of the product would take 2-4 weeks. Since I needed this as a Christmas present, I ordered it early so it would get here in time. After six weeks had gone by, I attempted to call the company but there is no working phone number for them. I then attempted to email them but the only way to do this was to submit a "ticket" for assistance. Still heard nothing from them. I then posted my inquiry about my order on their [redacted] several times, only to have all of my questions and comments deleted from their page. I wish Morgann Hill Designs spent more time getting my order mailed than it did removing my inquiries from social media. I filed a complaint with [redacted] about the bad delivery service and horrible customer service of a company that they had promoted. The company sent out a generic email on December 21st asking for patience. They never responded directly to my inquiries, nor did I ever receive a phone call/[redacted] message back.

I finally received the item I'd ordered in November on Saturday, January 10, 2014, more than two months after I'd placed the order. I was sorely disappointed. The quality and workmanship of the item didn't even come close to the stated value on Morgann Hill's website. I understand that a company may experience a high demand for products around the holidays; however, a delivery time that was twice as long as advertised is not acceptable. Although this was mainly a delivery issue, I'd like to also complain about the product quality and customer service, of which there is none at Morgann Hill Designs.Desired Settlement: Morgann Hill Designs should have to change their advertising practices and be honest about how long delivery of their products should take. They should also get a working phone so that customers can get in touch with them.



USPS [redacted] delivered 1/10

Review: I purchased a personalized sign from this company and when it arrived, it was cracked down the middle. I emailed the company as soon as I opened the package and saw that it was damaged. I received an auto response email that stated Acknowlwdgement of my email and that I should hear from a representative usually within 24 hrs. I did not receive any response. Weeks later I received an email from this company that was a general email stating that items purchased between date ranges and their status and nothing pertaining to my original email regarding the damaged item.Desired Settlement: I would like a replacement for the damaged item.

Review: Purchased via a [redacted]. Sent in a customer service request for order status that went unanswered. Item finally shipped, a month late. Item arrived late and damaged. Item had typographical error on it. Item was of inferior quality. Received lame customer service form letter apologizing for lack of response and telling me I would not get an individual response to customer service requests.

I sent in a customer service request to remedy the poor quality. They have not answered the request. They have disconnected their phones so there is no way to contact them to attempt to remedy the situation.Desired Settlement: I desire a refund of my shipping costs. I desire a formal apology for the complete lack of customer service and unethical treatment. I additionally desire a formal apology for the terrible quality of and damage to the item. After this is completed to my satisfaction I desire no further contact from the company.

I ordered two cutting boards from them in late November. The cutting boards were meant to be Christmas gifts. Their website stipulated that orders received after November 30 would not be guaranteed before Christmas so I made sure that I had my order in before this date. Additionally, the website stipulated that orders typically take 2 to 4 weeks. It is not February...I have yet to receive an email or phone call as to the whereabouts of my purchase.

Worst customer service ever!! I ordered a cutting board that took 8 weeks to finally arrive and it is the wrong personalized board. I sent an email to inform them and received a very quick response that they needed me to attach a picture of the board I received. It all went downhill from there. 2 weeks and 3 emails later and I cannot get another response from the company. At this point, they have won as I am done emailing them in hopes of a response. I am tossing the cutting board I received and taking the loss. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone, they are awful and dishonest.

Review: I placed an order on November 26th, which I still have yet to receive (despite providing payment in full). This company does not have a phone number where you can reach them, and when I email them, all I receive is a generic response stating that they are busy. They provide NO customer service at all, and are doing their customers a disservice by offering products and requesting payment for these products- when they have no intention of delivering them (or even getting on the phone with a customer!). The most recent email I received was on 12/18, saying that my order was in "pre-shipment" and I would have an update within 7 days. Here we are on December 30th, with no update. I have sent multiple emails, or "tickets" as they call them, and I still have no answers. I will never do business with this company again and others should know about their complete lack of customer service before ordering ANYTHING from them! I certainly understand that turnaround times can vary, but the lack of customer service is what is so completely unacceptable. This company should have stopped taking orders if they were too overwhelmed to even respond to existing customers.Desired Settlement: I want the product shipped- via overnight mail. I also want a refund for my shipping charges.



USPS [redacted] delivered 1/23, Code refunded by [redacted]

Review: I placed an order on 10/2 for a personalized monogram wall hanging. According to the website my product should have been delivered within 2-3 weeks. To date, I have not received my product. I have tried to reach out to the company several times both via email and phone and have yet to receive a response.

[redacted] Voucher: [redacted] Customer Name: [redacted] Address: [redacted] Email: [redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like to receive the product I have paid for!



USPS [redacted] delivered 11/28 - No ticket ever submitted

Review: I ordered from this company on Sept 18th. They informed me there was a 3-4 week lead time. To date I have had no correspondence from this company on 11/11/14. I've tried numerous times to reach out to them as this product was customized for a event. They are no longer answering emails or phone calls. They require you to submit a "support ticket" on their website that requires a log in to their website. Which I had to create since I did not make a log in originally. Due to the fact that I did not have a log in with my original order there was no order available for me to submit a support ticket for. This is very frustrating. I have no way of contacting this company. I'm currently in limbo if I need to purchase another gift for the even that has come and gone or if I will be receiving my order. Since it is customized there is no way I can reuse this item.

