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Morris furniture...Wilmington Pike Dayton, Ohio
The sales staff at this store act like they are at living at home instead of representing a huge retail concernA lady followed us around when we entered and she acted like we were intruding on her timeHer manner was insolent, resentful, not to mention condescendingShe kept her distance as if we were below her statureShe refused to look at us the entire timeShe was dressed like a fashion model and acted like she was on display instead of the furniture she representedOn the way out we were completely ignored by the other sales staff that were having a great time lounging, legs draped over the furniture, laughing and obviously getting paid for doing absolutely nothingPerhaps corporate should do an onsite inspection dressed down like I was and see what is going onBy the way I have spent over $dollars at Morris but no more Roger DL***, *** ***

Poor Quality Product, Service and Extended Warranty Coverage
My wife and I purchased a couch and entertainment center along with an extended warranty/protection planLess than a year later, one piece of the couch had a seam bust and one door on the entertainment center did not shutIn mid-August, my wife called the extended warranty company and we were told that the issues we had were "manufacturer issues" and we had to contact Morris directlyUpon contacting Morris, they sent a third-party repairman out to our house around August The repairman ordered replacement hinges for the door and sewed the busted seam with a needle and thread
Less than a week later, the seam busted againI called Morris directly back and was told that they would have to order new cloth for the piece and that the third party company would come back out and put it onI told them I wanted the piece of the couch replaced, they said no and even if they wanted to they couldn't because the couch is disco

I tried to price match their own store's new price,I'm being told I can't price matchFrom different sources have received different excuses
I purchased pieces of Furniture on Nov 7, at 7pm;
a recliner $499.99,
sofa $1,
dinning table set $1,
and a dresser
I went back to the store at 8:30pm to point out a price mistake on the dresser, it was on clearance for being a display model at the price of $but was listed on my receipt as $1,
Nov 8th I saw pieces were on sale for cheaper, a recliner was $cheaper and a dinning table set was $cheaper
After returning home at 9:33pm I messaged their Facebook page, it was seen but ignored
Nov 9th around 8pm I went into the store and asked for a price match, they said I couldn't stating it was a special purchase, which it was notThey said any promotion was a special purchaseI asked for corporate to call me
Nov 10th around 12:I got a call confirming my delivery, for Nov 14th

Corefuses to remove old mattress/deliver new mattress to bedroom; privacy violated; General manager not helping; corporate not calling back
11/7/16: We purchased a mattress set & paid for delivery to the bedroom & removal of the old mattress 11/12/16, delivery man, *** asked "to see where the mattress was going", we took him to the room*** walked directly to the bed & said there was "an exoskeleton of a bedbug" (a very dead, dried up husk of an insect) on the mattress & immediately took a picture, with his cell phone without requesting or receiving permission first This took about seconds
We returned to the foyer as *** declared that "you have bedbugs" & that he can't go back up the stairs, can't go back into the bedroom & can't remove the (quote) infested mattress" "You have to clean this house from top to bottom." *** then asked where "on the first floor of the house or in the garage" we wanted him to put the new mattress set; repeatedly & with increasi

We purchased furniture it was now working the day it was delivered Customer Service has done nothing to help me resolve
We purchased the furniture in Novwith a warranty, the day it was delivered the USB port was broke, they replaced the center console A short Tim later the gliders on the love seat were grinding, someone came out and said the bases needed to be replaced Bases were delivered and sat in the garage for several (6-8) weeks Finally the bases were replaced After they left we discovered that one of the recliners of the loveseat was not reclining So yet again we made arrangements for someone to come back out They came out and fixed the recliner so it would recline out Then after leaving we discovered it was almost impossible to push the recliner back in At that point I was very frustrated that this brand new furniture has been nothing but issues since the day we purchasee it I called the customer service line and the rep said let us come out again a

I purchased bed it didn't come with the bunky board I called so I can get one they are asking me to pay extra for something that without I can't use
We purchased a bed for my son on early DecemberThey told us it wouldn't be ready until the 22ndWe called to see if it was ready, but they postponed their availability until January
Finally we got the bed and they didn't give us the bunky boardI called, and the manager at the store mentioned that I didn't pay for it
So now I have a dollar bed and I can't sleep on? Because on the main parts of the bed was not included in the priceWhere would I put the mattress in?? Why should I buy the frame and not the board!!!
The manager offer delivering the bunk board but we had to pay extra for it!!! And, it won't be available for another weeksSo that's month and a half after the original purchase

Received damaged custom chair, refusing new chair saying have to order part will take weeksA new chair only takes weeksIt came ripped
Ordered entire first floor of furniture + custom chairsDelivered same damaged coffee table 3xs finally received new on the 4th timeOrdered custom chairs, 1st one came ripped in December They sent out person to try repair he said he could not guarantee it so he left, the 2nd one came out Feb 2018, said cant be fixed have to order new backIt is a piece chair all connected and sewn togetherMorris said it will take weeks to get a new back and armAgain, this is piece and ordering it brand new only takes weeksCustomer service people have no clue about anythingCalled Manager *** at EXT XXXX Xxs no call backThey do not stand by their products or warrantyWe even paid extra for the warranty on every pieceWe deserve to get a new chair ordered (only takes weeks) not wait for weeks

Fist of all my name is wrong on contract and e-mail is wrongI tried to change my last name and e-mailOn January 29, I walked in Morris Furniture to purchase a couch and chairI walked to the back sales room looked around and I was approached by *** *** he asked me can he help I told him let me look aroundI looked over the backroom then went to the main salesroom to look around *** *** approached meI told her also I was looking around to show me some couches I wasn't interested in after min she left and I ended back is sales room I had seen a gray leather couch and a chair that went with it I said on the couch it had a reclinder on each end I liked it and then I sat in the matching chair I didn't like the chair so I looked over the back room for a chair *** and *** showed up again and asked me did I find something I told they I was interested in the gray leather couch not the chair that went with itI like the swivel chair where I standing lookin

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I disagree with the statements made by the business in their last response.
*** ***

Bought leather set and returned within day periodThey have yet to refund my money (months later!)
Bought leather reclining set and after it was delivered, we did not like itWent to store, picked out different set, signed all paperwork for first set to be picked up and new deliveredDelivery of 2nd set was Dec 21, and I have yet to receive my credit backI returned pcs totally more than $They have not refunded it to the original method of paymentNo one answers when I call the store, no one returns emailsNo one does anythingI have spoken to different people and each one passes the buck to someone elseI have even tried to dispute the charge through the store credit card account, and they have not been able to do anythingSo I returned a more expensive set and now own a cheaper set, but am paying for the more expensive oneTheir customer service is questionable, bordering on theft

Free Furniture Voter Turnout Promotion
Morris had a promotion stating free furniture if 69% of Ohio votes We understand this will be achieved However, Morris has already expressed that the promotion offer was not met because we did not reach 6M votes How did they get 6M, they used a clever word called eligible voters instead of registered voters How can an eligible voter not registered vote, they can't There are 7.8M registered voters in Ohio, there is no elegible math here Please look into their promotion It was a clever type scam if you ask me

Couches were not set up for delivery as stated on paperwork, then delivered damaged
On Januray 25th I went to purchase livingroom furniture at Morris Home Easton location and had great customer service with *** *** and his supervisor ***I selected a Walter piece sectional with chaise along with a year protection plan, paid the $setup fee and chose the month pay off plan of $1,plus tax and the delivery date of Feburary 28th On Feburary 28th I had to work, so I called Morris Homes to see what time my furniture would be delivered so my neighbor could let them inService rep explained to me that there was never a delivery set up and the earliest they had was March 11thi told them that they needed to fix the problem because that is what the agreement was so please honor thatThe rep played around until she found March 2nd and I was ok with thatMarch 2nd I was at work so my neighbor had to let the delivery guys in about am, signed delivery paper and

When I received the couch it had a cut on the material on the base of the couch and the springs weren't tight and I would sink when sitting on couch1st time the coMorris furniture had the wrong materialThe 2nd visit they fixed material3rd visit said I needed new cushions4th visit they brought cushions5th visit it was springs they took to their vendor brought back to me still broken springs & ripped material refused couchI haven't heard from Morris furniture for almost weeksI don't know where my couch is they don't return calls

I tried to price match their own store's new price,I'm being told I can't price matchFrom different sources have received different excuses
I purchased pieces of Furniture on Nov 7, at 7pm;
a recliner $499.99,
sofa $1,
dinning table set $1,
and a dresser
I went back to the store at 8:30pm to point out a price mistake on the dresser, it was on clearance for being a display model at the price of $but was listed on my receipt as $1,
Nov 8th I saw pieces were on sale for cheaper, a recliner was $cheaper and a dinning table set was $cheaper
After returning home at 9:33pm I messaged their Facebook page, it was seen but ignored
Nov 9th around 8pm I went into the store and asked for a price match, they said I couldn't stating it was a special purchase, which it was notThey said any promotion was a special purchaseI asked for corporate to call me
Nov 10th around 12:I got a call confirming my delivery, for Nov 14th