I did receive a generic email from them with a USPS tracking number on 11/01/14, again, to date 11/11/14 they have still not handed the item over to USPS for shipping.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive my order plus a call or email or something expressing their concern for these practices, plus some sort of reimbursement for all my troubles.



USPS [redacted] delivered 11/13 - No ticket ever submitted

Review: Never received my order after 6 weeks. They did not respond to my numerous emails and could not get through on the phone.Desired Settlement: I just want a refund at this point.



USPS [redacted] delivered 11/24 - Contacted us 11/11 about not receiving order yet

I have looked at some of the other reviews but this one hit the nail right on the head. This one was posted 1-9-2015 and is the exact same response and just identical to the response I have had. I am not sure if anyone has gotten this resolved but I will keep checking this web site for answers if anyone has had any results. Also if anyone did get the product how was it, was it worth the wait??? This is bull because my wife is still waiting for her Christmas present. Thank God I got something else too.

This company is the worst joke I have ever dealt with! I ordered through a Living Social deal on November 23, 2014. On December 22 I opened a ticket requesting a status of my order as it was a Christmas gift for my nephew and his wife, no response. On December 23 I received an email saying the order was in "pre-shipping" and provided me with a tracking number. They asked to wait one week for the tracking number to activate, it never activated from the link provided. After 10 days I manually entered the tracking number in the USPS web site. It came up as the package had left the facility in Fallbrook, CA on December 23 with an ETA of December 26. Well it was already past December 26 so I called USPS who offered to track the lost package. USPS called me back the next day to say the package had not yet been dropped of at the USPS facility in Fallbrook! How is there info on the USPS website saying it shipped if it was never even dropped off??? I have opened a total of three tickets with this company with no response, the phone number is disconnected. At first I was just going to wait for the item since it was already late, but now I am so pissed I am going to attempt to get a refund. I wonder how is that going to work with no phone number or response to inquiries This fiasco is beyond ridiculous. I have never been so disgusted with a company in my life.

Review: I placed an order for a personalized cutting board on September 12, 2014. After numerous times of contacting the merchant, they sent a fake tracking number for my order on October 6, 2014, which never updated since the order never shipped. I received two additional emails assuring me that my order has shipped. My order has still not shipped, and the merchant is no longer responding to either emails or phone calls. I am having to resort to the credit card company to get a refund.



USPS [redacted]6 delivered 11/3 - No ticket ever submitted

Do not order from this company. I placed a Christmas order with them in early December, it was just shipped yesterday. 3/3/16. I also read other reviews. Not one that was positive.

Gits a scam! Took my money, and received no product, even though they provided a 'tracking' number.

Review: I purchased Groupon for their business on 11/10/14 for 2 Family Custom Signs. They were both shipped on 12/23/2014. However one never arrived. Contacted USPS and they did a consumer investigation and could not dtermine what happened to it during shipment. I contacted Morgann Hills design on 1/6/2015 and after the seocnd contact attempt, they responded on 1/22/2015 and shipped the 2nd missing sign on 2/11/2015. When I received it, they sent me the Family sign that I already had and not hte 2nd one that I was missing. Plus the 2nd sign they sent me was incomplete. I emailed once again on 2/14/2015 of this issue and they never responded. I emailed them again on 3/6/2015 asking for a replacement or a refund. They have yet to respond. I have been very patient in theyr timeliness with responding to my emails and have had no avail. I have never had such an experience previously with online vendors.Desired Settlement: I would like the second sign completed ( Family Sign #2 (900025)) and shipped overnight for free since I have been waiting since November of 2014 to recieve it or a full refund.My Customer ID with their business is #[redacted]

This company is a joke!! And a bad joke at that - more like a nightmare. I can't believe they are allowed to be in business and take money for products they do not even send out! I ordered a cutting board over 6 weeks ago and have yet to receive it so I don't even have a physical product to review. Only a website that has pretty pictures that I'm almost guaranteeing are fake. I'm so disappointed. This was to be a Christmas gift for my parents. Somebody needs to go to this business, shut it down, and prosecute the owners b/c they are thieves. There is no phone number to call, you can open tickets with them on the website, but nobody responds to them or the email address. Maybe I am too trusting of businesses, but honestly in my 35 years I've ever had an experience like this! I need for this business to no longer be a business!

Review: I order a custom made monogrammed wall hanging on November 7, 2014. It was to be a Christmas gift. Today is January 8 and I have yet to receive it. When I look at the tracking information that was sent me, it merely says "expected delivery December 22" and "In transit". Morgann Hill Designs responded to a a couple emails I sent regarding delivery and when I can expect it. They even went so far as to ask me for my phone number so they could "reach out" to me to discuss my "concerns". Of course I'm concerned - I'm due a $60 monogrammed wall hanging! They don't answer any of my emails, I've tried calling using the only phone number I have (different than the one listed on the site) and still nothing. I'm sure they don't care that I'm out money and am just barely getting by as it is, but it would be nice to hear back. Wish I had checked before I ordered!!!Desired Settlement: I've told them several times I'd like my item or a refund. If my item is available and it's ready to ship, or it has already shipped as stated about 3 weeks ago when I look online, I'll take the item. Otherwise, I want my money back and some kind of retribution. We drew names for gifts for Christmas and the unlucky person who's name I drew got nothing!!!! I don't think that's right and I'd also like an apology. Believe me, I'm not expecting anything though - I've pretty much given up...



Re-shipping order ASAP.

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