Product Purchased with specific request, along with fees paid for warrantyCouches do not meet expectations and are not as advertised
We purchased two couches with specific request that they be firm including the cushions and padding, once received we noticed that couches were not as firm as we had special orderedIn addition the one of the two couches ripped behind the back cushion and needed repair within first few months
These couches were purchased on 2/19/and delivered on 5/2/18, complaint filed with Morris on 10/15/After several attempts Morris picked up couches one each on different dates to try and repairThis was after they sent Robert from SAW Furniture a contractor for them who said the couches were not made right and needed replaced, however Morris decided they wanted to try and repairIn addition to this the delivery personnel also commented that the couches looked rather old and surprised that they were less than a year old
Although Morris has a

Refund issued on wrong promotional purchases and now being charge interest on account and can't resolve
Ordered a custom Lazy Boy Addison Glider Rocker Swivel chairPurchased 09/17/Financed all purchases with deferred interest until Feb The chair required a $deposit because it was considered a custom itemI financed that amount, deferred interest for monthsThe bedroom suit was in stock and would be on one delivery and bar cabinet and custom chair would be another deliveryThe store failed to call me and tell me the chair was inSet up delivery 10/27/The delivery day it was raining and delivery guys tracked wet shoes and leaves all down my hallway and in the baby's room with new carpetI took pictures of the messI go to sit in chair and it didn't swivel, the rocking mechanism made a loud clicking noise, and the cream fabric had dirt spots on itCall customer serviceInformed her of floors (said they are supposed to wear shoe covers), the chair and how

Guardian protection plan was misrepresented at time of contract
Guardian "extended warranty" protection was misrepresented at time of contractDescribed as protection plan if there are "stains, tears, breaks...etc." Was not told it doesn't cover wear and teartears near seam, or that a complaint had to be filled within daysI have filled two complaintsOne denied because tear occurred at seamThe other complaint was never responded toUpon contacting Morris I was given tips to navigate the complaint process which I was told "doesn't pay very often." I was not give written policies on Guardian until after daysCompeting furniture stores and policies are significantly more comprehensiveI have bought a lot of furniture from Morris and hoped to buy moreI have spent over $on these warranty policies which I believe use the technical details of the policy to pay out at a very low rate

Furniture delivery timeline quoted not accurate;damaged furniture;delivery problems;communication/customer service problems
Ordered worth of furniture on 4/15/17.Was told sofa/sectional and recliner would be in within 6-weeksTable/chairs were delivered 5/13/Table damaged they took backTable discontinued-I requested they pick chairs up since no table To date they haven't picked up chairs after several times saying they wouldCustomer service # at Morris says leave a message they will get back within hoursThey have NEVER returned a call of mine after about times callingI finally spoke to someone in delivery (*** ***) and he said he would set up a time to get chairs picked upTo date I still have chairs Rest of order was special order and sales person (*** ***) quoted no more than weeks delivery time on sofa/chair*** called on 5/23/and said one of the fabrics I ordered for pillows was discontinued and wanted to know if I would l

Double recliner is needs to be replaced
Had it repaired once and still can't be sat in
We purchased a product#XXXXXXXXX GLDR PWR Love W/console in Dec29, and was delivered on Jan 5,Not even weeks laterBoth motors started to squealOne side of was not put together correctly, it sagging.I went to the store in Sprindale, OH and complaned to *** and her only reply was to me people make mistakes and people put it togetherI ask for my money back or a new reclinerShe sais you had days to sent it backIt took weeks to have these problemsShe would have someone come out to find out what the problem was.They came on March 13,to find out what the problem wasWe had to wait weeks for the parts to come to us.They came back on March 29, to repair it and it wasn't minutes after they left I was sitting in the recliner and the motor stopped at a reclined position and I had all I could to get out of the reclinerI have asked them to replace the recline

My wife and I were told that if 69% of eligible Ohio voters voted in the Presidential Election, we would receive free furnitureThey (Morris) equate that to 6,000,votersThis is misleadingAccording to the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, there are 7,861,*** registered voters6,000,of 7,861,voters represents 76.33% of votersWhen comparing percentages only, as the 69% advertisement states, we were misled
My wife, called to cancel our order on Monday 11/7/at AM when the store openedWe placed the order at 4:PM on 11/6/The business closes at 6:PM on SundaysShe called within 1-business hours to cancelShe was told she could notI feel we have been misled about the percentages for this sale and as a result, we tried to cancel before the election but were told we could notPlease help us
I want to have the order cancelled and the purchase refundedIt has only been two business days, the furniture has n

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